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Carbonic Anhydrase Isoenzymes I and II Inhibition Potentials of Leiotulus dasyanthus (K. Koch) Pimenov&Ostr. and Ferulago pauciradiata Boiss.&Heldr. (Apiaceae)/Leiotulus dasyanthus (K. Koch) Pimenov&Ostr. ve Ferulago pauciradiata Boiss.&Heldr.'nin (Apiaceae) Karbonikanhidraz izoenzimleri I ve II inhibisyon Potansiyelleri. Karakaya, Songul; Bingol, Zeynebe; Gulcin, Ilhami; Delimustafaoglu, Fatmagul; Duman, Hayri; Kilic, C Report Apr 1, 2021 2843
Protective Effect of Simplicillium sp. Ethyl Acetate Extract against High Glucose-Induced Oxidative Stress in HUVECs. Tian, Ting-Ting; Li, Qi-Rui; Gan, Shi-Quan; Chang, Chu-Rui; Shen, Xiang-Chun Aug 31, 2020 5741
Controlled Fermentation Using Autochthonous Lactobacillus plantarum Improves Antimicrobial Potential of Chinese Chives against Poultry Pathogens. Kothari, Damini; Lee, Woo-Do; Jung, Eun Sung; Niu, Kai-Min; Lee, Choong Hwan; Kim, Soo-Ki Jul 1, 2020 7674
Embedded Bayesian Network Contribution for a Safe Mission Planning of Autonomous Vehicles. Dezan, Catherine; Zermani, Sara; Hireche, Chabha Report Jul 1, 2020 13115
Evaluation of the Properties of Cellulose Ester Films that Incorporate Essential Oils. Biswas, Atanu; Bastos, Maria do Socorro Rocha; Furtado, Roselayne Ferro; Kuzniar, Gary; Boddu, Veera Jun 30, 2020 6100
Bioprospecting of Bioactive Metabolites from Monochaetia karstenii. Subramaniam, Yogeswari; Subbiah, Ramalakshmi; Balan, Leeba; Subban, Kamalraj Jun 1, 2020 4568
Early-Life Environmental Exposures and Childhood Obesity: An Exposome-Wide Approach. Vrijheid, Martine; Fossati, Serena; Maitre, Lea; Marquez, Sandra; Roumeliotaki, Theano; Agier, Lydia Jun 1, 2020 16883
Antioxidant and Nephroprotective Effects of Okra Pods Extract (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) against Lead Acetate- Induced Toxicity in Mice. Wahyuningsih, Sri Puji Astuti; Savira, Nadyatul Ilma Indah; Anggraini, Devinta Wahyu; Winarni, Dwi; Apr 30, 2020 6634
Simultaneous Determination of Malachite Green, Chloramphenicols, Sulfonamides, and Fluoroquinolones Residues in Fish by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Chen, Yongping; Xia, Sudong; Han, Xianqin; Fu, Zhiru Mar 31, 2020 7709
The Ameliorative Effects of the Ethyl Acetate Extract of Salicornia europaea L. and Its Bioactive Candidate, Irilin B, on LPS-Induced Microglial Inflammation and MPTP-Intoxicated PD-Like Mouse Model. Kim, Joonsoo; Karthivashan, Govindarajan; Kweon, Mee-Hyang; Kim, Deuk-Hoi; Choi, Dong-Kug Jul 31, 2019 10025
Active Constituent in the Ethyl Acetate Extract Fraction of Terminalia bellirica Fruit Exhibits Antioxidation, Antifibrosis, and Proapoptosis Capabilities In Vitro. Chen, Yuxin; Zhou, Gao; Ma, Bingxin; Tong, Jing; Wang, Youwei May 31, 2019 9968
Libidibia ferrea Fruit Crude Extract and Fractions Show Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Antinociceptive Effect In Vivo and Increase Cell Viability In Vitro. Falcao, Tamires Rocha; Araujo, Aurigena Antunes de; Soares, Luiz Alberto Lira; Farias, Iuri Brilhant Mar 31, 2019 8101
Spectroscopic and elementary characterization of humic substances in organic substrates. da Silva, Rubens Ribeiro; Lucena, Guilherme Nunes; Machado, Angela Franciely; de Freitas, Gilson Ara Report Apr 1, 2018 6147
Antipleuritic and Vascular Permeability Inhibition of the Ethyl Acetate-Petroleum Ether Stem Bark Extract of Maerua angolensis DC (Capparaceae) in Murine. Ampadu, Felix Agyei; Boakye-Gyasi, Eric; Osafo, Newman; Benneh, Charles Kwaku; Ekuadzi, Edmund; Wood Jan 1, 2018 6865
Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Hemerocallis citrina Baroni Decreases Tert-butyl Hydroperoxide-Induced Oxidative Stress Damage in BRL-3A Cells. Wang, Jing; Hu, Dongmei; Hou, Jing; Li, Shushu; Wang, Weiping; Li, Jun; Bai, Jie Jan 1, 2018 7752
Quality Comparison of Hawthorn Wines Fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae with and without Pulp Contact and Pectase Treatment. Zhang, Wenye; Chi, Lei; Wu, Yan; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Chunping Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5441
