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Who Pays the Corporate Tax? Gravelle, Jane G. Sep 1, 2021 1744
State Sales and Use Tax Nexus After South Dakota v. Wayfair. Ball, Milan N. May 1, 2021 1812
Biden's Business Tax Plan. Jan 1, 2021 323
Tax Compliance: Taxpayers' View (Perception). Remali, Azrinawati Mohd; Ramli, Khairah; Nordin, Nur Kamilah; Hamdan, Nurul Aisyah; Lutfi, Nurul Ins Oct 1, 2020 5544
Country Report: Cement Industry in Brazil During COVID-19: Since The Beginning Of August The Government Has Been Analyzing The Possibility Of Tax Reform To Help The Construction Sector. Nogarin, Mauro Oct 1, 2020 772
Introduction to Tax-Cruncher. Jensen, Matt; Metz, Peter Jan 1, 2020 3106
COMBINING OPTIMAL TAX EVASION WITH THE POLICY OBJECTIVES OF EQUITY/EFFICIENCY. Dalamagas, Basil; Leventides, John; Tantos, Stefanos Report Jan 1, 2020 14101
Regional Taxation in State Tax Reform. Stark, Kirk J. Jun 22, 2019 11730
IBHS Chief Talked to Congress About Tax Credits for Climate Resilience. Jergler , Don May 30, 2019 1591
IBHS Chief Wright Urges Congress to Consider Tax Credits for Climate Resilience. Jergler, Don May 30, 2019 1585
Sweeney not on board with tax increases for next year. Dec 20, 2018 365
2019 budget proposes first property tax cut in a decade. Fanelli, Gino Nov 6, 2018 1148
Lawmakers consider tax credits to bolster historic preservation. Munoz, Daniel J. Brief article Oct 18, 2018 292
Improving the efficiency of Africa's taxation systems. Collins, Tom Interview Oct 1, 2018 1060
Lawmakers revise jet fuel tax to include all airlines. Sep 25, 2018 655
Bermuda Market to Stay Key Reinsurance Hub Despite U.S. Tax Reform: A.M. Best. Sep 7, 2018 458
Renewable revenue as tool for economic recovery. Reynerston, Sheila Sep 3, 2018 787
How the Tax Act Embodies the Republican Culture of Corruption. Hanlon, Seth Essay Jun 22, 2018 4645
Why the Tax Act Will Not Boost Investment. Baker, Dean Essay Jun 22, 2018 2081
The State Tax Policy Function: Whether it's part of the tax department or part of government affairs, one thing is for sure - it's getting more complicated every day. Discussion May 1, 2018 2727
Soda Taxes: The Importance of Analysing Policy Processes: Comment on "The Untapped Power of Soda Taxes: Incentivising Consumers, Generating Revenue, and Altering Corporate Behaviours". Bodo, Yann Le; De Wals, Philippe Report May 1, 2018 3166
Analysis: Implications of tax reforms package. Apr 10, 2018 1062
The Complex Process of Building Infrastructure. Thomas, Michael Apr 1, 2018 1794
WHEN ECONOMICS MAKES BAD TAX POLICY: TAX PHASE-OUTS. Mock, Rodney P.; Hunt, Herbert G., III; Tolin, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2018 20199
Macroeconomic Effects of the 2017 Tax Reform. Barro, Robert J.; Furman, Jason Mar 22, 2018 23727
US Treasury issues summary analysis. Jan 16, 2018 144
A Tax Reform Law for Our New Normal. Barry, Joanne S. Jan 1, 2018 585
'Intelligence-added tax' proposed. Dec 18, 2017 561
A Tax Plan for Endogenous Innovation. Croce, M.M.; Karantounias, A.G.; Raymond, S.; Schmid, L. Nov 22, 2017 12657
Can Northerners do a better job running the North? Robinson, David Jul 1, 2017 682
Indirect Taxes: United Kingdom: Brexit expected to affect tax policy for at least a generation. Salmond, Giles Jul 1, 2017 4741
Will tax reform be stable? Oh, Jason S. Apr 1, 2017 29888
Citizens abroad and social cohesion at home: Refocusing a cross-border tax policy debate. Kirsch, Michael S. Mar 22, 2017 24219
Q&A with Robert Stack. Levin-Epstein, Michael Interview Mar 1, 2017 2262
Estimating the corrective tax for goods whose consumption affects the consumer's health. Alexander, Donald L.; Neil, Jon R. Mar 1, 2017 6759
