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Composite Neutrosophic Finite Automata. Kavikumar, J.; Nagarajan, D.; Tiwari, S. P.; Broumi, Said; Smarandache, Florentin Nov 26, 2020 3989
The Multi-Parametric Weight Optimization of a Hydraulic Actuator. Solazzi, Luigi; Buffoli, Andrea; Formicola, Raffaele Report Sep 1, 2020 6398
Modeling of Attractive Force by Magnetic Wheel Used for Mobile Robot. Noh, Myounggyu; Kwon, Eunsang; Park, So Hee; Park, Young-Woo Sep 1, 2020 2914
Dimensional Synthesis for Multi-Linkage Robots Based on a Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm. Wu, Hu; Li, Xinning; Yang, Xianhai Report Sep 1, 2020 6876
[C.sup.2]-Continuous Orientation Planning for Robot End-Effector with B-Spline Curve Based on Logarithmic Quaternion. Pu, Yasong; Shi, Yaoyao; Lin, Xiaojun; Hu, Yuan; Li, Zhishan Report Aug 31, 2020 8638
Academic Insights and Perspectives: Cellular Automata and Production Scheduling. Chen, Yong; Yu, Feiyang; Cheng, Ziwen; Jin, Qiuxia; Pei, Zhi; Yi, Wenchao Report Aug 31, 2020 9615
Are urologic surgeons performing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy at the University of Alberta meeting surgical quality performance benchmarks? The PROCURE-02 quality assurance study. Beech, Ben; Follett, Graeme; Ghosh, Sunita; Rudzinski, Jan K.; McLarty, Ryan; Haines, Trevor; Dean, Aug 1, 2020 2771
Design and Analysis of the Bionic Mechanical Foot with High Trafficability on Sand. Zhang, Rui; Pang, Hao; Wan, Haijin; Han, Dianlei; Li, Guoyu; Wen, Lige Report Jul 31, 2020 6506
The Analysis of Biomimetic Caudal Fin Propulsion Mechanism with CFD. Liu, Guijie; Liu, Shuikuan; Xie, Yingchun; Leng, Dingxin; Li, Guanghao Report Jul 31, 2020 6509
Analysis of Stiffness and Energy Consumption of Nonlinear Elastic Joint Legged Robot. Chen, Dongliang; Zhang, Jindong; Weng, Xutao; Zhang, Yunjian; Shi, Zhonghui Report Jul 31, 2020 5304
Conjugate Cellular Automata and Neural Network Approach: Failure Load Prediction of Masonry Panels. Glushakova, Iuliia; Liu, Qihan; Zhang, Yu; Zhou, Guangchun Jul 31, 2020 8558
Analysis and Optimization of Interpolation Points for Quadruped Robots Joint Trajectory. Chen, Mingfang; Zhang, Kaixiang; Wang, Sen; Liu, Fei; Liu, Jinxin; Zhang, Yongxia Jul 31, 2020 7855
Monitoring and Simulation of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Land Use/Cover Changes. Guo, Andong; Zhang, Yuqing; Hao, Qing Jul 31, 2020 6697
Observer-Based Controllers for Two-Wheeled Inverted Robots with Unknown Input Disturbance and Model Uncertainty. Tran, Khanh G.; Nguyen, Nam H.; Nguyen, Phuoc D. Jul 31, 2020 6365
A Systematic Review on Robot-Assisted Special Education from the Activity Theory Perspective. Tlili, Ahmed; Lin, Vivien; Chen, Nian-Shing; Huang, Ronghuai; Kinshuk Jul 1, 2020 8240
Impedance with Finite-Time Control Scheme for Robot-Environment Interaction. Hu, Heyu; Wang, Xiaoqi; Chen, Lerui Jun 30, 2020 6624
Design and Control of a Novel Single Leg Structure of Electrically Driven Quadruped Robot. Chen, Mingfang; Chen, Hao; Wang, Xuejun; Yu, JiangXuan; Zhang, YongXia Jun 30, 2020 5552
A Complexity Analysis of User Interaction with Hotel Robots. Zhong, Lina; Yang, Liyu; Rong, Jia; Li, Xiaonan Jun 30, 2020 9701
Analysis of Learning Curve in Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Performed by a Surgeon. Slusarenco, Roman I.; Mikheev, Konstantin V.; Prostomolotov, Artem O.; Sukhanov, Roman B.; Bezrukov, Jun 30, 2020 4933
Service robots may help COVID-19 impacted hotels recover faster: Study. Jun 9, 2020 509
Chopstick Robot Driven by X-shaped Soft Actuator. Song, Kahye; Cha, Youngsu Jun 1, 2020 5398
A Crawling Soft Robot Driven by Pneumatic Foldable Actuators Based on Miura-Ori. Yu, Meng; Yang, Weimin; Yu, Yuan; Cheng, Xiang; Jiao, Zhiwei Jun 1, 2020 5421
Trajectory Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators Based on U-Model. Ma, Xianghua; Zhao, Yang; Di, Yiqun May 31, 2020 3920
A Novel Design of a Neural Network-Based Fractional PID Controller for Mobile Robots Using Hybridized Fruit Fly and Particle Swarm Optimization. Ibraheem, Ghusn Abdul Redha; Azar, Ahmad Taher; Ibraheem, Ibraheem Kasim; Humaidi, Amjad J. May 31, 2020 9795
A Dynamic Territorializing Approach for Multiagent Task Allocation. Islam, Mohammad; Dadvar, Mehdi; Zargarzadeh, Hassan Report May 31, 2020 10329
Method of Formation of Quantitative Indicators of Complexity of the Environment by a Group of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Beloglazov, Denis; Pereverzev, Vladimir; Soloviev, Victor; Pshikhopov, Viacheslav; Roman, Morozov May 31, 2020 5966
Lower Limb Motion Recognition Method Based on Improved Wavelet Packet Transform and Unscented Kalman Neural Network. Shi, Xin; Qin, Pengjie; Zhu, Jiaqing; Xu, Shuyuan; Shi, Weiren May 31, 2020 7980
Hybrid Mutation Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Inverse Kinematics of a Redundant Robot Manipulator. Shi, Jianping; Mao, Yuting; Li, Peishen; Liu, Guoping; Liu, Peng; Yang, [X.sub.i]anyong; Wang, Dahai May 31, 2020 6399
A Novel Cryptosystem Based on Steganography and Automata Technique for Searchable Encryption. Truong, Nguyen Huy Report May 1, 2020 10021
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Identification of Factors Influencing Milking Frequency of Cows in Automatic Milking Systems Combined with Grazing. Lessire, Francoise; Moula, Nassim; Hornic, Jean-Luc; Dufrasne, Isabelle Report May 1, 2020 16178
Performance Analysis of Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA) based Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR). Kalyan, Birinderjit Singh; Singh, Balwinder May 1, 2020 3003
Adaptive Variable Parameter Impedance Control for Apple Harvesting Robot Compliant Picking. Wei, Ji; Yi, Ding; Bo, Xu; Guangyu, Chen; Dean, Zhao Apr 30, 2020 8660
Backstepping Sliding Mode Robust Control for a Wire-Driven Parallel Robot Based on a Nonlinear Disturbance Observe. Wang, Yuqi; Lin, Qi; Zhou, Lei; Shi, Xinxin; Wang, Lei Apr 30, 2020 6015
Identification of Upper-Limb Movements Based on Muscle Shape Change Signals for Human-Robot Interaction. Huang, Pingao; Wang, Hui; Wang, Yuan; Liu, Zhiyuan; Samuel, Oluwarotimi Williams; Yu, Mei; Li, Xiang Apr 30, 2020 9021
