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Reinventing China: Mao's Ideas on National Form. Li, Wei Critical essay Dec 1, 2020 6194
Orientalism, Gender, and Nation Defied by an Iranian Woman: Feminist Orientalism and National Identity in Satrapi's Persepolis and Persepolis 2. Maggi, Diego Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 5911
The Problem of Institutionalization of Political Power and the crisis of National Identity in Pakistan: An Overview. Shafiq, Kousar; Akhter, Shehnaz Report Dec 31, 2019 4030
The border inside. Serumaga, Kalundi Column Jun 1, 2019 1167
Republic of Macedonia or North Macedonia? Daskalovski, Zhidas Report Mar 22, 2019 4141
Spy, Abjection, and Post-Socialist Identity: Chinese Neo-Spy Films since 2009. Yang, Min Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 7486
There Is No Such City: The Myth of Odessa in Post-Soviet Immigrant Literature. Wanner, Adrian Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 10009
Russians, Romanians, or Neither? Mobilization of Ethnicity and "National Indifference" in Early 20th-century Bessarabia. Cusco, Andrei Report Jan 1, 2019 14177
National Identity Construction in Independence Day Speeches of Anglophone West Africa. Edu-Buandoh, Dora F.; Nkansah, Nancy Boahemaa Sep 1, 2018 7709
Identity a triple-headed conundrum: Why is it considered appropriate to discuss some aspects of African identity--such as nationality and pan-Africanism--but shun discussion of ethnic group identity? Wanbu, Onyekachi Aug 1, 2018 693
The Role of Language in the Identity Formation of Transnational EFL Teachers /El papel del idioma en la identidad de maestros de ingles transnacionales. Villegas-Torres, Perla; Mora-Pablo, Irasema Report Jul 1, 2018 7291
Canada's Syrian Refugee Program, Intergroup Relationships and Identities. Hynie, Mlchaela Jun 22, 2018 5517
L'imaginaire national, l'asile et les refugies syriens en Allemagne et au Canada : une analyse discursive. Winter, Elke; Patzelt, Anke; Beauregard, Melanie Jun 22, 2018 8231
A Preliminary Investigation Into Private Refugee Sponsors. Macklin, Audrey; Barber, Kathryn; Goldring, Luin; Hyndman, Jennifer; Korteweg, Anna; Labman, Shauna; Report Jun 22, 2018 9452
What is Left from the Identity of the State of Israel Proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence? Schenhav, Mordechai Report Jun 1, 2018 10441
Choice of Language and the Quest for Israeli Identity in the Works of Tuvia Ruebner and Aharon Appelfeld. Ben-Horin, Michal Critical essay Jun 1, 2018 4976
Deconstruction of the Personal Identity and English National Identity in England, England and The Remains of the Day. Oruc, Sinem Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 9580
Origin myths. Trilling, Daniel Essay Mar 1, 2018 1886
Identity and Ambivalence in Xu Xi's History's Fiction. Chang, Hawk Jan 1, 2018 3116
Construction and Demolition: Dissecting the Concept of Home in Three Devolutionary Plays. Beck, Andras Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 6847
Arabism and Anti-Persian Sentiments on Participatory Web Platforms: A Social Media Critical Discourse Study. Khosravinik, Majid; Sarkhoh, Nadia Report Sep 1, 2017 9013
History, Myth, and Nationhood in A. S. Byatt's Possession. Farahmandfar, Masoud Critical essay Sep 1, 2017 5184
National identity and its relations with ideology and well-being in five Latin-American countries/Identidad nacional y sus relaciones con la ideologia y el bienestar en cinco paises de America Latina/Identidade nacional e suas relacoes com a ideologia e o bem-estar em cinco paises da America Latina. Pezzia, Agustin Espinosa; Silva, Alessandro Soares Da; Ibanez, Carlos Contreras; Cueto, Rosa Maria; Jul 1, 2017 12278
The stories nations tell: sites of pedagogy, historical consciousness, and national narratives. Anderson, Stephanie Report Jul 1, 2017 10157