Virtue's reward: a (qualified) defense of infra-marginal tax subsidies. Herz-Roiphe, Daniel E. Jan 1, 2017 10882
A practical guide to deferring taxes when replacing business property. Hanke, Steven Dec 22, 2016 5695
Do tax incentive policies work? Adepoju, Paul Aug 1, 2016 949
Fiscal and accounting options and policies on tax result. Tinta, Alice Report May 1, 2016 3995
Can state tax policies be used to grow small and large businesses? Borchers, Erin; Deskins, John; Ross, Amanda Report Apr 1, 2016 15482
The declining allure of being "American" and the proliferation of corporate tax inversions: a critical analysis of regulatory efforts to curtail the inversion trend. Hamlett, John C. Apr 1, 2016 17201
Money walks, money talks: why it travels from state to state, and what it means for states and you. Johnson, Ronald Jan 1, 2016 1947
Funding explodes in Oklahoma: tax-credit private-school scholarship. Adelmann, Bob Apr 6, 2015 1427
Stop spinning yarns about N.H. tax cut proposals. Colony, Chick Apr 3, 2015 658
Good for what ails N.H.? Senate panel weighs business tax cuts. Sanders, Bob Feb 6, 2015 484
Better retirement planning. Works, Richard Jan 1, 2015 1332
Taxation policies: evidence from flat tax vs. progressive tax pathways. Mitu, Narcis Eduard Essay Jan 1, 2015 5490
Proposal on tax abatement disclosures issued. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 153
The Corporate Income Tax System: Overview and Options for Reform. Keightley, Mark P.; Sherlock, Molly F. Report Dec 1, 2014 16899
Singapore's R&D STAR. Gwynne, Peter Statistical data Jul 1, 2014 1133
Sin taxes and sindustry: revenue, paternalism, and political interest. Hoffer, Adam J.; Shughart, William F., II; Thomas, Michael D. Essay Jun 22, 2014 8189
The dark road: the worst tax law you've never heard about. Newman, Alex Apr 21, 2014 5569
President proposes doubling tax subsidy for the poor. Brief article Apr 7, 2014 286
2014 mid-year tax policy: outlook. McClellan, Ed Mar 22, 2014 2965
The appraiser's role in calculating casualty loss deductions from natural disasters. Smith, James K.; Lougee, Barbara A. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 6156
Structural confinement vs. policy choices: the ideological and competitive causes of corporate income tax reform. Todor, Arpad Report Dec 1, 2013 6920
Taxation and development: what have we learned from fifty years of research? Bird, Richard M. Sep 22, 2013 9175
Middle to long-term tax policy plans. Aug 1, 2013 1136
The effect of state corporate income tax rate cuts on job creation. Shuai, Xiaobing; Chmura, Christine Jul 1, 2013 8376
The dangers of debt: A Layman's Guide. Statistical data Jun 22, 2013 1039
TOO COSTLY FOR ULSTER; BEDROOM TAX DEBATE Bill to implement levy 'exceeds savings'. Apr 5, 2013 523
IRS tax rules and native American producers: one size does not fit all. Ward, Ruby; Teegerstrom, Trent; Hiller, Joseph G. Essay Apr 1, 2013 4036
Tabor at twenty: Colorado's well-known tax and spending measure is praised by some and criticized by others for its success at limiting government. Hoover, Tim Reprint Mar 1, 2013 2437
Turning the corner? Peters, Charles Brief article Mar 1, 2013 177
The Congress-does-nothing deficit reduction plan: how "bracket creep". Kamin, David Mar 1, 2013 1656
Should the rich pay higher taxes? In January, congress raised taxes on the wealthy to help cut the deficit. Some think that didn't go far enough. Reich, Robert B.; Lott, John Feb 18, 2013 594
Colonial revenue policies and the impact of the transition to independence in South East Asia. Booth, Anne Report Jan 1, 2013 10990
The crucial distinction between subsidies and tax cuts. Armstrong, Ari Dec 22, 2012 715
Does reason support a carbon tax? Armstrong, Ari Dec 22, 2012 785
The moral cliff. Armstrong, Ari Dec 22, 2012 563
