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The Keynes Perplex. Butos, William N. Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 6168
HYSTERESIS IN A NEW KEYNESIAN MODEL. Craighead, William D. Report Apr 1, 2019 6228
The Accelerator Theory in a Keynesian Framework Does Not Work. Hochstein, Alan Column May 1, 2018 863
The Economic Eugenicism of John Maynard Keynes. Magness, Phillip W.; Hernandez, Sean J. Essay Mar 22, 2017 8275
Wilhelm Ropke, John Maynard Keynes, and the Problem of Inflation. Gregg, Samuel Essay Mar 22, 2017 4773
Consumption externalities and monetary policy with limited asset market participation. Airaudo, Marco; Bossi, Luca Abstract Jan 1, 2017 14911
Keynes and the First World War. Fuller, Edward W.; Whitten, Robert C. Essay Jan 1, 2017 14549
The poverty of (post)humanities. Ebert, Teresa L. Report Nov 1, 2016 14444
John Cochrane versus Walter E. Block: debate on Austrian economics and libertarianism. Cochrane, John H.; Block, Walter E. Discussion Mar 1, 2016 4225
What is austerity? Discussion Jan 1, 2016 10483
Innovations in mortgage finance and the onset of the great recession in a small open economy with a euro peg. Andersen, Thomas Barnebeck; Malchow-Moller, Nikolaj Report Dec 1, 2015 8030
Re-estimation of Keynesian model by considering critical events and multiple cointegrating vectors. Hina, Hafsa; Qayyum, Abdul Report Jun 22, 2015 10895
Unutilized productive capacity, binary economics and the case for broadening capital ownership. Ashford, Robert Report Jun 1, 2015 17811
Austerity in the European Union: Keynesian stimulus versus fiscal consolidation. Brady, Gordon L. Report Mar 1, 2015 4987
Post-Keynesian theory and policy for modern capitalism. Harcourt, G.C.; Kriesler, Peter Report Jan 1, 2015 5329
Marx, Keynes and heterodoxy. Dow, Geoff Report Jan 1, 2015 10492
Sunken treasure: the cultural logic of austerity. Appelbaum, Robert Essay Jan 1, 2014 9815
Springtime for Keynes. May 1, 2013 578
Less bang for the buck: the flimsy case for stimulus spending. Young, Andrew T. May 1, 2013 2896
The monetarist-Keynesian debate and the Phillips curve: lessons from the Great Inflation. Hetzel, Robert L. Mar 22, 2013 13539
It is time for government to deep six Keynesian economics: "... cutting both expenditure and taxes can speed the recovery in the short run and foster growth in the long run, while simultaneously putting the U.S. fiscal house in order.". Miron, Jeffrey Mar 1, 2013 2681
International design and the British Empire: Keynes on the relief problem. Hirai, Toshiaki Essay Jan 1, 2013 12079
The Keynesian path to fiscal irresponsibility. Lee, Dwight R. Essay Sep 22, 2012 6359
Neo-Keynesian trap: cheap, abundant credit stimulates the wrong kind of growth. Smith, Charles Hugh Jun 1, 2012 1929
Fiscal and monetary policy interaction in a simple accelerator model. Karpetis, Christos; Varelas, Erotokritos Report May 1, 2012 7485
Animal spirits and regime uncertainty. Subrick, J. Robert Mar 22, 2012 1154
A post Keynesian perspective on industry assistance and the effectiveness of Australia's carbon pricing scheme. Perry, Neil Feb 1, 2012 8907
Why does Keynesian success feel like failure? The most terrible thing about the bailouts is that they worked. Cavanaugh, Tim Nov 29, 2011 1065
Why not keynes? Adam Smith's disciples run America--and that's the problem. Galbraith, James K. Jul 1, 2011 1863
Keynes and The General Theory after 75 Years. O'Donnell, Rod Essay Jun 22, 2011 6646
New Keynesian dynamics in a low interest rate environment. Braun, R. Anton; Korber, Lena Mareen May 1, 2011 12248
Douglas Copland and the aftershocks of the premiers' plan, 1931-1938. Millmow, Alex Essay Jan 1, 2011 10373
Political business cycles in the New Keynesian model. Milani, Fabio Oct 1, 2010 11823
Why I will never be a Keynesian. Epstein, Richard A. Mar 22, 2010 8356
Explaining the great depression. Vedder, Richard Mar 22, 2010 4329
Is monetarism dead? Has the resurgence of Keynesianism already peaked? Issing, Otmar Mar 22, 2010 1463
Keynes' obsession: the worry over global imbalances. Goodspeed, Tyler Beck Mar 22, 2010 1044
Recession and recovery: six fundamental errors of the current orthodoxy. Higgs, Robert Jan 1, 2010 3598
Macroeconomics for the 21st century: full employment as a policy goal. Farmer, Roger E.A. Jan 1, 2010 4164
