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Characterization of Cleaning Potential of Khokhar-Bala, Punjab (Pakistan) Coal and Simulation-Based Study for Identification of Best Strategy for its Cleaning. Shahzad, Muhammad; Arshad, Syed Mahmood; Ali, Zulfiqar; Ali, Rana Ahmad; Shabeer, Hamza Report Jan 1, 2021 3905
Evaluation of Different Rates of NPS on Growth and Yield Performances of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) in Cheha District, Gurage Zone, Ethiopia. Gashaw, Bewuket Jan 1, 2021 3300
Fruit Volatile Fingerprints Characterized among Four Commercial Cultivars of Thai Durian (Durio zibethinus). Aschariyaphotha, Wattana; Wongs-Aree, Chalermchai; Bodhipadma, Kitti; Noichinda, Sompoch Jan 1, 2021 6221
Determination and Estimation of Allicin in Allium sativum. Singh, Sirjan; Jha, Asha; Acharya, Sourya; Shukla, Samarth; Acharya, Neema Dec 7, 2020 2835
Effects of Labrador Tea, Peppermint, and Winter Savory Essential Oils on Fusobacterium nucleatum. Lagha, Amel Ben; Vaillancourt, Katy; Huacho, Patricia Maquera; Grenier, Daniel Nov 1, 2020 5446
Assessment of Changes in the Hemoglobin Level under the Influence of Comprehensive Spa Therapy Using Therapeutic Radon-Sulfur Waters and Its Correlation with Free Radical Reactions. Kuciel-Lewandowska, Jadwiga; Kasperczak, Michal; Paprocka-Borowicz, Malgorzata Aug 31, 2020 3609
A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Air Quality in California. Castelli, Mauro; Clemente, Fabiana Martins; Popovic, Ales; Silva, Sara; Vanneschi, Leonardo Aug 31, 2020 10127
A combination of postmortem ageing and sous vide cooking following by blowtorching and oven roasting for improving the eating quality and acceptance of low quality grade Hanwoo striploin. Jwa, Seung-Hoon; Kim, Yong-An; Hoa, Van-Ba; Hwang, In-Ho Aug 1, 2020 11116
Onion (Allium cepa L.) Yield and Growth Dynamics Response to In-Season Patterns of Nitrogen and Sulfur Uptake. Przygocka-Cyna, Katarzyna; Barlog, Przemyslaw; Grzebisz, Witold; Spizewski, Tomasz Aug 1, 2020 11196
Kinetic Modeling Study of the Industrial Sulfur Recovery Process for Operating Condition Optimization. Huang, Shan; Teng, Zhaohui; Zhang, Lisheng; Zhou, Qulan; Li, Na Report Jun 30, 2020 7899
A comparative study of oil shale-bearing intervals in the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in the Beipiao Basin, Northeast China based on sedimentary organic-facies theory. Zhang, Penglin; Meng, Qingtao; Liu, Zhaojun; Hu, Fei; Xue, Min Report Mar 1, 2020 4959
Petrography, microthermometry, and isotopy of the gold veins from Vetas, Santander (Colombia). Barbosa, Sonia Rojas; Mendoza, Juan Carlos Molano; Cramer, Thomas Mar 1, 2020 9039
Wheat Grain Composition, Dough Rheology and Bread Quality as Affected by Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization and Seeding Density. Guerrini, Lorenzo; Napoli, Marco; Mancini, Marco; Masella, Piernicola; Cappelli, Alessio; Parenti, A Feb 1, 2020 7929
The Unexploited Potential of Nutrient Analysis in Potato Tissues at the Onset of Tuberization for Tuber Yield Prediction. Grzebisz, Witold; Frackowiak, Karolina; Potarzycki, Jaroslaw; Diatta, Jean; Szczepaniak, Witold Jan 1, 2020 10861
A Schematic Two Overlapping-Band Model for Superconducting Sulfur Hydrides: The Isotope Mass Exponent. Mendez-Moreno, R.M. Oct 31, 2019 5466
Data-Driven Approximated Optimal Control of Sulfur Flotation Process. He, Mingfang Jul 31, 2019 7405
Physical-Chemical Characterization and Mineralogic Analysis of Hydrothermal Systems Located in the Coconuco and the San Juan Sectors in Cauca, Colombia. Torres-Ceron, Darwin Augusto; Acosta-Medina, Carlos Daniel; Restrepo-Parra, Elisabeth May 31, 2019 9496
