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Effects of crop residues composts on the fractions and forms of organic carbon and nitrogen in subtropical Indian conditions. Moharana, P. C.; Biswas, D. R.; Ghosh, Avijit; Sarkar, Abhijit; Bhattacharyya, Ranjan; Meena, M. D. Report Feb 1, 2020 12879
Warming and nitrogen deposition accelerate soil phosphorus cycling in a temperate meadow ecosystem. Gong, Shiwei; Zhang, Tao; Guo, Jixun Report Feb 1, 2020 5385
Analysis of the structure of bacterial and fungal communities in disease suppressive and disease conducive tobacco-planting soils in China. Gao, Lin; Wang, Rui; Gao, Jiaming; Li, Fangming; Huang, Cuanghua; Huo, Guang; Liu, Zhiyu; Tang, Wei; Report Feb 1, 2020 3601
Impact of continuous organic manuring on mechanisms and processes of the stabilisation of soil organic C under rice-wheat cropping system. Purakayastha, T. J.; Das, Ruma; Kumari, Savita; Shivay, Y. S.; Biswas, Sunanda; Kumar, Dhiraj; Chakr Report Feb 1, 2020 10197
Study on the Hydraulic Parameters of Woshaxi Landslide Soils during Water Level Drawdown of Three Gorges Reservoir. Zhang, Zhenhua; Huang, Xiaoyu; Liu, Wu; Wang, Liang Report Jan 1, 2020 6409
Long-Term Green Manure Rotations Improve Soil Biochemical Properties, Yield Sustainability and Nutrient Balances in Acidic Paddy Soil under a Rice-Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Li, Dongchu; Liu, Shujun; Ali, Sehrish; Liu, Kailou; Xu Dec 1, 2019 8033
Long-Term Mineral Fertilization Improved the Grain Yield and Phosphorus Use Efficiency by Changing Soil P Fractions in Ferralic Cambisol. Ahmed, Waqas; Liu, Kailou; Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Huang, Qinghai; Xu, Yongmei; Ali, Sehrish; Dec 1, 2019 6897
Diversified Arable Cropping Systems and Management Schemes in Selected European Regions Have Positive Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Content. Francaviglia, Rosa; Alvaro-Fuentes, Jorge; Di Bene, Claudia; Gai, Lingtong; Regina, Kristiina; Turto Dec 1, 2019 7937
Prediction Models for Bioavailability of Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni and Pb in Soils of Republic of Serbia. Dinic, Zoran; Maksimovic, Jelena; Stanojkovic-Sebic, Aleksandra; Pivic, Radmila Dec 1, 2019 8155
Soil Physical Properties Spatial Variability under Long-Term No-Tillage Corn. Awal, Ripendra; Safeeq, Mohammad; Abbas, Farhat; Fares, Samira; Deb, Sanjit K.; Ahmad, Amjad; Fares, Nov 1, 2019 8644
A Comparison of Physical Soil Organic Matter Fractionation Methods for Amended Soils. Duddigan, Sarah; Shaw, Liz J.; Alexander, Paul D.; Collins, Chris D. Nov 1, 2019 9537
Predicting soil carbon saturation deficit and related properties of New Zealand soils using infrared spectroscopy. Baldock, J.A.; McNally, S.R.; Beare, M.H.; Curtin, D.; Hawke, B. Report Nov 1, 2019 7391
Cropping systems including legume cover crops favour mineral-organic associations enriched with microbial metabolites in no-till soil. Veloso, Murilo C.; Dick, Deborah Pinheiro; Costa, Janaina Berne da; Bayer, Cimelio Report Nov 1, 2019 6464
Substitution of Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizer with Green Manure (GM) Increased Yield Stability by Improving C Input and Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency in Rice Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Liu, Shujun; Li, Dongchu; Zhang, Lu; Liu, Lisheng; Xu, Oct 1, 2019 10007
