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Evolutionary Game Model of Integrating Health and Care Services for Elder People. Chen, Tingqiang; Pan, Jinnan; He, Yuanping; Wang, Jining Jul 31, 2020 9694
Building a Culture of Safety and Quality: The Paradox of Measurement. Bliss, Katherine; Chambers, Megan; Rambur, Betty Jul 1, 2020 4221
Estimating Patient-Level Direct Hours and Costs of Nursing Care in a Pediatric Inpatient Setting. Perraillon, Marcelo; Welton, John M.; Jenkins, Peggy; Iben, Patrick; Baird, Jennifer; Blake, Nancy Jan 1, 2020 5070
Evaluating the use of multiteam systems to manage the complexity of inpatient falls in rural hospitals. Jones, Katherine J.; Skinner, Anne; Venema, Dawn; Crowe, John; High, Robin; Kennel, Victoria; Allen, Oct 1, 2019 10200
Linkage between Utah All Payers Claims Database and Central Cancer Registry. Garvin, Jennifer Hornung; Herget, Kimberly A.; Hashibe, Mia; Kirchhoff, Anne C.; Hawley, Charles W.; Report Jun 1, 2019 4432
Response to "The effects of global budget payments on hospital utilization in rural Maryland". Roberts, Eric T. Report Jun 1, 2019 2172
National Community Pharmacists Association. Hoey, B. Douglas Jan 7, 2019 1241
Committee Representation and Medicare Reimbursements--An Examination of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale. Gao, Y. Nina Report Dec 1, 2018 6837
Challenges and Consequences of Reduced Skilled Nursing Facility Lengths of Stay. Tyler, Denise A.; McHugh, John P.; Shield, Renee R.; Winblad, Ulrika; Gadbois, Emily A.; Mor, Vincen Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 5421
E/M comments may fall on deaf ears at CMS. Twachtman, Gregory Report Oct 1, 2018 774
THE EFFECTS OF BUNDLE PAYMENT IN HEALTH CARE: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE. Hung, Man; Nielson, Dominique; Hansen, Alec; Gu, Yushan; Bounsanga, Jerry; Voss, Maren W. Report Sep 22, 2018 7183
How the clinical laboratory can contribute to providing value-based healthcare. Barton, Don; Rath, Marie Sep 1, 2018 1233
Impact of Population Differences: Post-Kidney Transplant Readmissions. Dowling Dols, Jean; Chargualaf, Katie A.; Spence, Amanda I.; Flagmeier, Megan; Morrison, Megan L.; T May 1, 2018 5911
A Micro-Costing or 'Bottom-Up' Approach to Measuring Nursing Costs Using Data from Electronic Health Records. Welton, John M.; Jenkins, Peggy; Perraillon, Marcelo Coca Report Jan 1, 2018 2973
Payment Reforms for Prehospital Care Services in a Middle Income Country: Assessing Implementation and Patient Outcomes Using a Mixed-Methods Approach. Suriyawongpaisal, Paibul; Srithamrongsawad, Samrit; Atiksawedparit, Pongsakorn; Phooseemungkun, Khan Report Jan 1, 2018 6034
Impact of Home Telemonitoring on 30-Day Hospital Readmission Rates for Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review. Long, Gillian; Babbitt, Alyssa; Cohn, Tanya Report Sep 1, 2017 3592
PRIVATIZATION OF COUNTY NURSING HOMES: WHAT IS THE DEBATE REALLY ABOUT? Zahradnik, Anne G.; Levine, Helisse Report Jun 22, 2017 7051
Variation in payment rates under Medicare's Inpatient Prospective Payment System. Krinsky, Sam; Ryan, Andrew M.; Mijanovich, Tod; Blustein, Jan Apr 1, 2017 6913
Antecedents of patient health outcomes in dialysis clinics: a national study. Bao, Chenzhang; Bardhan, Indranil Report Mar 1, 2017 13250
Medicare payment and hospital provision of outpatient care to the uninsured. He, Daifeng; Mellor, Jennifer M. Aug 1, 2016 6629
Developing a new governance structure: the Mayo Clinic experience. Helmers, Richard A.; Gabrielson, Sharon R.; Harper, Michel M. May 1, 2016 3033
The laboratory's contribution to advanced medical analytics. Futrell, Kim Feb 1, 2016 1952
System of day surgery in Slovakia: analysis of pediatric day surgery discrepancies in the regions and their importance in strategy of its development. Gavurova, Beata; Soltes, Marek Abstract Jan 1, 2016 9326
