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FASSSTER; 'Vax to the max'. Nov 4, 2021 945
Clinicopathological characteristics and survival in lung signet ring cell carcinoma: A population-based study. Cai, Yunting; Xie, Yan; Xiong, Yanli; Guan, Wei; Pu, Yu; Wang, Dong; Xu, Mingfang; Meng, Shenglan Report Nov 1, 2021 4623
Private sector's pitch for data-based, transparent NCR alert level classification moves forward. Oct 6, 2021 721
Development and validation of nomogram for predicting survival of elderly patients with stage I small-cell lung cancer. Yang, Yaji; Sun, Shusen; Wang, Yuwei; Xiong, Feng; Xiao, Yin; Huang, Jing Report Oct 1, 2021 5563
P[M.sub.2.5] Exposure of Mice during Spermatogenesis: A Role of Inhibitor [kappa]B Kinase 2 in Pro-Opiomelanocortin Neurons. Qiu, Lianglin; Chen, Minjie; Wang, Xiaoke; Chen, Sufang; Ying, Zhekang Report Sep 1, 2021 8168
The correlation between full moon and admission volume for penetrating injuries at a major trauma centre in South Africa. Kong, V.Y.; Keizer, A.A.; Donovan, M.M.; Weale, R.D.; Rajaretnam, N.S.; Bruce, J.L.; Elsabagh, A.; C Sep 1, 2021 2429
Genomic Epidemiology of Azithromycin-Nonsusceptible Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Argentina, 2005-2019. Gianecini, Ricardo Ariel; Poklepovich, Tomas; Golparian, Daniel; Cuenca, Noelia; Tuduri, Ezequiel; U Report Sep 1, 2021 6466
ECQ will give authorities time to prepare for a surge - DOH. Jul 31, 2021 874
Seroprevalence of Enterically Transmitted Hepatitis Viruses in Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Maharashtra, India. Sande, Suvarna Vaibhav Jul 26, 2021 3053
Associations between Exposure to Organochlorine Chemicals and Endometriosis: A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies and Integration of Epidemiological Evidence. Matta, Komodo; Koual, Meriem; Ploteau, Stephane; Coumoul, Xavier; Audouze, Karine; Bizec, Bruno Le; Report Jul 1, 2021 21757
Invited Perspective: Oil and Gas Development and Adverse Birth Outcomes: What More Do We Need to Know? Deziel, Nicole C. Report Jul 1, 2021 2028
Fatal Human Infection with Evidence of Intrahost Variation of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, Alabama, USA, 2019. Hughes, Holly R.; Velez, Jason O.; Davis, Emily H.; Laven, Janeen; Gould, Carolyn V.; Panella, Amand Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 4794
Epidemiology of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Jordan: A 5-year survival analysis and patients' characteristics from 2 public hospitals. Mousa, Rimal H.; Melhem, Jamal M.; Hammad, Eman A. Report Jul 1, 2021 4933
Health minister: In Epidemiology Week 23, 107 out of 153 new Covid-19 clusters from workplaces. Jun 14, 2021 219
Precision Tracing of Household Dengue Spread Using Inter--and Intra-Host Viral Variation Data, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand. Berry, Irina Maljkovic; Melendrez, Melanie C.; Pollett, Simon; Figueroa, Katherine; Buddhari, Darune Report Jun 1, 2021 5639
Incidence Rate of Musculoskeletal Injuries among Professional Tennis Players during 2019 International Tournaments in Indonesia. Abadi, Mokhammad R.; Widyahening, Indah S.; Sudarsono, Nani C.; Tobing, Ade J. Report Jun 1, 2021 4956
Polyclonal spread of colistin resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Croatian hospitals and outpatient setting. Tot, Tatjana; Kibel, Sara; Sardelic, Sanda; Nemer, Khalil; Bencic, Ana; Vranes, Jasmina; Krilanovic, Jun 1, 2021 7656
An outbreak of ertapenem-resistant, carbapenemase-negative and porin-deficient ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae complex. Matovina, Mihaela; Abram, Maja; RepacAntic, Davorka; Knezevic, Samira; Bubonja-Sonje, Marina Jun 1, 2021 5618
Development and validation of prognostic nomogram for lung cancer patients below the age of 45 years. Dai, Lili; Wang, Wei; Liu, Qi; Xia, Tongjia; Wang, Qikui; Chen, Qingqing; Zhu, Ning; Cheng, Yu; Yan, Report Jun 1, 2021 5714
20% of Illinois kids 12-17 have at least one shot. Jake Griffin May 22, 2021 513
20% of Illinois kids 12-17 have at least one shot Virus: Promotions give youths incentives to get shots. Jake Griffin May 22, 2021 513
