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Development of Nested PCR-Heteroduplex Mobility Assay for Determination of Genetic Diversity in the Block 2 Region of the Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein 1 Gene. Kritsiriwuthinan, Kanyanan; Ngrenngarmlert, Warunee; Sunantaraporn, Sakone; Jehmah, Anna Report Apr 30, 2020 5271
Hatay'da Goc Oncesi ve Sonrasi Saptanan Kutanoz Leishmaniasis Olgularinin Gercek Zamanli Polimeraz Zincir Reaksiyonu ile Genotiplendirilmesi/Genotyping of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Cases Detected Before and After Migration with Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction in Hatay. Culha, Gulnaz; Kaya, Tugba; Dogramaci, Asena Cigdem Mar 1, 2020 2689
Polymerase Chain Reaction: Theory and Technology. Book review Jul 1, 2019 112
Variations in crossing thresholds during real-time PCR when using auto-gain settings determined from the fluorescent signal in tube one. Warshawsky, Ilka; Dunphy, Gail; Boles, Julie; Ruggles, Lisa Sep 1, 2018 1039
Comparative Evaluation of Immunochromatographic and Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction based tests for Diagnosis of Canine Distemper. Agnihotri, Divya; Maan, Sushila; Batra, Kanisht; Jain, V.K. Jul 1, 2018 2860
Detection of the mecA gene and identification of Staphylococcus directly from blood culture bottles by multiplex polymerase chain reaction. Rocchetti, Taisa Trevizani; Martins, Katheryne Benini; Martins, Patricia Yoshida Faccioli; de Olivei Report Mar 1, 2018 3984
Detection of Campylobacter spp. in chilled and frozen broiler carcasses comparing immunoassay, PCR and real time PCR methods/Deteccao de Campylobacter spp. em carcacas de frango de corte resfriadas e congeladas pelos metodos imunoenzimatico, PCR e PCR em tempo real. Reis, Luciana Pimenta; Menezes, Liliane Denize Miranda; Lima, Graciela Kunrath; Santos, Ethiene Luiz Feb 1, 2018 4739
Multiplex Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction for Simultaneous Quantification of Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus in Different Food Matrices: Advantages and Disadvantages. Lopes, Amanda Teixeira Sampaio; Albuquerque, George Rego; Maciel, Bianca Mendes Jan 1, 2018 6838
Dual-target HIV-1 PCR test. Apr 1, 2017 101
Utility of Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction in Detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Lv, Zhongquan; Zhang, Mingxin; Zhang, Hui; Lu, Xinxin Report Jan 1, 2017 3516
Influence of storage time on DNA of Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae for accurate detection by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Lu, Y.; Rong, C.Z.; Zhao, J.Y.; Lao, X.J.; Xie, L.; Li, S.; Qin, X. Report Oct 1, 2016 4324
Enhanced attachment and growth of periodontal cells on glycine-arginine-glycine-aspartic modified chitosan membranes. Tu, Hsiao-Pei; Lee, Xiang-Qing; Lin, Chi-Yu; Shen, E-Chin; Chen, Yen-Teen; Fu, Earl; Chin, Yu-Tang Report Jul 1, 2016 4798
Comparison between the accuracy of a rapid point-of-care HIV test TOYO versus ELISA, Western blot, and RT-PCR analysis. Zaini, Rana Ghazi; Shesha, Nashwa T. Report May 1, 2016 3023
Use of the nested polymerase chain reaction for detection of toxoplasma gondii in slaughterhouse workers in Thika District, Kenya. Thiong'o, S.K.; Ichagichu, J.M.; Ngotho, M.; Aboge, G.O.; Kagira, J.M.; Karanja, S.M.; Maina, N.N. Report Apr 1, 2016 2791
A LAMP to see in the molecular darkness. Brunstein, John Report Dec 1, 2015 1842
Rapid Identification of Mycobacterium Leprae by Polymerase Chain Reaction-restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of the Heat Shock Protein 65 Gene from Skin Specimens. Zhao, Zheng; Liu, Xi-Wan; Jia, Jun; Cai, Lin; Zhang, Jian-Zhong Report Nov 1, 2015 1345
