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Metaphor Variation and Change in World Englishes A Corpus-Based Study of FEAR, HUMILIATION and HOPE. Caballero, Rosario; Diaz-Vera, Javier E. Report Jun 22, 2021 7297
Mend the cracks. Bazan, Jessie Jan 24, 2021 606
Browning's Metaforms: Transformation and the Work of the Artist in The Ring and the Book. Crandell, Caitlin Critical essay Sep 22, 2020 13061
METAPHOR ANALYSIS. Soi, Sanhaya Essay Jul 1, 2020 1816
Coronavirus: when a metaphor is more than a metaphor: SOUL SEEING. Leach, Michael Column May 15, 2020 834
Gems by the Thousands: Hoarding Poetry in the Late Nineteenth Century. Legette, Casie Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 8292
Beyond Feminism: The Egg as a Symbol of the Brazilian Dictatorship in the Work of Anna Maria Maiolino. Lindsay-Perez, Monica Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 3862
Dawn-Song and the "Evolution of the Black Aesthetic" An Outline of A Few, Key Concepts/Archetypes/Metaphors. Toure, Askia M. Essay Apr 1, 2018 2036
How to Build a Metaphor: Novel Metaphors Construed by Concrete Elements in Tomas Transtromer's Poetry. Vogel, Anna Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 6478
Metaphors for the future. Gildea, Janet Column Dec 1, 2017 1102
'Iclosid art with stoon': Charles of Orleans' Imprisonment Poetics. Downes, Stephanie Critical essay Jul 1, 2017 10117
THE COMPUTER "VIRUS" AS METAPHOR. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Essay Jul 1, 2017 1472
Metanorms, Metaethics and Metaphor: Heroic Confusions in The Perfectionist Turn. Sternberg, Elaine Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 5085
The use of animal metaphors in the representation of women in Bukusu and Gusii proverbs in Kenya. Barasa, Margaret N.; Opande, Isaac Nilson Report Apr 1, 2017 9631
Behind a pane of glass: collective memory in Woolf's interwar London. Yoon, Irene Critical essay Mar 1, 2017 10803
Hopkins's influence on Percy's The Moviegoer. Fink, Larry E. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7128
The contesting theory of competition: evidence from metaphor priming. Shields, David Light; Funk, Christopher D.; Bredemeier, Brenda Light Report Nov 24, 2016 7726
Robots as legal metaphors. Calo, Ryan Sep 22, 2016 13694
"The knots within": translations, tapestries, and the art of reading backwards. Santos, Kathryn Vomero Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 7201
MODERN SPACE, POSTMODERN SPACE... WHERE WAS Z?. Lippert, Paul Essay Apr 1, 2016 2440
A pragmatic solution to the problem of category crossing metaphors. Scott, Michael; Stevens, Graham Report Jan 1, 2016 10447
Cures for Cancer: Norman Mailer's Deaths for the Ladies. Power, Kevin Abstract Sep 22, 2015 102
African Social Research Forum tributes to Mwalimu Harold Isaacs: a metaphorical linguistic analysis. Bangura, Abdul Karim Essay Sep 22, 2015 3626
A spatial identity crisis: space and identities in Nir Baram's novels. Weiss, Vered Essay Jun 22, 2015 9886
On footprints and poetic feet. Novacich, Sarah Elliott Essay Jun 22, 2015 10220
"Living by Wit" y "Knight of Industry": apuntes acerca de la historia contenida en dos metaforas muertas. Sell, Jonathan P.A. Essay Jun 1, 2015 8281
Corporate personhood and the corporate body: the case of former energy giant Enron on trial for fraud. Walenta, Jayme Jun 1, 2015 9642
Tinkering with the machinery of death: the body-as-gauge in discourses about capital punishment. Langford, Catherine L. Essay Jan 1, 2015 10674
Entrepreneurship as elixir and mutagen. Lundmark, Erik; Westelius, Alf May 1, 2014 13524
Shakespeare's culinary metaphors: a practical approach. Albala, Ken Essay Jan 1, 2014 4420