The Anticipated Individualized Fiscal Solution. Mihu, Teodor Report Dec 1, 2012 4303
Conceptual approaches in the angle of tax competition effects it generates. Trandafir, Adina; Ristea, Luminita Report Dec 1, 2012 2441
Here come the taxes: in every aspect of our lives. Kenny, Jack Cover story Nov 19, 2012 3459
UNU-WIDER inequality in Latin America: two new WIDER working papers: inequality in Latin America: two new WIDER working papers. Victorero, Annett Nov 1, 2012 954
Income tax reform and the flat tax. Jones, Rita C.; Thomas, John F.; Lang, Teresa K. Report Sep 22, 2012 6305
Property tax delinquency and the number of payment installments. Waldhart, Paul; Reschovsky, Andrew Report Sep 22, 2012 5590
The economics of taxing net wealth: a survey of the issues. Schnellenbach, Jan Report Sep 22, 2012 13955
The insatiable taxman: new laws push expatriate Americans to keep their money in their mattresses. Welch, Matt Column Sep 13, 2012 1276
Obama's anti-jobs, anti-business tax agenda. Aug 6, 2012 415
We don't need 'The Pledge on steroids': proposed constitutional amendment to ban an income tax is unnecessary--and a very bad idea. Fernald, Mark Jul 27, 2012 571
Big spenders seek more of the same. Hoar, William P. Jul 23, 2012 1405
Climate policy and border tax adjustments: might industrial organization matter? Sheldon, Ian; McCorriston, Steve Report Jul 1, 2012 10202
Wind power subsidy is a lot of hot air. Phillips, Tim; Lewandowski, Corey R. Jun 29, 2012 488
VARIABLE GEOMETRY FTT. Brief article Jun 25, 2012 198
Chasing Islamic finance: a framework to assess the potential benefits of Australian tax reforms to facilitate Islamic finance. Freudenberg, Brett; Nathie, Mahmood Report Jun 22, 2012 6623
Analyzing, implementing proposed Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Jun 1, 2012 123
The perspectives on fat taxation in Lithuania: theoretical aspect/Riebalu mokescio perspektyvos lietuvoje: teorinis aspektas. Giriuniene, Gintare Report Jun 1, 2012 3191
Stop lying about VATs. Pauken, Tom Jun 1, 2012 792
Tax executives sour on prospects for 2012 tax reform. Scott Ladd May 1, 2012 338
Corporate accounting issues will influence tax reform debate. Barlas, Stephen Apr 1, 2012 438
Local government property tax amnesty programs: structures and themes. Ross, Justin M. Report Mar 22, 2012 11073
State tax structures and tax rates. Porca, Sanela; Fox, William; Narayanaswamy, Ravi Report Mar 22, 2012 4444
Presidents and the political economy: the coalitional foundations of presidential power. Hacker, Jacob S.; Pierson, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2012 15869
Not just another speech: President Obama gave a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, that clearly highlighted where he and other progressives want to take the country and that it's time to opt in or out. Reiland, Ralph Jan 23, 2012 3172
Globalization's Government. Sachs, Jeffrey D. Brief article Jan 5, 2012 178
Taxpayers and Public Institutions: Who's the Boss? Simpson, Jeffrey Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2011 2734
Tax programs top FEIC agenda. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 234
Taxing the kindness of strangers: foster parents like us willingly pay a heavy price. The GOP wants us to pay more. Dueholm, Benjamin J. Essay Nov 1, 2011 4455
Fattening up the coffers. Fenster, Michael Nov 1, 2011 1800
Tax policy design and the role of a tax-free threshold. Creedy, John; Herault, Nicolas; Kalb, Guyonne Report Sep 22, 2011 9958
Defer tax with installment sale election. Sep 1, 2011 1509
Implications of the common consolidated corporate tax base introduction on tax revenues (case study on Romania). Pirvu, Daniela; Banica, Logica; Hagiu, Alina Case study Jun 22, 2011 4548