Alternative payment models will shift financial risk to providers: pay-for-value aims to reward quality outcomes with additional revenue. Albright, Brian Sep 22, 2015 2364
A look at physician compensation models. Martin, William "Marty" Jul 1, 2015 2400
Telehealth and telemedicine today. Butcher, Lola May 1, 2015 3240
Changes in payer mix and physician reimbursement after the affordable care act and medicaid expansion. Jones, Christine D.; Scott, Serena J.; Anoff, Debra L.; Pierce, Read G.; Glasheen, Jeffrey J. Report Jan 1, 2015 1574
Cutting Medicare hospital prices leads to a spillover reduction in hospital discharges for the nonelderly. White, Chapin Oct 1, 2014 6282
Maximize your reimbursement through payment validation. Bravo, Stephen M. Report May 1, 2014 927
Integrated community-based diagnostics services: a critical success factor in value-based reimbursement. Laughman, Keith May 1, 2014 1211
Putting the $7 co-payment in context: Australia's increasingly financialised system of healthcare. Bundey, Freya Report Jan 1, 2014 6314
Population health management in a clinically integrated network: automation yields a wealth of benefits for IT, administrators, clinicians and patients. Ezzell-Nelson, Melanie Jan 1, 2014 1478
Balance billing and physician reimbursement in an age of austerity. Hammond, Jeffrey B. Jan 1, 2014 5252
Balance billing and physician reimbursement in an age of austerity. Hammond, Jeffrey B. Jan 1, 2014 22818
The impact of profitability of hospital admissions on mortality. Lindrooth, Richard C.; Konetzka, R. Tamara; Navathe, Amol S.; Zhu, Jingsan; Chen, Wei; Volpp, Kevin Apr 1, 2013 7112
Pharmaceutical companies, faced with growing pricing pressures, should look outside their products for new revenue opportunities. Burrill, G. Steven Report Apr 1, 2013 1506
Physician pay predicament pits primary care doctors against specialists. Butcher, Lola Jul 1, 2012 3035
ACOs: challenges and opportunities: a recent report looks at shared-savings programs and sees multiple strategic and IT challenges ahead. Hagland, Mark Dec 1, 2011 1314
Quality and money: a new CSC report looks at major Medicare hospital reimbursement changes on the horizon. Hagland, Mark Nov 1, 2011 1765
PACS re-envisioned: changes to reading workflow can create higher service levels at no additional cost. Heckendorn, Phil Nov 1, 2011 686
The future of the anatomic pathology laboratory: laboratory consolidation or market expansion? Are they one and the same? Clifford, Lisa-Jean Nov 1, 2011 946
How collaborative care platforms can make ACOs a reality for all physicians. Norman, Gordon; Schulte, Darren Nov 1, 2011 2295
Affording your EHR. Notte, Christopher; Skolnik, Neil Oct 1, 2011 999
Idaho behavioral health optimizes med management visits using telehealth: telehealth solution earns reimbursement, cuts no-shows, and saves physician and specialist time. Grantham, Dennis Oct 1, 2011 902
Indirect medical education and disproportionate share adjustments to Medicare inpatient payment rates. Nguyen, Nguyen Xuan; Sheingold, Steven H. Report Oct 1, 2011 6918
Value-based reimbursement in action. Sep 1, 2011 374
'If not us, then who?'. Woollen, T. Hayes Sep 1, 2011 2032
How to bridge the gulf between the front and back office: the answer may lie in the cloud. Bush, Jonathan Aug 1, 2011 511
Managers face challenges. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2011 113
Risk or reward? Laying the IT foundation for ACOs presents daunting challenges for healthcare leaders nationwide. Hagland, Mark Jul 1, 2011 2121
The importance of time in treating mental health in primary care. Miller, Benjamin F.; Teevan, Bridget; Phillips, Robert L., Jr.; Petterson, Stephen M.; Bazemore, And Jun 1, 2011 773