Organic Manure Coupled with Inorganic Fertilizer: An Approach for the Sustainable Production of Rice by Improving Soil Properties and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Iqbal, Anas; He, Liang; Khan, Aziz; Wei, Shangqin; Akhtar, Kashif; Ali, Izhar; Ullah, Saif; Munsif, Oct 1, 2019 11810
Effects of tillage intensity on pore system and physical quality of silt-textured soils detected by multiple methods. Weninger, Thomas; Kreiselmeier, Janis; Chandrasekhar, Parvathy; Julich, Stefan; Feger, Karl-Heinz; S Report Oct 1, 2019 7571
Nitrogen mineralisation in sugarcane soils in Queensland, Australia: I. evaluation of soil tests for predicting nitrogen mineralisation. Allen, D.E.; Bloesch, P.M.; Orton, T.G.; Schroeder, B.L.; Skocaj, D.M.; Wang, W.; Masters, B.; Moody Report Oct 1, 2019 13506
Nitrogen mineralisation in sugarcane soils in Queensland, Australia: II. From laboratory to field-based prediction. Orton, T.C.; Allen, D.E.; Bloesch, P.M. Report Oct 1, 2019 8413
Influence of No-Tillage on Soil Organic Carbon, Total Soil Nitrogen, and Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Grain Yield. Omara, Peter; Aula, Lawrence; Eickhoff, Elizabeth M.; Dhillon, Jagmandeep S.; Lynch, Tyler; Wehmeyer Oct 1, 2019 6610
Spatial Variability of the Physicochemical Properties of Soils from Seasonally Flooded Forest Fragments on a Tropical Plain. Barbosa, Marcus Vinicius Moreira; Fernandes, Taynara Augusta; Siqueira, Guilherme Benko; de Siqueira Oct 1, 2019 6384
Estimating Salt Concentrations Based on Optimized Spectral Indices in Soils with Regional Heterogeneity. Kahaer, Yasenjiang; Tashpolat, Nigara Sep 1, 2019 9535
Calculation and Control Methods for Equivalent Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Based on Nonuniform Distribution of Stress. Yao, Yongsheng; Qian, Junfeng; Li, Jue; Zhang, Anshun; Peng, Junhui Sep 1, 2019 6716
Mapping change in key soil properties due to climate change over south-eastern Australia. Gray, Jonathan M.; Bishop, Thomas F.A. Report Aug 1, 2019 10205
Effects of irrigation and tillage on soil organic carbon and nutrients in mining-induced subsided cropland. Nie, X.J.; Zhang, H.B.; Li, S.Y. Aug 1, 2019 4768
Path coefficient analysis, a different approach to identify soil quality indicators/Analise de trilha, uma abordagem diferente para identificar indicadores de qualidade do solo. Ramos, Julio C.; Bertol, Ildegardis; Bandeira, Douglas H.; Barbosa, Fabricio T.; Zangiski, Fernanda Jul 1, 2019 7291
Study on the Creep Behaviors of Interactive Marine-Terrestrial Deposit Soils. Yan, Zhen; Li, Gang; Zhang, Jinli; Zhang, Rui Technical report Jul 1, 2019 6277
In Situ Determination of Density Profiles in Complex Strata Using the Nuclear Density Cone Penetrometer. Jia, Rui; Lei, Huayang; Zhang, Wenjun; Zhou, Haizuo Jul 1, 2019 7238
Deformation Analysis of Granular Soils under Dynamic Compaction Based on Stochastic Medium Theory. Du, Jifang; Wu, Shuaifeng; Hou, Sen; Wei, Yingqi Jul 1, 2019 5362
Numerical Method of Flexible Pavement considering Moisture and Stress Sensitivity of Subgrade Soils. Li, Jue; Zheng, Jianlong; Yao, Yongsheng; Zhang, Junhui; Peng, Junhui Jun 1, 2019 5613
Spatial and multivariate analysis of soybean productivity and soil physical-chemical attributes/ Analise espacial e multivariada da produtividade de soja e de atributos fisico-quimicos do solo. Buss, Ricardo N.; Silva, Raimunda A.; Siqueira, Glecio M.; Leiva, Jairo O.R.; Oliveira, Osmann C.C.; Jun 1, 2019 6517