Illinois one of just 16 states with 20% of children 12-17 getting at least one vaccination. Jake Griffin May 22, 2021 550
Coronavirus: Positivity rate dramatically drops, all indicators show improvement (updated). Nick Theodoulou May 14, 2021 403
Asian Americans diagnosed at later stages, earlier age. Kilgore, Christine May 1, 2021 408
Coronavirus: Israel moved to green, UK to orange in country classifications. George Psyllides Apr 26, 2021 213
Systematic Review of Reported HIV Outbreaks, Pakistan, 2000-2019. Rabold, Elizabeth M.; Ali, Hammad; Fernandez, Danielle; Knuth, Martha; Schenkel, Karl; Asghar, Rana Report Apr 1, 2021 5013
Developing a Flexible National Wastewater Surveillance System for COVID-19 and Beyond. Keshaviah, Aparna; Hu, Xindi C.; Henry, Marisa Report Apr 1, 2021 7894
Artificial Intelligence-enabled Healthcare Delivery and Digital Epidemiological Surveillance in the Remote Treatment of Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Phillips, Angela Apr 1, 2021 3836
Depression, anxiety and stress among medical and non-medical students in Saudi Arabia: An epidemiological comparative cross-sectional study. Mirza, Ahmad A.; Milaat, Waleed A.; Ramadan, Iman K.; Baig, Mukhtiar; Elmorsy, Soha A.; Beyari, Ghad Report Apr 1, 2021 6205
Evaluation of Kidney Function in Patients on Chemotherapy. Haziyev, Elgun; Gursu, Meltem; Seker, Mesut; Elcioglu, Omer Celal; Artan, Ayse Serra; Aliyev, Altay; Apr 1, 2021 4531
Inherited epidermolysis bullosa: epidemiology and patient care in Slovenia with a review of the updated classification. Stublar, Ana; Dragos, Vlasta; Dolenc-Voljc, Mateja Apr 1, 2021 2662
Coronavirus: Ireland moves out of red zone as country classifications tweaked. Staff Reporter Mar 22, 2021 776
New Covid-19 strain recorded in Oman. By: Times News Service Mar 1, 2021 246
Epidemiological characteristics of cervical cancer in a tertiary care hospital, western Saudi Arabia. A retrospective record-based analysis from 2002-2018. Farahat, Fayssal M.; Faqih, Norah T.; Alharbi, Razan S.; Mudarris, Raheed I.; Alshaikh, Sahl A.; Al- Report Mar 1, 2021 2617
Does High Citrus Production Increase The Frequency of Consumption and Affect The Prevalence of Dental Erosion? Avunduk, Ayse Tugba Erturk; Yanardag, Esra Cengiz; Topbas, Nazan Kocak Mar 1, 2021 5729
Tendency and seasonality of suicide in Chihuahua, Mexico. A retrospective analysis from 2008 to 2018. Fernández-López, Montserrat; Hernández-Montes, Rosa Ivonne; Reza, Sofía Álvarez; Flores-Olivares, Lu Mar 1, 2021 5863
Pure neural leprosy--mind the diagnosis. Brandsma, Wim; Post, Erik; Wagenaar, Inge; Alam, Khorshed; Shettye, Vanaja; Husain, Sajid; Prakoeswa Report Mar 1, 2021 4106
Preinvasive cervical lesions and high prevalence of human papilloma virus among pregnant women in Cameroon. Doh, Gilbert; Mkong, Edwin; Ikomey, George Mondinde; Obasa, Adetayo Emmanuel; Mesembe, Martha; Fokun Mar 1, 2021 6255
Predictors of in-hospital mortality in Covid-19: a study across two peripheral District General Hospitals in UK. Samanta, Nil Kamal; Bandyopadhyay, Samik Kumar; Herman, Dodiy; Chakraborty, Biman; Marsh, Adrian; Ku Mar 1, 2021 5744
Gastric Cancer: Bibliometric Analysis of Epidemiological, Geographical and Socio-Economic Parameters of the Global Research Landscape. Klingelhofer, Doris; Braun, Markus; Schoffel, Norman; Bruggmann, Dorthe; Groneberg, David A. Feb 24, 2021 7095
Covid-19 cases on downward trend in PH except in 4 regions. Feb 11, 2021 623
WHO donates device for improving the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 to KCUS. Feb 10, 2021 228
Hepatitis C Virus Transmission Clusters in Public Health and Correctional Settings, Wisconsin, USA, 2016-2017. Hochstatter, Karli R.; Tully, Damien C.; Power, Karen A.; Koepke, Ruth; Akhtar, Wajiha Z.; Prieve, A Report Feb 1, 2021 5976
Potential Mechanisms behind Air Pollution Toxicity: Findings from Real-World Chronic Exposures. Pascual, Florencia Report Feb 1, 2021 1063
Preoperative Alpha-Fetoprotein Has No Prognostic Role in Small Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Non-Cirrhotic Patients After Surgical Resection. Gao, Tian-Ming; Bai, Dou-Sheng; Qian, Jian-Jun; Chen, Ping; Jin, Sheng-Jie; Jiang, Guo-Qing Feb 1, 2021 4718