New toys: we got cell phones when they needed a briefcase and an antenna! Phillips, C. Douglas Column May 1, 2011 429
Health insurance exchanges. Kraft, Colleen Apr 15, 2011 576
Accountable care organizations: fad or game changer? Susman, Jeff Editorial Mar 1, 2011 372
Improving seniors access to care: the preceptor model. Patmas, Michael A. Jan 1, 2011 2126
Effects of competition on the cost and quality of inpatient rehabilitation care under prospective payment. Colla, Carrie Hoverman; Escarce, Jose J.; Buntin, Melinda Beeuwkes; Sood, Neeraj Dec 1, 2010 9335
Medicare reduces bad payments. Anderson, Jane Brief article Dec 1, 2010 121
Improving evaluations of value-based purchasing programs. McHugh, Megan; Joshi, Maulik Oct 1, 2010 3586
Labs get a PECOS reprieve. Senft, Donna J. Oct 1, 2010 974
Comparative effectiveness research could change game. Aug 30, 2010 449
Cost effectiveness analysis of anesthesia providers. Mackey, Brian Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2010 493
Rx remains under siege. DiNicolantonio, Carol May 24, 2010 1160
Milking the right cash cow. Apr 1, 2010 1094
Fallout from state budget woes could hit retail Rx. Mar 15, 2010 543
Cardiologists continue to fight Medicare cuts. Ault, Alicia Feb 15, 2010 842
An open letter to president Obama. Winakur, Jerald Editorial Sep 15, 2009 1220
Seeking clarification. Maizels, Max Sep 1, 2009 389
Hospital financial conditions and the provision of unprofitable services. Chen, Hsueh-Fen; Bazzoli, Gloria J.; Hsieh, Hui-Min Sep 1, 2009 8154
Effects of the Premier hospital quality incentive demonstration on Medicare patient mortality and cost. Ryan, Andrew M. Report Jun 1, 2009 8056
CHTs help small practices use medical home approach. Zoler, Mitchel L. May 15, 2009 511
Upcoding alleged in MA plans. Anderson, Jane M. Brief article Apr 15, 2009 116
Tracking Washington: insurers that offer Medicare coverage will see a smaller increase in U.S. government payments in 2010 than in recent years, health officials said last week. Apr 13, 2009 308
Ask Mr. Know-a-Few-Things: actually, the best way to get good data on requests is to kick out the power cord for the computerized entry system, so someone has to call to tell you why they want that CT. On the phone. In person. Back to the future! Phillips, C. Douglas Editorial Mar 1, 2009 589
Flu vaccine for physicians, staff is 'ethical responsibility'. Napoli, Denise Oct 15, 2008 525
Demo helps define what makes a medical home. Napoli, Denise Oct 1, 2008 792
Primary care's eroding earnings: is Congress concerned? Barely. Our study suggests that our best hope for change is to work with lawmakers who want to reform Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate. Laing, Brian Yoshio; Bodenheimer, Thomas; Phillips, Robert L., Jr.; Bazemore, Andrew Sep 1, 2008 3477
When financially vulnerable rural hospitals become critical access hospitals, patient safety improves in several areas. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 181
NSWNA wins $350,000 backpay. Jul 1, 2008 370
Coverage and reimbursement considerations for orthobiologics. Hunter, Tim Jul 1, 2008 1302
Earlier intervention for infertility recommended. Ault, Alicia Jun 15, 2008 525
Integration of care is about money too: the health and behavior codes as an element of a new financial paradigm. Kessler, Rodger Jun 1, 2008 5563
Self-referrals drive imaging hike. Brief article May 15, 2008 150
Consumer-directed enrollment low. Anderson, Jane Brief article May 1, 2008 117
CMS rejects limits on CT angiography coverage. Ault, Alicia Editorial Apr 15, 2008 514
Impact of Medicaid reimbursement on mental health quality indicators. Bellows, Nicole M.; Halpin, Helen A. Report Apr 1, 2008 5297
Copays, caps may reduce use. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 15, 2008 170