RS 164b Balochistan budget unveiled. Jun 1, 2011 974
Illinois' tax could be N.H.'s gain: as other states' tax policies push away online commerce, we should welcome them with open arms. Barry, Curtis J. May 20, 2011 536
The Knowledge Congress Has Scheduled a Live Webcast The 2010 Tax Relief Act: Estate Planning Considerations for 2011 and Beyond. May 8, 2011 340
Deficits & politics to drive 2011 tax policy: with deficit and budget concerns, legislators and policymakers in Washington are grappling with difficult decisions regarding deficit reduction and tax reform. Balancing the desire for some additional short-term fiscal stimulus and targeted tax reductions with long-term deficit reduction goals will make this year challenging for lawmakers. Neubig, Tom; Dell, Michael Jan 1, 2011 2162
Taxing the poor. Bukhari, Huzaima; Haq, Ikramul Jan 1, 2011 2568
Interest income taxation, optimal monetary policy, and macroeconomic volatility/Tributacao da receita de juros, politica monetaria otimizada e volatilidade macroeconomica. Araujo, Eurilton Alves, Jr. Jan 1, 2011 5612
Reformed GST: challenges and opportunities. Khan, Abrar Ahmad Report Dec 22, 2010 442
From GST to RGST: a raucous ride. Ahmed, Ather Maqsood Report Dec 22, 2010 1992
DISCUSSION PAPER ON BUDGET REFORM. Brief article Oct 19, 2010 162
The global budget race: the Great Recession drove home a reality Americans+ have long avoided. An aging nation with mounting health and retirement bills must make hard choices or be outrun by its competitors--some of whom have been quicker to face facts. Besharov, Douglas J.; Call, Douglas M. Essay Sep 22, 2010 8697
The long-term effects of capital gains taxes in New Zealand. Coleman, Andrew Report Aug 1, 2010 10048
ANALYSIS: Was tax hike debate plan real reason for DPJ's election setback? Jul 19, 2010 763
FRANCO-GERMAN PUSH ON TRANSACTION TAX. Brief article Jul 13, 2010 219
New report kicks off the big 3p Welsh tax debate. Jul 7, 2010 686
An analysis of pull factors and local sales taxation in Georgia counties. Toma, Michael; Saadatmand, Yassaman; Brewer, Alexis Report Jun 22, 2010 5969
Make no mistake: most tax entanglements arise from basic errors. Here's how to avoid common problems. Dougherty, Paul Jun 1, 2010 1191
Committee on private companies. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 127
Proposed tax gap legislation erodes individual privacy and protections. McKee, Linda J.B.; McKee, Thomas E. Apr 1, 2010 2307
Will the estate tax become the next AMT? Barry, Joanne S. Column Apr 1, 2010 827
Taxation and legal plunder in the thought of Frederic Bastiat. Meredith, Christopher Todd Essay Sep 22, 2009 7466
The Poverty of Preschool Promises: Saving Children and Money with the Early Education Tax Credit. Policy Analysis. No. 641. Schaeffer, Adam B. Aug 3, 2009 311
Starting or selling a business? Remember taxes. Helfand, Tom; Tuthill, Fred May 1, 2009 836
Tax cuts, tax credits: a balancing act. Broder, Peter May 1, 2009 1321
N.H. House OKs capital gains, other taxes: rooms and meals hike, estate tax, gas and cigarette hikes also approved. Sanders, Bob Apr 24, 2009 840
Fuzzy picture on estate tax reform. Postal, Arthur D. Apr 20, 2009 779
Do tax cuts starve the beast? The effect of tax changes on government spending. Romer, Christina D.; Romer, David H. Mar 22, 2009 26268
The inflation tax. Benoit, Gary Mar 16, 2009 834
Tax reform: an overview of proposals in the 111th Congress. Bickley, James M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3945
Even the low-paid will be hit. claim Conservatives; Tories argue with Labour over tax figures. Nov 26, 2008 382
Optimal wage taxation when human capital and employment are endogenous. Kreider, Brent Oct 1, 2008 11801