Muslim youth between Quebecness and Canadianness: religiosity, identity, citizenship, and belonging. Tiflati, Hicham Report Mar 22, 2017 7096
General discussion. Mar 22, 2017 3266
Cimarronaje and Resistance: Reimagining Peruanidad in Malambo by Lucia Charun-Illescas. Limerick, Chantell Smith Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 8857
The mediated communities: testing media effects on the construction of national identity, national pride, and global identity in China, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the US. Yao, Qingjiang "Q.J."; Haggard, Carrol Report Jul 1, 2016 7562
The relevance of Emmanuel Hevi: China in contemporary Sino-African relations. Matambo, Emmanuel; Mtshali, Khondlo Report Jul 1, 2016 8465
Identity of Kosovo from the social constructivist perspective: is construction of a common "Kosovar" identity possible in the post-independence Kosovo?/Sosyal Insacilik acisindan Kosova'nin kimligi: bagimsizlik sonrasinda ortak bir "Kosovali" kimligi olusturmak mumkun mu? Oktay, Emel G.; Rrapaj, Jonilda Report Jun 22, 2016 7907
Religious and national identity in My Name is Khan. Erndl, Kathleen M. Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6248
Identity of Kosovo from the social constructivist perspective: is construction of a common "Kosovar" identity possible in the post-independence Kosovo?/Sosyal insacilik acisindan kosova'nin kimligi: bagimsizlik sonrasinda ortak bir "Kosovali" kimligi olusturmak mumkun mu? Oktay, Emel G.; Rrapaj, Jonilda Report Mar 22, 2016 7903
"Canadian, eh?" An examination of the multidimensional structure and functions of the national identity of immigrants and of those raised in Canada. Grant, Peter R. Mar 22, 2016 14283
Painting as cipher: censorship of the visual arts in post-1988 Myanmar. Carlson, Melissa Report Mar 1, 2016 7901
Painting their past: the Geracao Foun, street art and representing notions of "East Timorese-ness". Arthur, Catherine Report Mar 1, 2016 9490
25 years after--The National Day on the National Radio. Matei, Antonia Report Jan 1, 2016 5135
Elizabeth Bowens negative epics: landscape and realism in The Last September and A World of Love. Im, Jeannie Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 9783
Understanding of cosmopolitanism in Georgian literary thinking: from Goethe to Vazha-Pshavela. Ratiani, Irma Critical essay Dec 1, 2015 2872
National identity and European Unity: a symbolic approach. Ghenea, Stefan Viorel Essay Oct 1, 2015 4910
Genocidal Rape, Enforced Impregnation, and the Discourse of Serbian National Identity. Takseva, Tatjana Essay Sep 1, 2015 6586
Guilty, sexual and local: Nature for the Nation in the Italian Narrative of the Bel Paese (19th century). Gai, Antonio Essay Aug 1, 2015 15562
Remaking Guangzhou: geo-identity and place-making on Sina Weibo. Wang, Wilfred Yang Aug 1, 2015 5259
The "Abe effect" in Northeast Asia: the interplay of security, economy, and identity. Sohn, Yul Report Jul 1, 2015 791
What can and cannot be treated as regards nationality and identity: the Treaty of Zurich and the dynamics of unification geopolitics. Serban, Ionut Virgil Report Apr 1, 2015 4917
The Szekler identity in Romania after 1989. Coceancig, Aron Report Apr 1, 2015 5357
Federal courts and Australian national identity. Kenny, Susan Apr 1, 2015 11334
The Anzac myth: history and collective public memory in Australia on the centenary of World War I. Kelly, Andrew Essay Mar 22, 2015 2172
Mourning, memory, and material culture: colonial commemoration of the missing on the Great War's western front. Smyth, Hanna Essay Mar 22, 2015 6503
The "Ukrainian crisis" and its multiple histories. Miller, Alexei Essay Jan 1, 2015 1697
Liberia: why "little America" has run its course. Sleh, Aaron C. Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2014 1959