Reimbursement cut for fast in-office Hb[A.sub.1c] test. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2008 335
Steps taken to avert pending shortage of cardiac surgeons. Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2008 443
SCHIP gets extension to April 2009. Ault, Alicia Jan 15, 2008 360
Impact of resource-based practice expenses on the Medicare physician volume. Maxwell, Stephanie; Zuckerman, Stephen Report Dec 22, 2007 7443
Medicare final outpatient rule boosts device pay. Ault, Alicia Dec 15, 2007 600
Medicare proposes policy revisions for clinical trials. Lesney, Mark S. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 195
Cuts in imaging payments will deepen over time. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2007 925
Let's avoid another trip down the primrose path. Deschner, William H. Feb 1, 2007 343
The effect of reimbursement on the intensity of hospital services. Clement, Jan Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 5741
An easier method to extract data from large databases: the Medicare Hospital Cost Report database. Cutting, Alan C.; Goldberg, Gerson M.; Jervis, Kathryn J. Report Jan 1, 2007 2594
Medicare is losing doctors, group warns. Finkelstein, Joel B. Oct 1, 2006 528
Hospital nursing costs, billing, and reimbursement. Welton, John M.; Fischer, Mary Hughes; DeGrace, Sharon; Zone-Smith, Laurie Report Sep 1, 2006 5532
Value of generics cited by retailers. Walden, Geoff Dec 20, 2004 914
Projected fee schedule calls for decrease of 4.2%: while Congress provided relief for 2003, it did not change the payment formula. (Medicare Payments Set to Drop Again). Frieden, Joyce Apr 15, 2003 695
Medicaid cut from physician panel's agenda. (Pay Recommendations Rejected by CMS). Silverman, Jennifer Jan 15, 2003 522
Fighting words erupt on Medicare. (Delegates Stage Protest). Silverman, Jennifer Jan 1, 2003 993
Overview: Medicare post-acute care since the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Cotterill, Philip G.; Gage, Barbara J. Dec 22, 2002 2428
Market entry and exit in long-term care: 1985-2000. Dalton, Kathleen; Howard, Hilda A. Dec 22, 2002 6648
The Optimal Outcomes of Post-Hospital Care Under Medicare. Kane, Robert L.; Chen, Qing; Finch, Michael; Blewett, Lynn; Burns, Risa; Moskowitz, Mark Aug 1, 2000 8292
Managed care, the good guy. Peck, Richard L. Editorial Aug 1, 1999 574
Reimbursement options other than PPS. Hyatt, Laura Apr 1, 1998 921
Adapting to PPS: the business realities. Hinkley, Nancy E. Cover Story Apr 1, 1998 1895
Impacts of hospital budget limits in Rochester, New York. Friedman, Bernard; Wong, Herbert S. Jun 22, 1995 6216
Rate regulation as a policy tool: lessons from New York State. Fraser, Irene Mar 22, 1995 13264
Improving economic incentives in hospital prospective payment systems through equilibrium pricing. Shwartz, Michael; Lenard, Melanie L. Sep 1, 1994 291
Medicaid policies for AIDS-related hospital care. Buchanan, Robert J.; Kircher, Fred G. Jun 22, 1994 4138
Excluded facility financial status and options for payment system modification. Schneider, John E.; Cromwell, Jerry; McGuire, Thomas P. Dec 22, 1993 8531
An evaluation of pediatric-modified diagnosis-related groups. Payne, Susan M.C.; Schwartz, Rachel M. Dec 22, 1993 7127
A clinically based service limitation option for alternative model rural hospitals. Moscovice, Ira; Wellever, Anthony; Sales, Anne; Chen, Mei-Mei; Christianson, Jon Dec 22, 1993 6610
Trends in length of stay for Medicare patients: 1979-87. Kominski, Gerald F.; Witsberger, Christina Dec 22, 1993 6121
Use of medicare services before and after introduction of the prospective payment system. Manton, Kenneth G.; Woodbury, Max A.; Vertrees, James C.; Stallard, Eric Aug 1, 1993 6040
Medicare prospective payment without separate urban and rural rates. O'Dougherty, Sheila M.; Cotterill, Philip G.; Phillips, Steven; Richter, Elizabeth; De Lew, Nancy; W Dec 22, 1992 11895