Estimation of elemental composition of agricultural soils from West Azerbaijan, Iran, using mid-infrared spectral models/ Estimativa da composico elementar de solos do Azerbaijao oeste, Ira, utilizando-se modelos espectrais de infravermelho. Goydaragh, Maryam Ghebleh; Jafarzadeh, Ali Asghar; Shahbazi, Farzin; Oustan, Shahin; Taghizadeh-Mehr Jun 1, 2019 5407
Plant available water in saline soils--revisited. Grant, C.D.; Croenevelt, P.H. Report May 1, 2019 6193
Modelling the effects of stover harvest on soil organic carbon in the Pampas of Argentina. Alvarez, Roberto; De Paepe, Josefina L. Report May 1, 2019 6400
Prediction of soil organic matter using an inexpensive colour sensor in arid and semiarid areas of Iran. Raeesi, Maryam; Zolfaghari, Ali Asghar; Yazdani, Mohammad Reza; Gorji, Manouchehr; Sabetizade, Marma Report May 1, 2019 8258
Enhancing Constitutive Models for Soils: Adding the Capability to Model Nonlinear Small Strain in Shear. Seyedan, S.; Solowski, W.T. Report May 1, 2019 7819
A Case Study on Field Monitoring Analysis of Deep Foundation Pit in Soft Soils. Zhang, Xiaoshuang; Zhang, Xiuchuan; Han, Yunshan Case study May 1, 2019 4993
Modeling the Resilient Modulus Variation of In Situ Soils due to Seasonal Moisture Content Variations. Gaspard, Kevin; Zhang, Zhongjie; Gautreau, Gavin; Hanifa, Khalil; Zapata, Claudia E.; Abufarsakh, Mu Apr 1, 2019 4956
A meta-analysis of exchangeable aluminium in New Zealand soils using the National Soils Database. Whitley, A.E.; Moir, J.L.; Almond, P.C. Report Mar 1, 2019 8882
Effects of crop production practices on soil characteristics and metabolic diversity of microbial communities under winter wheat. Gajda, Anna M.; Czyz, Ewa A.; Furtak, Karolina; Johczyk, Krzysztof Report Mar 1, 2019 5607
Mapping the potential risk of Escherichia coli leaching through soils of the Waikato River catchment, New Zealand. McLeod, M.; Aislabie, J.; McGill, A.; Rhodes, P.; Hunter, D.W.F.; Thornburrow, D. Report Mar 1, 2019 12597
Responses of soil organic carbon, aggregate stability, carbon and nitrogen fractions to 15 and 24 years of no-till diversified crop rotations. Maiga, Amadou; Alhameid, Abdullah; Singh, Shikha; Polat, Atilla; Singh, Jasdeep; Kumar, Sandeep; Osb Report Mar 1, 2019 8004
Phosphorus sorption on tropical soils with relevance to Earth system model needs. Brenner, Julia; Porter, Wesley; Phillips, Jana R.; Childs, Joanne; Yang, Xiaojuan; Mayes, Melanie A. Feb 1, 2019 9635
Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on the Soil Carbon Sequestration Influence of Mavuno and Manure Fertilization on Soil Carbon Fractions. Kamanga, Sibusisiwe Caroline Report Jan 1, 2019 3599
Effects of soil management on aggregation and organic matter dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa. Ayuke, F.O.; Zida, Z.; Lelei, D. Report Jan 1, 2019 6796
Comparison of statistical models for the estimation of tree biomass and for the estimation of carbon stock above the soil in the Cerrado biome/Comparacao de modelos estatisticos para estimativa da biomassa de arvores, e estimativa do estoque de carbono acima do solo em Cerrado. de Oliveira, Camila Paula; Francelino, Marcio Rocha; Daher, Mayara; Leles, Paulo Sergio dos Santos; Jan 1, 2019 7632
Productivity of Pinus caribaea VAR. hondurensis and its relations with chemical attributes of soils in the brazilian Cerrado region/Produtividade de Pinus caribaea VAR. hondurensis e suas relacoes com atributos quimicos dos solos em regiao de Cerrado brasileiro. Silva, Vinicius Evangelista; da Silva, Paulo Ricardo Teodoro; Montanari, Rafael; Lisboa, Sara Dias d Jan 1, 2019 10126
