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Thinking in Franciscan: Part II. Solignac, Laure; Falque, Emmanuel Essay Jan 1, 2019 3885
A Catholic Perspective on Homoerotic Desire. Damian, Christopher Essay Jan 1, 2019 10272
The New Natural Lawyers, Contraception, Capital Punishment, and the Infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium. Washburn, Christian D. Essay Jan 1, 2019 12340
Overwriting tradition: Humanae Vitae replaced real church teaching. Selling, Joseph May 18, 2018 2015
What is grace? Kohlhaas, Jacob Mar 1, 2018 523
Making sense of history: Henri-Irenee Marrou's theological scope. Diaz, Barbara Essay Jun 22, 2016 8096
The principle of Mercy: Jon Sobrino and the Catholic theological tradition. Walatka, Todd Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 11542
Raising expectations on sin. Keenan, James F. Essay Mar 1, 2016 7818
A Latina theological reflection on education, faith, love, and beauty. Gonzalez-Andrieu, Cecilia Essay Jan 1, 2016 4726
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Sep 1, 2015 956
The Qur'an and the Doctrine of Private Revelation: a theological proposal. Moreland, Anna Bonta Sep 1, 2015 9281
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Jun 1, 2015 835
Paul would be proud: the New Testament and Jewish-Gentile respect. Peppard, Michael Essay Jun 1, 2015 9619
From organic growth to liturgico-plasticity: reconceptualizing the process of liturgical reform. Johnson, Clare V. Essay Mar 1, 2015 12396
Mystagogy and mission: the challenge of nonbelief and the task of theology. Crowley, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2015 11820
Tradition as collective memory: a theological task to be tackled. O'Collins, Gerald; Braithwaite, David Essay Mar 1, 2015 6798
Theology today: comparative theology as a catholic theological approach. Moyaert, Marianne Essay Mar 1, 2015 10324
Sign of reconciliation and conversion? Differing views of power--ecclesial, sacramental, anthropological--among hierarchy and laity. Morrill, Bruce T. Essay Sep 1, 2014 13754
What might Bernard Lonergan say to Bruce Morrill? Mudd, Joseph C. Essay Sep 1, 2014 4793
The unity of salvation: divine missions, the church, and world religions. Jacobs-Vandegeer, Christiaan Essay Jun 1, 2014 12069
Toward a chrismatic ecclesiology as a theological basis for primacy. Stramara, Daniel F., Jr. Essay Mar 22, 2014 16845
Has the silence been broken? Catholic theological ethics and racial justice. Massingale, Bryan N. Mar 1, 2014 11210
Creating space for catholic theology? A critical-empathetic reading of Theology Today. Boeve, Lieven Critical essay Dec 1, 2013 12415
James Baldwin's challenge to catholic theologians and the church. Nilson, Jon Essay Dec 1, 2013 8466
Suffering and the sacred in Flannery O'Connor's short stories. Leigh, Davis J. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 7100
Interpreting the pain of others: John Paul II and Benedict XVI on Jewish suffering in the Shoah. Gregerman, Adam Essay Sep 22, 2013 13367
What should they be saying about biblical inspiration? A note on the state of the question. Moller, Philip Essay Sep 1, 2013 12183
Vatican II: relevance and future. Routhier, Gilles Essay Sep 1, 2013 8864
Christian-Muslim dialogue in practice: the Story of a French Canadian Mission to Indonesia, 1974-83. Foisy, Catherine Essay Jul 1, 2013 4542
The shaping of moral theology: Veritatis splendor and the debate on the nature of Roman Catholic moral theology. Muoha Maina, Wilson Jun 22, 2013 18174
Revisiting mission at Vatican II: theology and practice for today's missionary church. Bevans, Stephen B. Essay Jun 1, 2013 10435
"After all, Africa is largely a nonliterate continent": the reception of Vatican II in Africa. Orobator, Agbonkhianmeghe E. Essay Jun 1, 2013 7624
Reception of and trajectories for Vatican II in Asia. Phan, Peter C. Essay Jun 1, 2013 8189