Remembering Sir Francis Drake: travel, commemoration and national identity in the work of Henry Robarts. Ord, Melanie Essay Sep 22, 2014 9422
'[You can't kill me]': Scottish identity and the Anglo-Scottish Union in David Greig's Dunsinane. Guvenc, Sila Senlen Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 7606
Post-apartheid transnationalism in black South African literature: a reality or a fallacy? Rafapa, Lesibana Critical essay Jul 2, 2014 7772
Identity discourses on national belonging: the Hungarian minority in Romania. Veres, Valer Report Jun 22, 2014 8866
The role of the youth's national identity in reducing social harms and internet crime. Khorrami, Ahmad; Foroutan, Mostafa; Sarfarazi, Mehrzad Report Jun 1, 2014 2911
China joins global health governance: new player, more medicines, and new rules? Lee, Pak K.; Chan, Lai-Ha Apr 1, 2014 13158
Deconstructing National and Transnational Hypermasculine Hegemony in Neoliberal China. Zhang,, Charlie Y. Essay Mar 22, 2014 10489
The notion of "Kazakhness" behind the symbolic nation-building of Kazakhstan. Mkrtchyan, Narek Report Feb 1, 2014 9430
Rethinking banal nationalism: banal Americanism, Europeanism, and the missing link between media representations and identities. Slavtcheva-Petkova, Vera Report Jan 1, 2014 8864
Turkey's contribution to NATO's role in post-cold war security governance: the use of force and security identity formation. Kinacioglu, Muge; Gurzel, Aylin G. Essay Oct 1, 2013 9908
Frame contestation in the news: national identity, cultural resonance, and U.S. drone policy. Rowling, Charles M.; Sheets, Penelope; Jones, Timothy M. Report Oct 1, 2013 9096
A view from Africa: Edmondo De Amicis and the formation of a national identity in post-unification Italy. Valentini, Daria Critical essay Aug 1, 2013 4963
The Muslim world and the Italian identity: new directions for historical research. Vanoli, Alessandro Essay Aug 1, 2013 3889
If the boot fits ... Luciano Fabro's Italie. Hecker, Sharon Critical essay Aug 1, 2013 8838
A Han vs. minorities dual structure of Chinese society. Ma, Rong Essay Aug 1, 2013 8263
Talking about Mestizaje: history, value, and the racial present. Jerry, Anthony R. Jul 1, 2013 6346
National heroes vs. EU benefits: Croatia and the EU conditionality. Perkovic, Ana Jese Report Apr 1, 2013 10496
Asserting an ancient, emergent superpower: the 2009 Beijing military parade, public memory, and national identity. Gong, Jie Essay Apr 1, 2013 9513
Men against the wall: graffiti(ed) masculinities. Lombard, Kara-Jane Report Mar 22, 2013 7092
United Spains? North African immigration and the question of Spanish identity in Poniente. Vega-Duran, Raquel Report Mar 22, 2013 10500
W. B. Yeats, cultural nationalism, and disempowered women. Chang, Tsung-chi Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 5753
"The urb it orbs": James Joyce and internationalism. Kintzele, Paul Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 11851
The Ossian pattern in the matter of identity Romanian construction. Alina, Coman Critical essay Sep 1, 2012 5463
To know ourselves--not. McDaniel, Susan A.; MacDonald, Heidi Report Jun 22, 2012 7223
Mary Peabody Mann's Juanita: Cuba and US national identity. Havard, John C. Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 9329
From the Atlantic Pact to NATO: debating Turkey's location and function in the Turkish Grand National Assembly/ Atlantik Pakti'ndan NATO'ya: Turkiye Buyuk Millet Meclisi'nde Turkiye'nin Konumu ve Uluslararasi Rolu Tartismalarindan Bir Kesit. Yanik, Lerna K. Report Jun 22, 2012 9806
"Mine, yours or ours?": The Indonesia-Malaysia disputes over shared cultural heritage. Chong, Jinn Winn Report Apr 1, 2012 17818
The world beyond the nation in Southeast Asian museums. Thompson, Eric C. Essay Apr 1, 2012 9982