Influential Factors of an Asynchronous BCI for Movement Intention Detection. Rodpongpun, Sura; Janyalikit, Thapanan; Ratanamahatana, Chotirat Ann Apr 30, 2020 8445
Quantitative Assessment of Motor Function for Patients with a Stroke by an End-Effector Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot. Liu, Yali; Song, Qiuzhi; Li, Chong; Guan, Xinyu; Ji, Linhong Apr 30, 2020 9293
An A[.sup.2]CL Algorithm based on Information Optimization Strategy for MMRS. Dong, Qianhui; Li, Yibing; Sun, Qian; Tian, Yuan Apr 1, 2020 6315
Exploring the Mechanisms of the Spatiotemporal Invasion of Tuta absoluta in Asia. Guimapi, Ritter A.; Srinivasan, Ramasamy; Tonnang, Henri E.; Sotelo-Cardona, Paola; Mohamed, Samira Apr 1, 2020 6071
Path Planning for Laser Cladding Robot on Artificial Joint Surface Based on Topology Reconstruction. Li, Yuanjin; Chen, Tao; Liu, Defu Report Apr 1, 2020 7310
Bionics Design of Artificial Leg and Experimental Modeling Research of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. Xie, Hualong; Li, Zhijie; Li, Fei Mar 31, 2020 4341
Toward Design of a Drip-Stand Patient Follower Robot. Wu, Zewen; Payandeh, Shahram Mar 31, 2020 7111
Effects of Robot-Assisted Gait Training in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Meta-analysis. Fang, Chia-Ying; Tsai, Jia-Ling; Li, Guo-Sheng; Lien, Angela Shin-Yu; Chang, Ya-Ju Mar 31, 2020 10777
Cubic Spline Interpolation-Based Robot Path Planning Using a Chaotic Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Lian, Jianfang; Yu, Wentao; Xiao, Kui; Liu, Weirong Mar 31, 2020 10311
A Stabilization Method Based on an Adaptive Feedforward Controller for the Underactuated Bipedal Walking with Variable Step-Length on Compliant Discontinuous Ground. Wang, Yang; Yao, Daojin; He, Jie; Xiao, Xiaohui Mar 31, 2020 7638
Adaptive Control Design for Human Handwriting Process Based on Electromyography Signals. Mahmoud, Imane; Chihi, Ines; Abdelkrim, Afef Mar 31, 2020 5769
Two Optimized General Methods for Inverse Kinematics of 6R Robots Based on Machine Learning. Wang, Xiaoqi; Cao, Jianfu; Chen, Lerui; Hu, Heyu Mar 1, 2020 7154
A Dual-Thread Method for Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning in Joint Space Based on Improved NGA. Zhang, Kaipeng; Liu, Ning; Wang, Gao Mar 1, 2020 6129
Tip-Over Stability Analysis of a Pelvic Support Walking Robot. Han, Yawei; Guo, Shuai; Zhang, Leigang; Xi, Fengfeng "Jeff"; Lu, Weiwei Mar 1, 2020 4842
Lightweight CNN-based Expression Recognition on Humanoid Robot. Zhao, Guangzhe; Yang, Hanting; Tao, Yong; Zhang, Lei; Zhao, Chunxiao Mar 1, 2020 7071
Two-Way and Multiple-Way Shape Memory Polymers for Soft Robotics: An Overview. Scalet, Giulia Mar 1, 2020 19663
Long-term urinary functional outcome of vesicourethral anastomosis with bidirectional poliglecaprone (Monocryl[R]) vs. barbed polyglyconate suture (V-LocTM 180) in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Rajih, Emad; Meskawi, Malek; Alenizi, Abdullah M.; Zorn, Kevin C.; Alnazari, Mansour; Borhan, Walaa; Mar 1, 2020 4339
A Cellular Automaton Model for Pedestrians' Movements Influenced by Gaseous Hazardous Material Spreading. Makmul, J. Mar 1, 2020 5025
An Improved Deep Residual Network-Based Semantic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Method for Monocular Vision Robot. Ni, Jianjun; Gong, Tao; Gu, Yafei; Zhu, Jinxiu; Fan, Xinnan Mar 1, 2020 6930
Optimization of Central Pattern Generator-Based Torque-Stiffness-Controlled Dynamic Bipedal Walking. Suliman, William; Albitar, Chadi; Hassan, Lama Mar 1, 2020 6515
Institutions are producing robots. Naveed Abbas Maitlo Jan 22, 2020 903
Design, Optimization, and Experiment on a Bioinspired Jumping Robot with a Six-Bar Leg Mechanism Based on Jumping Stability. Zhang, Ziqiang; Chang, Bin; Zhao, Jing; Yang, Qi; Liu, Xingkun Jan 1, 2020 11266
Evaluating a Semiautonomous Brain-Computer Interface Based on Conformal Geometric Algebra and Artificial Vision. Ramirez-Moreno, Mauricio Adolfo; Gutierrez, David Dec 31, 2019 12569
Research on Corrosion Fatigue Performance and Multiple Fatigue Sources Fracture Process of Corroded Steel Wires. Wang, Ying; Zheng, Yuqian Dec 31, 2019 12070
Environment Mapping Algorithm Using Semantic Description and Constrained Delaunay Triangulation. Figurowski, Daniel; Dworak, Pawel Dec 1, 2019 2860
Conventional Industrial Robotics Applied to the Process of Tomato Grafting Using the Splicing Technique. Pardo-Alonso, Jose-Luis; Carreno-Ortega, Angel; Martinez-Gaitan, Carolina-Clara; Golasi, Iacopo; Gal Report Dec 1, 2019 7702
Robot-Assisted versus Laparoscopic-Assisted Gastrectomy among Gastric Cancer Patients: A Retrospective Short-Term Analysis from a Single Institution in China. Sun, Li-Fei; Liu, Kai; Su, Xue-Shang; Wei, Xuan; Chen, Xiao-Long; Zhang, Wei-Han; Chen, Xin-Zu; Yang Nov 30, 2019 6161
Dynamical Modelling and Robust Control for an Unmanned Aerial Robot Using Hexarotor with 2-DOF Manipulator. Ding, Li; Wu, Hongtao Nov 30, 2019 5685
A Method for Obtaining Optimal Path in Angle and Avoiding Collision for Robotic Belt Grinding. Zhang, Tie; Liang, Xiaohong; Yu, Ye; Zhang, Bin Nov 30, 2019 9052
An Efficient Design of DCT Approximation Based on Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA) Technology. Gassoumi, Ismail; Touil, Lamjed; Ouni, Bouraoui; Mtibaa, Abdellatif Oct 31, 2019 5420
Image-Based Underwater Inspection System for Abrasion of Stilling Basin Slabs of Dam. Li, Yonglong; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Shuang; Wang, Haoran; Li, Jialong Oct 31, 2019 7309
A Novel Information Fusion Method for Vision Perception and Location of Intelligent Industrial Robots. Jin, Shoufeng; Lin, Qiangqiang; Yang, Jian; Bie, Yu; Tian, Mingrui; Li, Zhixiong Oct 1, 2019 4497
Trajectory Tracking Control for WMRs with the Time-Varying Longitudinal Slippage Based on a New Adaptive SMC Method. Li, Zhi; You, Bo; Ding, Liang; Gao, Haibo; Huang, Fengxiang Sep 30, 2019 5025
Visual Inspection of the Aircraft Surface Using a Teleoperated Reconfigurable Climbing Robot and Enhanced Deep Learning Technique. Ramalingam, Balakrishnan; Manuel, Vega-Heredia; Elara, Mohan Rajesh; Vengadesh, Ayyalusami; Lakshman Sep 30, 2019 7169