Bonaventure Contra Mundum? The Catholic theological tradition revisited. Hughes, Kevin L. Essay Jun 1, 2013 12471
What is the soul? Schorn, Joel Column May 1, 2013 453
Integral human development in analytical perspective: a Trinitarian model. Grassl, Wolfgang Essay Mar 22, 2013 7671
True development and the human person: transcending contradiction in discerning a sustainable capitalism. Strickland, Geoffrey Essay Mar 22, 2013 6841
Christians are obligated to mirror Jesus' scandalous love, to let our egos be crucified. Veneroso, Joseph R. Essay Mar 15, 2013 774
The Groupe des Dombes document "One Teacher" (2005): toward a postconciliar Catholic reception. Gaillardetz, Richard R. Essay Mar 1, 2013 12368
Vatican II and theological ethics. Keenan, James F.S.J. Essay Mar 1, 2013 12801
For good or ill, something happened at Vatican II. Komonchak, Joseph A. Oct 11, 2012 985
From peritus to pope: the causes of Ratzinger's about-face. Wilkins, John Essay Oct 11, 2012 1706
Biblical authority permeates council teaching. Donahue, John R. Oct 11, 2012 1512
Toward a comprehensive interpretation of the council and its documents. Rush, Ormond Essay Sep 1, 2012 10921
Developments in teaching authority since Vatican II. Sullivan, Francis A. Essay Sep 1, 2012 8806
What does the Catholic church teach about mission to the Jewish people? D'Costa, Gavin G. Essay Sep 1, 2012 11887
Unsettled questions: following Vatican critique, prominent theologian asks: is it a contradiction to have power decide matters of truth? McElwee, Joshua J. Jun 22, 2012 1346
NCR endorses call for a new sexual ethic. Editorial Mar 30, 2012 711
Uwem Akpan's Say You're One of Them: invitations to solidarity. Szolosi, Stephen M. Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 9172
Libertarianism and Catholic social teaching on immigration. Kratz, Bridget; Block, Walter E. Essay Mar 22, 2012 6541
Living the truth: fundamental theological ethics. Keenan, James F. Essay Mar 1, 2012 7971
Which are the words of scripture? Griffiths, Paul J. Essay Dec 1, 2011 9850
"Aiming excessively high and far": the early Lonergan and the challenge of theory in Catholic social thought. Brown, Patrick D. Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 11938
The development of doctrine about infants who die unbaptized. Sullivan, Francis A. Essay Mar 1, 2011 5727
Oncofertility and the boundaries of moral reflection. Lauritzen, Paul; Vicini, Andrea Essay Mar 1, 2011 6769
Tradition and institution: Lutheran critique--Catholic dilemma. Frank, Chrysostom Essay Feb 1, 2011 3334
Responses to Devaka Premawardhana's "the unremarkable hybrid: Aloysius Pieris and the redundancy of multiple religious belonging". Klostermaier, Klaus K.; Phan, Peter C.; Light, Aimee Upjohn Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2011 2947
For Catholic theology, the future is global and lay-led. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 24, 2010 780
The implications of "religious experience" for Catholic-Pentecostal dialogue: a Catholic perspective. Del Colle, Ralph Essay Sep 22, 2010 9824
Ecumenical reflections on the Lutheran-Roman Catholic simul justus et peccator controversy. Mshanga, Vitalis Essay Sep 22, 2010 7107
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Sep 1, 2010 933
Spe salvi on eschatological and secular hope: a Thomistic critique of an Augustinian encyclical. Doyle, Dominic Critical essay Jun 1, 2010 14773
Sins of the father: the suspect actions of Abraham should give us pause about what makes him one of the heroes of the Bible. Camille, Alice Mar 1, 2010 1285
Metaphysics and society: a commentary on Caritas in veritate. Christiansen, Drew Mar 1, 2010 11403
The Danish cartoons reconsidered: Catholic social teaching and the contemporary challenge of free speech. DeCosse, David E. Mar 1, 2010 14723
You are what you eat: the Eucharist is the ultimate power food. Scobey, Annemarie Nov 1, 2009 749
