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The use of anti-interleukin-1 agents and tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors in renal transplant recipients. Yazisz, Veli; Yilmaz, Vural Taner; Ucar, Ismail; Dandin, Ozgur; Aslan, Bengisu; Erbasan, Funda; Koca Report Jul 8, 2021 5169
The Analysis Appendiceal Neuroendocrine Neoplasia with Clinicopathological Findings/Apendisyel Noroendokrin Neoplazilerin Klinikopatolojik Bulgularla Analizi. Erhan, Selma Sengiz; Altiok, Damla Karabiyik; Keser, Sevinc Hallac; Alemdar, Ali Report Jun 1, 2021 3870
Criteria to Characterize Polypoid Nodule Scar after Gastric Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in Order to Differentiate It from Tumor Recurrence. Arantes, Vitor; Uedo, Noriya Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2021 1102
Criteria to Characterize Polypoid Nodule Scar after Gastric Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in Order to Differentiate It from Tumor Recurrence. Arantes, Vitor; Uedo, Noriya Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2021 1140
circSLC8A1 Acts as a Tumor Suppressor in Prostate Cancer via Sponging miR-21. Wang, Daoyuan; Yan, Shuxian; Wang, Lihui; Li, Yunlong; Qiao, Baoping Jan 1, 2021 4081
Facial Nerve Monitoring under Different Levels of Neuromuscular Blockade with Cisatracurium Besilate in Parotid Tumour Surgery. Huang, Huimin; Jiang, Hong; Liu, Jinxing; Chen, Jie; Qiu, Lin; Wang, Jiayi; Liu, Wenhui Jan 1, 2021 4651
Changes in Methylation Patterns of Tumor Suppressor Genes during Extended Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures. Kang, Kyung Min; Lee, Jeoung Eun; Park, Ji Eun; Kim, Hyunjin; Jang, Hee Yeon; Go, Minyeon; Lee, Dong Jan 1, 2021 5150
Do we need to conduct full-thickness closure after endoscopic full-thickness resection of gastric submucosal tumors? Li, Yandong; Cui, Zhao; Yu, Jiangping; Bao, Xiaoyan; Wang, Shi Report Dec 1, 2020 3028
Do we need to conduct full-thickness closure after endoscopic full-thickness resection of gastric submucosal tumors? Li, Yandong; Cui, Zhao; Yu, Jiangping; Bao, Xiaoyan; Wang, Shi Dec 1, 2020 3201
Molecular Assessment of Chelonid Alphaherpesvirus 5 Infection in Tumor-Free Green (Chelonia mydas) and Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Sea Turtles in North Carolina, USA, 2015-2019. Page-Karjian, Annie; Serrano, Maria E.; Cartzendafner, Jeffrey; Morgan, Ashley; Ritchie, Branson W.; Report Nov 1, 2020 7772
QU and QBRI explore repurposing tumour drugs for Covid treatment. Oct 19, 2020 510
Nomenclature of appendiceal mucinous lesions according to the 2019 WHO Classification of Tumors of the Digestive System. Koc, Cemalettin; Akbulut, Sami; Akatli, Ayse Nur; Samdanci, Emine Turkmen; Tuncer, Adem; Yilmaz, Sez Report Sep 1, 2020 4577
Nomenclature of appendiceal mucinous lesions according to the 2019 WHO Classification of Tumors of the Digestive System. Koc, Cemalettin; Akbulut, Sami; Akati, Ayse Nur; Samdanci, Emine Turkmen; Tuncer, Adem; Yilmaz, Seza Sep 1, 2020 4743
Mathematical Modelling of the Inhibitory Role of Regulatory T Cells in Tumor Immune Response. Yang, Zhongtao; Yang, Cuihong; Dong, Yueping; Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Aug 31, 2020 11877
Cannabinoid Effects on Experimental Colorectal Cancer Models Reduce Aberrant Crypt Foci (ACF) and Tumor Volume: A Systematic Review. Orrego-Gonzalez, Eduardo; Londono-Tobon, Luisa; Ardila-Gonzalez, Jose; Polania-Tovar, Diego; Valenci Aug 31, 2020 8733
The Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Antimelanoma Immunity Depend on the Timing of Their Administration. Miloradovic, Dragana; Miloradovic, Dragica; Markovic, Bojana Simovic; Acovic, Aleksandar; Harrell, C Jul 31, 2020 6229
Dietary Magnesium Intake and Leukocyte Telomere Attrition in Adults: The Regulatory Role of Serum Tumor Necrosis Factor [alpha]. Yu, Jie; Liu, Haibin; He, Shuli; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; Ma, Minglei; Liu, Yiwen; Lv, Lu; Ping, Jun 30, 2020 4822
Histopathological Profile of Skin Adnexal Tumours --A Three Year Experience at a Tertiary Care Centre in Manipur. Longjam, Deepa; Devi, L. Sushila; L., Radita; Devi, K.H. Sunitarani Jun 15, 2020 2692
Comprehensive Analysis of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells and Relevant Therapeutic Strategy in Esophageal Cancer. Lu, Guangrong; Chen, Liping; Wu, Shengjie; Feng, Yuao; Lin, Tiesu May 31, 2020 7345
Potential Protective Effect of Dietary Intake of Non-[alpha]-Tocopherols on Cellular Aging Markers Mediated by Tumor Necrosis Factor-a in Prediabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study of Chinese Adults. Liu, Yiwen; Ma, Chifa; Li, Pingping; Ma, Chunxiao; He, Shuli; Ping, Fan; Zhang, Huabing; Li, Wei; Xu May 31, 2020 6299
Asymptotic Behavior Analysis of a Fractional-Order Tumor-Immune Interaction Model with Immunotherapy. Yang, Wenbin; Feng, Xiaozhou; Liang, Shuhui; Wang, Xiaojuan May 31, 2020 6144
Nephron sparing surgery for renal tumors-comparison of off-clamp partial nephrectomy with hilar clamping. Imran Khan Jalbani, Syed Muhammad Nazim, Maria Ahmed and Farhat Abbas Apr 2, 2020 2217
CD147 Expression Is Associated with Tumor Proliferation in Bladder Cancer via GSDMD. Peng, Junming; Jiang, Hongtao; Guo, Jinan; Huang, Jiansheng; Yuan, Qian; Xie, Jing; Xiao, Kefeng Mar 31, 2020 3985
Screening and Functional Analysis of Hub MicroRNAs Related to Tumor Development in Colon Cancer. Yu, Dong-Hu; Li, Wei; Huang, Jing-Yu; Liu, Xiao-Ping; Zhang, Chi; Ruan, Xiao- Lan; Li, Sheng Mar 1, 2020 3833
SULF2 promotes tumorigenesis and inhibits apoptosis of cervical cancer cells through the ERK/AKT signaling pathway. Jiang, Tao; Chen, Zhao-Hui; Chen, Zhe; Tan, Dan Feb 1, 2020 6050
Analysis of Molecular Pretreated Tumor Profiles as Predictive Biomarkers of Therapeutic Response and Survival Outcomes after Neoadjuvant Therapy for Rectal Cancer in Moroccan Population. Otmani, Ihsane El; Agy, Fatima El; Baradai, Sanae El; Bouguenouch, Laila; Lahmidani, Nada; Abkari, M Jan 1, 2020 6348
Role of MicroRNA-124 as a Prognostic Factor in Multiple Neoplasms: A Meta-Analysis. Zhou, Zijian; Lv, Jiancheng; Wang, Jingzi; Yu, Hao; Lu, Hongcheng; Yuan, Baorui; Han, Jie; Zhou, Rui Dec 31, 2019 6581
Tumor Mutational Burden and Genomic Alterations in Chinese Small Cell Lung Cancer Measured by Whole-Exome Sequencing. Su, Shan; Zeng, Jian-Jun Zou Yun-Yun; Cen, Wen-Chang; Zhou, Wei; Liu, Yan; Su, Duo-Hua; Zhang, Xian- Nov 30, 2019 4357
The Antitumor Potential of Extract of the Oak Bracket Medicinal Mushroom Inonotus baumii in SMMC-7721 Tumor Cells. Yang, Yue; He, Pingya; Li, Ning Oct 31, 2019 5640
Researchers develop cheaper method to identify aggressive tumours. ANI Oct 18, 2019 457
Exploring the Pathological Mechanism of Bladder Cancer Based on Tumor Mutational Burden Analysis. Ma, Yao; Feng, Xiao-Fei; Yang, Wan-Xia; You, Chong-Ge Sep 30, 2019 4523