Oxygen possibly linked to Cambrian explosion 540m years ago. May 8, 2019 715
Associations between Coarse Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Cause-Specific Mortality: A Nationwide Analysis in 272 Chinese Cities. Chen, Renjie; Yin, Peng; Meng, Xia; Wang, Lijun; Liu, Cong; Niu, Yue; Liu, Yunning; Liu, Jiangmei; Q Report Jan 1, 2019 8426
Integrated impact of sulphur and nitrogen deposition and ozone on forest ecosystems in Lithuania, 1995-2015/Vaavli ja lammastiku depositsiooni ning osooni koosmoju metsaokosusteemidele Leedus, 1995-2015. Bycenkiene, Steigvile; Plauskaite, Kristina; Augustaitiene, Ingrida; Augustaitis, Algirdas; Baumgart Report Dec 1, 2018 6630
Microthermometry and Raman spectroscopy of fluid inclusions from El Vapor gold mineralizations, Colombia/Microtermometria y espectroscopia Raman de inclusiones fluidas de las mineralizaciones auriferas de El Vapor, Colombia. Dorado, Camilo E.; Molano, Juan C. Report Sep 1, 2018 5707
Assessment of barrier materials to protect plants from Florida leatherleaf slug (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Veronicellidae). Capinera, John L. Report Sep 1, 2018 8400
Carbon/Sulfur Analysis. May 1, 2018 123
CHARACTERISTICS AND ACCUMULATION OF MIDDLE JURASSIC OIL SHALE IN THE YUQIA AREA, NORTHERN QAIDAM BASIN, NORTHWEST CHINA. Meng, Qingtao; Liu, Zhaojun; Sun, Pingchang; Xu, Yinbo; Li, Feng; Bai, Yueyue; Xie, Wenquan; Deng, S Report Mar 1, 2018 9001
Air Pollution and Suicide in 10 Cities in Northeast Asia: A Time-Stratified Case-Crossover Analysis. Kim, Yoonhee; Ng, Chris Fook Sheng; Chung, Yeonseung; Kim, Ho; Honda, Yasushi; Guo, Yue Leon; Lim, Y Report Mar 1, 2018 8061
Overview of Air Pollution Assessment in Northern Europe (Lithuania) by Passive Diffusion Sampling. Bycenkiene, Steigvile; Jasineviciene, Dalia; Perkauskas, Donatas Jan 1, 2018 4640
Rapid and Simultaneous Prediction of Eight Diesel Quality Parameters through ATR-FTIR Analysis. Nespeca, Maurilio Gustavo; Hatanaka, Rafael Rodrigues; Flumignan, Danilo Luiz; Oliveira, Jose Eduard Jan 1, 2018 6966
Sulphur and Nitrogen Fertilization as a Potential Means of Agronomic Biofortification to Improve the Content and Uptake of Microelements in Spring Wheat Grain DM. Klikocka, Hanna; Marks, Marek Jan 1, 2018 11489
Environmental Factors and Fluctuations in Daily Crime Rates. Mapou, Ashley E.M.; Shendell, Derek; Ohman-Strickland, Pamela; Madrigano, Jaime; Meng, Qingyu; Whytl Dec 1, 2017 11920
Methods of operating the marine engines by ultra-low sulfur fuel to aiming to satisfy MARPOLAnnex VI. Tran, Viet Dung; Le, Anh Tuan; Dong, Van Huong; Hoang, Anh Tuan Report Oct 1, 2017 3428
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF Cordia trichotoma (Vell.) Arrab. ex Steud WOOD/COMPOSICAO QUIMICA DA MADEIRA DE Cordia trichotoma (Vell.) Arrab. ex Steud. Wille, Vania Karine Dick; Wastowski, Arci Dirceu; Pedrazzi, Cristiane; Sauer, Michele Pokulat Oct 1, 2017 4238
Elemental sulfur use and associations with pediatric lung function and respiratory symptoms in an agricultural community (California, USA). Raanan, Rachel; Gunier, Robert B.; Balmes, John R.; Beltran, Alyssa J.; Harley, Kim G.; Bradman, Asa Report Aug 1, 2017 8914
The long-run effects of pollution exposure on mortality. Jul 1, 2017 741
Nitrogen, potassium, calcium and sulfur omission in grass Convert. Miranda, Rafaela Pereira; Pietroski, Marizane; Matos, Fabiano Bernardo; Junior, Getulio Freitas Sebe Report Jul 1, 2017 3907
The Power Generation from Coal in Pakistan: Assessment of Physicochemical Pollutant Indicators in Indigenous Reserves in Comparison to the Foreign Coal. Jun 30, 2017 6057