Assessing the FY 1989 change in Medicare PPS outlier policy. Carter, Grace M.; Farley, Donna O. Dec 22, 1992 9648
What affects rural beneficiaries use of urban and rural hospitals? Buczko, William Dec 22, 1992 4297
Medicare hospital outpatient services and costs: implications for prospective payment. Miller, Mark E.; Sulvetta, Margaret B. Dec 22, 1992 8321
Coding and reimbursement of primary care biopsy and destruction procedures. Zuber, Thomas J.; Purvis, John R. Oct 1, 1992 6282
Change in the Medicare case-mix index in the 1980s and the effect of the prospective payment system. Goldfarb, Marsha G.; Coffey, Rosanna M. Aug 1, 1992 10254
Fairness in prospective payment: a clustering approach. Stefos, Theodore; LaVallee, Nicole; Holden, Frank Jun 1, 1992 7309
Good quality care increases hospital profits under prospective payment. Hsia, David C.; Ahern, Cathaleen A. Mar 22, 1992 4900
A longitudinal comparison of charge-based weights with cost-based weights. Carter, Grace M.; Farley, Donna O. Mar 22, 1992 7657
Trends in total hospital financial performance under the prospective payment system. Fisher, Charles R. Mar 22, 1992 4863
Medicare use in the last ninety days of life. Gaumer, Gary L.; Stavins, Joanna Feb 1, 1992 4849
Responses to prospective payment by rural New Mexico hospitals. Smith, Howard L.; Piland, Neill F.; Philipp, Annette M. Dec 1, 1991 8874
Impact of Medicare payment policy on home health resources utilization. Irvine, Audrey; Phillips, Elayne Kornblatt; Cloonan, Patricia; Torner, James C.; Fisher, Mary E.; Ch Jan 1, 1991 3948
Medicaid prospective payment: case-mix increase. Baker, Samuel L.; Kronenfeld, Jennie J. Sep 22, 1990 4212
Use and cost of short-stay hospital inpatient services under Medicare, 1988. Latta, Viola B.; Keene, Roger E. Sep 22, 1990 3062
Procedure codes: potential modifiers of diagnosis-related groups. Hughes, John S.; Lichtenstein, Jeffrey; Fetter, Robert B. Sep 22, 1990 4926
Alternatives for using multivariate regression to adjust prospective payment rates. Sheingold, Steven H. Mar 22, 1990 7179
Toward a prospective payment system for ambulatory surgery. Lion, Joanna; Vertrees, James; Malbon, Alan; Collard, Ann; Mowschenson, Peter Mar 22, 1990 4903
Institutional alternatives to the rural hospital. Christianson, John B.; Moscovice, Ira S.; Wellever, Anthony L.; Wingert, Terence D. Mar 22, 1990 9502
Trends in Medicaid payments and utilization, 1975-89. Reilly, Thomas W.; Clauser, Steven B.; Baugh, David K. Jan 1, 1990 7773
Comparison of alternative weight recalibration methods for diagnosis-related groups. Rogowski, Jeannette Roskamp; Byrne, Daniel J. Jan 1, 1990 7820
Occupational adjustment of the prospective payment system wage index. Pope, Gregory C. Sep 22, 1989 8110
Pricing Medicare's diagnosis-related groups: charges versus estimated costs. Price, Kurt F. Sep 22, 1989 6345
Toward better care and improved payment. Lauve, Richard M. column Jul 1, 1989 2202
Developing payment refinements and reforms under Medicare for excluded hospitals. Langenbrunner, John C.; Willis, Patricia; Jencks, Stephen F.; Dobson, Allen; Iezzoni, Lisa Mar 22, 1989 12293
Rural hospital wages. Hendricks, Ann M. Jan 1, 1989 3835
Ethical perspectives on prospective payment. Dougherty, Charles J. Jan 1, 1989 6195
Revenue and lab enhancement opportunities. Barros, Annamarie Aug 1, 1987 605
The impact of DRGs after year 3: doing more with less. Hallam, Kris Dec 1, 1986 2432
The impact of DRGs after year 3: how labs continue to cope. Hallam, Kris Dec 1, 1986 1876
HCFA setting its agenda for reforms to seek in 1988. column Oct 1, 1986 1283
Strategic management in blood banking. Bachert, Lucia Berte Oct 1, 1986 1376

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