Prenatal phthalate, perfluoroalkyl acid, and organochlorine exposures and term birth weight in three birth cohorts: multi-pollutant models based on elastic net regression. Lenters, Virissa; Portengen, Lutzen; Rignell-Hydbom, Anna; Jonsson, Bo A.G.; Lindh, Christian H.; Pi Report Mar 1, 2016 8466
Brominated flame retardants and other persistent organohalogenated compounds in relation to timing of puberty in a longitudinal study of girls. Windham, Gayle C.; Pinney, Susan M.; Voss, Robert W.; Sjodin, Andreas; Biro, Frank M.; Greenspan, Lo Report Oct 1, 2015 9018
Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of 5-Arylidene-NN-Dimethylbarbiturates Derivatives By: Khalid Mohammed Khan Momin KhanAqeel Ahmad Aisha Irshad Leonardus Broto Sugeng Kardono Fazal Rahim Syed Moazzam Haider Sumbul Ahmed and Shahnaz Parveen. Report Dec 31, 2014 1727
Synthesis and Characterization of Soluble and Thermally Stable Polypyrrole-DBSA Salts. Report Dec 31, 2014 3548
Bis(indolyl)methanes Synthesis Through Sodium Iodate and Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite in Water. Report Dec 31, 2014 1945
Synthesis and Screening of in vitro Antibacterial and Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of NN-disubstituted 4-Chlorobenzenesulfonamides. Report Dec 31, 2014 5731
Synthesis and Application of Glycolic Esters in Methanol-gasoline as Bifunctional Additives. Report Dec 31, 2014 2014
Enaminone in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of New Pyrazolopyrazole Pyrazolothienooxazine and Pyrazolothienopyridine Derivatives. Report Dec 31, 2014 6182
Synthesis X-Ray Crystallography and Leishmanicidal Activity of Benzimidazolinyl Piperidine derivative. Report Dec 31, 2014 2699
Thermophysical properties of binary mixtures of dimethylsulfoxide with 1-phenylethanone and 1,4-dimethylbenzene at various temperatures. Gill, Harmandeep Singh; Rattan, V.k. Report Jan 1, 2014 5058
Efficient asymmetric synthesis of S'S-2-methylsulfanyl-2-methylsulfinyl-1-indanone. Paiva, Derisvaldo R.; Gomes, Roberto S. Report Jan 1, 2013 2897
Detection of bioactive compounds in the mucus nets of Dendropoma maxima, Sowerby 1825 (Prosobranch Gastropod Vermetidae, Mollusca). Kloppel, Anne; Brummer, Franz; Schwabe, Denise; Morlock, Gertrud Report Jan 1, 2013 5616
Ellagitannins from Phyllanthus muellerianus (Kuntze) Exell.: geraniin and furosin stimulate cellular activity, differentiation and collagen synthesis of human skin keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts. Agyare, Christian; Lechtenberg, Matthias; Deters, Alexandra; Petereit, Frank; Hensel, Andreas May 15, 2011 6713
Effects of polyurethane coated urea supplement on in vitro ruminal fermentation, ammonia release dynamics and lactating performance of Holstein dairy cows fed a steam-flaked corn-based diet. Xin, H.S.; Schaefer, D.M.; Liu, Q.P.; Axe, D.E.; Meng, Q.X. Report Mar 11, 2010 7112
Inorganic/organic nanocomposite coatings: the next step in coating performance. Johnson, A.J. Apr 1, 2006 5658
Determination of choline, betaine, and dimethylglycine in plasma by a high-throughput method based on normal-phase chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Holm, Pal I.; Ueland, Per Magne; Kvalheim, Gry; Lien, Ernst A. Feb 1, 2003 4901
Modular HPFC System. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 105
Methylmalonic acid measured in plasma and urine by stable-isotope dilution and electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. Magera, Mark J.; Helgeson, Janice K.; Matern, Dietrich; Rinaldo, Piero Nov 1, 2000 3666
Nonalcoholic red wine extract and quercetin inhibit LDL oxidation without affecting plasma antioxidant vitamin and carotenoid concentrations. Chopra, Mridula; Fitzsimons, Patricia E.E.; Strain, John J.; Thurnham, David I.; Howard, Alan N. Report Aug 1, 2000 6830
One-step direct assay for mature-type adrenomedullin with monoclonal antibodies. Ohta, Hideki; Tsuji, Tetsuo; Asai, Shigeru; Sasakura, Kazuyuki; Teraoka, Hiroshi; Kitamura, Kazuo; K Feb 1, 1999 4744
Organic particulates' effect on biofilms. Billings, Clayton H. Nov 1, 1992 362
NOM modification by ozone. Billings, Clayton H. Sep 1, 1992 670
Meteorite may carry organic Martian cargo. Amato, I. Jul 22, 1989 612

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