High-resolution assessment of copy number variation. Dobrovic, Alexander Report May 1, 2015 1654
Copy number assessment by competitive PCR with limiting deoxynucleotide triphosphates and high-resolution melting. Zhou, Luming; Palais, Robert A.; Paxton, Christian N.; Geiersbach, Katherine B.; Wittwer, Carl T. Report May 1, 2015 5112
Quantitative Multiplexed Detection of Common Pulmonary Fungal Pathogens by Labeled Primer Polymerase Chain Reaction. Gu, Zhengming; Buelow, Daelynn R.; Petraitiene, Ruta; Petraitis, Vidmantas; Walsh, Thomas J.; Hayden Nov 1, 2014 5849
Sample-to-answer PCR improves patient care. Maltezos, George Nov 1, 2014 1557
Validation of a real-time PCR-based qualitative assay for the detection of methylated SEPT9 DNA in human plasma. Potter, Nicholas T.; Hurban, Patrick; White, Mary N.; Whitlock, Kara D.; Lofton-Day, Catherine E.; T Report Sep 1, 2014 5875
Verruca vulgaris of the tongue: a case report with literature review. Ural, Ahmet; Arslan, Selcuk; Ersoz, Safak; Deger, Betul Report Aug 1, 2014 1654
Human infections with Borrelia miyamotoi, Japan. Sato, Kozue; Takano, Ai; Konnai, Satoru; Nakao, Minoru; Ito, Takuya; Koyama, Kojiro; Kaneko, Minoru; Report Aug 1, 2014 1939
Avian Pathol.: polymerase chain reaction detection of avipox and avian papillomavirus in naturally infected wild birds: comparisons of blood, swab and tissue samples. Williams, R.A.; Duch, C.E.; Perez-Tris, J. Report Jun 1, 2014 257
J Vet Diagn Invest.: detection of avian bornavirus in multiple tissues of infected psittacine birds using real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. Delnatte, P.; Mak, M.; Ojkic, D. Report Jun 1, 2014 210
Identification of chromosomally integrated Human herpesvirus 6 by droplet digital PCR. Sedlak, Ruth Hall; Cook, Linda; Huang, Meei-Li; Magaret, Amalia; Zerr, Danielle M.; Boeckh, Michael; Report May 1, 2014 5051
Study to find out the incidence of Genital Tuberculosis as a cause for female infertility in Semi-Urban population. Parikh, Kajal P.; Deshpande, Hemant G.; Madkar, Chandrakant S.; Jethani, Sumit Report Mar 24, 2014 1597
Evaluation of normalization strategies used in real-time quantitative PCR experiments in HepaRG cell line studies. Ceelen, Liesbeth; De Craene, Jurgen; De Spiegelaere, Ward Report Mar 1, 2014 2531
Fluorescent quantitative PCR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for differentiating intestinal tuberculosis from Crohn's disease. Fei, B.Y.; Lv, H.X.; Zheng, W.H. Report Feb 1, 2014 3550
Chronological emergence of a class a carbapenemase-producing Enterobacter aerogenes in Taiwan. Huang, Zheng-Yi; Sun, Jun-Ren; Hsu, Sheng-Ting; Yu, Ching-Mei; Perng, Cherng-Lih; Chiueh, Tzong-Shi Chronology Jan 1, 2014 2446
MHC-DRB1/DQB1 gene polymorphism and its association with resistance/susceptibility to Cystic Echinococcosis in Chinese Merino sheep. Shen, Hong; Han, Guohua; Jia, Bin; Jiang, Song; Du, Yingchun Report Jan 1, 2014 4993
Digital droplet PCR for rapid quantification of donor DNA in the circulation of transplant recipients as a potential universal biomarker of graft injury. Beck, Julia; Bierau, Sarah; Balzer, Stefan; Andag, Reiner; Kanzow, Philipp; Schmitz, Jessica; Gaedck Report Dec 1, 2013 4568
Development and assessment of a sensitive and cost-effective polymerase chain reaction to detect ostreid herpesvirus 1 and variants. Lynch, Sharon A.; Dillane, Eileen; Carlsson, Jens; Culloty, Sarah C. Report Dec 1, 2013 7201
Digital PCR as a novel technology and its potential implications for molecular diagnostics. Huggett, Jim F.; Whale, Alexandra Editorial Dec 1, 2013 2204
Applications of multiplexing and array method. Bronstein, John Sep 1, 2013 1887
Quantitative PCR methods. Brunstein, John Aug 1, 2013 1751