Above and beyond the call: U.S. women religious deserve better than the nunsense of a Vatican investigation. Cones, Bryan Jul 1, 2009 768
The eucharistic presence of Christ in seventeenth-century Dutch Protestant popular piety: toward a Catholic-Protestant rapprochement? Maan, Tony Essay Mar 22, 2009 10148
An African moral theology of inculturation: methodological considerations. Odozor, Paulinus Ikechukwu Essay Sep 1, 2008 12427
Theological observations on visiting an abortion clinic: early in 2008, members of Catholics for Choice's European advisory group visited an abortion clinic. In what follows, Catholic theologian Anthony Padovano provides an overview of the visit and group members share their thoughts about the experience. Padovano, Anthony T.; Harth, Elfriede; Grzywacz, Anka; Baneke, Frans; Baars, Henk Essay Mar 22, 2008 5984
The unselfing activity of the Holy Spirit in the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Vogel, Jeffrey A. Sep 22, 2007 6517
Augustine's questions: why the Augustinian theology of God matters today. Barron, Robert Sep 22, 2007 6684
Homo theologicus: toward a reflexive theology (with the help of Pierre Bourdieu). Sanks, Howland T. Sep 1, 2007 6702
As long as we wonder: possibilities in the impossibility of interreligious dialogue. Fletcher, Jeannine Hill Sep 1, 2007 10483
The Johannine of Augustine's Trinity: a dogmatic sketch. Kuehn, Evan F. Sep 1, 2007 11267
From Oxford to Rome: Newman's ecclesial conversion. Conn, Walter F. Sep 1, 2007 10429
Yves de Monteheuil: action, justice, and the kingdom in spiritual resistance to Nazism. Grummet, David Sep 1, 2007 10853
On the (economic) trinity: an argument in conversation with Robert Doran. Hefling, Charles Sep 1, 2007 9055
Addressing the four-point hypothesis. Doran, Robert M. Sep 1, 2007 4260
Science-fostering belief--then and now. Kaiser, Christopher B. Sep 1, 2007 9046
Hilary and the Homoiousians: using new categories to map the Trinitarian controversy. Weedman, Mark Sep 1, 2007 9705
Godless Europe? Jenkins, Philip Jul 1, 2007 5602
Can Europe be saved? A review essay. Sanneh, Lamin Jul 1, 2007 3745
Violence and mission in the fourth and fifth centuries: Lessons for today. Kreider, Alan Jul 1, 2007 7012
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Jun 1, 2007 989
Fostering a Catholic commitment to the common good: an approach rooted in virtue ethics. Vogt, Christopher P. Jun 1, 2007 11123
Beyond word and sacrament: a reformed Protestant engagement of Guadalupan devotion. Rodriguez, Ruben Rosario Report Mar 22, 2007 11805
The requirements and challenges of full communion: a multilateral evaluation? Gros, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2007 13211
Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue seen through an emancipatory theory. Goosen, Gideon Mar 22, 2007 3687
Pandemic justice. Lebacqz, Karen Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2007 7651
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Editorial Dec 1, 2006 964
Gift theory and the book of Job. Ki, Wing-Chi Critical essay Dec 1, 2006 12847
The starting point of systematic theology. Doran, Robert M. Dec 1, 2006 12781
Resurrection--interruption--transformation: incarnation as hermeneutical strategy: a symposium. Godzieba, Anthony J.; Boeve, Lieven; Saracino, Michele Dec 1, 2006 17850
Resurrection and the costs of evolution: a dialogue with Rahner on noninterventionist theology. Edwards, Denis Dec 1, 2006 8491
"The Times They Are a 'Changin'": a response to O'Malley and Schloesser. Ormerod, Neil J. Dec 1, 2006 9997
He sent them out to heal! Reflections on the healing ministry of the church. Grundmann, Christoffer H. Oct 1, 2006 4179
Catholic sexual ethics: complementarity and the truly human. Salzman, Todd A.; Lawler, Michael G. Sep 1, 2006 11285
True faith waits: in whose interest is it to confirm 7-year-olds? Saving the sacrament for an age when young people can better understand the meaning behind it makes more sense, no matter how things used to be. Zaker, Christina Jul 1, 2006 1328