Background Concentrations of Arsenic in Ohio Soils: Sources and Influencing Factors. Wanner, Nate Technical report Dec 1, 2018 7416
The effect of soil physical amendments on reclamation of a saline-sodic soil: simulation of salt leaching using HYDRUS-1D. Shaygan, Mandaria; Baumgartl, Thomas; Arnold, Sven; Reading, Lucy Pamela Report Nov 1, 2018 13461
Organic carbon and nitrogen contents and their fractions in soils with onion crops in different management systems. Ferreira, Lucas Borges; Loss, Arcangelo; Giumbelli, Lucas Dupont; Ventura, Barbara Santos; Souza, Mo Report Nov 1, 2018 10379
Spatial variability and changes in carbon stocks of a Regosols (Psamments) cultivated with sisal/ Variabilidade espacial e mudancas nos estoques de carbono de um Neossolo Regolitico cultivado com sisal. do Sacramento, Jose A.A.S.; Santos, Jorge A.G.; Loureiro, Diego C.; Costa, Oldair V.; Cova, Alide M. Nov 1, 2018 3903
Spatial variation in soil organic carbon and nitrogen at two field sites under crop and pasture rotations in southern New South Wales, Australia. Conyers, Mark; Orchard, Beverley; Orgill, Susan; Oates, Albert; Poile, Graeme; Hayes, Richard; Hawki Report Nov 1, 2018 10447
Carbon stock and its relationships with tree diversity and density in community forests in Nepal/Stocks de carbone et leurs relations avec la diversite et la densite des arbres dans la foret communautaire au Nepal/Reservas de carbono y sus relaciones con la diversidad y densidad de arboles en bosques comunitarios en Nepal. Aryal, S.; Shrestha, S.; Maraseni, T.; Wagle, P.C.; Gaire, N.P. Report Sep 1, 2018 6614
A lab-made method for extracting DNA from soils. Anderson, Michael Report Sep 1, 2018 6807
In-vitro evaluation of rice and wheat straw biochars' effect on pyrazosulfuron-ethyl degradation and microbial activity in rice-planted soil. Manna, Suman; Singh, Neera; Singh, Shashi Bala Report Sep 1, 2018 7915
Long-term effects of wheat production management practices on some carbon fractions of a semiarid Plinthustalfs. Loke, P.F.; Kotze, E.; Preez, C.C. Du; Twigge, L. Report Sep 1, 2018 11483
Conditions affecting oxide quantification in unknown tropical soils via handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Santana, M.L.T.; Ribeiro, B.T.; Silva, S.H.C.; Poggere, G.C.; Guilherme, L.R.G.; Curi, N. Report Sep 1, 2018 5230
Pedogenic iron oxides in soils of the Acre State, Brazil/Oxidos de ferro pedogenicos em solos do estado do Acre, Brasil. Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Fink, Jesse Rodrigo; dos Santos, Tatiele Fruett Aug 1, 2018 2850
Stocks, composition and vulnerability to loss of soil organic carbon predicted using mid-infrared spectroscopy. Baldock, J.A.; Beare, M.H.; Curtin, D.; Hawke, B. Report Aug 1, 2018 9637
Assessing the vulnerability of organic matter to C mineralisation in pasture and cropping soils of New Zealand. McNally, Sam; Beare, Mike; Curtin, Denis; Tregurtha, Craig; Qiu, Weiwen; Kelliher, Francis; Baldoc, Report Aug 1, 2018 7465
Simultaneous measurement of exchangeable AI and other cations in acidic soils. Conyers, Mark; Poile, Graeme Report Aug 1, 2018 4772
Quantifying total and labile pools of soil organic carbon in cultivated and uncultivated soils in eastern India. Priyanka, Kumari; Anshumali Report Jul 1, 2018 6993