Validity of the polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosis of clinically suspected cases of American visceral leishmaniasis. Pedrosa, Celia Maria Silva; Ximenes, Ricardo Arraes de Alencar; de Almeida, Wendell Alexandre Pinhei Report May 1, 2013 3252
DNA replication: polymerases. Brunstein, John Feb 1, 2013 1585
Circulating prostate cells found in men with benign prostate disease are P504S negative: clinical implications. Murray, Nigel P.; Reyes, Eduardo; Badinez, Leonardo; Orellana, Nelson; Fuentealba, Cynthia; Olivares Report Jan 1, 2013 2999
Bartonella spp. bacteremia and rheumatic symptoms in patients from Lyme disease-endemic region. Beard, C. Ben; Nelson, Christina A.; Mead, Paul S.; Petersen, Lyle R.; Raoult, Didier Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 2329
Determining annealing temperatures for polymerase chain reaction. Porta, Angela R.; Enners, Edward Report Apr 1, 2012 2969
The cooling on the diagnostic of Salmonella spp. using traditional microbiologic method and the polymerase chain reaction in poultry carcasses/ A refrigeracao no diagnostico de Salmonella spp. utilizando o metodo microbiologico tradicional e reacao em cadeia da polimerase em carcacas de frango. Possebon, Fabio Sossai; da Costa, Luis Felipe Zuccolo Paschoal; Yamatogi, Ricardo Seiti; Rodrigues, Jan 1, 2012 2789
Circulating endothelial cells as a marker of vascular dysfunction in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Attia, Fadia M.; Maaty, Ahmed; Kalil, Fawzy Attia Nov 1, 2011 3354
Molecular methods in clinical microbiology introduction. Josko, Deborah Sep 22, 2010 1408
Molecular virology in the clinical laboratory. Josko, Deborah Sep 22, 2010 3622
Histopathological findings in fatal novel H1N1: an autopsy case series from September-November 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Springer, Jeffrey; Safley, Matthew; Huber, Samantha; Troxclair, Dana; Craver, Randall; Newman, Willi Report Mar 1, 2010 2106
Get in the "groove" with new molecular technology. Corpus, George Jan 1, 2010 905
Identification and genetic variability of Colletotrichum isolates causing anthracnose in inflorescence of ornamental tropical plants/Identificacao e variabilidade genetica de isolados de Colletotrichum causando antracnose em inflorescencias de plantas ornamentais tropicais. Barguil, Beatriz Meireles; Oliveira, SOnia Maria Alves de; Coelho, Rildo Sartori Barbosa; Beserra, J Report Sep 1, 2009 4395
Nutritional deficiency in citrus with symptoms of citrus variegated chlorosis disease/Deficiencia nutricional em citros com sintomas da doenca da clorose variegada dos citros. Silva-Stenico, M.E.; Pacheco, F.T.H.; Pereira-Filho, E.R.; Rodrigues, J.L.M.; Souza, A.N.; Etchegara Report Aug 1, 2009 3440
Sputum, the final frontier: PCR from the research bench to the MRSA diagnostic trench. Persing, David Nov 1, 2008 977
Exon-level expression profiling: a comprehensive transcriptome analysis of oral fluids. Hu, Zhanzhi; Zimmermann, Bernhard G.; Zhou, Hui; Wang, Jianghua; Henson, Bradley S.; Yu, Weixia; Ela May 1, 2008 4873
Recent activity of the retrotransposable B2 element in hamsters and its use as a phylogenetic marker. Katakowski, Joseph A.; Kass, David H. Report Mar 22, 2008 2758
Review of molecular methods for medical microbiology testing. Evans, Gloria Nov 1, 2007 9047
Quality-controlled measurement methods for quantification of variations in transcript abundance in whole blood samples from healthy volunteers. Peters, Elizabeth Herness; Rojas-Caro, Sandra; Brigell, Mitchell G.; Zahorchak, Robert J.; Etages, S Jun 1, 2007 4957
Validation of a CYP2D6 genotyping panel on the NanoChip molecular biology workstation. Lee, Hong-Kee; Lewis, Lionel D.; Tsongalis, Gregory J.; Schur, Bernard C.; Jannetto, Paul J.; Wong, May 1, 2007 4094