Rethinking survival: metaphors of hope and peaceful conflict resolution methods during crisis times. Mlambo, Nelson Report Dec 1, 2013 8910
Hearing the Cry in Black Diasporic and Latina/o Poetics. Neyra, Rachel E. Ellis Essay Dec 1, 2013 6946
Metaforas eufemisticas en epitafios ingleses y espanoles: un estudio contrastivo. Crespo-Fernandez, Eliecer Dec 1, 2013 8142
When "surge" signifies rapid increases of American combatants sent to foreign warfare: classical enargeia for contemporary metaphor. Carpenter, Ronald H.; Travers, Courtney Caudle Essay Sep 22, 2013 6887
Metaphors and persuasion. Van Patten, Jonathan K. Jun 22, 2013 14147
Brides and gore in Suzan-Lori Parks's Devotees in the Garden of Love. Kolin, Philip C. Critical essay May 1, 2013 1715
Shinto and Buddhist metaphors in departures. Okuyama, Yoshiko Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 7764
Esthetic qualities, conventions, and aspect-switching: medieval Hebrew poetry in the perspective of modern theories of reading. Einat-Nov, Idit Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 5748
Philosophy: Vol. 88, No. 1, January 2013. Mar 1, 2013 825
'Bound up and clasped together': bookbinding as metaphor for marriage in Richard Brome's The Love-Sick Court. Lowe, Eleanor Jan 1, 2013 8161
Racial epithets, characterizations, and slurs. Croom, Adam M. Report Jan 1, 2013 6072
"Get out of your cave and smell the coffee!": Many more mixed metaphors and malaphors. Hauptman, Don Essay Nov 1, 2012 794
To deliver the metaphor: intent and rhetoric in Norman Mailer. Oommen, Susan Essay Sep 22, 2012 3034
Metaphor as a means of expression in postmodern architecture: lithuanian case/Metafora kaip postmodernizmo architekturos raiskos priemone. Lietuvos atvejis. Mankus, Martynas Report Sep 1, 2012 4273
Noah's ark as metaphor. Blumenthal, Fred Essay Apr 1, 2012 1545
Is the computer a communist? Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Apr 1, 2012 640
Words that never stray. Lederer, Richard Feb 1, 2012 1744
Metaphors and the reclamation of blackness in Derek Walcott's Dream on Monkey Mountain. Crossley, Scott Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 9139
H.D. and the Victorian spectres of White Rose and the Red. Halsall, Alison Sep 22, 2011 8314
H.D. and the Victorian spectres of white rose and the red. Halsall, Alison Sep 22, 2011 8315
The imagery of water in Camus' la chute. Belassie, James Critical essay Jul 1, 2011 2913
Hacia una reconstruccion del modelo cultural del 'miedo' en ingles antiguo. Diaz Vera, Javier E. Essay Jun 1, 2011 7896
Aristotle on the virtues of rhetoric. Rorty, Amelie Essay Jun 1, 2011 6781
"Let's push the envelope out of the box": more mixed and mashed metaphors. Hauptman, Don May 1, 2011 904
Love as a metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond Apr 1, 2011 586
Voices and visions from the margins on mission and unity: a disability-informed reading of the Pauline metaphor of the church as the body of Christ. George, Samuel Essay Apr 1, 2011 3733
A cosmos of his own: loss, ghosts, and loneliness in Thomas Wolfe's fiction. Preher, Gerald Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 7656
Grammatical Metaphor and Its Difficulties in Application. Wang, Xue-feng Abstract Dec 1, 2010 210
Phronesis: Vol. 55, No. 2. Jun 1, 2010 350
The (Zen) Buddhist Heart of I [Love] Huckabees. Ng, Edwin Essay Apr 1, 2010 4311
Third World Express: trains and "revolution" in Southern African poetry/Third World Express: treine en "revolusie" in Suider-Afrikaanse poesie. Wright, L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2010 5532