Study on the Effect of Ginsenosides Rb on Blood of Tumor Mice. Zheng, Mengmeng; Zheng, Wenxiu; Wang, Wei; Guo, Hong; Cao, Hui; Cui, Xiaowei; Wang, Shanshan; Han, C Sep 30, 2019 3863
Merck--Pooled Analysis Continues to Show Merck's KEYTRUDA[R] (pembrolizumab) in Combination with Chemotherapy Improved Overall Survival Versus Chemotherapy Alone as First-Line Treatment for Patients with Advanced NSCLC Whose Tumors Do Not Express PD-L1--10/9/2019. Sep 19, 2019 415
Epidemiology of Lung Cancer in Oman: 20-Year Trends and Tumor Characteristics. Lawati, Jawad A. Al-; Bahrani, Bassim J. Al-; Lawati, Najla A. Al-; Zakwani, Ibrahim Al- Sep 1, 2019 4063
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Promotes the Interaction between the Tumor, Macrophages, and T Cells to Regulate the Progression of Chemically Induced Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer. Pacheco-Fernandez, Thalia; Juarez-Avelar, Imelda; Illescas, Oscar; Terrazas, Luis I.; Hernandez-Pand Jul 31, 2019 9024
The Association of the Long Prostate Cancer Expressed PDE4D Transcripts to Poor Patient Outcome Depends on the Tumour's TMPRSS2-ERG Fusion Status. van Strijp, Dianne; de Witz, Christiane; Heitkotter, Birthe; Huss, Sebastian; Bogemann, Martin; Bail Jun 30, 2019 10394
Tumor Mutation Load: A Novel Independent Prognostic Factor in Stage IIIA-N2 Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Kang, Jingjing; Luo, Yang; Wang, Di; Men, Yu; Wang, Jianyang; Che, Yi-Qun; Hui, Zhouguang May 31, 2019 4285
High SALM3 Expression in Tumor Cells and Fibroblasts Is Correlated with Poor Prognosis in Gastric Cancer Patients. Liu, Ying; Chen, Xiaoli; Chen, Xi; Yang, Xiaobing; Song, Qingjie; Wu, Han Apr 30, 2019 5284
Novocure announces publication of data on Tumor Treating Fields. Apr 30, 2019 127
Ablation of Hepatic Tumors through the Use of a Novel Magnetic Nanocomposite Probe: Magnetic Characterization and Finite Element Method Analysis. Konku, Yvonne; Kutor, John; Yaya, Abu; Kan-Dapaah, Kwabena Mar 31, 2019 5596
WT1 Expression as a Potential Biomarker of Malignancy in Canine Breast Tumor/La Expresion de WT1 como un Biomarcador Potencial Maligno en un Tumor de Mama Canino. Carranza-Martinez, Brisa D.; Salas-Trevino, Daniel; Soto-Dominguez, Adolfo; Ramirez-Romero, Rafael; Mar 1, 2019 2478
Association between tumor necrosis factor polymorphisms and rheumatoid arthritis as well as systemic lupus erythematosus: a meta-analysis. Chen, Lin; Huang, Zhuochun; Liao, Yun; Yang, Bin; Zhang, Junlong Mar 1, 2019 6559
Changes in Serum Levels of Type-III Interferons in Ankylosing Spondylitis Treated With Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Inhibitors. Jiao, Da-min; Chang, Qiong-jie; Li, Ping Mar 1, 2019 4692
Evaluation of histo-pathogical patterns of ovarian masses in relation to age in Rawalpindi-Islamabad region. Report Feb 28, 2019 3461
IMPULSIVE CONTROLABILITY OF TUMOR GROWTH. Antonov, Andrey; Nenov, Svetoslav; Tsvetkov, Tsvetelin Jan 1, 2019 4807
Ultra-Sensitive Mutation Detection and Genome-Wide DNA Copy Number Reconstruction by Error-Corrected Circulating Tumor DNA Sequencing. Mansukhani, Sonia; Barber, Louise J.; Kleftogiannis, Dimitrios; Moorcraft, Sing Yu; Davidson, Michae Nov 1, 2018 5730
Entrectinib shrank tumors in people with NTRK fusion-positive solid tumors. Oct 21, 2018 218
Mitochondrial tumor suppressor 1 is a target of AT-rich interactive domain 1A and progesterone receptor in the murine uterus. Chang, Hye Jin; Teasley, Hanna E.; Yoo, Jung-Yoon; Kim, Tae Hoon; Jeong, Jae-Wook Report Aug 1, 2018 4162