Preanalytical mRNA stabilization of whole bone marrow samples. Langebrake, Claudia; Gunther, Kalle; Lauber, Jurgen; Reinhardt, Dirk Apr 1, 2007 4229
Ultrasensitive monitoring of HIV-I viral load by a low-cost real-time reverse transcription-PCR assay with internal control for the 5' long terminal repeat domain. Drosten, Christian; Panning, Marcus; Drexler, Jan Felix; Hansel, Florian; Pedroso, Celia; Yeats, Jan Jul 1, 2006 5519
Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification for rapid detection of proteolipid protein I gene duplications and deletions in affected males and carrier females with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease. Warshawsky, Ilka; Chernova, Olga B.; Hubner, Christian A.; Stindl, Reinhard; Henneke, Marco; Gal, An Jul 1, 2006 5348
Sensitive and quantitative measurement of gene expression directly from a small amount of whole blood. Zheng, Zhi; Luo, Yuling; McMaster, Gary K. Jul 1, 2006 5694
Systematic comparison of the T7-IVT and SMART-based RNA preamplification techniques for DNA microarray experiments. Wilhelm, Jochen; Muyal, Jai Prakash; Best, Johannes; Kwapiszewska, Grazyna; Stein, Maria Magdalena; Jun 1, 2006 3925
MassTag polymerase chain reaction for differential diagnosis of viral hemorrhagic fevers. Lipkin, W. Ian Apr 1, 2006 2550
Minimal disease detection and confirmation in hematologic malignancies: combining cell sorting with clonality profiling. Zehentner, Barbara K.; Fritschle, Wayne; Stelzer, Tess; Ghirardelli, Keely M.; Hunter, Kimberly; Wen Mar 1, 2006 4521
Human metapneumovirus, Peru. Boivin, Guy Feb 1, 2006 2425
Population genetic analysis of the grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio using DNA single-strand conformation polymorphism. Flowers, Melody A.; Fang, Quentin Q.; Pung, Oscar J. Dec 22, 2005 3652
Expanding the pool of PCR-based markers for oat. Jannink, J.-L.; Gardner, S.W. Nov 1, 2005 3793
Development of a PCR-based assay for detection, quantification, and genotyping of human adenoviruses. Chmielewicz, Barbara; Nitsche, Andreas; Schweiger, Brunhilde; Ellerbrok, Heinz Aug 1, 2005 6675
Cell-free DNA in serum and plasma: comparison of ELISA and quantitative PCR. Holdenrieder, Stefan; Stieber, Petra; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Geiger, Sandra; Kremer, Andreas; Nagel, Dorot Aug 1, 2005 1686
Evaluation of the quantitative analytical methods real-time PCR for HER-2 gene quantification and ELISA of serum HER-2 protein and comparison with fluorescence in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry for determining HER-2 status in breast cancer patients. Tse, Chantal; Brault, Didier; Gligorov, Joseph; Antoine, Martine; Neumann, Rainer; Lotz, Jean-Pierre Report Jul 1, 2005 5143
Genotyping the hemophilia inversion hotspot by use of inverse PCR. Rossetti, Liliana Carmen; Radic, Claudia Pamela; Larripa, Irene Beatriz; De Brasi, Carlos Daniel Jul 1, 2005 2984
Identification of subtypes of CYP2D gene rearrangements among carriers of CYP2D6 gene deletion and duplication. Ledesma, Maria C.; Agundez, Jose A.G. Jun 1, 2005 3320
Multimarker quantitative real-time PCR detection of circulating melanoma cells in peripheral blood: relation to disease stage in melanoma patients. Koyanagi, Kazuo; Kuo, Christine; Nakagawa, Taku; Mori, Takuji; Ueno, Hideaki; Lorico, Arnulfo R., Jr Clinical report Jun 1, 2005 5043
Quantitative analysis of circulating plasma DNA as a tumor marker in thoracic malignancies. Herrera, Luis J.; Raja, Siva; Gooding, William E.; El-Hefnawy, Talal; Kelly, Lori; Luketich, James D Clinical report Jan 1, 2005 4103
High-sensitivity detection of the A3243G mutation of mitochondrial DNA by a combination of allele-specific PCR and peptide nucleic acid-directed PCR clamping. Urata, Michiyo; Wada, Yui; Kim, Sang Ho; Chumpia, Worawan; Kayamori, Yuzo; Hamasaki, Naotaka; Kang, Nov 1, 2004 4460