Improved Capacitive Proximity Detection for Conductive Objects through Target Profile Estimation. Xia, Fan; Zakia, Umme; Menon, Carlo; Bahreyni, Behraad Sep 30, 2019 7007
Recrystallization Microstructure Prediction of a Hot-Rolled AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet by Using the Cellular Automata Method. Chen, Ming; Hu, Xiaodong; Zhao, Hongyang; Ju, Dongying Sep 30, 2019 6173
Design and Analysis of a Clutched Parallel Elastic Actuator. Penzlin, Bernhard; Fincan, Mustafa Enes; Li, Yinbo; Ji, Linhong; Leonhardt, Steffen; Ngo, Chuong Sep 1, 2019 6614
A New Digital Image Steganography Approach Based on The Galois Field GF(pm) Using Graph and Automata. Truong, Nguyen Huy Sep 1, 2019 14320
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Novel 6-DOF Robotic Crusher Based on Movement Characteristics. Li, Guoguang; Shi, Boqiang; Liu, Ruiyue Aug 31, 2019 4647
Open-Closed-Loop PD Iterative Learning Control with a Variable Forgetting Factor for a Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Mobile Robot. Dong, Jian; He, Bin; Zhang, Chenghong; Li, Gang Aug 31, 2019 4034
Quantitative Evaluation of Streaming Image Quality for Robot Teleoperations. Otani, Ikumi; Yaguchi, Yuichi; Nakamura, Keita; Naruse, Keitaro Aug 1, 2019 148
Design of Augmented Nonlinear PD Controller of Delta/Par4-Like Robot. Humaidi, Amjad J.; Abdulkareem, Ahmed Ibraheem Jul 31, 2019 4813
Dynamic Linear Predictive Optimization of Flexible Robot Profiling MFA Model. Hu, FengJun; Lin, JianWei; Gu, HanJie Jul 31, 2019 3970
Impact Assessment of Robotics in the Logistics Sector, 2019 Report. Report Jul 29, 2019 628
Research on Gesture Recognition Based on Improved GBMR Segmentation and Multiple Feature Fusion. Zhu, Xianfei; Yan, Weizhong; Chen, Dongzhi; Gao, Cuicui Report Jul 1, 2019 2677
A Hierarchical Behavioral Dynamic Approach for Naturally Adaptive Human-Agent Pick-and-Place Interactions. Lamb, Maurice; Nalepka, Patrick; Kallen, Rachel W.; Lorenz, Tamara; Harrison, Steven J.; Minai, Ali Jun 30, 2019 12062
Simulation Analysis of Bionic Robot Fish Based on MFC Materials. Zhang, Chengguang Jun 30, 2019 5147
Insect Muscular Tissue-Powered Swimming Robot. Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Uesugi, Kaoru; Hiroki, Minamida; Shen, Yigang; Tanaka, Yo; Akiyama, Yoshitake; Mor Jun 1, 2019 5506
A Multistate Friction Model for the Compensation of the Asymmetric Hysteresis in the Mechanical Response of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. Capace, Alessia; Cosentino, Carlo; Amato, Francesco; Merola, Alessio Jun 1, 2019 4476
Synergistic Design of the Bipedal Lower-Limb through Multiobjective Differential Evolution Algorithm. Pantoja-Garcia, Jesus S.; Villarreal-Cervantes, Miguel G.; Garcia-Mendoza, Consuelo V.; Silva-Garcia May 31, 2019 9037
An Indoor Scene Classification Method for Service Robot Based on CNN Feature. Liu, Shaopeng; Tian, Guohui May 31, 2019 5304
Mobile Robot Path Planning Using Ant Colony Algorithm and Improved Potential Field Method. Chen, Guoliang; Liu, Jie May 31, 2019 6924
Discrimination of Motion Direction in a Robot Using a Phenomenological Model of Synaptic Plasticity. Berberian, Nareg; Ross, Matt; Chartier, Sylvain May 31, 2019 9268
Measuring Component Importance for Network System Using Cellular Automata. He, Li; Cao, Qiyan; Shang, Fengjun May 31, 2019 6480
Robust Control for a Two DOF Robot Manipulator. Massaoudi, Fatma; Elleuch, Dorsaf; Damak, Tarak Apr 30, 2019 3634
Intention Recognition in Physical Human-Robot Interaction Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network. Liu, Zhiguang; Hao, Jianhong Apr 30, 2019 4781
Effects of Home-Based Robotic Therapy Involving the Single-Joint Hybrid Assistive Limb Robotic Suit in the Chronic Phase of Stroke: A Pilot Study. Hyakutake, Koichi; Morishita, Takashi; Saita, Kazuya; Fukuda, Hiroyuki; Shiota, Etsuji; Higaki, Yasu Apr 30, 2019 5213
A Study for Improvement for Reinforcement Learning based on Knowledge Sharing Method --Adaptability to a situation of intermingled of complete and incomplete perception under an maze--. Sugimoto, Masashi; Hiro, Hiroya; Himura, Kazuma; Zuki, Shinji; Ashige, Entarou Report Apr 1, 2019 2992
A Building-Block-Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Robots Allocation Problem in a Robotic Mobile Fulfilment System. Zhang, Jingtian; Yang, Fuxing; Weng, Xun Mar 31, 2019 11104
A Robot Calibration Method Based on Joint Angle Division and an Artificial Neural Network. Wang, Zhirong; Chen, Zhangwei; Wang, Yuxiang; Mao, Chentao; Hang, Qiang Mar 31, 2019 5807
A Swarm Robotic Exploration Strategy Based on an Improved Random Walk Method. Pang, Bao; Song, Yong; Zhang, Chengjin; Wang, Hongling; Yang, Runtao Mar 31, 2019 5591
Exploring Boarding Strategies for High-Speed Railway. Tang, Tie-Qiao; Shao, Yi-Xiao; Chen, Liang; Huang, Hai-Jun; Song, Ziqi Mar 31, 2019 6541
Design and Workspace Analysis of a Parallel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot (PARR). Zhang, Leiyu; Li, Jianfeng; Dong, Mingjie; Fang, Bin; Cui, Ying; Zuo, Shiping; Zhang, Kai Mar 31, 2019 5914
Motion Simulation of Ionic Liquid Gel Soft Actuators Based on CPG Control. Zhang, Chenghong; He, Bin; Ding, An; Xu, Shoulin; Wang, Zhipeng; Zhou, Yanmin Mar 31, 2019 6030
Q-Learning Based Failure Detection and Self-Recovery Algorithm for Multi-Robot Domains. Kayir, Hatice Hilal Ezercan Report Feb 1, 2019 4349
Metahistory for (Ro)bots: Historical Knowledge in the Artificial Intelligence Era/Meta-historia para robos (bots): o conhecimento historico na era da inteligencia artificial. Nicodemo, Thiago Lima; Cardoso, Oldimar Jan 1, 2019 10385
Making Automation Explicable: A Challenge for Philosophy of Technology. Smith, Dominic Jan 1, 2019 8157
INTELLIGENT ROBOTRONICS--METHODOLOGY FOR SOLVING LOGICAL PROBLEMS OF SERVICE ROBOTS. Pryanichnikov, V.E.; Chernyshev, V.V.; Davydov, O.I.; Katalinic, B.; Khelemendik, R.V.; Kharin, K.V. Report Jan 1, 2019 2466
Detecting Human Mood from Physiological Signal and Data Usage. Hossain, Iftakhar; Islam, Tanzila; Ruhin, Mohammad Raihan Dec 1, 2018 6984
