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Extreme-Point Symmetric Mode Decomposition to Define the Turbulence Characteristics of a Flume Flow. Shi, Zhi-Peng; He, Ting-Ting; Zhang, Gen-Guang Report Jul 9, 2021 4156
Turbulent Flow Characteristics in a Model of a Solid Rocket Motor Chamber with Sidewall Mass Injection and End-Wall Disturbance. Albatati, F. A.; Hegab, A. M.; Rady, M. A.; Abuhabaya, A. A.; El-Behery, S. M. Report Jun 16, 2021 7017
Environment and Mechanisms of Severe Turbulence in a Midlatitude Cyclone. Trier, Stanley B.; Sharman, R.D.; Munoz-Esparza, D.; Lane, T.P. Feb 1, 2021 640
Impacts of Ground Slope on Main Performance Figures of Solar Chimney Power Plants: A Comprehensive CFD Research with Experimental Validation. Cuce, Erdem; Cuce, Pinar Mert; Sen, Harun; Sudhakar, K.; Berardi, Umberto; Serencam, Ugur Jan 1, 2021 7598
Numerical Simulation of the Hydraulic Performances and Flow Pattern of Swallow-Tailed Flip Bucket. Zhang, Lifang; Zhang, Jianmin; Guo, Yakun; Peng, Yong May 31, 2020 6113
Experimental and Numerical Icing Penalties of an S826 Airfoil at Low Reynolds Numbers. Harm, Richard; Hearst, R. Jason; Saetran, Lars Roar; Bracchi, Tania Report Apr 1, 2020 8643
3D Modeling and Mechanism Analysis of Breaking Wave-Induced Seabed Scour around Monopile. Liu, Xinsjinn; Liu, Cheng; Zhu, Xiaowei; He, Yong; Wang, Qisong; Wu, Zhiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7886
A New Model for Two-Phase Flow Boiling Heat Transfer of Refrigerant and Nanolubricant Mixtures in Smooth Tubes. Deokar, Pratik S.; Cremaschi, Lorenzo; Bigi, Andrea A.M. Jan 1, 2020 4890
Electrically Controlled Rotor Blade Vortex Interaction Airloads and Noise Analysis Using Viscous Vortex Particle Method. Su, Taoyong; Lu, Yang; Ma, Jinchao; Guan, Shujun Nov 30, 2019 7839
A Meshless WCSPH Boundary Treatment for Open-Channel Flow over Small-Scale Rough Bed. Shi, Yang; Wei, Jiahua; Li, Shaowu; Song, Peng; Zhang, Bangwen Sep 30, 2019 9888
Numerical Modeling of 3D Flow Field among a Compound Stilling Basin. Zhou, Zhao; Wang, Junxing Jun 30, 2019 10694
Spreading of Four-Petal Lorentz-Gauss Beams Propagating through Atmospheric Turbulence. Chang, Shuai; Song, Yansong; Dong, Yan; Dong, Keyan Report May 1, 2019 2270
Spreading Properties of a Lorentz-Gauss Vortex Beam Propagating in Biological Tissues. Liu, Dajun; Yin, Hongming; Wang, Guiqiu; Dong, Aiyi; Wang, Yaochuan Report Apr 1, 2019 2376
Vortex Shedding Lock-In due to Pitching Oscillation of a Wind Turbine Blade Section at High Angles of Attack. Meskell, Craig; Pellegrino, Alberto Mar 31, 2019 7492
Performance of explicit approximations of the coefficient of head loss for pressurized conduits/Desempenho de aproximacoes explicitas do coeficiente de perda de carga para condutos pressurizados. Pimenta, Bruna D.; Robaina, Adroaldo D.; Peiter, Marcia X.; Mezzomo, Wellington; Kirchner, Jardel H. May 1, 2018 4696
Predictive Analysis of the Damage to Axial-Flow Pump's Impeller in Sandy Water. Hua, Hong; Zhang, Zhi-Zhong; Liu, Xiao-Bing; Zeng, Yong-Zhong; Wang, Hui-Yan Report May 1, 2018 2974
Modelling of Wind Pressure Coefficients on C-Shaped Building Models. Mallick, Monalisa; Mohanta, Abinash; Kumar, Awadhesh; Raj, Vivek Report Jan 1, 2018 4376
Research of PWR Pressurizer Insurge Characteristics on Three-Dimensional Transient Modeling. Liu, Jianquan; Zhang, Jiguo; Shi, Jingda; Li, Dong Jan 1, 2018 6468
Reduced-Complexity Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication over Orbital Angular Momentum Partial-Pattern Modes. ElHelaly, Alaa; Mehana, Ahmed H.; Khairy, Mohammad M. Jan 1, 2018 6297
Statistics of Finite Scale Local Lyapunov Exponents in Fully Developed Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence. de Divitiis, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2018 7372
Boundary Value Problems Governed by Superdiffusion in the Right Angle: Existence and Regularity. Dzhafarov, Ramzet; Vasylyeva, Nataliya Jan 1, 2018 10169
Numerical Analysis of Thermal and Hydro Dynamical Processes in Upper Fuel Channel Part of Boiling Water Reactor. Paukstaitis, Linas; Kilikevicius, Sigitas; Lukosevicius, Valdas; Fedaravicius, Algimantas; Gudauskis Report Jan 1, 2018 2500
Wind Load Characteristics and Action Mechanism on Internal and External Surfaces of Super-Large Cooling Towers under Wind-Rain Combined Effects. Ke, Shitang; Yu, Wenlin; Ge, Yaojun Jan 1, 2018 8017