Acinetobacter baumannii in human body louse. Raoult, Didier Sep 1, 2004 1799
Detection and quantification of heteroplasmic mutant mitochondrial DNA by real-time amplification refractory mutation system quantitative PCR analysis: a single-step approach. Bai, Ren-Kui; Wong, Lee-Jun C. Jun 1, 2004 3107
Size separation of circulatory DNA in maternal plasma permits ready detection of fetal DNA polymorphisms. Li, Ying; Zimmermann, Bernhard; Rusterholz, Corinne; Kang, Anjeung; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Hahn, Sinuh Jun 1, 2004 6041
Improved indicators for assessing the reliability of detection and quantification by kinetic PCR. Soong, Richie; Ladanyi, Andras Jun 1, 2003 2526
A(r)Ray of hope in analysis of the function and diversity of microbial communities. Polz, Martin F.; Bertilsson, Stefan; Acinas, Silvia G.; Hunt, Dana Apr 1, 2003 2679
Human kallikrein gene 5 (KLK5) expression by quantitative PCR: an independent indicator of poor prognosis in breast cancer. Yousef, George M.; Scorilas, Andreas; Kyriakopoulou, Lianna G.; Rendl, Laura; Diamandis, Maria; Ponz Aug 1, 2002 5433
Simultaneous quantification of prostate-specific antigen and human glandular kallikrein 2 mRNA in blood samples from patients with prostate cancer and benign disease. Ylikoski, Alice; Pettersson, Kim; Nurmi, Jussi; Irjala, Kerttu; Karp, Matti; Lilja, Hans; Lovgren, T Clinical report Aug 1, 2002 5351
Polymerase chain reaction test costs less, finds virus in 2 hours. (More Sensitive than Culture). Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article Mar 15, 2002 452
Predominant hematopoietic origin of cell-free DNA in plasma and serum after sex-mismatched bone marrow transplantation. Lui, Yanni Y.N.; Chik, Ki-Wai; Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Ho, Cheong-Yip; Lam, Christopher W.K.; Lo, Y.M. Den Mar 1, 2002 4264
Diagnostic biochip array for fast and sensitive detection of K-ras mutations in stool. Prix, Lothar; Uciechowski, Peter; Bockmann, Beatrix; Giesing, Michael; Schuetz, Andreas J. Mar 1, 2002 4879
Novel real-time quantitative PCR test for trisomy 21. Zimmermann, Bernhard; Holzgreve, Wolfgang; Wenzel, Friedel; Hahn, Sinuhe Feb 1, 2002 1449
Unexplained DNA melting behavior in a genotyping assay. Burggraf, Siegfried; Kosel, Siegfried; Lohmann, Sabine; Beck, Reinhard; Olgemoller, Bernhard Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2002 1180
Oligonucleotide melting temperatures under PCR conditions: nearest-neighbor corrections for [Mg.sup.2+], deoxynucleotide triphosphate, and dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations with comparison to alternative empirical formulas. von Ahsen, Nicolas; Wittwer, Carl T.; Schutz, Ekkehard Nov 1, 2001 4931
Quantification of HER2/neu gene amplification by competitive PCR using fluorescent melting curve analysis. Lyon, Elaine; Millson, Alison; Lowery, Mary C.; Woods, Rachel; Wittwer, Carl T. May 1, 2001 5578
Specific reverse transcription-PCR quantification of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) splice variants by LightCycler technology. Wellmann, Sven; Taube, Tillmann; Paal, Krisztina; Einsiedel, Hagen Graf V.; Geilen, Wilhelm; Seifert Report Apr 1, 2001 4763
C677T and AI298C polymorphisms of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene: incidence and effect of combined genotypes on plasma fasting and post-methionine load homocysteine in vascular disease. Hanson, Naomi Q.; Aras, Omer; Yang, Feng; Tsai, Michael Y. Apr 1, 2001 4323
Quantification of melanoma cell-specific MART-1 mRNA in peripheral blood by a calibrated competitive reverse transcription-PCR. Sorensen, Boe Sandahl; Schmidt, Henrik; von der Maase, Hans; Straten, Per Thor; Nexo, Ebba Dec 1, 2000 3996