Vision, metaphor and the metaphysical horizons of twentieth-century hermeticism. Berberi, Viktor Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 9388
Iconic features of translation. Petrilli, Susan; Ponzio, Augusto Essay Feb 1, 2010 15023
Telling it straight: a comparison of selected English and Polish idioms from the semantic field of speaking. Szczepaniak, Renata; Adamska-Salaciak, Arleta Report Jan 1, 2010 7080
I get seized by a metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Report Oct 1, 2009 486
Now you don't: the work of metaphor. Patell, Shireen R.K. Essay Sep 22, 2009 2661
Mirrors & maps: two sides of metaphor. Flannery, Maura C. Essay Aug 1, 2009 4096
An apparent error in Borges's enumeration of the number of possible metaphors. Thaler, David S. Critical essay Jul 1, 2009 1508
"Put that in your pipe and chew it!" More marvelous mixed metaphors. Hauptman, Don Nov 1, 2008 720
Vision metaphors for the intellect: are they really cross-linguistic? Ibarretxe-Antunano, Iraide Report Jun 1, 2008 8692
Global warming as a metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond Apr 1, 2008 589
The lingering war captain: Maori texts, indigenous contexts. Somerville, Alice Te Punga Essay Jan 1, 2007 6649
Metaphorical structures in the similes of Kalidasa. Sharma, Amrita Essay Jan 1, 2007 2808
The accursed tongue. Vince, Mate Essay Jan 1, 2006 10445
Absent presence. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jan 1, 2006 1141
Introduction: morsels and modules: on embodying cognition in Shakespeare's plays (1). Pandit, Lalita; Hogan, Patrick Colm Jan 1, 2006 5541
Metaphorical conceptions in hip-hop music. Crossley, Scott Dec 22, 2005 6952
Metaphorically Speaking. Darn, Steve; White, Ian Abstract Dec 20, 2005 204
Cognitive science applied to Pauline metaphors in 1 Thessalonians: conceptual blending and the sleep and death motif. Ramey, Martin Jun 22, 2005 5803
The perception of metaphor and the metaphor of perception: the neurodynamics of figuration. Lattig, Sharon Mar 22, 2005 10049
Embodied figures of speech: problem-solving in Alice's dream of Wonderland. MacArthur, Fiona Dec 1, 2004 6672
Mr. Hyde & the epidemiology of evil. Dalrymple, Theodore Sep 1, 2004 3091
Social capital--metaphor or oxymoron? Gozzi, Raymond Dec 22, 2003 665
Seeking closure. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Sep 22, 2003 969
The Chinese Wall metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond Jr. Jun 22, 2003 1360
Noem my jou metafore ... metaforiese taal as geloofstaal. (Research Articles). Kloppers, Elsabe Critical Essay Apr 1, 2003 5222
The metaphor of "Anthills of the Savannah" in Chinua Achebe's Anthills of the Savannah. Opata, Damian U. Critical essay Jan 1, 2003 3380
Meaning, language, and mind: an interview with Mark Turner. Underhill, James W. Interview Dec 22, 2002 8909
Not a desktop, not a metaphor. (Metaphors in Action). Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Dec 22, 2002 1203
Apostrophe in life and in Romantic art: everyday discourse, overhearing, and poetic address. Richardson, Alan Sep 22, 2002 10408
Identifying Metaphor in Language: a cognitive approach. Steen, Gerard J. Sep 22, 2002 9839
Metaphor comprehension as problem solving: an online study of the reading process. (1). Goodblatt, Chanita; Glicksohn, Joseph Sep 22, 2002 7285
"Life without Parole": metaphor and discursive commitment. (1). Swan, Jim Sep 22, 2002 9305
A minimal, lexicalist/constituent transfer account of metaphor. Hogan, Patrick Colm Sep 22, 2002 9513
Bodily action and metaphorical meaning. Gibbs, Raymond W., Jr.; Wilson, Nicole L. Sep 22, 2002 7614
Love and Anger: the grammatical structure of conceptual metaphors. Glynn, Dylan Sep 22, 2002 8414