Force-Amplified Soft Electromagnetic Actuators. Doerger, Stanley R.; Harnett, Cindy K. Dec 1, 2018 4956
Robots, Unions, and Aging: Determinants of Robot Adoption Evidence from OECD Countries. Onorato, Donato A. Report Dec 1, 2018 851
Robots take more human attributes. Cormier, Ken Oct 1, 2018 752
Practical Position Tracking Control of a Robotic Manipulator Based on Fractional Order Sliding Mode Controller. Dumlu, Ahmet Oct 1, 2018 4220
A Proposal of a 3-Dimensional Object Recognition Method Using Color-SHOT and List Matching. Kudo, Hiroyuki; Ikeshiro, Kazuo; Imamura, Hiroki Oct 1, 2018 3547
New Models of Economical Robots. Aug 1, 2018 151
THE METAFORMAL SYSTEM: COMPLETING THE THEORY OF LANGUAGE. Langan, Christopher Michael Report Jul 1, 2018 8112
The Low-Cost Evolution of AI in Domestic Floor Cleaning Robots. Kleiner, Alexander Jun 22, 2018 1141
leapy crawly; Kim trained to jump on command in study for agile robot movement. May 9, 2018 298
leapy crawly; Spider trained to jump on command in study for agile robots. May 9, 2018 298
APPROACHES TO THE DESIGN OF A PLANAR PARALLEL MANIPULATOR. Mutlu, Huseyin; Ozkul, Iskender Report May 1, 2018 3689
Simulating the behavior of patients who leave a public hospital emergency department without being seen by a physician: a cellular automaton and agent-based framework. Yousefi, Milad; Yousefi, Moslem; Fogliatto, F.S.; Ferreira, R.P.M.; Kim, J.H. Report Mar 1, 2018 4876
Functional and oncological outcomes of salvage external beam radiotherapy following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in a Canadian cohort. Ajib, Khaled; Zanaty, Marc; Alnazari, Mansour; Rajih, Emad; Hueber, Pierre-Alain; Mansour, Mila; Val Report Feb 1, 2018 4436
New Small 6-Axis Robot. Jan 1, 2018 131
An Architecture of 2-Dimensional 4-Dot 2-Electron QCA Full Adder and Subtractor with Energy Dissipation Study. Abdullah-Al-Shafi; Bahar, Ali Newaz Report Jan 1, 2018 5439
Analysis of the Learning Curve of Surgeons without Previous Experience in Laparoscopy to Perform Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy. Lott, Felipe Monnerat; Siqueira, Deborah; Argolo, Hermano; Nobrega, Bernardo Lindberg; Campos, Franz Report Jan 1, 2018 5263
System Framework of Robotics in Upper Limb Rehabilitation on Poststroke Motor Recovery. Zhang, Kai; Chen, Xiaofeng; Liu, Fei; Tang, Haili; Wang, Jing; Wen, Weina Jan 1, 2018 9899
Human-Operator Behaviour Monitoring in IT-Systems. Shumsky, Alexey; Zhirabok, Alexey; Kalinina, Nadezhda Report Jan 1, 2018 4539
Method of Spatial Path Planning for Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment. Yukhimets, Dmitry; Zuev, Alexander; Gubankov, Anton Report Jan 1, 2018 5059
Design Concept of Lunar Rover for the Moon Geological Exploration. Vasiliev, Andrey; Dalyaev, Igor; Slyuta, Evgeny Report Jan 1, 2018 2976
Framework to Implement Collaborative Robots In Manual Assembly: A Lean Automation Approach. Malik, Ali A.; Bilberg, Arne Report Jan 1, 2018 4303
Stabilization of Teleoperation Systems with Communication Delays: An IMC Approach. Li, Yuling Jan 1, 2018 3439
Allocating Multiple Types of Tasks to Heterogeneous Agents Based on the Theory of Comparative Advantage. Morisawa, Toma; Hayashi, Kotaro; Mizuuchi, Ikuo Jan 1, 2018 11223
Method for Effectively Utilizing Node Energy of WSN for Coal Mine Robot. Ma, Xiliang; Mao, Ruiqing Jan 1, 2018 4293
A Bioinspired Gait Transition Model for a Hexapod Robot. Chang, Qing; Mei, Fanghua Jan 1, 2018 5668
An Alignment Method of Human-Robot Collaboration Based on the Six-Dimensional Force/Torque Dynamic Measurement for Large-Scale Components. Wen, Ke; Du, Fuzhou; Zhang, Jiabo; Yang, JiZhi Jan 1, 2018 4204
A Control Architecture of Robot-Assisted Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Feng, Yongli; Jia, Qingxuan; Wei, Wei Jan 1, 2018 7192
Information-Fusion Methods Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Adapting to Search and Rescue Postdisaster Environments. Wang, Hongling; Zhang, Chengjin; Song, Yong; Pang, Bao Jan 1, 2018 6685
A Computing Model of Selective Attention for Service Robot Based on Spatial Data Fusion. Chen, Huanzhao; Tian, Guohui Jan 1, 2018 5620
A Robust Control for an Aerial Robot Quadrotor under Wind Gusts. Ding, Li; Wang, Zhenwei Jan 1, 2018 3530
Nonlinear Friction and Dynamical Identification for a Robot Manipulator with Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm. Ding, Li; Li, Xingcheng; Li, Qilin; Chao, Yuan Jan 1, 2018 5862
TLBO-Based Adaptive Neurofuzzy Controller for Mobile Robot Navigation in a Strange Environment. Aouf, Awatef; Boussaid, Lotfi; Sakly, Anis Report Jan 1, 2018 4380
A Novel Artificial Organic Control System for Mobile Robot Navigation in Assisted Living Using Vision- and Neural-Based Strategies. Ponce, Hiram; Moya-Albor, Ernesto; Brieva, Jorge Jan 1, 2018 9049
Analytical Synthesis of Regulators for Nonlinear Systems with a Terminal State Method on Examples of Motion Control of a Wheeled Robot and a Vessel. Shushlyapin, E.A.; Bezuglaya, A.E. Report Jan 1, 2018 7387
Moving Target Tracking of Extended Nonholonomic Chained-Form Systems via Finite-Time Switching Control. Chen, Hua; Chen, Lei; Tong, Fei Jan 1, 2018 4653
A Secure Multimedia Data Sharing Scheme for Wireless Network. Fang, Liming; Liu, Liang; Xia, Jinyue; Sun, Maosheng Jan 1, 2018 8298
A Heuristic Evolutionary Algorithm of UAV Path Planning. Fu, Zhangjie; Yu, Jingnan; Xie, Guowu; Chen, Yiming; Mao, Yuanhang Jan 1, 2018 7541
An Implementation Approach and Performance Analysis of Image Sensor Based Multilateral Indoor Localization and Navigation System. Shahjalal, Md.; Hossan, Md. Tanvir; Hasan, Moh. Khalid; Chowdhury, Mostafa Zaman; Le, Nam Tuan; Jang Jan 1, 2018 8220
Landscape Pattern and Ecological Security Assessment and Prediction Using Remote Sensing Approach. Liu, Pei; Jia, Shoujun; Han, Ruimei; Zhang, Hanwei Jan 1, 2018 9049
Principle Research on a Novel Piezoelectric 12-DOF Force/Acceleration Sensor. Liu, Jun; Liang, Chuan-Wei; Li, Min; Jian, Ke; Qin, Lan; Liu, Jing-Cheng Jan 1, 2018 6445