Preoperative Alpha-Fetoprotein Has No Prognostic Role in Small Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Non-Cirrhotic Patients After Surgical Resection. Gao, Tian-Ming; Bai, Dou-Sheng; Qian, Jian-Jun; Chenv, Ping; Jin, Sheng-Jie; Jiang, Guo-Qing Report Feb 1, 2021 4758
Impaired Renal Function in Outpatients with Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Gunay, Nahide Ekici; Kale, Aykut; Gunay, Nurullah Report Jan 19, 2021 5175
An overview on diagnosis and management approach of systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Mohammed, Doaa Mohammed; Alnamankany, Afnan Abdullatif; Alruwaili, Eman Mazyad; Nasif, Ahmed Abdulla Report Jan 1, 2021 1853
Invasive Fusariosis in Nonneutropenic Patients, Spain, 2000-2015. Perez-Nadales, Elena; Alastruey-Izquierdo, Ana; Linares-Sicilia, Maria Jose; Soto-Debran, Juan Carlo Report Jan 1, 2021 7900
Depressive symptoms and automatic negative thoughts as predictors of suicidal ideation in Mexican adolescents. Secundino-Guadarrama, Gabriela; Veytia-Lopez, Marcela; Guadarrama-Guadarrama, Rosalinda; Miguez, M. Jan 1, 2021 5956
Hanseniasis in the municipality of Western Amazon (Acre, Brazil): are we far from the goal of the World Health Organization? Hansen and Western Amazon. Araujo, Francisco A.; Abreu, Luiz C.; Laporta, Gabriel Z.; Santos, Vinicius S.; Moreira, Jose G.V.; Report Jan 1, 2021 3365
Construction, Validation, and Visualization of Two Web-Based Nomograms to Predict Overall and Cancer-Specific Survival in Patients with Gastric Cancer and Lung Metastases. Zheng, Honghong; Li, Zhehong; Li, Jianjun; Zheng, Shuai; Zhao, Enhong Jan 1, 2021 6591
COVID-19 and Obesity: An Epidemiologic Analysis of the Brazilian Data. Gonçalves, Diego Assis; Ribeiro, Victória; Gualberto, Ana; Peres, Fernanda; Luconi, Michaela; Gameir Jan 1, 2021 6493
Prognostic Exploration of All-Cause Death in Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Retrospective Analysis of 2076 Patients. Zheng, Shuai; Yang, Jin; Li, Chengzhuo; Han, Didi; Xu, Fengshuo; Elishilia Kaaya, Rahel; ShengPeng, Jan 1, 2021 5216
Epidemiological Trends of Head and Neck Cancer: A Population-Based Study. Guo, Kangwen; Xiao, Weiliang; Chen, Xinggui; Zhao, Zhenying; Lin, Yuanxiong; Chen, Ge Jan 1, 2021 8208
The Performance of Equations That Estimate Glomerular Filtration Rate against Measured Urinary Creatinine Clearance in Critically Ill Patients. Al-Dorzi, Hasan M.; Alsadhan, Abdulmajeed A.; Almozaini, Ayman S.; M Alamri, Ali; Tamim, Hani; Sadat Jan 1, 2021 6661
Prevalence and Genetic Characteristics of Human Bocaviruses Detected in Patients with Acute Respiratory Infections in Bulgaria. Korsun, Neli; Angelova, Svetla; Trifonova, Ivelina; Voleva, Silvia; Grigorova, Iliana; Tzotcheva, Ir Jan 1, 2021 6747
The Prognostic Value of Log Odds of Positive Lymph Nodes in Early-Stage Esophageal Cancer Patients: A Study Based on the SEER Database and a Chinese Cohort. Xi, Kexing; Chen, Wenyou; Yu, Hui Report Jan 1, 2021 4088
Epidemiology of Drug- and Herb-Induced Liver Injury Assessed for Causality Using the Updated RUCAM in Two Hospitals from China. Chen, Yongwu; Wang, Chongwei; Yang, Hui; Huang, Ping; Shi, Jiana; Tong, Yongxi; Jiang, Jinying Jan 1, 2021 4898
Comparison of Immune Response between SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 Infection, Perspective on Vaccine Design and Development. Ansariniya, Hossein; Seifati, Seyed Mohammad; Zaker, Erfan; Zare, Fateme Jan 1, 2021 9276
Long-Term Survival of Patients with Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer over Five Decades. Bar, Jair; Urban, Damien; Amit, Uri; Appel, Sarit; Onn, Amir; Margalit, Ofer; Beller, Tamar Jan 1, 2021 6818
Prevalence of Pediatric Onset Multiple Sclerosis in Saudi Arabia. Bunyan, Reem; Al Towaijri, Ghada; Al Otaibi, Hessa; Kareem, Abid; Algahtani, Hussein; Al Mejally, Mo Jan 1, 2021 4407
Comparisons of Treatment for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer between Chinese and International Practice: A Nationwide Multicenter Epidemiological Study from China. Han, Yi-Qun; Yi, Zong-Bi; Yu, Pei; Wang, Wen-Na; Ouyang, Qu-Chang; Yan, Min; Wang, Xiao-Jia Report Jan 1, 2021 6244