Farming systems' productivity and soil organic carbon stocks following fertilisers, no-tillage or legumes on a fertility-depleted soil in a semi-arid subtropical region. Dalal, R.C.; Strong, W.M.; Weston, E.J.; Cooper, J.E.; Lehane, K.J.; King, A.J. Report Jul 1, 2018 9752
A simple numerical model to estimate water availability in saline soils. Mohammadi, Mohammad Hossein; Khataar, Mahnaz May 1, 2018 8646
Accuracy of methods to estimate potential acidity and lime requirement in soils of west region of Santa Catarina/Exatidao de metodos para estimativa da acidez potencial e necessidade de calcario em solos da regiao oeste de Santa Catarina. Predebon, Rodrigo; Gatiboni, Luciano Colpo; Mumbach, Gilmar Luiz; Schmitt, Djalma Eugenio; Dall'Orso Apr 1, 2018 2571
Safflower genotypes submitted to soil density levels. Bonfim-Silva, Edna Maria; Paludo, Juliana Tertezinha Sasso; da Silva, Tonny Jose Araujo; Fenner, Wil Report Apr 1, 2018 5685
Evidence for soil carbon enhancement through deeper mouldboard ploughing at pasture renovation on a Typic Fragiaqualf. Pereira, R. Calvelo; Hedley, M.J.; Arbestain, M. Camps; Bishop, P.; Enongene, K.E.; Otene, I.J.J. Report Mar 1, 2018 8134
Effects of nitrogen addition on soil oxidisable organic carbon fractions in the rhizospheric and bulk soils of Chinese pines in north-western China. Liu, Hongfei; Xue, Sha; Wang, Guoliang; Liu, Guobin Report Mar 1, 2018 9851
Soil biochemical changes at different wheat growth stages in response to conservation agriculture practices in a rice-wheat system of north-western India. Bera, Tanushree; Sharma, Sandeep; Thind, H.S.; Yadvinder-Singh; Sidhu, H.S.; Jat, M.L. Report Feb 1, 2018 13995
Technology for Automatic Soil Sampling by Manipulators mounted on Underwater Vehicles. Filaretov, Vladimir; Konoplin, Alexander; Konoplin, Nikita; Gorbachev, Georgy Report Jan 1, 2018 3142
Calculation of Tangent Modulus of Soils under Different Stress Paths. Huang, Hua; Huang, Min; Ding, Jiangshu Jan 1, 2018 4709
The Ecological Perspective of Landslides at Soils with High Clay Content in the Middle Bogowonto Watershed, Central Java, Indonesia. Sartohadi, Junun; Pulungan, Nur Ainun Harlin Jennie; Nurudin, Makruf; Wahyudi, Wahyudi Report Jan 1, 2018 7305
Annual Variation in Soil Enzyme Activity in a Paddy Field: Soil Temperature and Nutrient Availability Are Important for Controlling Enzyme Activities. Kunito, Takashi; Shiroma, Takashi; Moro, Hitoshi; Sumi, Hirotaka Report Jan 1, 2018 4604
Effects of Lime, Vermicompost, and Chemical P Fertilizer on Selected Properties of Acid Soils of Ebantu District, Western Highlands of Ethiopia. Bekele, Abdissa; Kibret, Kibebew; Bedadi, Bobe; Yli-Halla, Markku; Balemi, Tesfaye Report Jan 1, 2018 11840
In Situ Testing of Square Footing Resting on Geobelt-Reinforced Gravel Thin Cushion on Soft Silt. Zhang, Wei; Du, David; Bai, Xiaohong Jan 1, 2018 6041
Dynamic Characteristics of Deeply Buried Spherical Biogas Digesters in Viscoelastic Soils. Hou, Hongwei; Gao, Shihu; Guo, Qianqian; Chen, Long; Wu, Bing; Wang, Lei Report Jan 1, 2018 4376
Axial Uplift Behaviour of Belled Piers in Coarse-Grained Saline Soils. Xu, Jian; Ren, Jianwei; Wang, Songhe; Jin, Long; Yuan, Jun Jan 1, 2018 5786
Experimental Investigation of Unsaturated Silt-Sand Soil Permeability. Nazari, Samad; Hassanlourad, Mahmoud; Chavoshi, Elham; Mirzaii, Ali Jan 1, 2018 7373
Calculation of Capillary Rise Height of Soils by SWCC Model. Li, Yuhan; Zhang, Chen; Chen, Chenghao; Chen, Hao Jan 1, 2018 7458