T-S Fuzzy-Based Optimal Control for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery with Input Saturation. Wang, Faguang; Wang, Hongmei; Zhang, Yong; Guo, Xijin Jan 1, 2018 4137
Assessing Effectiveness and Costs in Robot-Mediated Lower Limbs Rehabilitation: A Meta-Analysis and State of the Art. Carpino, Giorgio; Pezzola, Alessandra; Urbano, Michele; Guglielmelli, Eugenio Jan 1, 2018 7342
Dynamic Modeling and Interactive Performance of PARM: A Parallel Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot Using Impedance Control for Patients after Stroke. Guang, Hui; Ji, Linhong; Shi, Yingying; Misgeld, Berno J.E. Jan 1, 2018 5812
Force Analysis and Evaluation of a Pelvic Support Walking Robot with Joint Compliance. Ji, Jiancheng; Guo, Shuai; Xi, Fengfeng "Jeff" Jan 1, 2018 6045
Mechanical Design and Control Strategy for Hip Joint Power Assisting. Liang, Wenyuan Jan 1, 2018 3636
A Human-Robot Interaction Based Coordination Control Method for Assistive Walking Devices and an Assessment of Its Stability. Zhang, Xia; Ge, Wenliang; Fu, Hao; Chen, Renxiang; Luo, Tianhong; Hashimoto, Minoru Jan 1, 2018 9002
Analysis and Structure Optimization of Radial Halbach Permanent Magnet Couplings for Deep Sea Robots. Cheng, Bo; Pan, Guang Jan 1, 2018 5509
Robust Optimal Navigation Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Method Combined with Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network. Zhu, Qidan; Han, Yu; Cai, Chengtao; Xiao, Yao Jan 1, 2018 8165
Position Tracking Control of PMSM Based on Fuzzy PID-Variable Structure Adaptive Control. Pei, Pei; Pei, Zhongcai; Tang, Zhiyong; Gu, Han Jan 1, 2018 5640
Multiobjective Trajectory Optimization and Adaptive Backstepping Control for Rubber Unstacking Robot Based on RFWNN Method. Liang, Le; Liu, Yanjie; Xu, Hao Jan 1, 2018 7687
Controllability, Reachability, and Stabilizability of Finite Automata: A Controllability Matrix Method. Li, Yalu; Dou, Wenhui; Li, Haitao; Liu, Xin Jan 1, 2018 5282
A Novel Nonlinear Fault Tolerant Control for Manipulator under Actuator Fault. Zhao, Jing; Jiang, Sen; Xie, Fei; He, Zhen; Fu, Jian Jan 1, 2018 5995
Collision Avoidance Mechanism for Symmetric Circular Formations of Unitary Mass Autonomous Vehicles at Constant Speed. Freitas, Vander L.S.; Macau, Elbert E.N. Jan 1, 2018 6171
Symmetrical Workspace of 6-UPS Parallel Robot Using Tilt and Torsion Angles. Liu, Yanli; Wu, Hongtao; Yang, Yuxuan; Zou, Shangyuan; Zhang, Xuexiang; Wang, Yaoyao Jan 1, 2018 5537
Research on Stiffness of Multibackbone Continuum Robot Based on Screw Theory and Euler-Bernoulli Beam. He, Bin; Xu, Shoulin; Wang, Zhipeng Jan 1, 2018 8226
Multicriteria Optimization Design for End Effector Mounting Bracket of a High Speed and Heavy Load Palletizing Robot. He, Ying; Mei, Jiangping; Zang, Jiawei; Xie, Shenglong; Zhang, Fan Jan 1, 2018 9190
An Energy Efficient Two-Stage Supply Pressure Hydraulic System for the Downhole Traction Robot. Fang, Delei; Shang, Jianzhong; Yang, Junhong; Wang, Zhuo; Xue, Yong; Wu, Wei Jan 1, 2018 5227
Distributed Multirobot Exploration Based on Scene Partitioning and Frontier Selection. Lopez-Perez, Jose J.; Hernandez-Belmonte, Uriel H.; Ramirez-Paredes, Juan-Pablo; Contreras-Cruz, Mar Jan 1, 2018 8718
Finite-Time Output Feedback Control for a Rigid Hydraulic Manipulator System. Hao, Yong-Sheng; Su, Zhi-Gang; Wang, Xiangyu Jan 1, 2018 4055
Research on Kinematics and Pouring Law of a Mobile Heavy Load Pouring Robot. Li, Long; Wang, Chengjun; Wu, Hongtao Jan 1, 2018 7974
Statistical Analysis of Industrial Grinding Brush Force Characteristics Based on Finite Element Approach. Wang, Chong; Guo, Hongqiang; Zhao, Ying; Sun, Qun; Zhao, Ling Jan 1, 2018 4245
Steering Control Method for an Underactuated Unicycle Robot Based on Dynamic Model. Jin, Hongzhe; Zhang, Yang; Zhang, Hui; Liu, Zhangxing; Liu, Yubin; Zhu, Yanhe; Zhao, Jie Jan 1, 2018 6755
Minimum Energy Trajectory Optimization for Driving Systems of Palletizing Robot Joints. He, Ying; Mei, Jiangping; Fang, Zhiwei; Zhang, Fan; Zhao, Yanqin Jan 1, 2018 11480
A Novel Optimal Design of Measurement Configurations in Robot Calibration. Jia, Qingxuan; Wang, Shiwei; Chen, Gang; Wang, Lei; Sun, Hanxu Jan 1, 2018 10486
A Flexible Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot with Deep Locomotion Mode Identification. Wang, Can; Wu, Xinyu; Ma, Yue; Wu, Guizhong; Luo, Yuhao Jan 1, 2018 5649
A New Approach to Modeling and Controlling a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator-Driven Setup Using Back Propagation Neural Networks. Zhong, Jun; Zhou, Xu; Luo, Minzhou Jan 1, 2018 4296
Intelligent Controllers for Multirobot Competitive and Dynamic Tracking. Liu, Mei; Li, Shuai; Li, Xiaodi; Jin, Long; Yi, Chenfu; Huang, Zhiguan Jan 1, 2018 8303
multiPDEVS: A Parallel Multicomponent System Specification Formalism. Foures, Damien; Franceschini, Romain; Bisgambiglia, Paul-Antoine; Zeigler, Bernard P. Report Jan 1, 2018 14246
Design and Implementation of Plastic Deformation Behavior by Cartesian Impedance Control Based on Maxwell Model. Fu, Le; Zhao, Jie Jan 1, 2018 4743
Hybrid Optimal Kinematic Parameter Identification for an Industrial Robot Based on BPNN-PSO. Gao, Guanbin; Liu, Fei; San, Hongjun; Wu, Xing; Wang, Wen Jan 1, 2018 6008
Simulating Intraurban Land Use Dynamics under Multiple Scenarios Based on Fuzzy Cellular Automata: A Case Study of Jinzhou District, Dalian. Yang, Jun; Liu, Weiling; Li, Yonghua; Li, Xueming; Ge, Quansheng Case study Jan 1, 2018 9803
Observer-Based Sliding Mode Control for Path Tracking of a Spherical Robot. Andani, Majid Taheri; Ramezani, Zahra; Moazami, Saeed; Cao, Jinde; Arefi, Mohammad Mehdi; Zargarzade Jan 1, 2018 7000
An Improved AMCL Algorithm Based on Laser Scanning Match in a Complex and Unstructured Environment. Peng, Gang; Zheng, Wei; Lu, Zezao; Liao, Jinhu; Hu, Lu; Zhang, Gongyue; He, Dingxin Jan 1, 2018 5991
The Spreading of Information in Online Social Networks through Cellular Automata. Wang, Yuda; Li, Gang Jan 1, 2018 5043
Study: What Robots Could Learn From Roaches. Dec 9, 2017 559
Utility of Statistical Model Checking of Stochastic Hybrid Automata for Patient Controlled Analgesia. Pranevicius, Henrikas; Naujokaitis, Darius; Pilkauskas, Vytautas; Pranevicius, Osvaldas; Pranevicius Dec 1, 2017 6619