Sulfar mustard, Sarin in samples from alleged Syria chemical attacks - UN. May 24, 2017 335
Historical trends in [PM.sub.2.5]-related premature mortality during 1990-2010 across the Northern Hemisphere. Wang, Jiandong; Xing, Jia; Mathur, Rohit; Pleim, Jonathan E.; Wang, Shuxiao; Hogrefe, Christian; Gan Mar 1, 2017 7692
Fixation and redistribution of arsenic during early and late diagenesis in the organic matter-rich members of the Lockatong Formation, Newark basin, USA: implications for the quality of groundwater. Rddad, Larbi Report Jan 1, 2017 8666
Numerical Simulation to Air Pollution Emission Control near an Industrial Zone. Oyjinda, Pravitra; Pochai, Nopparat Jan 1, 2017 3814
Chelated Nitrogen-Sulphur-Codoped Ti[O.sub.2]: Synthesis, Characterization, Mechanistic, and UV/Visible Photocatalytic Studies. Khan, Hayat; Swati, Imran Khan; Younas, Mohammad; Ullah, Asmat Jan 1, 2017 11367
Chemistry and Bioactivity of NeoMTA Plus[TM] versus MTA Angelus[R] Root Repair Materials. Abu Zeid, Sawsan T.; Alamoudi, Najlaa M.; Khafagi, Monazah G.; Abou Neel, Ensanya A. Report Jan 1, 2017 5335
Computational Efficiency of Decoupling Approach in Solving Reactive Transport Model: A Case Study of Pyrite Oxidative Dissolution. Huo, Jixiang; Ma, Fuheng; Song, Hanzhou Case study Jan 1, 2017 5472
Observed association between air pollutant levels and respiratory diseases in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Habeebullah, Turki M.A. Report Aug 1, 2016 3791
Effects of short-term exposure of liquid-cultured green algae Desmococcus sp. and Trentepohlia sp. to chemicals simulating atmospheric pollutants. Ismail, Asmida; Archer, Simon; Bates, Jeffrey; Wahab, Noor Akmal Abd; Said, Mohd Nizam Mohd; Marzuki Report Jul 1, 2016 3752
AIR POLLUTION AND EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT VISITS FOR CONJUNCTIVITIS: A CASE-CROSSOVER STUDY. Szyszkowicz, Mieczyslaw; Kousha, Termeh; Castner, Jessica Clinical report May 1, 2016 6674
An investigation into the adsorption of sulphur compounds using iron oxide/activated carbon magnetic composite. Alzahrani, Eman; Abo-Dief, Hala M.; Mohamed, Ashraf T. Report Apr 1, 2016 5051
Elemental constituents of particulate matter and newborn's size in eight European cohorts. Pedersen, Marie; Gehring, Ulrike; Beelen, Rob; Wang, Meng; Giorgis-Allemand, Lise; Andersen, Anne-Ma Report Jan 1, 2016 10800
Identification of a New Antibacterial Sulfur Compound from Raphanus sativus Seeds. Jadoun, Jeries; Yazbak, Ahmad; Rushrush, Salwa; Rudy, Amira; Azaizeh, Hassan Jan 1, 2016 5312
The characteristics of coal and oil shale in the coastal sea areas of Huangxian Coalfield, Eastern China. Lv, Dawei; Li, Zengxue; Liu, Haiyan; Li, Ying; Feng, Tingting; Wang, Dongdong; Wang, Pingli; Li, Sha Report Sep 1, 2015 5009
Estimating the average length of hospitalization due to pneumonia: a fuzzy approach. Nascimento, L.F.C.; Rizol, P.M.S.R.; Peneluppi, A.P. Report Nov 1, 2014 2769
Starch and ICUMSA color removal in sugarcane juice clarified by carbonatation/Remocao de amido e cor ICUMSA em caldo de cana clarificado pelo processo de carbonatacao. Favero, Diego Matos; Hamerski, Fabiane; de Aquino, Arislete Dantas Oct 1, 2014 3476
The sulfur-fumigation reduces chemical composition and biological properties of Angelicae sinensis radix. Zhan, Janis Ya-Xian; Yao, Ping; Bi, Cathy Wen-Chuan; Zheng, Ken Yu-zhong; Zhang, Wendy Li; Chen, Jia Report Sep 25, 2014 4967
Land use and attributes of soils of the state of Rio Grande do Sul/ Uso da terra e atributos de solos do estado do Rio Grande do Sul. do Nascimento, Paulo C.; Bissani, Carlos A.; Levien, Renato; Losekann, Marno E.; Finato, Tatiana Sep 1, 2014 4835