What kind of mission? Aubert, Jean-Marie Jul 1, 2006 350
For a Missiology of Western culture. Zorn, Jean-Francois Jul 1, 2006 1895
Three missiological perspectives: what testimony? Engelsviken, Tormod Jul 1, 2006 2242
The potential of pneumatology for mission in contemporary Europe. Kim, Kirsteen Jul 1, 2006 3180
Ministries in post-enlightenment Europe. Lodberg, Peter Jul 1, 2006 2429
Theological reflections on the missionary activity of the Russian Orthodox Church. Kozhuharov, Valentin Jul 1, 2006 5665
Missionary theology in the theological university education of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Petraru, Gheorghe Jul 1, 2006 3095
"Strange fruit": Black suffering/White revelation. Pramuk, Christopher Jun 1, 2006 16162
Quaestio disputata a response to Karl Becker, S.J., on the meaning of subsistit in. Sullivan, Francis A. Jun 1, 2006 7060
Tradition and doctrinal development: can Vincent of Lerins still teach the church? Guarino, Thomas G. Mar 1, 2006 18156
Loisy's L'Evangile et l'Eglise in light of the "Essais". Hill, Harvey Mar 1, 2006 11930
Fundamental moral theology at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Keenan, James F. Mar 1, 2006 9265
Saying goodbye to limbo. Unsworth, Tim Column Feb 3, 2006 779
The "eschatological principle" in Catholic social thought. Lowery, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2005 8231
Cosmic ecstasy and process theology. Reynolds, R. Blair Jul 1, 2005 7468
Priests and the crisis of hope within the church. Radcliffe, Timothy Sep 3, 2004 2640
Liturgy: the challenging call to a new direction: we need more than simply being better at business as usual. Empereur, James L. Feb 13, 2004 3098
Birth control rerun adds little to Catholic life. Editorial Nov 21, 2003 909
Catholicism and science: renewing the conversation. Heft, James L. Jun 22, 2002 2293
Resurrection. (spirituality cafe). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 117
Invalid arguments? Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 379
What is sacred calls us to the unknown. BEHRENS, JAMES STEPHEN Brief Article Nov 24, 2000 778
Protests and sit-in besiege meeting of U.S. bishops. LEFEVERE, PATRICIA Nov 24, 2000 1086
Sister, her order clash over Spiritus Christi role. GRIFFIN-NOLAN, ED Brief Article Nov 24, 2000 952
Liturgical Institute president resigns. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Brief Article Oct 27, 2000 796
Contradictions in mission unresolved. Balasuriya, Tissa Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 1223
We can be better than bitter. MCGRATH, TOM Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 797
A priest is a terrible thing to waste. COFFEY, KATHY Sep 1, 2000 1318
Find truth in culture. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 433
Chalcedonian Christology: modern criticism and contemporary ecumenism. Nestlehutt, Mark S.G. Mar 22, 1998 10823
Bishops move on McBrien's 'Catholicism:' critics criticize denial of due process amid rumors of a vendetta. Fox, Tom Apr 19, 1996 1098
Theologians now face either-or- situation: Vatican Council III may be only path to new church reform. Kueng, Hans Dec 15, 1995 3150
When events outrun theological consensus. Di Noia, Augustine Column Dec 15, 1995 1167
Infallibility: the argument from silence. Surlis, Paul Column Dec 15, 1995 794
Tradition and authoritative reasoning: a nonfoundationalist perspective. Thiel, John E. Dec 1, 1995 11404
Bossuet and the consenses of the church. Costigan, Richard F. Dec 1, 1995 10667
Encyclical's one aim: assent and submission; absolute norms weren't part of Peter's task. Haering, Bernhard Nov 5, 1993 1738
The church is 'Catholic' because it's sacramental. McBrien, Richard P. Column Jan 15, 1993 779

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