Novocure announces 13 Tumor Treating Fields presentations at ASTRO. Jul 19, 2018 120
ASSESSMENT OF GASTRIC TUMOURS HIGHLIGHTING GASTROINTESTINAL STROMAL TUMOURS (GIST)--A STUDY OF 75 CASES. Bhattacharjee, Pratyusha; Roy, Himansu; Chakraborty, Saumik Report May 7, 2018 2984
Effects of Taylor Spatial Frame on tumors and tumor-like lesions with pathological fractures of lower extremities. Apr 30, 2018 3606
Colorectal Carcinomas With Isolated Loss of PMS2 Staining by Immunohistochemistry. Alpert, Lindsay; Pai, Reetesh K.; Srivastava, Amitabh; McKinnon, Wendy; Wilcox, Rebecca; Yantiss, Rh Report Apr 1, 2018 5316
The Wide World of Molecular Profiling for Tumor Classification. Hanash, Samir Apr 1, 2018 955
S. epidermidis Producing 6-HAP May Protect From Skin Neoplasia; 6-HAP selectively inhibited proliferation of tumor lines in culture; cut incidence of UV-induced tumors in mice. Mar 1, 2018 216
Expression of E-cadherin, Slug and NCAM and its relationship to tumor invasiveness in patients with acromegaly. Mendes, G.A.; Haag, T.; Trott, G.; Rech, C.G.S.L.; Ferreira, N.P.; Oliveira, M.C.; Kohek, M.B.; Pere Report Feb 1, 2018 5198
Odontogenic tumors: retrospective study of 32 cases diagnosed in a stomatology center in Maringa, Parana, Brazil/Tumores odontogenicos: estudo retrospectivo de 32 casos diagnosticados em um centro de estomatologia em Maringa, Parana, Brasil. Luppi, Caroline Resquetti; Bin, Luiza Roberta; Nemer, Mariucha Ramella Marcon; da Silva, Mariliani C Jan 1, 2018 3493
Characteristics of interstitial fluid flow along with blood flow inside a cylindrical tumor: a numerical simulation/Caracteristicas do fluxo de fluido intersticial junto com o fluxo sanguineo no interior de um tumor cilindrico: uma simulacao numerica. Zakariapour, Mostafa; Hamedi, Mohammad Hossein; Fatouraee, Nasser Jan 1, 2018 4564
Unfolded Protein Response of the Endoplasmic Reticulum in Tumor Progression and Immunogenicity. Yoo, Yoon Seon; Han, Hye Gyeong; Jeon, Young Joo Jan 1, 2018 15368
Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment: Is Further Research Warranted? Clavo, Bernardino; Santana-Rodriguez, Norberto; Llontop, Pedro; Gutierrez, Dominga; Suarez, Gerardo; Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 9345
Prevention of Prostate Tumor Development by Stimulation of Antitumor Immunity Using a Standardized Herbal Extract (Deep Immune[R]) in TRAMP Mice. Liang, Peihe; Guo, Jia; Li, Shadan; Guan, Qiunong; Vanderheyden, Terry; So, Alan; Wang, Yuzhuo; Chen Jan 1, 2018 8746
Tumor Digital Masking Allows Precise Patient Triaging: A Study Based on Ki-67 Scoring in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors. Lewitowicz, Piotr; Matykiewicz, Jaroslaw; Chrapek, Magdalena; Koziel, Dorota; Horecka-Lewitowicz, Ag Jan 1, 2018 5756
Microtubule-Associated Protein 4 Is a Prognostic Factor and Promotes Tumor Progression in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Xia, Xiaochun; He, Chao; Wu, Anqing; Zhou, Jundong; Wu, Jinchang Jan 1, 2018 4790
Spontaneous Slowing and Regressing of Tumor Growth in Childhood/Adolescent Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas Suggested by the Postoperative Thyroglobulin-Doubling Time. Kasahara, Toshihiko; Miyauchi, Akira; Kudo, Takumi; Nishihara, Eijun; Ito, Mitsuru; Ito, Yasuhiro; K Jan 1, 2018 3845