Transition to Targeted Therapies Improved the Prognosis and Increased the Utilization of Medical Treatments among Patients with Synchronous Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer. Laru, Lauri; Ronkainen, Hanna; Vaarala, Markku H. Jan 1, 2021 4286
Overall Survival Analyses following Adjuvant Chemotherapy or Nonadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Stage IB Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Tu, Zegui; Tian, Tian; Chen, Qian; Li, Caili Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5549
Reemergence of Yellow Fever in Brazil: The Role of Distinct Landscape Fragmentation Thresholds. Ilacqua, Roberto C.; Medeiros-Sousa, Antônio R.; Ramos, Daniel G.; Obara, Marcos T.; Ceretti-Junior, Jan 1, 2021 5346
COVID-19 death spike seen in full face-to-face classes. Dec 18, 2020 786
Holiday season COVID-19 cases in NCR may spike to 4,000 a day, DOH warns. Dec 17, 2020 320
Regional Analysis of Coccidioidomycosis Incidence--California, 2000-2018. Cooksey, Gail L. Sondermeyer; Nguyen, Alyssa; Yugia, Duc; Jain, Seema Dec 4, 2020 4177
The 2015 U.S. Soccer Federation header ban and its effect on emergency room concussion rates in soccer players aged 10-13. Lalji, Rahim; Snider, Hayden; Chow, Noah; Howitt, Scott Report Dec 1, 2020 3457
Two decades of research on autoimmune liver disease in Turkey. Demir, Nurhan; Ekin, Nazim; Torgutalp, Murat; Wahlin, Staffan; Efe, Cumali Report Dec 1, 2020 3463
The Top 100 Cited Articles on Ocular Trauma: A Bibliometric Analysis. Bulut, Erkan; Dokur, Mehmet; Basar, Emel Dec 1, 2020 6659
Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Child Abuse: Analysis at a Level 2 Trauma Center in Puerto Rico. Ballester, Claudio; Beaton-Comulada, David; Oppenheimer, Marianna; Ramirez, Manuel Antonio; Rivera, Dec 1, 2020 3204
A Case-Crossover Analysis of Indoor Heat Exposure on Mortality and Hospitalizations among the Elderly in Houston, Texas. O'Lenick, Cassandra R.; Baniassadi, Amir; Michael, Ryan; Monaghan, Andrew; Boehnert, Jennifer; Yu, X Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 16954
Potential Predictive Factors for Breast Cancer Subtypes from a North Cyprus Cohort Analysis. Ulgen, Ayse; Gurkut, Ozlem; Li, Wentian Dec 1, 2020 7905
An overview of cervical cancer epidemiology and prevention in Bulgaria. Karcheva, Milena; Yordanov, Angel; Kostadinov, Sergey Dec 1, 2020 2638
Science center for prediction, monitoring of diseases may soon rise in UP Mindanao. Dec 1, 2020 664
Repeat injuries in childhood. Peters, S.M.; Davies, M.-A.; van As, A.B. Report Dec 1, 2020 6299
Predictors of Mortality in Geriatric Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding. Emektar, Emine; Dagar, Seda; Corbacioglu, Seref Kerem; Uzunosmanoglu, Huseyin; Uzman, Metin; Karaatl Dec 1, 2020 4187
Coping: Gender Differences in Mediating the Relationship between Social Anxiety and Depression. Moore, Kathleen A.; Alexi, Nektarios; Argyrides, Marios Report Dec 1, 2020 3698
Two decades of research on autoimmune liver disease in Turkey. Demir, Nurhan; Ekin, Nazim; Torgutalp, Murat; Wahlin, Staffan; Efe, Cumali Report Dec 1, 2020 3480
Status of Novel Coronavirus Disease and Analysis of Mortality in Mexico, Until June 30th, 2020: An Ecological Study. Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolas; Sandoval-Salazar, Cuauhtemoc; Ramirez-Gomez, Xochitl Sofia; Navarro-Olivos Report Dec 1, 2020 4265
COVID-19 'The Pandemic': An Update on the Present Status of the Outbreak and Possible Treatment Options. Purohit, Deepika; Saini, Manisha; Pathak, Nisha; Verma, Ravinder; Kaushik, Deepak; Katiyar, Prashant Report Dec 1, 2020 8188
Therapeutic Adherence among Elderly with Chronic Diseases Residing in Urban Area of South India--A Descriptive Cross Sectional Study. Angadi, Netravathi Basavaraj; Kavi, Avinash; Torgal, Shashikant Shankreppa Report Dec 1, 2020 3346
Occurrence and Distribution of Cryptococcus Species in Environmental Sources from Lower Assam Belt of India. Islam, Nurul; Bharali, Rupjyoti; Talukdar, Sailen; Hussain, Syed Akram; Akand, Afzal Hoque; Sarma, H Dec 1, 2020 7587