Seoul to cut corporate taxes and ease investment regulations. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 215
The whys and hows of energy taxes: the 20th-century policy aimed at developing domestic energy sources no longer makes sense. The 21st century demands a fresh approach. Hassett, Kevin A.; Metcalf, Gilbert E. Jan 1, 2008 2969
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Sep 22, 2007 2082
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Mar 22, 2007 2099
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Kilss, Beth Dec 22, 2006 2065
The 'winners' and 'losers': an analysis of the Bush tax Advisory Panel's proposals. Hecht, Richard L.; Dlugash, Alan J.; Goldstein, Robert L.; Johnson, Janice M.; Levin, Mark H.; Sacks Cover story Oct 1, 2006 6615
Limiting government: the failure of "Starve the Beast". Niskanen, William A. Sep 22, 2006 1796
NBER conference in Beijing. Sep 22, 2006 1154
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Sep 22, 2006 2064
Tories in tax cuts debate. Aug 28, 2006 176
The carbon tax tango: economists Jack Mintz and Mark Jaccard dance to a different tune when it comes to the taxing of greenhouse gas emissions. Aug 1, 2006 2396
Fundraising in cyberspace: the law of Internet charitable fundraising and revenue generation. Chang, Karen Jul 15, 2006 2198
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Jun 22, 2006 2063
Did tax incentives play any part in increased giving? McGregor-Lowndes, Myles; Newton, Cameron; Marsden, Stephen Jun 22, 2006 7651
The case for cheap gasoline. Mar 22, 2006 607
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Mar 22, 2006 2062
The earned income tax credit: a study of eligible participants vs. non-participants. Caputo, Richard K. Mar 1, 2006 7286
An experiment in reforming the tax system: a summary and analysis of the report of the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform. Witner, Larry; Simons, Kathleen; Krumwiede, Tim; Duxbury, Andrew; Plaia, Michael C. Feb 1, 2006 13775
New York moves to a single-factor allocation formula. Levin, Mark H. Feb 1, 2006 653
The 1999-2003 statistics of Income individual income tax return edited panel. Weber, Michael; Bryant, Victoria L. Dec 22, 2005 108
SOI sampling methodology and data limitations: appendix. Kilss, Beth; McMahon, Paul; Rib, Tamara Dec 22, 2005 2063
A robust estimation of the effects of taxation on charitable contributions. Bradley, Ralph; Holden, Steven; McClelland, Robert Oct 1, 2005 6279
How times have changed. McIntyre, Robert S. Sep 1, 2005 737
Lesson learned. Schmitt, Mark Jul 1, 2005 777
Winning by losing well: rather than colluding to make right-wing policies a little less awful, progressives need to pose real alternatives that rally citizens. Bhargava, Deepak; Gragg, Rachel Jul 1, 2005 2509
The chauffeur's dilemma: President Bush's economic program harms the middle class and the poor alike. Here's how he turns that assault into winning politics. Hochschild, Arlie Jul 1, 2005 2440
Could the government pop real estate's bubble? Polsinelli, Adelaide Jun 22, 2005 760
A tax plan for progressives: a simpler and fairer tax code--one that rewards the hard work of the American middle class--can be good policy and smart politics. Irons, John S.; Podesta, John Jun 1, 2005 2454
Talking taxes: can progressives turn public ambivalence over tax policy into winning politics? Borosage, Robert L.; Lake, Celinda Jun 1, 2005 2406
Back from the dead: look out, Grover! There are rifts within the repeal coalition, so the estate tax--aka the "Paris Hilton Benefit Act"--isn't dead quite yet. Collins, Chuck Jun 1, 2005 882
Tax: the hot topic: tax talk hits everything from high-income earners to services. Allen, Bruce C. Jun 1, 2005 778