Rulers and victims reconsidered: Geoffrey Hosking and the Russians of the Soviet Union. Edgar, Adrienne Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 5017
Response. Hosking, Geoffrey A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 2800
Ciphering nations: performing identity in Brazil and the Caribbean. Pueo Wood, Naomi Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 258
America's lost sense of community. Smith, Scott L. Essay Jan 1, 2012 6750
The loss of Maritain's America. Dougherty, Jude P. Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 1995
'No common corrobery': the Robert Burns Festivals and identity politics in Melbourne, 1845-59. Tyrrell, Alex Dec 1, 2011 8891
Biogeography, climate, and national identity in Smollett's Humphry Clinker. Van Renen, Denys Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 12981
L'esprit sartrien des francais, du moi freudien au moi humaniste, de l'angoisse a l'espoir. de Payen, Eric Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 7308
Relationship between history and a sense of belonging--Russian speaking minority integration in Latvia. Gruzina, Ieva Report Sep 1, 2011 11036
Time for an optimistic Englishness: we need a new debate on Englishness. Painter, Anthony Essay Sep 1, 2011 4277
Nation building and folklore in Norway 1840-1905. Bo, Gudleiv Essay Aug 1, 2011 5553
The Polish plumber and the imaginaries of the East-West divide in Hungary and Romania: old divisions and new boundaries. Capelle-Pogacean, Antonela Essay Jun 1, 2011 8222
Otaku dreams: the re-membering of Japan in Murakami Takashi's "Earth at My Window". Eikenaar, Jannik Haruo Critical essay Apr 1, 2011 6375
How to "rise above mere nationality": Coetzee's novels Youth and Slow Man in The World Republic of Letters. Vold, Tonje Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 8161
Multiculturalism and egalitarianism. Mookerjea, Sourayan Essay Mar 22, 2011 7949
Multiculturalism as part of the lived experience of the "second generation"? Forging identities by Lebanese-origin youth in Halifax. Tastsoglou, Evangelia; Petrinioti, Sandy Mar 22, 2011 9932
How Canada killed multiculturalism. Frost, Catherine Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 5220
How new models open opportunities to re-understanding and expanding established insights: reaction and critique of Elke Winter's Us, Them, and Others. Ramos, Howard Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 4634
The enduring popularity of Rosa de Lima, first saint of the Americas: women, bodies, sainthood, and national identity. Espin, Oliva M. Mar 1, 2011 8450
A new guide to an old country: in writing a young person's history of Britain Patrick Dillon found himself wondering where myth ends and history begins. Dillon, Patrick Jan 1, 2011 1324
B-boying and battling in a global context: the discursive life of difference in hip hop dance. Johnson, Imani Kai Essay Jan 1, 2011 9115
The curious case of kafka, his papers, the library and the archive. Benbow, Heather Merle Essay Jan 1, 2011 7281
Russians, Jews, and Hebrew: the makings of ambivalence. Gruber, Isaiah Essay Jan 1, 2011 10575
"Who has the best tunes?" Sounds of Englishness in The Satanic Verses. Gyorke, Agnes Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 8607
In the desert of the other: identity and Lucrimax in modern Hebrew fiction. Rimon, Helena Essay Jan 1, 2011 8441
Bi-national allegory: Israel-Palestine and the art of Larry Abramson. Mitchell, W.J.T. Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 5315
Conflicting representations of national identity: meaning-making through a Nepalese museum. Dixit, Priya Report Oct 1, 2010 10427
Five children's texts and a critique of Canadian identity. Snell, Heather Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 5157