Thyroid Cancer Incidence in Bulgaria before and after the Introduction of Universal Salt Iodization: An Analysis of the National Cancer Registry Data. Ivanova, Ludmila Borislavova; Vukov, Mircho Ivanov; Vassileva-Valerianova, Zdravka Gardeva Report Nov 1, 2020 4472
Paratuberculosis in Captive Scimitar-Horned Oryxes (Oryx dammah). Pigoli, Claudio; Garbarino, Chiara; Ricchi, Matteo; Bonacina, Eleonora; Gibelli, Lucia; Scaltriti, V Report Nov 1, 2020 5567
Ecological and Behavioral Drivers of Supplemental Feeding Use by Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus in a Peri-Urban Context. Ossi, Federico; Ranc, Nathan; Moorcroft, Paul; Bonanni, Priscilla; Cagnacci, Francesca Nov 1, 2020 8313
The Effect of Combined Training and Racing High-Speed Exercise History on Musculoskeletal Injuries in Thoroughbred Racehorses: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Current Literature. Crawford, Kylie L.; Ahern, Benjamin J.; Perkins, Nigel R.; Phillips, Clive J.C.; Finnane, Anna Nov 1, 2020 8425
Establishment of upper respiratory tract model of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome before and after surgical treatment and its hydrodynamics analysis. Jin Junjie; Tang Zhonghua; Zhao Fan; Li Ying Report Oct 31, 2020 3588
Cidara Therapeutics announces data for rezafungin, influenza AVCs at IDWeek. Oct 21, 2020 457
Addressing mental health amid a pandemic. Editorial Oct 18, 2020 776
EU countries agree to set criteria for COVID-19 reporting and easy travel measures. Oct 13, 2020 288
Fine Particulate Matter Exposure and Cancer Incidence: Analysis of SEER Cancer Registry Data from 1992-2016. Coleman, Nathan C.; Burnett, Richard T.; Ezzati, Majid; Marshall, Julian D.; Robinson, Allen L.; Pop Oct 1, 2020 12100
The Turkish Validity and Reliability of The Physical Activity SelF-eFFIcacy Scale For Children/Cocuklar icin Fiziksel Aktivite Oz Yeterlik Olcegi Turkce Gecerlik ve Guvenirligi. Guzel, Aysun; Uner, Sarp; Arslan, Ece Umut; Yardim, Mahmut Sadi; Araz, Ozgur; Unlu, Hande Konsuk; Hu Oct 1, 2020 6193
Molecular Characterization and Developing a Point-of-Need Molecular Test for Diagnosis of Bovine Papillomavirus (BPV) Type 1 in Cattle from Egypt. Tholoth, Mohamed El-; Mauk, Michael G.; Elnaker, Yasser F.; Mosad, Samah M.; Tahoun, Amin; Sherif, M Oct 1, 2020 6677
Investigation of Outbreaks of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae in Three Neonatal Intensive Care Units Using Whole Genome Sequencing. Frenk, Sammy; Rakovitsky, Nadya; Temkin, Elizabeth; Schechner, Vered; Cohen, Regev; Kloyzner, Bat Sh Oct 1, 2020 4519
Prevalence of Antibiotic-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Bangladesh: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Kundu, Shoumik; Marzan, Mahfuza; Gan, Siew Hua; Islam, Md Asiful Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 9994
Shifting towards Digital Epidemiological Surveillance, Virtualized Care, and Smart Internet of Things-enabled Mobile-based Health Monitoring Systems in Response to COVID-19. Smith, Alison Oct 1, 2020 2062
Scottish Higher Education Minister admits he 'has not seen' modelling that predicted universities outbreaks; The Scottish Minister for Higher Education "has not seen" modelling undertaken by Government advisors that found coronavirus outbreaks on university campuses were "entirely predictable". Conor Marlborough Sep 28, 2020 690
Student outbreaks 'entirely predictable' as scientific adviser admits modelling on campus return was undertaken; It comes as Scottish Labour call for an urgent investigation into potential human rights breaches due to the weekend restrictions. Conor Matchett Sep 27, 2020 727
Half of key workers reporting Covid symptoms did not have the virus; "We found that half of them lacked any evidence of having had the infection, testing negative for the presence of antibodies.". By, Neil Shaw Sep 25, 2020 361
Medical University sealed in Islamabad due to positive COVID-19 cases. Sep 16, 2020 374
December 2019: Zoonotic Infections. Sep 1, 2020 321