Economics as public policy. Weidenbaum, Murray L. Column Mar 1, 2005 881
Bush budget proposals concern industry. Postal, Arthur D. Feb 14, 2005 814
Optimal commodity taxes with tourist demand. Hamalainen, Sinikka Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 206
New year's resolutions. McIntyre, Robert S. Jan 1, 2005 773
Is help from the IRS of any use? Schnepper, Jeff A. Jan 1, 2005 834
Tax policy design in the presence of social preferences: some experimental evidence. Ackert, Lucy F.; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge; Rider, Mark Dec 10, 2004 9597
Partisan preachment: TV preacher Falwell pushes churches toward politics, but Americans United is fighting back. Leaming, Jeremy Nov 1, 2004 1778
A "singular" tax penalty. Schnepper, Jeff A. Nov 1, 2004 1001
Tax cuts and class warfare. Hoar, William P. Brief Article Sep 20, 2004 285
Brits await tax terms. Dawtrey, Adam Aug 2, 2004 394
Perpetuation of the foreign earned income exclusion: U.S. international tax policy, political reality, and the necessity of understanding how the two intertwine. Sheppard, Hale E. May 1, 2004 16796
Were the Bush tax cuts good for the economy? President Bush's tax cuts have become a big issue in the presidential election. Two economists debate their effectiveness. Krugman, Paul Mar 8, 2004 515
Taxpayer behavior and government policy. Auerbach, Alan J. Dec 22, 2003 2123
Uncertain future: budget, regime change will pose challenges. Ascierto, Jerry Dec 1, 2003 839
Proposed ban on Internet access taxes could cost billions in lost revenues. Dec 1, 2003 343
Highlights of recent tax legislation. Berger, Stewart; Bogdanowicz, Ben J. Dec 1, 2003 1901
Senate debates internet tax bill. Otero, Juan; Rigsby, Deborah Nov 10, 2003 546
Senate considering Internet tax bill: NLC fights to preserve local taxing authority. Rigsby, Deborah; Otero, Juan Oct 27, 2003 592
Newly created council to coordinate property tax policy in Indianapolis area. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 285
Stimulus or bust? Although Bush touts tax cut, the B.E. 100s have mixed feelings. Hocker, Cliff Sep 1, 2003 745
Tax policy dominates state legislative sessions; franchise relationship legislation sees activity. Lathrop, Matt Sep 1, 2003 1065
Tax increase foisted on Nevada. Aug 11, 2003 306
The impact of nonrevenue maximizing factors on state-level cigarette tax rates. Hoover, Gary A. Jul 1, 2003 5323
New IRS requirements could reduce tax benefits to working families. Greenstein, Robert Jun 30, 2003 674
25 years later, cities still battle the fallout of Prop 13. (Editorial). Jun 9, 2003 754
CONTAINER TAX REDUCED TO US$20. Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 137
Congress fails cities; no economic stimulus for local governments. (President's Column). DeStefano, John, Jr. May 26, 2003 547
Deja voodoo economics. (The Taxonomist). McIntyre, Robert S. May 1, 2003 742
Tax wealth to broaden wealth: reframing the debate and mobilizing a constituency. Collins Chuck May 1, 2003 1607
State tax systems need overhauling. (News & Numbers). Apr 1, 2003 656
The impact of floors and phase-outs on taxpayers' decisions and understanding of marginal tax rates. Rupert, Timothy J.; Single, Louise E.; Wright, Arnold M. Mar 22, 2003 8028
Tax-reporting implications of asymmetric treatment: direct subsidies vs. tax deductions. Vines, Cynthia C.; Wartick, Martha L. Mar 22, 2003 7184
Personal income tax reform. (Annex II). Feb 1, 2003 2238
Effective taxation of second-pillar savings. (Annex III). Feb 1, 2003 847
Redistribution through the tax-benefit system. (Annex IV). Feb 1, 2003 1556
IRA update. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 169
New Jersey Business Tax Reform Act. (State and Local Taxation). Reiss, Harold J. Dec 1, 2002 1980
