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Criminal Law Principles in California: BALANCING A "RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN" WITH A RIGHT TO REMEMBER. Keiter, Mitchell Jan 1, 2018 19089
"Punishment's twin": theorizing prisoner reentry for a politics of abolition. Byrd, Renee M. Report Sep 16, 2016 8970
Transforming rehabilitation, a fiscal motivated approach to offender management. Calder, Steven D. Dec 22, 2013 6041
A returning probation officer's thoughts on the erosion of professionalism in offender management and the transforming rehabilitation agenda. Norton, Julia Dec 22, 2013 886
A probation officer's brief reflections on twenty years of rehabilitative transformation. Guilfoyle, Mike Dec 22, 2013 1708
Dear Mr Grayling ... Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2013 7341
My rehabilitation revolution. Webster, Russell Dec 22, 2013 1186
Transforming rehabilitation and the creeping marketisation of British public services. Harper, Craig A. Dec 22, 2013 2022
Transforming rehabilitation: transforming the occupational identity of probation workers? Robinson, Anne Dec 22, 2013 5214
Mind the gap: quality without equality in transforming rehabilitation. Gavrielides, Theo Dec 22, 2013 5389
'Transforming rehabilitation' for women? a view from the courts. Birkett, Gemma Dec 22, 2013 1577
What will 'count' and be transformed for women in the criminal justice system? Gomm, Rebecca Dec 22, 2013 1781
A social approach to the process of rehabilitation. McMahon, Tracey Dec 22, 2013 1597
A new era in inmate reentry. Travis, Jeremy; Crayton, Anna; Mukamal, Debbie A. Essay Dec 1, 2009 3224
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. Column Jul 1, 2007 360
Building brighter futures in Chicago. Rudolph, Angela Apr 1, 2007 2812
Reentry and supervision: one is impossible without the other. Taxman, Faye S. Table Apr 1, 2007 2965
Obtaining federal benefits for disabled offenders: part 1--Social Security benefits. Moses, Marilyn; Potter, Roberto Hugh Apr 1, 2007 1856
Offender programming: a smart investment for society. Dennehy, Kathleen M. Column Dec 1, 2006 715
Changing criminogenic risk/need factors: a prelude to recidivism reduction. Simourd, David J.; Lombardo, Daniel L.; McKernan, Pat May 1, 2006 5079
No sure thing: on the outside, many ex-offenders find they need more than jobs to keep them from going back to prison. VerBruggen, Robert Jul 1, 2005 2720
The role of nonprofits in the rehabilitation of prisoners. Earley, Mark L. Jan 1, 2005 2084
Rehabilitating Rehabilitation : One reason why prisons are failing to rehabilitate inmates is that rehabilitation seeks to improve the character of offenders while most prisons degrade prisoners. ROSSUM, RALPH A. Dec 1, 2003 2738
Kathy Boudin's time. Editorial Sep 15, 2003 469
Solitary confinement: an American invention. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Brief Article Nov 24, 2000 775
Professional Counseling Versus Specialized Programs for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment. Polcin, Douglas L. Oct 1, 2000 4757
Predictors of Successful Completion of a Postincarceration Drug Treatment Program. Hohman, Melinda M.; McGaffigan, Richard P.; Segars, Lance Oct 1, 2000 5131
Framing the national agenda: a research and policy perspective. Travis, Jeremy Dec 1, 1997 2147
Let's cut chain gangs loose. Meares, Tracey L. Column Jul 1, 1997 2720
We love our prisons more than prisoners. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Column Jan 10, 1997 1072
Arlen Specter: the cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation in corrections. Transcript Apr 1, 1996 2615
What works? Immarigeon, Russ Dec 1, 1995 4667
New York's prisoners go to work - or else. Jul 1, 1992 528

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