Mapping Human Vulnerability to Extreme Heat: A Critical Assessment of Heat Vulnerability Indices Created Using Principal Components Analysis. Conlon, Kathryn C.; Mallen, Evan; Gronlund, Carina J.; Berrocal, Veronica J.; Larsen, Larissa; O'Nei Sep 1, 2020 13222
Exposure to Manganese in Drinking Water during Childhood and Association with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Schullehner, Jorg; Thygesen, Malene; Kristiansen, Soren Munch; Hansen, Birgitte; Pedersen, Carsten B Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 11321
Methodological Considerations for Epidemiological Studies of Air Pollution and the SARS and COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreaks. Villeneuve, Paul J.; Goldberg, Mark S. Sep 1, 2020 15158
Epidemiologic Analysis of Urological Cases Admitted to an Emergency Department of a Tertiary Care Center/Ucuncu Basamak Saglik Merkezinin Acil Servisine Basvuran Urolojik Olgularin Epidemiyolojik Analizi. Girgin, Reha; Erdem, Kamil Sep 1, 2020 3041
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Exhibits High Predicted Binding Affinity to ACE2 from Lagomorphs (Rabbits and Pikas). Preziuso, Silvia Report Sep 1, 2020 5100
Epidemiological and Histopathological Investigation of Sarcoptic Mange in Camels in Egypt. Ahmed, Marwa A.; Elmahallawy, Ehab Kotb; Gareh, Ahmed; Abdelbaset, Abdelbaset Eweda; El-Gohary, Fatm Report Sep 1, 2020 5485
A Detailed Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Health Management in Dairy Sheep and Goats. Lianou, Daphne T.; Chatziprodromidou, Ioanna P.; Vasileiou, Natalia G.C.; Michael, Charalambia K.; M Report Sep 1, 2020 7473
Transforming the Adaptation Physiology of Farm Animals through Sensors. Neethirajan, Suresh Report Sep 1, 2020 13883
Molecular epidemiology of Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, and Hepatitis D virus in general population of Afghanistan. Husseini, Abbas Ali; Saeed, Khwaja Mir Islam; Yurdcu, Esra; Bozdayi, A. Mithat Report Sep 1, 2020 5782
Molecular epidemiology of Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, and Hepatitis D virus in general population of Afghanistan. Husseini, Abbas Ali; Saeed, Khwaja Mir Islam; Yurdcu, Esra; Bozdayi, A. Mithat Sep 1, 2020 5911
Epidemiology of Neonatal Septicemia in the Era of Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Bacteria: A Prospective Study in a Tertiary Referral hospital. Hassan, Dina M.; Madkour, Lamiaa A.; Abuelhamd, Walaa A. Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 6006
Evolution of COVID-19 Infection in Mexico Until April 16, 2020: A Descriptive Ecological Study. Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolas; Sandoval-Salazar, Cuauhtemoc; Diaz-Becerril, Luis Antonio; Diaz-Martinez, Report Sep 1, 2020 2233
Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sanglah Hospital, Bali, Indonesia: A Retrospective Study. Niryana, I. Wayan; Jorden, I. Wayan, Jr.; Darmawan, Rizky; Widyadharma, I. Putu Eka Report Sep 1, 2020 4270
Prognostic Nomograms for Primary High-Grade Glioma Patients in Adult: A Retrospective Study Based on the SEER Database. Yang, Yi; Yao, Mingze; Long, Shengrong; Xu, Chengran; Li, Lun; Li, Yinghui; Li, Guangyu Report Aug 31, 2020 7540
A Nomogram Predicting Overall and Cancer-Specific Survival of Patients with Primary Bone Lymphoma: A Large Population-Based Study. Wang, He-Hui; Dai, Ke-Na; Li, A-Bing Report Aug 31, 2020 4561
Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression among HIV/AIDS-Infected Patients Attending ART Clinic at Jimma University Medical Center, Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia. Dorsisa, Beyene; Ahimed, Gutema; Anand, Susan; Bekela, Tariku Aug 31, 2020 5761
Tumor Size as a Critical Prognostic Factor in T1-2 Stage Esophageal Cancer. Wu, Zilong; Yu, Bentong Aug 31, 2020 5874
Announcement of events for Monday, 31 August 2020. Aug 30, 2020 312
Importation and Transmission Routes of COVID-19 into Northern Cyprus: Considerations and Challenges. Baddal, Buket Aug 21, 2020 1390
Coronavirus: Scientist at HBKU Qatar addresses SEIR modeling. Aug 16, 2020 209
QCRI scientist discusses SEIR modelling for Covid-19. Aug 15, 2020 210