The perceived fairness of taxing social security benefits: the effect of explanations based on different dimensions of tax equity. Maroney, James J.; Rupert, Timothy J.; Wartick, Martha L. Sep 22, 2002 7618
The IRS's most-embarrassing moments. (Economic Observer). Schnepper, Jeff A. Sep 1, 2002 998
Alaska's infinite regress: where regressive taxation isn't an option--it's a forgone conclusion. (The Taxonomist). McIntyre, Robert S. Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 733
The Confederate Constitution, tariffs, and the Laffer relationship. McGuire, Robert A.; Cott, T. Norman Van Jul 1, 2002 7234
Taxes, Dividends, and Distortions. Stein, Steve Jun 1, 2002 6241
Social Security Fixes. SIMON, PAUL Brief Article Apr 29, 2002 607
'Perpetual fiscal crisis' for states? (Commentary). Peirce, Neal R. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 866
Materiality and contingent tax liability reporting. Gleason, Cristi A.; Mills, Lillian F. Apr 1, 2002 12491
The environmental tax shift: polluters pay more so you can pay less. (Money Matters). Franz, Damon Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 758
Becoming an innocent spouse. (Economic Observer). Schnepper, Jeff A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 1114
The AICPA's 10 guiding principles: any proposed changes to our tax system will require analysis to determine whether they conform to good tax policy. Nellen, Annette Feb 1, 2002 5013
An analysis of the St. Charles decision. (A Victory for the Taxpayer). Colburn, Steven C. Feb 1, 2002 3862
If at first you don't succeed ... (Devil In The Details). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 236
GOP charitable giving. (Devil In The Details). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 241
Public Economics. (Program Report). Poterba, James M. Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 2637
The corporate tax break feeding frenzy. (Interviews). Interview Nov 1, 2001 1757
Revisiting Valuation of Real Estate Partial Interests: Recent Case Studies. Wiggins, C. Donald; Rosenberg, Sidney B. Oct 1, 2001 3595
Tax Court Expresses "Grave Doubts About the Reliability of the QMDM Model to Produce Reasonable Discounts". Reilly, Robert F. Oct 1, 2001 2209
The evolution of VAT rates and government tax revenue in Mexico. Pagan, Jose A.; Soydemir, Gokce; Tijerina-Guajardo, Jose A. Oct 1, 2001 6108
The Effect of Code Section Knowledge on Tax-Research Performance. Barrick, John A. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 7342
The Effects of Not-for-Profit Hospital Reported Profits and Charitable Care on Perceptions of Tax-Exempt Status. Jervis Wilkicki, Kathryn J. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 4882
When will there be real tax reform? Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 812
The Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit: Giving Parents Choices, Saving Taxpayers Money. Policy Analysis No. 414. Lips, Carrie; Jacoby, Jennifer Sep 17, 2001 286
Payback time in Washington -- for a few. Brief Article Sep 7, 2001 543
Annex I: Business tax reform implementation. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 559
Check's in the Mail. Lynch, Michael W. Aug 1, 2001 1748
Sharing Federal Taxes: Who Wins and Who Loses? Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 527
A Taxing Matter. RICHTER, STEPHAN Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 757
Public Goods, Tax Policies, and Unemployment in LDCs. Michael, Michael S. Jul 1, 2001 8321
Tax man drags heels on film deduction. BOLAND, MICHAELA Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 277
Wealth-transfer taxes in U.S. fiscal federalism: A levy still in need of reform. Aronson, J. Richard; Munley, Vincent G. Jun 22, 2001 10287