Chemopreventive Effects of Silibinin on Colitis-Associated Tumorigenesis by Inhibiting IL-6/STAT3 Signaling Pathway. Zheng, Rongjuan; Ma, Jiaheng; Wang, Dan; Dong, Wenxiao; Wang, Sinan; Liu, Tianyu; Xie, Runxiang; Liu Jan 1, 2018 8159
Phenotypic and Functional Properties of Tumor-Infiltrating Regulatory T Cells. Lee, Gap Ryol Jan 1, 2018 6985
Submucosal Tunnel Endoscopic Resection for Esophageal Submucosal Tumors: A Multicenter Study. Tu, Sufang; Huang, Silin; Li, Guohua; Tang, Xiaowei; Qing, Haitao; Gao, Qiaoping; Fu, Jingwen; Du, G Report Jan 1, 2018 4799
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Performed Underwater for Nonampullary Duodenal Epithelial Tumor: Evaluation of Feasibility and Safety. Shibukawa, Goro; Irisawa, Atsushi; Sato, Ai; Abe, Yoko; Yamabe, Akane; Arakawa, Noriyuki; Takasaki, Jan 1, 2018 4680
Predicting the Development of Gastric Neoplasms in a Healthcare Cohort by Combining Helicobacter pylori Antibodies and Serum Pepsinogen: A 5-Year Longitudinal Study. Kwak, Min-Sun; Chung, Goh Eun; Chung, Su Jin; Kang, Seung Joo; Yang, Jong In; Kim, Joo Sung Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4526
A Unified Level Set Framework Combining Hybrid Algorithms for Liver and Liver Tumor Segmentation in CT Images. Zheng, Zhou; Zhang, Xuechang; Xu, Huafei; Liang, Wang; Zheng, Siming; Shi, Yueding Jan 1, 2018 17104
Adverse effects of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors varied by tumor type. Karon, Amy Oct 1, 2017 420
Follicular morphological characteristics may be associated with invasion in follicular thyroid neoplasms with papillary-like nuclear features. Can, Nuray; Celik, Mehmet; Sezer, Yavuz Atakan; Ozyilmaz, Filiz; Ayturk, Semra; Tastekin, Ebru; Sut, Report Aug 1, 2017 6346
Determination of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Hyperactivation as Prognostic Factor in Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumors. Lamberti, G.; Ceccarelli, C.; Brighi, N.; Maggio, I.; Santini, D.; Mosconi, C.; Ricci, C.; Biasco, G Report Jan 1, 2017 5603
Novel Nanomaterials Enable Biomimetic Models of the Tumor Microenvironment. Joyce, Marshall Hunter; Allen, Shane; Suggs, Laura; Brock, Amy Jan 1, 2017 5241
Association Study of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor 1 (TNFR1) Gene Polymorphisms with Schizophrenia in the Polish Population. Suchanek-Raif, Renata; Kucia, Krzysztof; Kowalczyk, Malgorzata; Raif, Pawel; Paul-Samojedny, Monika; Report Jan 1, 2017 6294
The miRNA Pull Out Assay as a Method to Validate the miR-28-5p Targets Identified in Other Tumor Contexts in Prostate Cancer. Rizzo, Milena; Berti, Gabriele; Russo, Francesco; Evangelista, Monica; Pellegrini, Marco; Rainaldi, Report Jan 1, 2017 3623
Enavatuzumab, a Humanized Anti-TWEAK Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, Exerts Antitumor Activity through Attracting and Activating Innate Immune Effector Cells. Ye, Shiming; Fox, Melvin I.; Belmar, Nicole A.; Sho, Mien; Chao, Debra T.; Choi, Donghee; Fang, Yuni Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 7870
Differential Expression of Glycolysis-Related Proteins in Follicular Neoplasms versus Hurthle Cell Neoplasms: A Retrospective Analysis. Kim, Hye Min; Koo, Ja Seung Report Jan 1, 2017 5982
The Dynamical Behaviors for a Class of Immunogenic Tumor Model with Delay. Bi, Ping; Liu, Zijian; Muthoni, Mutei Damaris; Pang, Jianhua Report Jan 1, 2017 4726