Trend, Incidence, Distribution, and Other Epidemiological Aspects of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Ilam Province-Iran From 2014 to 2017. Jorvand, Reza; Chatripour, Rahmat; Jaliliyan, Ali; Khazaei, Salman; Veisani, Yousef Aug 7, 2020 1975
Coronavirus Disease Outbreak in Call Center, South Korea. Park, Shin Young; Kim, Young-Man; Yi, Seonju; Lee, Sangeun; Na, Baeg-Ju; Kim, Chang Bo; Kim, Jung-il Aug 1, 2020 2473
SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenetic Analysis, Lazio Region, Italy, February-March 2020. Bartolini, Barbara; Rueca, Martina; Gruber, Cesare Ernesto Maria; Messina, Francesco; Carletti, Fabr Aug 1, 2020 2289
Development of A Nested-MultiLocus Sequence Typing Approach for A Highly Sensitive and Specific Identification of Xylella fastidiosa Subspecies Directly from Plant Samples. Cesbron, Sophie; Dupas, Enora; Beaurepere, Quentin; Briand, Martial; Montes-Borrego, Miguel; Velasco Aug 1, 2020 8474
Exposure to Road Traffic Noise and Incidence of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Congestive Heart Failure: A Population-Based Cohort Study in Toronto, Canada. Bai, Li; Shin, Saeha; Oiamo, Tor H.; Burnett, Richard T.; Weichenthal, Scott; Jerrett, Michael; Kwon Aug 1, 2020 11630
Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind: Aspects of the Avian Oncogenic Herpesvirus, Marek's Disease Virus. Davidson, Irit Aug 1, 2020 7588
The Role of Innate Immune Response and Microbiome in Resilience of Dairy Cattle to Disease: The Mastitis Model. Bronzo, Valerio; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Riva, Federica; Amadori, Massimo; Curone, Giulio; Addis, Maria Aug 1, 2020 12446
Investigation of the Prevalence, Virulence Genes, and Antibiogram of Motile Aeromonads Isolated from Nile Tilapia Fish Farms in Egypt and Assessment of their Water Quality. Gohary, Fatma A. El-; Zahran, Eman; Gawad, Eman A. Abd El-; Gohary, Adel H. El-; Abdelhamid, Fatma M Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 8843
Epidemiological Analysis and Prognosis of Conjunctival Cancer in the Past Twenty Years: A Population-Based Retrospective Study Using SEER Data. Diao, Yumei; Li, Xiaoqi; Huo, Yan; Li, Zongyuan; Yang, Qinghua; Huang, Yifei; Wang, Liqiang Report Jul 31, 2020 5570
Bone Metastases Pattern in Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Real-World Analysis in the SEER Database. Yang, Xiaojing; Ren, Hanru; Yu, Weiwei; Li, Hongling; Yang, Xinmiao; Fu, Jie Report Jul 31, 2020 4799
Prognostic Evaluation for Patients over 45 Years Old with Gallbladder Adenocarcinoma Resection: A SEER-Based Nomogram Analysis. Li, Pengfei; Song, Lujun Report Jul 31, 2020 5763
Prognostic Significance of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD-EPI Equation) and Anemia in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure Secondary to Chagas Cardiomyopathy. Nakazone, Marcelo Arruda; Machado, Mauricio Nassau; Otaviano, Ana Paula; Rodrigues, Ana Maria Silvei Jul 31, 2020 5714
Molecular Characterization of Norovirus Strains Isolated from Older Children and Adults in Impoverished Communities of Vhembe District, South Africa. Mulondo, G.; Khumela, R.; Kabue, J.P.; Traore, A.N.; Potgieter, N. Jul 31, 2020 5503
Prognostic Impact of the Number of Examined Lymph Nodes in Stage II Colorectal Adenocarcinoma: A Retrospective Study. Lei, Purun; Ruan, Ying; Liu, Jianpei; Zhang, Qixian; Tang, Xiao; Wu, Juekun Report Jul 31, 2020 4394
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Prime Ministry announces new measures for visitors based on epidemiological classification. Jun 24, 2020 659
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Coronavirus: No problems foreseen in switching from mandatory quarantine to self-isolation. Elias Hazou May 25, 2020 647
Rolling lockdown could be 'effective' approach; RESEARCH. May 20, 2020 244
Covid-19 could be stopped with a moderately effective vaccine. May 5, 2020 474
Cabinet To Introduce Adaptive Quarantine Model From May 11. May 4, 2020 364
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Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Children Orphaned due to AIDS Residing in Care Giving Institutions in Coastal South India. Thapar, Rekha; Singha, Meher; Kumar, Nithin; Mithra, Prasanna; Unnikrishnan, Bhaskaran; Holla, Rames Nov 30, 2019 5007