Inkdots as advice for finite automata. Kucuk, Ugur; Say, A.C. Cem; Yakaryilmaz, Abuzer Report Nov 1, 2017 7679
An Object Detection Method Using Invariant Feature Based on Local Hue Histogram in Divided Areas of an Object. Kanda, Tomohiro; Ikeshiro, Kazuo; Imamura, Hiroki Report Oct 1, 2017 4890
A 3-Dimensional Object Recognition Method Using SHOT and Relationship of Distances and Angles in Feature Points. Kudo, Hiroyuki; Ikeshiro, Kazuo; Imamura, Hiroki Report Oct 1, 2017 2707
Deadbeat Controller with Two Additional Steps. Balasevicius, Leonas; Baranauskas, Virginijus; Dervinis, Gintaras; Derviniene, Alma Report Oct 1, 2017 2827
Multifunctional robot at low cost for small farms/Robo multifunctional de baixo custo para agricultura familiar. Batista, Alan Vinicius de Araujo; Albiero, Daniel; Viana, Thales Vinicius de Araujo; Monteiro, Leona Jul 1, 2017 2284
NeuroFuzzy Controller Design and FPGA-Based Embedded System for ACROBOT Model. CastroCaicedo, Yesid E.; de Britto Vidal Filho, Walter; Moreno, Edward David; dos Santos Coelho, Lea May 1, 2017 6438
Fire behaviour in different periods and configurations of a landscape in Northeastern Portugal/Comportamento do fogo em diferentes periodos e configuracoes de uma paisagem no Nordeste de Portugal. de Magalhaes, Simone Rodrigues; Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares; de Castro, Jose Manuel Corre Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 6102
Design and Nonlinear Control of a 2-DOF Flexible Parallel Humanoid Arm Joint Robot. Jiang, Leijie; Gao, Bingtuan; Zhu, Zhenyu Report Jan 1, 2017 7093
An Electromechanical Pendulum Robot Arm in Action: Dynamics and Control. Kadjie, A. Notue; Tuwa, P.R. Nwagoum; Woafo, Paul Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6228
Research and Analysis of Quasi-Zero-Stiffness Isolator with Geometric Nonlinear Damping. Meng, Qingguo; Yang, Xuefeng; Li, Wei; Lu, En; Sheng, Lianchao Report Jan 1, 2017 4163
Effects of Robot-Assisted Training for the Unaffected Arm in Patients with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy: A Proof-of-Concept Pilot Study. Picelli, Alessandro; La Marchina, Elisabetta; Vangelista, Antonella; Chemello, Elena; Modenese, Ange Report Jan 1, 2017 5730
Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Force Control Research on Robotic Machining. Chen, Shou-yan; Zhang, Tie; Zou, Yan-biao Jan 1, 2017 4049
Traffic Control Models Based on Cellular Automata for At-Grade Intersections in Autonomous Vehicle Environment. Wu, Wei; Liu, Yang; Xu, Yue; Wei, Quanlun; Zhang, Yi Jan 1, 2017 3240
Corrigendum to "Characteristic Analysis of Mixed Traffic Flow of Regular and Autonomous Vehicles Using Cellular Automata". Liu, Yangzexi; Guo, Jingqiu; Taplin, John; Wang, Yibing Correction notice Jan 1, 2017 151
Motion Planning for Omnidirectional Wheeled Mobile Robot by Potential Field Method. Li, Weihao; Yang, Chenguang; Jiang, Yiming; Liu, Xiaofeng; Su, Chun-Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 5431
Object Extraction in Cluttered Environments via a P300-Based IFCE. Mao, Xiaoqian; Li, Wei; He, Huidong; Xian, Bin; Zeng, Ming; Zhou, Huihui; Niu, Linwei; Chen, Genshe Report Jan 1, 2017 7631
A Hybrid Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm with Improved Decoding Scheme for a Robotic Flow Shop Scheduling Problem. Lei, Weidong; Manier, Herve; Manier, Marie-Ange; Wang, Xinping Report Jan 1, 2017 12087
Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Terminal Sliding Mode Control of a Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot. Peng, Shuying; Shi, Wuxi Report Jan 1, 2017 7048
A New Terrain Classification Framework Using Proprioceptive Sensors for Mobile Robots. Zhao, Kai; Dong, Mingming; Gu, Liang Report Jan 1, 2017 7537
Establishing an Improved Kane Dynamic Model for the 7-DOF Reconfigurable Modular Robot. Li, Xiao; Sun, Hanxu; Liao, Linjing; Song, Jingzhou Report Jan 1, 2017 4499
Trajectory Optimization of Spray Painting Robot for Complex Curved Surface Based on Exponential Mean Bezier Method. Chen, Wei; Liu, Junjie; Tang, Yang; Huan, Jian; Liu, Hao Jan 1, 2017 5540
Task Space Trajectory Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators with Uncertain Kinematics and Dynamics. Liang, Xichang; Wan, Yi; Zhang, Chengrui Jan 1, 2017 5870
Influence of the Friction Coefficient on the Trajectory Performance for a Car-Like Robot. Valero, Francisco; Rubio, Francisco; Llopis-Albert, Carlos; Cuadrado, Juan Ignacio Report Jan 1, 2017 4587
Design, Analysis, and Experiment for Rescue Robot with Wheel-Legged Structure. Ning, Meng; Xue, Bilun; Ma, Zefeng; Zhu, Changhong; Liu, Zihao; Zhang, Cuncai; Wang, Yao; Zhang, Qiu Report Jan 1, 2017 7566
Delayed Trilateral Teleoperation of a Mobile Robot. Santiago, D.; Slawinski, E.; Mut, V. Report Jan 1, 2017 5217
Kinematics, Dynamics, and Optimal Control of Pneumatic Hexapod Robot. Bai, Long; Ma, Lu-Han; Dong, Zhifeng; Ge, Xinsheng Report Jan 1, 2017 9473
Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Intelligent Robots. Chen, Ching-Han; Wang, Chien-Chun; Wang, Yi Tun; Wang, Po Tung Report Jan 1, 2017 4445
Predictive Control of Mobile Robot Using Kinematic and Dynamic Models. Mendili, Manel; Bouani, Faouzi Jan 1, 2017 4119
An Information-Based Classification of Elementary Cellular Automata. Borriello, Enrico; Walker, Sara Imari Report Jan 1, 2017 6135
A Brief Review of Neural Networks Based Learning and Control and Their Applications for Robots. Jiang, Yiming; Yang, Chenguang; Na, Jing; Li, Guang; Li, Yanan; Zhong, Junpei Report Jan 1, 2017 10585
Tracking Control for Mobile Robots Considering the Dynamics of All Their Subsystems: Experimental Implementation. Garcia-Sanchez, Jose Rafael; Silva-Ortigoza, Ramon; Tavera-Mosqueda, Salvador; Marquez-Sanchez, Cels Report Jan 1, 2017 12157
Dynamic Learning from Adaptive Neural Control of Uncertain Robots with Guaranteed Full-State Tracking Precision. Wang, Min; Zhang, Yanwen; Ye, Huiping Report Jan 1, 2017 10420