Estimation of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve for Cohesive Soils with Methylene Blue Value. Zhang, Junhui; Peng, Junhui; Chen, Yejuan; Li, Jue; Li, Feng Jan 1, 2018 4798
Geomorphology Characterization of Ica Basin and Its Influence on the Dynamic Response of Soils for Urban Seismic Hazards in Ica, Peru. Bernal, Isabel; Tavera, Hernando; Sulla, Wilfredo; Arredondo, Luz; Oyola, Javier Jan 1, 2018 5356
Assessing Magnetic Susceptibility Profiles of Topsoils under Different Occupations. Bouhsane, N.; Bouhlassa, S. Jan 1, 2018 5723
Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Top Soils Used for Horticultural Purposes in Cape Coast, Ghana. Yawson, David Oscar; Kudu, Isaac Benjamin Yao; Adu, Michael Osei Jan 1, 2018 4031
Effect of Nano-Carbon on Water Holding Capacity in a Sandy Soil of the Loess Plateau./Efecto de Materiales Nanocarbonados en la Capacidad de Retencion de Agua en Suelos Arenosos de la Meseta de Loes. Zhou, Beibei; Chen, Xiaopeng Report Dec 1, 2017 6034
Maximum soil density of Entisols as a function of silt content/Densidade maxima de Neossolos em funcao do teor de silte. Broch, Djulia Tais; Klein, Vilson Antonio Dec 1, 2017 3860
Estimating organic carbon content of soil in Papua New Guinea using infrared spectroscopy. Orr, Ryan; McBeath, Anna V.; Dieleman, Wouter I.J.; Bird, Michael I.; Nelson, Paul N. Report Nov 1, 2017 4541
Soil chemical management drives structural degradation of Oxisols under a no-till cropping system. Nunes, Marcio R.; da Silva, Alvaro P.; Denardin, Jose E.; Giarola, Neyde F.B.; Vaz, Carlos M.P.; van Report Nov 1, 2017 12853
MANAGEMENT OF RESIDUES FROM Eucalyptus granais Hill ex Maiden HARVESTING IN CONTRASTING SITES/MANEJO DE RESIDUOS DE Eucalyptus granais Hill ex Maiden EN SITIOS CONTRASTANTES. Lupi, Ana Maria; Boca, Teresa; Garcia, Maria De Los Angeles; Diaz, Diana; Ingaramo, Luciana Jul 1, 2017 9356
Soil organic matter fractions, chemical attributes and aggregation under forestry and agricultural systems. da Silva, Cristiane Figueira; Pereira, Marcos Gervasio; Fernandes, Julio Cesar Feitosa; Fonseca, Ari Report Jul 1, 2017 5846
Prediction of soil properties by using geographically weighted regression at a regional scale. Tan, Xing; Guo, Peng-Tao; Wu, Wei; Li, Mao-Fen; Liu, Hong-Bin Report Jul 1, 2017 8629
Suboptimal fertilisation compromises soil physical properties of a hard-setting sandy loam. Jensen, Johannes Lund; Schjonning, Per; Christensen, Bent T.; Munkholm, Lars Juhl Report Jul 1, 2017 7950
Characterisation of soil organic matter in a semi-arid fluvic entisol fertilised with cattle manure and/or gliricidia by spectroscopic methods. Primo, Dario C.; Menezes, Romulo S.C.; Silva, Wilson T.L.; Oliveira, Fabio F.; Junior, Jose C.B.D.; Report Jul 1, 2017 7156
Soil organic carbon losses by water erosion in a Mediterranean watershed. Cilek, Ahmet Report Jul 1, 2017 7576
Screening of halophilic bacteria able to degrade crude oil contamination from Alborz Oil Field, Qom, Iran. Hosseini, Maryam; Fakhari, Javad; Rubaye, Mushtaq T. Sh. Al-; Dezfouli, Ehsan Ansari Report Jun 1, 2017 3298
Seismic properties of soil in the Eastern Baltic Sea region based on the horizontal to vertical spectral ratio method. Nikulins, Valerijs Report Jun 1, 2017 4610
Effects of crude oil inundated soils on the ecosystem--a case study. Onojake, Mudiaga Chukunedum; Abrakasa, Selegha Author abstract May 1, 2017 327
10:30-12:00 Noon Podium Session Session 04 Ecology and Environmental Science Room 417ABC. Apr 1, 2017 1764