Opioid Safety and Concomitant Benzodiazepine Use in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients. Ruchi, Rupam; Bozorgmehri, Shahab; Ozrazgat-Baslanti, Tezcan; Segal, Mark S.; Shukla, Ashutosh M.; M Nov 30, 2019 7239
Does Arterial Hypertension Affect Plasma Levels of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Their Tissue Inhibitors in Patients with Stable Coronary Artery Disease? A Preliminary Study. Kuliczkowski, Wiktor; Banaszkiewicz, Marta; Mysiak, Andrzej; Makas, Grzegorz; Bil-Lula, Iwona Nov 30, 2019 5826
A Long Short-Term Memory Ensemble Approach for Improving the Outcome Prediction in Intensive Care Unit. Xia, Jing; Pan, Su; Zhu, Min; Cai, Guolong; Yan, Molei; Su, Qun; Yan, Jing; Ning, Gangmin Nov 30, 2019 6726
Psychological Stress and Cellular Aging in Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Kruk, Joanna; Aboul-Enein, Basil Hassan; Bernstein, Joshua; Gronostaj, Magdalena Nov 30, 2019 17123
Sex-Specific Negative Association between Iron Intake and Cellular Aging Markers: Mediation Models Involving TNF[alpha]. Yu, Jie; Liu, Haibin; He, Shuli; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; Ma, Minglei; Liu, Yiwen; Lv, Lu; Ping, Report Nov 30, 2019 5310
MoPH issues all-clear after food-poisoning scare. Nov 20, 2019 250
No botulinum bacteria in food samples: MoPH. Nov 20, 2019 258
Hepatic Encephalopathy Epidemiology Forecast 2019-2028: Disease Definition, Classification, Symptoms, Etiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostic Trends. Nov 7, 2019 1056
Characteristics and prognostic factors of age-stratified high-grade intracranial glioma patients: A population-based analysis. Sun, Yun; Xiong, Zhi-Yong; Yan, Peng-Fei; Jiang, Liang-Lei; Nie, Chuan-Sheng; Wang, Xuan Report Nov 1, 2019 5588
Treating Clinically Node-Negative Insular Thyroid Carcinoma without Prophylactic Central Compartment Neck Dissection Is Associated with Decreased Survival Regardless of T Staging and Administration of Radioactive Iodine Therapy: The First Evidence. Yu, Peng-Cheng; Shi, Xiao; Ma, Ben; Li, Cui-Wei; Tan, Li-Cheng; Hu, Wei-Ping; Wang, Yu; Wei, Wen-Jun Oct 31, 2019 5073
A Review on Flavonoid Apigenin: Dietary Intake, ADME, Antimicrobial Effects, and Interactions with Human Gut Microbiota. Wang, Minqian; Firrman, Jenni; Liu, LinShu; Yam, Kit Oct 31, 2019 14410
SERO-EPIDEMIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF CONTAGIOUS CAPRINE PLEUROPNEUMONIA IN GOATS. M. A. Chandio, D. H. Kalhoro, S. H. Abro, M. S. Kalhoro, A. Kaka, G. M. Lochi, A. A. Soomro, M. A. N Oct 31, 2019 3269
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Taking the Heat: Potential Fetal Health Effects of Hot Temperatures. Konkel, Lindsey Oct 1, 2019 4318
Analysis of a Stochastic SIR Model with Vaccination and Nonlinear Incidence Rate. Koufi, Amine El; Adnani, Jihad; Bennar, Abdelkrim; Yousfi, Noura Sep 30, 2019 3558
Epidemiology of Plague: Problems with the Use of Mathematical Epidemiological Models in Plague Research and the Question of Transmission by Human Fleas and Lice. Benedictow, Ole J. Report Sep 30, 2019 19942
Retrospective Analysis of Microbial Colonization Patterns in Central Venous Catheters, 2013-2017. He, Yu; Zhao, Huihan; Wei, Yan; Gan, Xiao; Ling, Ying; Ying, Yanping Sep 30, 2019 5133
Metabolomic Markers in Tongue-Coating Samples from Damp Phlegm Pattern Patients of Coronary Heart Disease and Chronic Renal Failure. Hao, Yiming; Yuan, Xue; Yan, Jin; Pham, Minh; Rohlsen, Dekai; Qian, Peng; Cheng, Feng; Wang, Yiqin Sep 30, 2019 6445
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Comparison of Xpert MTB/RIF with AFB smear and AFB culture in suspected cases of paediatric tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospital, Karachi. Report Sep 30, 2019 4477
Frequency of acid assault in males among burn patients presenting at Jinnah Burn and Reconstructive Surgery center (JBandRSC), Lahore, Pakistan. A cross sectional study. Report Sep 30, 2019 2593

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