Skill Learning for Intelligent Robot by Perception-Action Integration: A View from Hierarchical Temporal Memory. Zhang, Xinzheng; Zhang, Jianfen; Zhong, Junpei Report Jan 1, 2017 7483
Fusing Depth and Silhouette for Scanning Transparent Object with RGB-D Sensor. Ji, Yijun; Xia, Qing; Zhang, Zhijiang Jan 1, 2017 5604
Analysis of Image Enhancement Methods for Outdoor-Applications. Gujon, Philipp; Kubinger, Wilfried Report Jan 1, 2017 1651
Comparision of Edge Detection Methods for Obstacles Detection in a Mobile Robot Environment. Crnokic, Boris; Rezic, Snjezana; Pehar, Slaven Report Jan 1, 2017 4100
LASER COMMUNICATIONS PROTOTYPING FOR THE GROUP OF MOBILE ROBOTS. Pryanichnikov, Valentin; Stepanova, Daria Report Jan 1, 2017 2968
Control System and Design of the Motion Module of a Heterogeneous Modular Mobile Robot. Andreev, Victor; Kim, Valerii Report Jan 1, 2017 3916
Emissivity Factor Of Thermoplastic Materials For A Robot Bending Process. Franz, Steiner; Friedrich, Bleicher; Martin, Klingenbrunner Report Jan 1, 2017 2341
A formal model of events reconstruction for cloud forensics. Wang, Jian; Tang, Zhenmin; Shao, Wenjuan; Jin, Xianli Nov 15, 2016 4624
Automata in SageMath--Combinatorics meets theoretical computer science. Heuberger, Clemens; Krenn, Daniel; Kropf, Sara Report Nov 1, 2016 10425
Rise of the Rotbots: The latest wave of robotic technology is coming to the workplace, promising significant rewards--and introducing new risks. Heires, Katherine Sep 1, 2016 2098
ROI of a soldering robot: when it comes to soldering, can a four-axis robot beat an experienced operator? Goldberg, Gary Sep 1, 2016 1072
Bee model robot breakthrough. Jun 1, 2016 206
Bee Model Could Be Breakthrough for Robot Development. May 6, 2016 289
Study raises questions about cost-effectiveness of robot-assisted hysterectomy. Brunk, Doug May 1, 2016 873
Competitive analysis: UV Disinfection. May 1, 2016 1863
Stochastic Wheel-Slip Compensation Based Robot Localization and Mapping. Sidharthan, Rakesh Kumar; Kannan, Ramkumar; Srinivasan, Seshadhri; Balas, Valentina Emilia May 1, 2016 4999
Research on an improved pedestrian detection method based on Deep Belief Network (DBN) classification algorithm. Kangming, Liu Mar 30, 2016 3944
Study of invertebrates will aid 3D robot vision. Jan 8, 2016 493
Newcastle University study shows that insect hunters use 3D vision; Newcastle University researchers put tiny glasses on mantises to help pave the way to create 'sight' for robots. Jan 8, 2016 503
Simulation of robot for use in rescue operation groups. Vasilyev, Ivan; Kashourina, Alla; Krasheninnikov, Maxim; Smirnova, Ekatherina Report Jan 1, 2016 1590
Laser communications prototyping for the group of mobile robots. Pryanichnikov, Valentin; Stepanova, Daria Report Jan 1, 2016 2917
Control system and design of the motion module of a heterogeneous modular mobile robot. Andreev, Victor; Kim, Valerii Report Jan 1, 2016 3911
Data-Based Control for Humanoid Robots Using Support Vector Regression, Fuzzy Logic, and Cubature Kalman Filter. Wang, Liyang; Chen, Ming; Li, Gai; Fan, Yongqing Report Jan 1, 2016 6850
Hierarchical Task Planning for Multiarm Robot with Multiconstraint. Wang, Yifan; Sun, Hanxu; Chen, Gang; Jia, Qingxuan; Yu, Boyang Report Jan 1, 2016 10345
Path Planning and Replanning for Mobile Robot Navigation on 3D Terrain: An Approach Based on Geodesic. Wu, Kun-Lin; Ho, Ting-Jui; Huang, Sean A.; Lin, Kuo-Hui; Lin, Yueh-Chen; Liu, Jing-Sin Report Jan 1, 2016 11156
Optimal Control of Holding Motion by Nonprehensile Two-Cooperative-Arm Robot. Jiang, Changan; Nakatomi, Yuta; Ueno, Satoshi Jan 1, 2016 3719
Finite Time Controller for Point Stabilization of a Spherical Underwater Roving Robot. Liu, Zhimin; Sun, Hanxu; Li, Yansheng; Jia, Qingxuan; Chu, Ming Jan 1, 2016 5241
Prediction Model of Coating Growth Rate for Varied Dip-Angle Spraying Based on Gaussian Sum Model. Zeng, Yong; Zhang, Yakun; He, Junxue; Zhou, Hai; Zhang, Chunwei; Zheng, Lei Jan 1, 2016 3270
Acoustic Tracking System for Autonomous Robots Based on TDE and Signal Intensity/Sistema de Rastreo Acustico para Robots Autonomos basado en TDE e Intensidad. Lasso L., Edgar D.; Sanchez, Alejandra Patarroyo; Martinez S., Fredy H. Dec 1, 2015 3026
EAP-based actuator: modeling of snake robot. Ahmed, Mohiuddin; Billah, Md. Masum Report Nov 1, 2015 2561
Model for Robots with Bacteria-Controlled Brains. Jul 17, 2015 623
Factors predicting prolonged operative time for individual surgical steps of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP): a single surgeon's experience. Alenizi, Abdullah M.; Valdivieso, Roger; Rajih, Emad; Meskawi, Malek; Toarta, Cristian; Bienz, Marc; Report Jul 1, 2015 3936
A Study of Distinctive Localization and Navigation Methods for Mobile Robots. Umer, Syed Muhammad; Chandio, Aftab Ahmed; Khan, Muhammad Waqas; Zahid, Taimoor; Muhammad, Fayyaz Jul 1, 2015 5116
Robotic Arm Control Algorithm Based on Stereo Vision Using RoboRealm Vision. Szabo, Roland; Gontean, Aurel May 1, 2015 5447
ADVANCED STEP IN INNOVATIVE MOBILITY. Farooq, Muhammad Umar Mar 8, 2015 872
Mobile robots and goods-to-person picking power order fulfillment at BHFO: the compact system processes nearly 2,000 orders a day in 20,000 square feet. Mar 1, 2015 820
An Adaptive Path Loss Channel Model for Wave Propagation in Multilayer Transmission Medium. Ramezani, Mohammad H.; Blanes-Vidal, Victoria; Nadimi, Esmaeil S. Jan 1, 2015 5494
Leg mechanism motion and structural characteristics. Adriana, Comanescu; Dinu, Comanescu; Ileana, Dugaesescu Technical report Jan 1, 2015 2964
Terrain modeling for mobile robot control using cross-section curves in nested multi-resolution grids. Valentina, Pryanichnikov; Egor, Shipovalov Jan 1, 2015 4306
The method of network control of robotic systems of different models and manufacturers. Andreev, Victor; Pletenev, Pavel; Poduraev, Yury Report Jan 1, 2015 2149
Geometrical approach for industrial robot axis calibration using laser tracker. Vorotnikov, Andrei; Bashevskaya, Olga; Ilyukhin, Yury; Romash, Elena; A.V., Isaev; Poduraev, Yuriy V Report Jan 1, 2015 4276