Assets, inequality and the crisis. Prabhakar, Rajiv Essay Dec 22, 2009 3435
Blind-Sided. Sep 22, 2009 613
Keynes and crisis: responses to Desai and Freeman. Wolff, Richard Sep 1, 2009 1355
Keynesian cons: much as the supply-siders rail against economic stimulus, they buy the basic argument. Richman, Sheldon Apr 20, 2009 2159
The perils of protectionism: history shows that open markets are crucial in times of crisis. Leaders need to step away from purely domestic concerns, and ensure they're not threatening the world's economy further by imposing dangerous protectionist measures. Van der Geest, Willem Jan 1, 2009 886
The case for recession: Federal meddling is no way to right a struggling market. Hultberg, Nelson Apr 21, 2008 1997
The case for price stability with a flexible exchange rate in the New Neoclassical Synthesis. Goodfriend, Marvin Report Mar 22, 2008 2433
Paul Samuelson and the dual Pasinetti theory. Ramrattan, Lall; Szenberg, Michael Sep 22, 2007 5842
Macroeconomic implications of changes in the term premium. Rudebusch, Glenn D.; Sack, Brian P.; Swanson, Eric T. Jul 1, 2007 15525
Commentary. Sargent, Thomas J. Jul 1, 2007 1587
Discussion papers. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 188
Real balance effects and monetary policy. Piergallini, Alessandro Jul 1, 2006 8448
Discussion papers. Jun 1, 2006 758
The tension between two Englands. Hall, Peter Jan 1, 2006 1656
Identifying the new Keynesian Phillips Curve. Nason, James M.; Smight, Gregor W. Jan 10, 2005 15661
Some observations on the return of the liquidity trap. Sumner, Scott Jan 1, 2002 4000
Assessing simple policy rules: a view from a complete macroeconomic model. Leeper, Eric M.; Zha, Tao Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 14158
The Link Between Output and Contracts Under Hyperinflation. DOLE, CAROL A.; DENSLOW, DAVID A.; RUSH, MARK Critical Essay Jun 1, 2000 4149
Near-Rational Wage and Price Setting and the Long-Run Phillips Curve. AKERLOF, GEORGE A.; DICKENS, WILLIAM T.; PERRY, GEORGE L. Mar 22, 2000 21262
Roots of the Recent Recoveries: Labor Reforms or Private Sector Forces? FITOUSSI, JEAN-PAUL; JESTAZ, DAVID; PHELPS, EDMUND S.; ZOEGA, GYLFI Mar 22, 2000 24222
Does Economic Adjustment Affect the Legitimacy of Democracies? ETHIER, DIANE Nov 1, 1999 11067
Industrial output variability and real wage fluctuations: determinants and implications. Kandil, Magda Jul 1, 1999 9238
The role of the gold standard in Keynesian monetary theory. Sumner, Scott Jul 1, 1999 9768
Monetarism: the issues and the outcome. Meltzer, Allan H. Mar 1, 1998 7786
The same old state. Magdoff, Harry Jan 1, 1998 3342
Fiscal policy, distortionary taxation, and direct crowding out under monopolistic competition. Heijdra, Ben J.; Ligthart, Jenny E.; Ploeg, Frederick van der Jan 1, 1998 3896
Cyclical comovements in industrial labor and product markets: theory and evidence. Kandil, Magda; Woods, Jeffrey G. Oct 1, 1997 11108
Section 1: diagnosis - managed currency (uncovered money) does not work in a free, democratic society. Rugina, Anghel N. May 1, 1997 5724
A note on budget deficits and interest rates: evidence from a small open economy. Vamvoukas, George A. Jan 1, 1997 3234
Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832): between the labour theory of value and utility. Spithoven, A.H.G.M. Jul 1, 1996 5374
Notes from the editors. Editorial May 1, 1995 947
Economic reminiscences. Sweezy, Paul M. May 1, 1995 3535
New-Keynesian economics today: the empire strikes back. Snowdon, Brian; Vane, Howard Interview Mar 22, 1995 11754
Adjusted P and F tests and the Keynesian-classical debate. Bischoff, Charles W. Oct 1, 1994 7817
Blaug on Kuhn versus Lakatos and the marginalist revolution. Fawundu, Francis Mar 1, 1991 2362
The monetarist versus the Neo-Keynesian Views on the acceleration of inflation: some evidence from South Asian countries (with Special Emphasis on Pakistan). Hossain, Akhtar Mar 22, 1990 4757
Marx and Keynes: alternative views on capitalism? Jensen, Hans E. Dec 1, 1989 5809
Keynes' monetary theory and bank reserves in Britain. Miller, Edward M. Mar 1, 1989 6631
Hard Heads, Soft Hearts: Tough-Minded Economics for a Just Society. London, Paul A. Book Review May 1, 1988 2220
Capitalism and the distribution of income and wealth. editorial Oct 1, 1987 5546

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