Study Finds Turbulence Could Lead to Lightning. Nov 1, 2017 303
Combined effect of turbulence and weather on radio over free space optics Ro-FSO. Adnan, Salah Aldeen; Ali, Mazin Ali A.; Saeedi, Sarah Ali. Al- Report Jul 1, 2017 2031
Numerical Simulations of the Flame of a Single Coaxial Injector. Zhukov, Victor P.; Feil, Markus Report Jan 1, 2017 7446
Numerical Simulation of an Offset Jet in Bounded Pool with Deflection Wall. Li, Xin; Wang, Yurong; Zhang, Jianmin Report Jan 1, 2017 5809
Vertical Distribution of Suspended Sediment under Steady Flow: Existing Theories and Fractional Derivative Model. Nie, Shiqian; Sun, HongGuang; Zhang, Yong; Chen, Dong; Chen, Wen; Chen, Li; Schaefer, Sydney Report Jan 1, 2017 5085
A New Approach for Accurate Prediction of Liquid Loading of Directional Gas Wells in Transition Flow or Turbulent Flow. Ming, Ruiqing; He, Huiqun Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4847
Linking meteorology, turbulence, and air chemistry in the Amazon rain forest: a field campaign reveals that the Amazon rain forest produces enough chemical species to undergo oxidation and generate aerosols, which can activate into cloud condensation nuclei and potentially influence cloud formation. Fuentes, Jose D.; Chamecki, Marcelo; Santos, Rosa Maria Nascimento dos; Von Randow, Celso; Stoy, Pau Report Dec 1, 2016 7192
A laboratory facility to study gas-aerosol-cloud interactions in a turbulent environment: the [PI] chamber: a turbulent, multiphase reaction chamber has been developed that is capable of generating and sustaining cloud formation in simulated tropospheric conditions for minutes to days. Chang, K.; Bench, J.; Brege, M.; Cantrell, W.; Chandrakar, K.; Ciochetto, D.; Mazzoleni, C.; Mazzole Report Dec 1, 2016 8926
A comparative study on airflow and temperature distribution in a symmetrical room adopting two types of displacement ventilation diffusers. Mahdi, Alaa Abbas; Shbeeb, Ali Aedan Report Dec 1, 2016 4299
CFD study of the effect of baffles on the energy consumption and the flow structure in a vessel stirred by a Rushton turbine. Kamla, Y.; Bouzit, M.; Hadjeb, A.; Arab, I.M.; Beloudane, M. Report May 1, 2016 3396
Flow topology of three-dimensional spherical flame in shock accelerated flows. Zhu, Yuejin; Yu, Lei; Dong, Gang; Pan, Jianfeng; Pan, Zhenhua Jan 1, 2016 4976
Numerical approach based design of centrifugal pump volute. Allali, A.; Belbachir, S.; Lousdad, A.; Merahi, L. Report Jul 1, 2015 2635
Laminar-turbulent transition in pipe flow: wall effects and critical Reynolds number. Kanda, Hidesada Report Jan 1, 2015 11174
Diesel performances during combustion using high swirling flow in unconfined burner. Norwazan, A.R.; Mohd Jaafar, M.N. Report Aug 30, 2014 2817
Gravitational wave experiments with Zener diode quantum detectors: fractal dynamical space and universe expansion with inflation epoch. Cahill, Reginald T. Report Jul 1, 2014 5188
Investigation of liquid viscosity influence on flow rate measurement by rotary vane meters/Skysciu klampos itakos debito matavimui sukiaisiais mentiniais debito matuokliais tyrimas. Maslauskas, E.; Pedisius, N.; Zygmantas, G. Report Mar 1, 2014 3756
Numerical simulation of a spiral wall/Sraigtines sieneles skaitmeninis modeliavimas. Dellil, A.Z. Report Jan 1, 2014 4671
RANS simulations of turbulent and thermal mixing in a T-junction/Suoliu modeliavimas T jungtyse turbulentinio ir silumos maisymo sistemose. Aounallah, M.; Belkadi, M.; Adjlout, L.; Imine, O. Report May 1, 2013 3675
Numerical study on turbulent flow forced-convection heat transfer for air in a channel with waved fins/Priverstinio-konvekcinio turbulentinio silumos srauto perdavimo orui kanale su banguotu briaunu grioveliais skaitine analize. Benzenine, H.; Saim, R.; Abboudi, S.; Imine, O. Report Mar 1, 2013 4900
Building agility, resilience and performance in turbulent environments. McCann, Joseph; Selsky, John; Lee, James Sep 1, 2009 5365
Analytic model of laminar-turbulent transition for Bingham plastics. Wilson, K.C.; Thomas, A.D. Oct 1, 2006 5211
Pinning down turbulent flow via new formula. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 293
Experiment shows filters reduce melt turbulence defects. Campbell, John Jun 1, 1998 2057
Buckling flows; exploring the origins and structure of turbulence. Bejan, Adrian Nov 1, 1989 2077
Digging into sand. Peterson, Ivars Jul 15, 1989 2621

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