The Nuremberg Funnel and Other Metaphors We Teach By. (Germanic Languages & Literature). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 93
New and old ways into universal truths: ancient metaphors may be misinterpreted, but no need to start from scratch. Batz, Jeannette Column Mar 15, 2002 1257
Poetic Agency: Metonymy and Metaphor in Chartist Poetry 1838-1852 [1]. SANDERS, MICHAEL Jun 22, 2001 9317
Modernism & metaphor in contemporary Arabic poetry. Simawe, Saadi A. Mar 22, 2001 6852
Following footpaths in Emma: actual and metaphorical. (The Country and the City). Park, Julia Jan 1, 2001 3640
Arrows (and arrowroot) in Jane Austen's Emma. (Miscellany). Hale, John K. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 1078
"A Metaphor Is Pinning Air to the Wall": A Literature Review of the Child's Use of Metaphor. Wilson, Sandip Lee Anne Critical Essay Dec 22, 2000 3373
THE POWER OF METAPHOR: In the Age of Electronic Media [+]. GOZZI JR., RAYMOND Dec 22, 1999 6819
Is language a game? Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jun 22, 1998 1496
A case study in metaphor as argument: a longitudinal analysis of the wall separating Church and State. Voth, Ben Jan 1, 1998 7989
Metaphors converging on the Internet. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Dec 22, 1997 2236
The play of metaphors. Osborn, Michael Sep 22, 1997 2034
Metaphors by the seashore. Gozzi, Raymond Jr. Sep 22, 1997 1239
Artificial intelligence - metaphor or oxymoron? Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jun 22, 1997 1290
Metaphors and multiples: representation, the arts, and history. Greene, Maxine Cover Story Jan 1, 1997 7191
Labor, time, metaphor. Gibbons, Reginald Sep 22, 1996 7690
The fast food franchise as metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Sep 22, 1996 1078
The fable of the electric maps and the mutating territory. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jun 22, 1996 1805
Metaphor and mental disturbance: the case of Lady Chatterley's Lover. Doherty, Gerald Mar 22, 1996 7457
Metaphor and mind style in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Semino, Elena; Swindlehurst, Kate Mar 22, 1996 11245
Creatures of the metaphor. Sweet, Robert Burdette Nov 1, 1995 2670
Keeping it on the road: a metaphor for the economy? Mixon, J. Wilson, Jr. Sep 22, 1995 1804
'Upstart Crow': provenance and meaning. Chandler, David Sep 1, 1995 2352
The status of expressive content. Kemp, Gary Apr 1, 1995 6136
A Homeric metaphor cluster describing teeth, tongue, and words. Griffith, R. Drew Mar 22, 1995 1941
Economic metaphors for education. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Dec 22, 1994 1270
The cyberspace metaphor. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jun 22, 1994 1490
Style and truth: reflections on the language of science. Mistichelli, William J. Jun 22, 1994 9291
The web and the spaceship: metaphors of the environment. Muir, Star A. Jun 22, 1994 2256
Our inflationary language: a metaphor of communication. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Dec 22, 1993 1154
Metaphor and truth in history. McCullagh, C. Behan Sep 22, 1993 11367
"The nineties" - an empty metaphor waiting to be filled. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jun 22, 1993 1345
Analogical reasoning and knowledge generation in organization theory. Tsoukas, Haridimos Jun 22, 1993 9055
Poetic logic: the metaphoric form as a foundation for a theory of tropological argument. Fritch, John E.; Leeper, Karla K. Mar 22, 1993 4665
Metaphorically speaking. McGuire, Gene Nov 1, 1992 1355

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