Effects of spatial variability on soil physical attributes in areas cultivated with cassava prepared with different tillage systems. da Vitoria, Edney Leandro; Fernandes, Adriano Alves Report Apr 1, 2017 4501
Increases in organic carbon concentration and stock after clay addition to sands: validation of sampling methodology and effects of modification method. Schapel, Amanda; Davenport, David; Marschner, Petra Report Mar 1, 2017 7564
Effects of land use and topography on spatial variety of soil organic carbon density in a hilly, subtropical catchment of China. Liu, Huanyao; Zhou, Jiaogen; Feng, Qingyu; Li, Yuyuan; Li, Yong; Wu, Jinshui Report Mar 1, 2017 7524
Soil organic and organomineral fractions as indicators of the effects of land management in conventional and organic sugar cane systems. Brandani, Carolina B.; Abbruzzini, Thalita F.; Conant, Richard T.; Cerri, Carlos Eduardo P. Report Mar 1, 2017 16199
Effects of crop rotation on properties of a Vietnam clay soil under rice-based cropping systems in small-scale farmers' fields. Linh, Tran Ba; Cuong, Vo Thi; Tran, Vo Thi Thu; Van Khoa, Le; Olk, Daniel; Cornelis, Wim M. Report Mar 1, 2017 8785
Minerals control phosphorus solubility in long-term-cultivated calcareous soils. Jalali, Mohsen; jalali, Mahdi Report Mar 1, 2017 9092
Biological properties of disturbed and undisturbed cerrado sensu stricto from Northeast Brazil/Propriedades biologicas de Cerrado sensu stricto preservado e nao preservado do Nordeste do Brasi. Araujo, A.S.F.; Magalhaes, L.B.; Santos, V.M.; Nunes, L.A.P.L.; Dias, C.T.S. Jan 1, 2017 4348
Selection and Configuration of Sorption Isotherm Models in Soils Using Artificial Bees Guided by the Particle Swarm. Bharat, Tadikonda Venkata Report Jan 1, 2017 17521
Quantitative Estimation of Organic Matter Content in Arid Soil Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy Preprocessed by Fractional Derivative. Wang, Jingzhe; Tiyip, Tashpolat; Ding, Jianli; Zhang, Dong; Liu, Wei; Wang, Fei Report Jan 1, 2017 6383
Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Coarse Grained Subgrade Soils under Train-Induced Repeated Load. Ling, Xianzhang; Li, Peng; Zhang, Feng; Zhao, Yingying; Li, Yan; An, Lingshi Jan 1, 2017 8262
Investigation of the Effects of Anisotropic Flow of Pore Water and Multilayered Soils on Three-Dimensional Consolidation Characteristics. Laskar, Arpan; Pal, Sujit Kumar Jan 1, 2017 6703
Characterization and Classification of Soils of Abobo Area, Western Ethiopia. Yitbarek, Teshome; Beyene, Shelem; Kibret, Kibebew Report Jan 1, 2017 11602
Laboratory Assessment of Forest Soil Respiration Affected by Wildfires under Various Environments of Russia. Abakumov, Evgeny; Maksimova, Ekaterina; Tsibart, Anna; Shamilishviliy, George Report Jan 1, 2017 8316
Association between Soil Fertility and Growth Performance of Planted Shorea macrophylla (de Vriese) after Enrichment Planting at Rehabilitation Sites of Sampadi Forest Reserve, Sarawak, Malaysia. Perumal, Mugunthan; Wasli, Mohd Effendi; Ying, Ho Soo; Lat, Jonathan; Sani, Hamsawi Jan 1, 2017 12685
Methods to Reduce Forest Residue Volume after Timber Harvesting and Produce Black Carbon. Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Busse, Matt D.; Archuleta, James G.; McAvoy, Darren; Roussel, Eric Report Jan 1, 2017 5977
Effects of municipal solid waste compost, rice-straw compost and mineral fertilisers on biological and chemical properties of a saline soil and yields in a mustard-pearl millet cropping system. Meena, M.D.; Joshi, P.K.; Narjary, B.; Sheoran, P.; Jat, H.S.; Chinchmalatpure, A.R.; Yadav, R.K.; S Report Nov 1, 2016 8468