The Immunomodulatory Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Polarization within the Tumor Microenvironment Niche. Rivera-Cruz, Cosette M.; Shearer, Joseph J.; Neto, Manoel Figueiredo; Figueiredo, Marxa L. Report Jan 1, 2017 12276
Establishment of a Novel Model for Anticancer Drug Resistance in Three- Dimensional Primary Culture of Tumor Microenvironment. Usui, Tatsuya; Sakurai, Masashi; Enjoji, Shuhei; Kawasaki, Hideyoshi; Umata, Koji; Ohama, Takashi; F Report Jan 1, 2017 4313
Targeting Tumor Microenvironment: Effects of Chinese Herbal Formulae on Macrophage-Mediated Lung Cancer in Mice. Xu, Fei; Cui, Wenqiang; Zhao, Zhengxiao; Gong, Weiyi; Wei, Ying; Liu, Jiaqi; Li, Mihui; Li, Qiuping; Jan 1, 2017 5462
Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor Therapy on Osteoclasts Precursors in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Perpetuo, Ines P.; Caetano-Lopes, Joana; Rodrigues, Ana Maria; Campanilho- Marques, Raquel; Ponte, C Report Jan 1, 2017 7270
Tumor Necrosis Factor-Like Weak Inducer of Apoptosis Activates Type I Interferon Signals in Lupus Nephritis. Xue, Leixi; Liu, Lei; Huang, Jun; Wen, Jian; Yang, Ru; Bo, Lin; Tang, Mei; Zhang, Yi; Liu, Zhichun Report Jan 1, 2017 5159
An Improved Binary Differential Evolution Algorithm to Infer Tumor Phylogenetic Trees. Liang, Ying; Liao, Bo; Zhu, Wen Report Jan 1, 2017 7653
Expression, Mutation, and Amplification Status of EGFR and Its Correlation with Five miRNAs in Salivary Gland Tumours. Bostjancic, Emanuela; Hauptman, Nina; Groselj, Ales; Glavac, Damjan; Volavsek, Metka Report Jan 1, 2017 7209
Construction of a fusion plasmid containing the PSCA gene and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte associated antigen-4 (CTLA-4) and its anti-tumor effect in an animal model of prostate cancer. Mai, T.J.; Ma, R.; Li, Z.; Bi, S.C. Report Nov 1, 2016 3297
Intraductal Oncocytic Papillary Neoplasms of the Pancreas. Kallen, Michael E.; Naini, Bita V. Sep 1, 2016 3785
Early onset of periodic fever syndrome in a patient carrying both tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily 1A and Mediterranean fever mutations. Kraszewska-Glomba, Barbara; Szymanska-Toczek, Zofia; Szenborn, Leszek Sep 1, 2016 1648
Analysis of tumour length and clinicopathological features in carcinoma oesophagus. Somalapura, Pampanagouda; Suryadevara, Sailaja; Veeraiah, Veerendrakumar Kariyanakatte Report Jun 20, 2016 1865
Recent advances in salivary gland cytopathology. Patil, Anupama; Bhatt, Krutika; Nag, Prashant Report Mar 1, 2016 3605
Diagnostic evaluation of cytological and histopathological findings in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors. Dutta, Aparna; Medhi, Pranita Feb 4, 2016 3305
Effect of HSV-IL12 Loaded Tumor Cell-Based Vaccination in a Mouse Model of High-Grade Neuroblastoma. Bauer, David F.; Pereboeva, Larisa; Gillespie, G. Yancey; Cloud, Gretchen A.; Elzafarany, Osama; Lan Jan 1, 2016 5731
Clinicopathological analysis of salivary gland tumors over a 15-year period. Vasconcelos, Artur Cunha; Nor, Felipe; Meurer, Luise; Salvadori, Gabriela; de Souza, Lelia Batista; Jan 1, 2016 4159
Cytotoxic and anti-colorectal tumor effects of sulfated saponins from sea cucumber Holothuria moebii. Yu, Siran; Ye, Xuewei; Chen, Lu; Xie, Xin; Zhou, Qian; Lian, Xiao-Yuan; Zhang, Zhizhen Report Nov 15, 2015 5241
The World Health Organization Classification of Skeletal Muscle Tumors in Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group. Rudzinski, Erin R.; Anderson, James R.; Hawkins, Douglas S.; Skapek, Stephen X.; Parham, David M.; T Oct 1, 2015 4034