Looking for Canada: places and cultural spaces in recent fiction for adolescents. Rogers, Theresa Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 5672
Haitian zombie, myth, and modern identity. Thomas, Kette Critical essay Jun 1, 2010 6530
The conception of national identity in contemporary Lithuanian architecture/Tautinio tapatumo problema siuolaikineje lietuvos architekturoje. Reklaite, Julija Report May 1, 2010 4707
It is different from inside: perceptions of national and European identity in the 2004 EU new member states. Gherghina, Sergiu Report Apr 1, 2010 6581
City spaces and national identity. Sark, Katrina Report Mar 22, 2010 2791
Hockey of the future: Canada's game in Quebec's science fiction. Ransom, Amy J. Essay Mar 22, 2010 9843
Iranian identity in the West: a discursive approach. Haghighat, Seyed Sadegh Essay Mar 22, 2010 8296
Anti-nationalism in Scott's Old Mortality. Garcia, Montserrat Martinez Critical essay Mar 1, 2010 5724
Consuming the view: tourism, Rome, and the topos of the Eternal City. Hom, Stephanie Malia Essay Jan 1, 2010 11848
Nationalism and Olympism: towards a normative theory of international sporting representation. Iowerth, Hywel; Jones, Carwyn; Hardman, Alun Essay Jan 1, 2010 13431
Mapping America: re-creating in the cartographic imagination. Conrad, JoAnn Essay Jan 1, 2010 13814
The (im)possibility of telling: of Algeria and memory in the Flesh. Stampfl, Tanja Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 14338
Second city or second country? The question of Canadian identity in SCTV'S transcultural text. Hanna, Erin Critical essay Dec 22, 2009 7872
The role of media in European identity formation: understanding the complexity of today's European media landscape. Simeunovic, Natasa Report Dec 1, 2009 6338
Protestants and Irishness in independent Ireland: an exploration. Crawford, Heather Kathleen Abstract Dec 1, 2009 1012
The ethnic and national identity of South Asian immigrant seniors living in Edmonton, Canada. Ng, Cheuk Fan; Northcott, Herbert C. Report Sep 22, 2009 11261
"Introduction to politics and identity in Lusophone literature and film". Vieira, Patricia I. Essay Sep 1, 2009 2861
National identity and ethno-regional party types. Falkenhagen, Frederic Report Sep 1, 2009 8989
Belated foundations. Rosen-Carole, Adam Report Jul 1, 2009 17719
What's in a name? Identity politics in "Czechia": the challenge of identity politics: how can a nation define itself if its state lacks a concrete geographical name or geopolitical identity? Velisek, Zdenek Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2009 1544
The national will begins in the bookstore. Sombach, Ray Mar 22, 2009 746
Accommodation as a Canadian tradition. Nolin, Pierre Claude Jun 22, 2008 3825
Neither reasonable nor accommodating. Choudry, Aziz; Mahrouse, Gada; Shragge, Eric May 1, 2008 1652
"Beyond my outrage or my admiration": postnational critique in Robert Pinsky's An Explanation of America. Gwiazda, Piotr Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 7326
Modernity, identity and Turkey's foreign policy. Bozdaglioglu, Yucel Essay Jan 1, 2008 8535
The banality of nationhood: visual rhetoric and ethnic nationalism in post-communist romania. Cionea, Ioana A. Essay Sep 22, 2007 6486
In search of a morally acceptable nationalism. Baumgarten, Elias Jun 22, 2007 3731
Introduction. Kelly, Jonathan May 1, 2007 667
2007, Ethnos: Fixity and Flux: Bidayah (Dis)engagements with the Malaysian ethnic system. Chua, Linda Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 145
Satire as magnifying glass: crossing the us border in Bruce McDonald's Highway 61. McEwan, Paul Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 4772
Una mirada al hispanoamericanismo en el siglo XIX: las observaciones de Jose Maria Samper. Betancourt-Mendieta, Alexander Jan 1, 2007 12934