Effect of dipping tank coagulum (Dtc) on cure characteristics and physical properties of Dtc/natural rubber blends. A.I.H., Dayang Habibah; Idris, Nur Fadhilah; Veerasamy, Devaraj; Kamarulzaman, Nor Hidayaty Report Jun 5, 2014 2106
The assessment of the possibilities for the Lithuanian fleet to comply with new environmental requirements. Panasiuk, Irina; Lebedevas, Sergejus Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 5960
Tribological properties of nanolamellar Mo[S.sub.2] doped with copper nanoparticles. An, Vladimir; Irtegov, Yuri Jan 1, 2014 3588
Qualitative analysis of headspace volatile compounds of lambs and goats cooked meat/ Analise qualitativa de compostos volateis do headspace de carne cozida de ovinos e caprinos. Donade, Jossie Zamperetti; Nornberg, Jose Laerte; Kessler, Julcemar Dias; Osorio, Jose Carlos da Sil Nov 1, 2013 4983
Multivariate techniques applied to evaluation of lignocellulosic residues for bioenergy production/Tecnicas multivariadas aplicadas a avaliacao de residuos lignocelulosicos para a producao de bioenergia. Protasio, Thiago de Paula; Bufalino, Lina; Guimaraes, Mario, Jr.; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; T Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 5835
A national prediction model for [PM.sub.2.5] component exposures and measurement error-corrected health effect inference. Bergen, Silas; Sheppard, Lianne; Sampson, Paul D.; Kim, Sun-Young; Richards, Mark; Vedal, Sverre; Ka Report Sep 1, 2013 9015
Weathering patterns of ignitable liquids with the advanced distillation curve method. Bruno, Thomas J.; Allen, Samuel Report Jan 1, 2013 11616
Multivariate analysis of stable isotope data in the traceability process for birds/Analise multivariada em dados de isotopos estaveis no processo de rastreabilidade em aves. Sartori, Maria Marcia Pereira; Denadai, Juliana Celia; Gracia, Amelia Maria Lima; Carrijo, Alfredo S Oct 1, 2012 3647
What was analyzed, and how. May 1, 2012 241
Sometimes coal can cool. Brief article Sep 16, 2011 290
Structure-property analysis of unfilled IR vulcanizates characterized by mechanical and rheological measurements. Boye, William M.; Terrill, Ed Aug 1, 2011 3182
The impact of meteorological parameters on sulphuric air pollution in Kohtla-Jarve. Pavlenkova, J.; Kaasik, M.; Kerner, E.-S.; Loot, A.; Ots, R. Report Jun 1, 2011 4003
Mechanically-induced solvent-less synthesis of cobalt and nickel complexes of cimetidine. Tella, Adedibu C.; Eke, Uche B.; Isaac, Aaron Y.; Ojekanmi, Christianah A. Apr 1, 2011 3366
Effect of mineral oil on properties of SBR-organoclay nanocomposites. Chakraborty, Sugata; Kar, Saptarshi; Dasgupta, Saikat; Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra; Chauhan, Narendra P.S Oct 1, 2010 2931
Air pollution, aeroallergens, and emergency room visits for acute respiratory diseases and gastroenteric disorders among young children in six Italian cities. Orazzo, Flavia; Nespoli, Luigi; Ito, Kazuhiko; Tassinari, Davide; Giardina, Daniela; Funis, Maurizio Report Nov 1, 2009 7715
Developing a model for better cupola operation: research projects are routinely underway at several universities, metalcasting facilities and research agencies, all with the aim of improving the metalcasting process, quality and marketability. Here we share the details of two newly-completed American Foundry Society research projects. Katz, Seymour; Aristizabal, Ricardo E.; Silva, Claudia M.; Perez, Paula A. Feb 1, 2009 856
Pacific plankton outdo land pollution. Monastersky, R. Jul 1, 1989 487

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