Comparison of glucocorticoid and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug requirement before and after tumor necrosis factor inhibitor treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Birlik, Merih; Capar, Sedat; Akar, Servet; Sari, Ismail; Onen, Fatos; Akkoc, Nurullah Sep 1, 2015 4266
Unusual presentation of giant cell tumor of phalanx. Reddy, K. Ramkumar; Sivananda, P.; Venkateswarlu, J.; Jaisingh, R. Report Jun 25, 2015 718
NCI-MATCH will use tumor genomics to find best tx. Osterweil, Neil Jun 15, 2015 120
Non epithelial tumors of ovary. Rajani, K.; Uma, Prasad; Usha, Prasad May 4, 2015 4171
Abundant immunohistochemical expression of dopamine [D.sub.2] receptor and p53 protein in meningiomas: follow-up, relation to gender, age, tumor grade, and recurrence. Trott, G.; Pereira-Lima, J.F.S.; Leales, C.G.S.; Ferreira, N.P.; Barbosa-Coutinho, L.M.; Oliveira, M Report May 1, 2015 3948
Partial versus radical nephrectomy for renal tumours [less than or equal to] 7 cm: the debate continues. Traboulsi, Samer L.; Kassouf, Wassim Report Apr 1, 2015 1006
Multiscale simulation of tumor growth and angiogenesis: a model for pharmacotherapy assessment and drug discovery. Abreo, Joshua Report Apr 1, 2015 212
Pharmacogenomic and molecular docking studies on the cytotoxicity of the natural steroid wortmannin against multidrug-resistant tumor cells. Kuete, Victor; Saeed, Mohamed E.M.; Kadioglu, Onat; Bortzler, Jonas; Khalid, Hassan; Greten, Henry J Jan 15, 2015 6850
Association of tumor necrosis factor-alpha -308 G>A polymorphism with rheumatoid arthritis in two North Indian cohorts. Raina, Priyanka; Matharoo, Kawaljit; Kumar, Ajay; Sarangal, Priyanka; Sharma, Rubina; Bhanwer, A.J.S Dec 1, 2014 6584
Alterations in the Expression of p53, KLF4, and p21 in Neuroendocrine Lung Tumors. Gomez, Jose Manuel Naranjo; Bernal, Jose Fernando Val; Arranz, Pilar Garcia; Fernandez, Servando Laz Jul 1, 2014 4709
A comparison between two methods of solving tumor anti-angiogenesis optimal control system. Zanboori, E.; J. Fakharzadeh, A.; Zanboori, A. Report Apr 1, 2014 4593
Fly study: several FDA-approved anti-cancer drugs found to induce stem cell tumors. Mar 17, 2014 728
New method for early detection of tumours. Feb 28, 2014 298
Tumor necrosis factor-[alpha]-induced colitis increases NADPH oxidase 1 expression, oxidative stress, and neutrophil recruitment in the colon: preventive effect of apocynin. Mouzaoui, Souad; Djerdjouri, Bahia; Makhezer, Nesrine; Kroviarski, Yolande; Benna, Jamel El-; Dang, Jan 1, 2014 7622
Chronic inflammation and cytokines in the tumor microenvironment. Landskron, Glauben; De la Fuente, Marjorie; Thuwajit, Peti; Thuwajit, Chanitra; Hermoso, Marcela A. Report Jan 1, 2014 16654
Effect of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents on the efficacy of intravesical BCG treatment of bladder cancer: A systematic review. Fahmy, Nader; Lazo-Langner, Alejandro; Iansavichene, Alla E.; Pautler, Stephen E. Nov 1, 2013 4314
Histopathologic diagnosis of pediatric neoplasms: a review of international consultations. Santiago, Teresa C.; Jenkins, Jesse J. Report Nov 1, 2013 4972
Urothelial tumors of the urinary bladder in young patients: a clinicopathologic study of 59 cases. Stanton, Melissa L.; Xiao, Li; Czerniak, Bogdan A.; Guo, Charles C. Report Oct 1, 2013 3240