Malaysian identity. Palmer, Ronald D. Nov 27, 2006 5841
Looking for balance in belize: Celebrating its first twenty-five years, this young nation is forging a dual identity, Caribbean and Central American, as it faces the challenges of independence. Conaway, Janelle Nov 1, 2006 3208
The war of the flags: conflicting national loyalties in a modern colonial situation. Carrion, Juan Manuel Essay Sep 22, 2006 10872
My country. Right or wrong? Bernard Porter argues that history and patriotism should be kept firmly apart. Porter, Bernard Jul 1, 2006 1746
Disrupting Asian America: South Asian American histories as strategic sites of narration. Menon, Sridevi Jul 1, 2006 9248
Reich, nation, Volk: early modern perspectives. Whaley, Joachim Apr 1, 2006 7728
Racism or patriotism? An eyewitness account of the Cronulla demonstration of 11 December 2005. Barclay, Ryan; West, Peter Apr 1, 2006 5013
Nationalism and national identity in Taiwanese baseball. Junwei, Yu; Gordon, Dan Mar 22, 2006 5529
Religion, war, and revolution: E. N. Trubetskoi's liberal construction of Russian national identity, 1912-20. Poole, Randall A. Mar 22, 2006 21292
The ethics of secession and postinvasion Iraq. Moore, Margaret Mar 1, 2006 10892
Being Australian. Excerpt Jan 1, 2006 563
The birth of the East Ender: neighborhood and local identity in interwar east London. Lammers, Benjamin J. Dec 22, 2005 7323
"Bread and arsenic: citizenship from the bottom up in Georgian London". Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 209
Ukrainian literary identity today: the legacy of the Bu-Ba-Bu generation after the Orange Revolution. Naydan, Michael M. Sep 1, 2005 2910
Nathanael West's Indian commodities. Rubinstein, Rachel Jun 22, 2005 10378
Scotland's English clan: Murray Watson looks at the historical roots of a phenomenon few commentators have noted: the sizeable English presence in Scotland. Watson, Murray Jun 1, 2005 1625
Cultural authenticity and national identity. Al-Kharrat, Edwar May 1, 2005 2163
International patterns in national identity content: the case of Japanese banknote iconography. Hymans, Jacques E.C. May 1, 2005 12867
A nation in decline. Dougherty, Jude P. Mar 22, 2005 2738
Faith in school: educational policy responses to ethno-religious conflict in the southern Philippines, 1935-1985. Milligan, Jeffrey Ayala Feb 1, 2005 10620
National identity and democratization in Taiwan: an introduction. Wang, T.Y. Feb 1, 2005 3125
Taiwanese or Chinese? Independence or unification? An analysis of generational differences in Taiwan. Chang, G. Andy; Wang, T.Y. Feb 1, 2005 8128
Dimensions of Taiwanese/Chinese identity and national identity in Taiwan: a latent class analysis. Chi, Huang Feb 1, 2005 6787
Taiwan's aim-inhibited quest for identity and the China factor. Dittmer, Lowell Feb 1, 2005 9358
Identity, equality and participation: testing the dimensions of citizenship in Canada and Belgium. Chastenay, Marie-Helene; Page, Michel; Phalet, Karen; Swyngedouw, Marc; Lasry, Jean-Claude Sep 22, 2004 12663
Catalonia and the Scots. Kernohan, R.D. Feb 1, 2004 2979
Canada: a different North American society? Resnick, Philip Jan 1, 2004 3979
Humor literature as a lens to Chinese identity. Sun, Michelle C. Jan 1, 2004 7208
Kingdom of ends: nation, post nation and national character in Northrop Frye. Carter, Adam Critical essay Sep 1, 2003 10915
"The battle of the standards": great pyramid metrology and British identity, 1859-1890 (1). Reisenauer, Eric Michael Jun 22, 2003 20677
Post-2001 and the Third Coming of Nationalism. Nairn, Tom Jan 1, 2003 6669
Israeli representations of an Arab intellectual. Khouri, Maurice Jan 1, 2002 6618
England's occluded nationalism: state and nation in English identity. Wellings, Ben Dec 22, 1999 5836

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