Hexapod walking robot energy consumption dependence on different gaits and speed while moving on even terrain/ Sesiakojo roboto energijos sanaudu priklausomybes nuo skirtingu eisenu ir greicio judant lygiu pavirsiumi tyrimas. Luneckas, Mindaugas; Luneckas, Tomas Report Apr 1, 2014 1593
A vector machine based approach towards object oriented classification of remotely sensed imagery. Arun, Pattathal Vijayakumar; Katiyar, Sunil Kumar Report Mar 1, 2014 3573
The study of fractional order controller with slam in the humanoid robot. Wen, Shuhuan; Chen, Xiao; Zhao, Yongsheng; Rad, Ahmad B.; Othman, Kamal Mohammed; Zhang, Ethan Report Jan 1, 2014 3744
Nanosensor data processor in quantum-dot cellular automata. Yao, Fenghui; Zein-Sabatto, Mohamed Saleh; Shao, Guifeng; Bodruzzaman, Mohammad; Malkani, Mohan Jan 1, 2014 7140
Dynamics modeling and control of a quadrotor with swing load. Sadr, S.; Moosavian, S. Ali A.; Zarafshan, P. Report Jan 1, 2014 6111
Design of a sapling branch grafting robot. Sun, Qun; Zhao, Dongjie; Wang, Chong; Zhao, Ying Report Jan 1, 2014 3170
Kinematics, singularity, and workspaces of a planar 4-bar tensegrity mechanism. Ji, Zhifei; Li, Tuanjie; Lin, Min Report Jan 1, 2014 5265
Effect of robotic gait training on cardiorespiratory system in Incomplete spinal cord injury. Hoekstra, Femke; van Nunen, Michiel P.M.; Gerrits, Karin H.L.; Stolwijk-Swuste, Janneke M.; Crins, M Report Oct 1, 2013 7218
The robotic moment: machines offer caring behavior. is that a good thing? Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2013 2488
Rendezvous with a ratbot. Abrams, Michael Apr 1, 2013 574
Conceptual motorics -- generation and evaluation of the communicative robot gesture. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 101
Control of the hexapod walking robot/Sesiakojo zingsniuojancio roboto valdymas. Zubavicius, Raimondas; Paulauskas, Nerijus; Sapurov, Martynas Report Apr 1, 2013 2168
Using the functional reach test for probing the static stability of bipedal standing in humanoid robots based on the passive motion paradigm. Zenzeri, Jacopo; De Santis, Dalia; Mohan, Vishwanathan; Casadio, Maura; Morasso, Pietro Jan 1, 2013 5610
Realization of IP core for robot controlled trenching system. Mala, C.S.; Ramachandran, S. Oct 1, 2012 5577
An intelligent communication path planning method of metallurgical equipment multi-dimensional information space. Liu, Junwei; Kong, Jianyi; Zhou, Min; Wang, Xingdong Report Oct 1, 2012 3810
Asymptotic distribution of entry times in a cellular automaton with annihilating particles. Kurka, Petr; Formenti, Enrico; Dennunzio, Alberto Report Jan 1, 2012 3954
NOCAS: a nonlinear Cellular Automata based stream cipher. Karmakar, Sandip; Chowdhury, Dipanwita Roy Report Jan 1, 2012 5265
Design, workspace analysis and inverse kinematics problem of Delta parallel robot/Lygiagreciojo delta roboto projektavimo, darbo erdves ir atvirkstines kinematikos problemos. Szep, C.; Stan, S.-D.; Csibi, V. Report May 1, 2011 1444
Model checking of emergent behaviour properties of robot swarms/ Robotiparvede ilmneva kaitumise mudelkontroll. Juurik, Silver; Vain, Juri Report Mar 1, 2011 4459
Robot Robotino[R] for mechatronics specialists training/Roboto Robotino naudojimas mechatronikos specialistu ruosimui. Bosevicius, Saulius; Lipnickas, Arunas Author abstract Feb 1, 2011 1027
Using Bayesian network for robot behavior with sensor fault/ Bajeso tinklu taikymas roboto su klaidu jutikliais elgsenai ivertinti. Rezaee, A.; Raie, A.; Nadi, A.; Shiry, S. Report Feb 1, 2011 2641
Spielberg y Kubrick: IA, a la conquista de lo humano. Ballester, Manuel Dec 1, 2010 10965
Tougher, stronger mid-size robots. Aug 1, 2010 152
Model and test of a modular inspection robotic system/ Paieskos modulines robotizuotos sistemos modelis ir jo tyrimas. Alutei, A.; Tatar, M.O.; Cirebea, C. Report Jul 1, 2010 1933
Robust adaptive control of manipulators in the task space by dynamical partitioning approach/Roboto manipuliatoriaus adaptyviosios kontroles tyrimas dinamiskai segmentuojant darbine erdve. Soltanpour, M.R.; Shafiei, S.E. May 1, 2010 3175
Study of design, kinematics and virtual control of 4 degrees of freedom parallel robot/Keturiu laisves laipsniu lygiagreciojo roboto projektavimo, kinematikos ir virtualiojo valdymo tyrimas. Verdes, D.; Stan, S.-D.; Balan, R.; Coman, M. Report Mar 1, 2010 2276
60/102 Null Boundary Cellular Automata based expander graphs. Cho, Sung-Jin; Choi, Un-Sook; Kim, Han-Doo; Hwang, Yoon-Hee; Kim, Jin-Gyoung Report Jan 1, 2010 3312
Probabilistic initial value problem for cellular automaton rule 172. Fuks, Henryk Report Jan 1, 2010 4925
Analysis of hexapod robot locomotion/Sesiakojo roboto eisenos tyrimas. Luneckas, Tomas Report Jan 1, 2010 1669
Mechatronic aided walk--a comparative study. Seiciu, Petre Lucian; Laurian, Tiberiu; Filipoiu, Ioan Dan Report Jan 1, 2010 1068
Study of design, kinematics and accuracy modelling of 3 degrees of freedom robot/Triju laisves laipsniu roboto konstrukcijos, kinematikos ir tikslumo modeliavimo tyrimai. Szep, C.; Stan, S.-D.; Csibi, V.; Balan, R. Report May 1, 2009 1454
Dynamic analysis of an isoglide3-T3 parallel robot. Rat, Nadia-Ramona; Neagoe, Mircea; Gogu, Grigore; Stan, Sergiu-Dan Report Jan 1, 2009 992
Study of the workspace for parallel manipulator 3RUU. Nedezki, Claudiu; Julean, Danut; Kerekes, Gheorghe Report Jan 1, 2009 1606
Dynamic characterisation of a two-link flexible robot manipulator. Ahmad, M.A.; Mohamed, Z. Report Dec 1, 2008 4709
Speedy linear robot for big presses. Mar 1, 2008 124
Development and validation of an automated thawing and mixing workcell. Hawker, Charles D.; Roberts, William L.; DaSilva, Antonio; Stam, Gordon D.; Owen, William E.; Curtis Dec 1, 2007 2004
Robot gage measures on-the-move. Jul 1, 2006 100
TV model for robot. May 6, 2006 89
The functional model of a servovisual robot system. Tarca, Radu; Tarca, Ioan; Tripe Vidican, Aron; Tocut, Pavel Danut; Tripe Vidican, Calin Report Jan 1, 2006 3926
Fledgling robot industry aims to fly high. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 156
2001: The Real Odyssey. Castelluccio, Michael Industry Overview Jan 1, 2001 1452

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