Positive surgical margins at radical prostatectomy: Population-based averages within PSA and Gleason strata. Izard, Jason P.; Salazar, Marco A.; Chatterjee, Suman; Lin, Daniel W.; Wright, Jonathan L. Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 3817
Zinc finger X-chromosomal protein promotes growth and tumorigenesis in human osteosarcoma cells. Aug 31, 2013 3220
Parthenolide from Parthenium integrifolium reduces tumor burden and alleviate cachexia symptoms in the murine CT-26 model of colorectal carcinoma. Quanjun, Yang; Lili, Wan; Zhiyong, Zhou; Yan, Li; Qi, Yu; Liya, Liu; bin, Li; Cheng, Guo Report Aug 15, 2013 4499
Eosinophilia in a patient with lung adenocarcinoma--a case study. Lu, Jun "Rebecca"; Rodgers, Craig Aug 1, 2013 1327
Aggressive keloid-mimicking tumor in Melanosuchus niger in captivity/Queloide agressivo imitando tumor em Melanosuchus niger em cativeiro. Pereira, Washington Luiz Assuncao; Costa, Antonio Messias; Imbeloni, Aline Amaral; Figueiredo, Thati Jul 1, 2013 1540
Diagnosis of lung cancer in small biopsies and cytology: implications of the 2011 international association for the Study of Lung Cancer/American Thoracic Society/ European Respiratory Society Classification. Travis, William D.; Brambilla, Elisabeth; Noguchi, Masayuki; Nicholson, Andrew G.; Geisinger, Kim; Y Report May 1, 2013 12419
Diagnosis of lung adenocarcinoma in resected specimens: implications of the 2011 International Association for the Study Of Lung Cancer/American Thoracic Society/European respiratory society classification. Travis, William D.; Brambilla, Elisabeth; Noguchi, Masayuki; Nicholson, Andrew G.; Geisinger, Kim; Y Report May 1, 2013 16317
Immunohistochemical expression of phospho-mTOR is associated with poor prognosis in patients with gallbladder adenocarcinoma. Leal, Pamela; Garcia, Patricia; Sandoval, Alejandra; Letelier, Pablo; Brebi, Priscilla; Ili, Carmen; Report Apr 1, 2013 4637
The effect of dutasteride on the detection of prostate cancer: A set of meta-analyses. Monga, Neerav; Sayani, Amyn; Rubinger, Daniel A.; Wilson, Timothy H.; Su, Zhen Report Mar 1, 2013 4715
Modulation of tumor immunity by soluble and membrane-bound molecules at the immunological synapse. Gonzalez, Pablo A.; Carreno, Leandro J.; Cespedes, Pablo F.; Bueno, Susan M.; Riedel, Claudia A.; Ka Jan 1, 2013 16492
Tumor protective activity of CD4+ but not of CD8+ T cells in DNA-vaccinated mice challenged with bcr-abl-transformed cells. Petrackova, Martina; Lucansky, Vincent; Vonka, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2013 3239
Plasma-derived tumor DNA analysis at whole-genome resolution. Swanton, Charles Jan 1, 2013 1921
Cancer genome scanning in plasma: detection of tumor-associated copy number aberrations, single-nucleotide variants, and tumoral heterogeneity by massively parallel sequencing. Chan, K.C. Allen; Jiang, Peiyong; Zheng, Yama W.L.; Liao, Gary J.W.; Sun, Hao; Wong, John; Siu, Shin Report Jan 1, 2013 8670
The influence of hypoxia and pH on bioluminescence imaging of luciferase-transfected tumor cells and xenograft. Khalil, Ashraf A.; Jameson, Mark J.; Broaddus, William C.; Lin, Peck Sun; Dever, Seth M.; Golding, S Report Jan 1, 2013 3081
Assessment of prevalence of HPV DNA in colorectal adenocarcinoma in patients from the Podlasie region. Miasko, A.; Chomczyk, M.; Pancewicz-Wojtkiewicz, J.; Kedra, B.; Roszkowski, A.; Borzym-Kluczyk, M.; Clinical report Dec 1, 2012 3559
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