The Effects of Tax Rates and Enforcement Policies on Taxpayer Compliance: A Study of Self-Employed Taxpayers. ALI, MUKHTAR M.; CECIL, H. WAYNE; KNOBLETT, JAMES A. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 7706
CHALLENGES FOR TAX POLICY IN OECD COUNTRIES. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 8111
Film tax scheme renewal boosts Brit biz. DAWTREY, ADAM Brief Article May 14, 2001 777
Irish shores gleam green for producers. FRICKER, KAREN Brief Article May 14, 2001 596
A Different Slant on Tax Reform. HOAG, JOHN Brief Article May 1, 2001 912
FAQs. Brief Article May 1, 2001 424
The Influence of Tax and Nontax Costs on Book-Tax Reporting Differences: Public and Private Firms. Mills, Lillian F.; Newberry, Kaye J. Mar 22, 2001 11367
Tax-Based Saving Incentives and Qualified Partial Exclusion Plans. Calegari, Michael J. Mar 22, 2001 11714
Effects of Unitary vs. Nonunitary State Income Taxes on Interstate Resource Allocation: Some Analytical and Simulation Results. Williams, Michael G.; Swenson, Charles W.; Lease, Terry L. Mar 22, 2001 14982
Experimental Evidence on the Relation between Tax Rates and Compliance: The Effect of Earned vs. Endowed Income. Boylan, Scott J.; Sprinkle, Geoffrey B. Mar 22, 2001 9978
COFFEE SMUGGLING IN HONDURAS: Damage Worse than a HURRICANE? LUXNER, LARRY Brief Article Mar 20, 2001 1024
Does the U.S. Need a Huge Tax Cut? Brief Article Mar 19, 2001 515
Taking credit. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 113
Lagos says tax reform is a priority. Brief Article Feb 22, 2001 93
Congress Endorses Tax Benefits for Renewal Communities. Barlas, Stephen Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 676
Crackdown on tax fraud in Brazil reveals just how big the problem was. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 535
Politicians Should Learn the Lessons of a Free Market. KANE, TIM D. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 985
Intergovernmental Finance. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 349
Cybertaxes. Bourgeois, Pierre Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 826
Why Pay Down the Public Debt? Sawicky, Max B.; McIntyre, Robert S. Nov 20, 2000 1305
Hey Candidates, Analyze This! HODGE, Scott Oct 1, 2000 1537
The Taxonomist. McIntyre, Robert S. Brief Article May 8, 2000 524
Spend and Tax? SAMANS, JAMES A. Brief Article May 1, 2000 1166
Consider a Commuting Allowance. Maus, Deborah Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 469
Alternative Minimum Tax: Bane of Middle-Income Taxpayers. Maroney, James J.; Rupert, Timothy J.; Fischer, Carol M. Apr 1, 2000 2911
TAXED LIKE A NEW YORKER: LIKE IT OR NOT. Mittleman, Irwin Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 497
ADDITIONAL TAX PROVISIONS. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 141
New Home-Office Rule Applies for 2000 Filing Season. Cash, L. Stephen; Dickens, Thomas L. Feb 1, 2000 1340
Ironing out the flat tax. Weisbach, David A. Feb 1, 2000 31944
The Real McCain. JUDIS, JOHN B. Jan 17, 2000 2032
Democrats Push Anti-Shelter Legislation. Barlas, Stephen Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 488
Q. Can an association that is classified under 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code convert to tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3)? Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 259
Emerging leader of the tax avant-garde: Poland's proposal to institute a flat tax on individual and corporate incomes. Burba, Andrzej J. Nov 1, 1999 16981
The final frontier. Lee, Andrew C. Jun 1, 1999 3078
Windfalls. Kades, Erick May 1, 1999 39640

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