Nitrification rates and associated nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils--a synopsis. Farquharson, Ryan Report Aug 1, 2016 11745
Tree-scale spatial variability of soil carbon cycling in a mature oil palm plantation. Goodrick, Iain; Nelson, Paul N.; Nake, Steven; Webb, Michael J.; Bird, Michael I.; Huth, Neil Report Jul 1, 2016 8005
Zinc and copper mobility in experimentally disturbed oxisol and ultisol soil columns. Mohamed, Aishah Ramadan; Jusop, Shamshuddin; Ishak, Fauziah Che; Abdu, Arifin Report Jun 1, 2016 5971
Enhancing modelled water content by dielectric permittivity n stony soils. Pakparvar, M.; Cornelis, W.; Gabriels, D.; Mansouri, Z.; Kowsar, S.A. Report May 1, 2016 8361
Humus, nitrogen and energy balances, and greenhouse gas emissions in a long-term field experiment with compost compared with mineral fertilisation. Erhart, Eva; Schmid, Harald; Hartl, Wilfried; Hulsbergen, Kurt-Jurgen Report Mar 1, 2016 8566
Effects of tillage management on soil C[O.sub.2] emission and wheat yield under rain-fed conditions. Lu, Xingli; Lu, Xingneng; Tanveer, Sikander Khan; Wen, Xiaoxia; Liao, Yuncheng Report Feb 1, 2016 9617
Digital mapping of pre-European soil carbon stocks and decline since clearing over New South Wales, Australia. Gray, Jonathan M.; Bishop, Thomas F.A.; Smith, Peter L. Report Feb 1, 2016 10837
Face Stability Analysis of Shield Tunnels in Homogeneous Soil Overlaid by Multilayered Cohesive-Frictional Soils. Han, Kaihang; Zhang, Chengping; Li, Wei; Guo, Caixia Report Jan 1, 2016 4777
Modern Agriculture: practices, challenges and opportunities. Zulfiqar, Usman; Maqsood, Muhammad; Munir, Hassan; Ahmad, Muhammad Nov 15, 2015 938
How does grinding affect the mid-infrared spectra of soil and their multivariate calibrations to texture and organic carbon? Guillou, F. Le; Wetterlind, W.; Rossel, R. A. Viscarra; Hicks, W.; Grundy, M.; Tuomi, S. Report Nov 1, 2015 4821
Measuring soil organic carbon: which technique and where to from here? Johns, Timothy J.; Angove, Michael J.; Wilkens, Sabine Oct 1, 2015 18272
Estimate soil carbon stock in mixed deciduous forest at the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, Thailand. Smakgahn, Kruamas; Seangthong, Amornrat; Amkha, Suphachai Report Oct 1, 2015 2078
Identification and interpretation of sources of uncertainty in soils change in a global systems-based modelling process. Robinson, N.J.; Benke, K.K.; Norng, S. Report Sep 1, 2015 9318
Effect of cropping practices on soil organic carbon: evidence from long-term field experiments in Victoria, Australia. Robertson, Fiona; Armstrong, Roger; Partington, Debra; Perris, Roger; Oliver, Ivanah; Aumann, Colin; Report Sep 1, 2015 10419
Evaluation of load support capacity of remoulded fine and coarse textured soils as affected by wetting and drying cycles. Dastjerdi, Maryam Salehian; Hemmat, Abbas Report Aug 1, 2015 6165
Effects of thinning on soil respiration and microbial respiration of forest floor and soil in an oak (Quercus frainetto) forest. Akburak, Serdar; Makineci, Ender Report Aug 1, 2015 7014
Preferential flow paths in two alluvial soils with long-term additions of pig slurry in the Mediterranean zone of Chile. Fuentes, Ignacio; Casanova, Manuel; Seguel, Oscar; Padarian, Jose; Najera, Francisco; Salazar, Osval Report Jul 1, 2015 9201
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