Evaluation of the performance of a p53 sequencing microarray chip using 140 previously sequenced bladder tumor samples. Wikman, Friedrik P.; Lu, Ming-Lan; Thykjaer, Thomas; Olesen, Sanne H.; Andersen, Lars D.; Cordon-Car Oct 1, 2000 3791
Bartonella spp. Isolated from Wild and Domestic Ruminants in North America(1). Piemont, Yves Statistical Data Included May 1, 2000 4563
Plasma DNA as a prognostic marker in trauma patients. Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Rainer, Timothy H.; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Hjelm, N. Magnus; Cocks, Robert A. Clinical report Mar 1, 2000 3081
5' nuclease assays for the loci CCR5-+/[DELTA]32, CCR2-V641, and SDFI-G80IA related to pathogenesis of AIDS. Yuan, Chiu-Chin; Peterson, Raymond J.; Wang, Cheng-Dian; Goodsaid, Frederico; Waters, David J. Jan 1, 2000 3784
Presence of donor- and recipient-derived DNA in cell-free urine samples of renal transplantation recipients: urinary DNA chimerism. Zhang, Jun; Kwok-Lung, Tong; Li, Philip K.T.; Chan, Albert Y.W.; Yeung, Chung-Kwong; Pang, Calvin C. Oct 1, 1999 3580
Quantitative abnormalities of fetal DNA in maternal serum in preeclampsia. Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Leung, Tse N.; Tein, Mark S.C.; Sargent, Ian L.; Zhang, Jun; Lau, Tze K.; Haines, C Feb 1, 1999 3117
Polymerase chain reaction - the making of something big. Capetandes, Anthony Feb 1, 1999 5343
Reference values and biological variation for tumor marker CA 19-9 in serum for different Lewis and secretor genotypes and evaluation of secretor and Lewis genotyping in a Caucasian population. Vestergaard, Else Marie; Hein, Hans Ole; Meyer, Harald; Grunnet, Niels; Jorgensen, Jan; Wolf, Hans; Jan 1, 1999 5599
Determination of gene dosage at the PMP22 and androgen receptor loci by quantitative PCR. Poropat, Renee A.; Nicholson, Garth A. Apr 1, 1998 4639
Methods for detection of point mutations: performance and quality assessment. Nollau, Peter; Wagener, Christoph Jul 1, 1997 11871
Rapid and large-scale method to detect K-ras gene mutations in tumor samples. Lopez-Crapez, Evelyne; Chypre, Camille; Saavedra, Jacqueline; Marchand, Joseph; Grenier, Jean Jun 1, 1997 4360
Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis with high throughput modifications, and its use in mutation detection in familial hypercholesterolemia. Humphries, Steve E.; Gudnason, Vilmundur; Whittall, Ros; Day, Ian N.M. Mar 1, 1997 6854
Rapid, nonradioactive screening for mutations in exons 10, 11, and 16 of the RET protooncogene associated with inherited medullary thyroid carcinoma. Siegelman, Mark; Mohabeer, Ajay; Fahey, Thomas J., III; Tomlinson, Gail; Mayambala, Chris; Jafari, S Mar 1, 1997 3453
C677T mutation of methyl enetetrahydrofolate reductase gene determined in blood or plasma by multiple-injection capillary electrophoresis and laser-induced fluorescence detection. Ulvik, Arve; Refsum, Helga; Kluijtmans, Leo A.J.; Ueland, Per Magne Feb 1, 1997 3646
Direct detection of mutations in the breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene BRCA I by PCR-mediated site-directed mutagenesis. Rohlfs, Elizabeth M.; Learning, William G.; Friedman, Kenneth J.; Couch, Fergus J.; Weber, Barbara L Jan 1, 1997 3649
Optimization of single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis in the presence of polyethylene glycol. Markoff, Arseni; Savov, Alex; Vladimirov, Vladimir; Bogdanova, Nadia; Kremensky, Ivo; Ganev, Varban Jan 1, 1997 2348
Test diagnoses AIDS in newborns. Wickelgren, I. Jun 24, 1989 279
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Weiss, Rick Jun 17, 1989 186

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