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Analysis of CSCL Chats for Cognitive Assessment and Individual Participations. Allaymoun, Mohammad H. Jan 1, 2021 6637
Fostering Talk as Performance in an EFL Class Through the Critical Analysis of YouTubers' Content/Fomento del desempeno oral en publico en una clase de ingles como lengua extranjera mediante el analisis critico del contenido de YouTubers. Aristizabal-Jimenez, Yesika Jul 1, 2020 7639
An Exploration of Student Collaboration Networks in a Team-Based Capstone Course. McCubbins, OP; Paulsen, Thomas H.; Anderson, Ryan Jul 1, 2020 8611
A Comparison of Early Career Agricultural Teacher Training Received, Current Practices and Perceptions of Instructional Methods. Voges, Samantha; Rayfield, John; Doss, William; Lawver, David; Ritz, Rudy Jul 1, 2020 6314
Exploring a Community of Inquiry Supported by a Social Media-Based Learning Environment. Popescu, Elvira; Badea, Gabriel Apr 1, 2020 9934
A Proposed Framework of Online Collaborative Note-Taking Strategy in Self-Regulation Learning to Promote Instructional Design Practice for Preservice Teacher. Wetcho, Suthanit; Na-Songkhla, Jaitip Jan 1, 2020 4530
UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF CO-CREATION OF KNOWLEDGE: A Paradigm Shift to a Complexity Science Approach to Evaluation of Community-campus Engagement. Nelson, Connie; Stroink, MireLLa Report Jan 1, 2020 9819
ACCOUNTING FOR COMMUNITY IMPACT: Thinking Across the Spaces and Times of a Seven-year Pan-Canadian Community-based Research Project. Peacock, David; Andree, Peter; Levkoe, Charles Z.; Goemans, Magdalene; Changfoot, Nadine; Kim, Isabe Report Jan 1, 2020 9711
Digital Storytelling: Boosting Literacy Practices in Students at Al-Level /Historias digitales : fomentando practicas de alfabetizacion en estudiantes de nivel A1. González Mesa, Pedro Alejandro Report Jan 1, 2020 8616
Les effets du travail de groupe sur les sentiments d'efficacite personnelle et collective en contexte d'apprentissage. Bellet, Pierre; Vendeville, Nathalie; Metz, Stephanie Mailles-Viard Report Dec 22, 2019 8042
Rivals When We Work Together: Team Rivalry Effects on Performance in Collaborative Learning Groups. Otoiu, Catalina; Ratiu, Lucia; Rus, Claudia Lenuta Sep 1, 2019 8717
Differences in College Engagement Benchmark Scores as a Function of Honors Course Enrollment for Community College Students: A Nationwide Study. Korah, Abraham; Slate, John R.; Moore, George W.; Lunenburg, Frederick C. Jun 30, 2019 5869
Comparative Study of Meta-cognitive Instruction and Cooperative learning Strategies in Promoting Insightful Learning of Students. Yasin, Bushra; Rasool, Shafqat; Azim, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2019 3845
ANALYSIS ON EDUCATIONAL RESULTS USING COLLABORATIVE AND COMPETITIVE APPROACHES. Negura, Alexandru; Dumitrescu, Radu; Agachi, Sergiu; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton Report May 1, 2019 3776
Establishing Library Learning Commons in Universities of India: A Case Study of BHU Library System. Singh, Punit Kumar Case study Mar 1, 2019 3587
Collaborative forum: An affective space for infant--toddler educators' collective reflections. Quinones, Gloria; Li, Liang; Ridgway, Avis Report Sep 1, 2018 6538
Attitudes, Openness to Multiculturalism, and Integration of Online Collaborative Learning. Magen-Nagar, Noga; Shonfeld, Miri Report Jul 1, 2018 7033
Mathematics Teacher's Beliefs and Practices towards Collaborative Learning. Shiraz, Maria; Qaisar, Shahzada Report Jun 30, 2018 7250
Leveraging collaborative competition in mathematics classrooms. DiNapoli, Joseph Essay Jun 22, 2018 3293
Impact of Cooperative Learning Approaches on Students' Academic Achievement and Laboratory Proficiency in Biology Subject in Selected Rural Schools, Ethiopia. Molla, Eyayu; Muche, Meseret Jan 1, 2018 6223
Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs and their Practices towards Collaborative Learning in Public and Private Schools: A Comparative Case Study. Shiraz, Maria; Qaisar, Shahzada Case study Dec 31, 2017 5646
Using small tutorial groups within a blended Bachelor of Midwifery programme: Bridging the theory-practice divide. Kensington, Mary; Davies, Lorna; Daellenbach, Rea; Deery, Ruth; Richards, Julie Dec 1, 2017 5639
The Power of Collaboration between School Librarian and Classroom Teacher. Copeland, Amy; Jacobs, Lori Dec 1, 2017 2546
Moving Apart and Coming Together: Discourse, Engagement, and Deep Learning. Gomoll, Andrea S.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Tolar, Erin; Sabanovic, Selma; Francisco, Matthew Case study Oct 1, 2017 7803
Collaborating to address the challenge of academic language. Lahey, Trace Report May 1, 2017 9794
Cultivating a school-university partnership for teacher learning: a partnership between a research university and two schools in its community shows the power of collaboration to address achievement gaps while also preparing future teachers. Reischl, Catherine H.; Khasnabis, Debi; Karr, Kevin May 1, 2017 3362
Connecting Problem-solving Style to Peer Evaluations of Performance in Secondary Cooperative Learning Projects. Bush, Sarah A.; Friedel, Curtis R.; Hoerbert, Lindsey R.; Broyles, Thomas W. Report Apr 1, 2017 7293
Revisiting video data to research children's involvement when engaged in purposeful musical activity. Acker, Aleksandra; Jobson, Sarah; Nyland, Berenice Report Jan 1, 2017 6639
Students' Perception on Formative and Shared Assessment: Connecting two Universities through the Blogosphere. Martos-Garcia, Daniel; Usabiaga, Oidui; Valencia-Peris, Alexandra Jan 1, 2017 7198
Cooperative Learning With a Focus on the Social: A Pedagogical Proposal for the EFL Classroom /Aprendizaje cooperativo con un enfoque social: una propuesta pedagogica para la clase de ingles. León, Janeth Juliana Contreras; Castro, Claudia Marcela Chapetón Report Jul 1, 2016 7506
Taking the heat. Addison, John Jun 1, 2016 601
Teaching software project management: The independent approach. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Firculescu, Adrian; Bucur, Ion Report May 1, 2016 4279
Teaching software project management: The competitive approach. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Firculescu, Adrian Report May 1, 2016 1933
Teaching software project management: The anarchic approach. Firculescu, Adrian; Bucur, Ion Report May 1, 2016 2155
Teaching software project management: The collaborative approach. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Bucur, Ion Report May 1, 2016 1716
Teaching software project management: The mixed collaborative-competitive approach. Firculescu, Adrian Report May 1, 2016 1898
An analysis of cooperative learning approaches for students with learning disabilities. Sencibaugh, Joseph M.; Sencibaugh, Angela M. Mar 22, 2016 4577
Incidencia del aprendizaje cooperativo en el avance de adolescentes en la escritura en ingles. Caicedo Trivino, Paula Andrea Jan 1, 2016 7664
An MBA cohort's use of an enterprise social network for collaborative learning. Murphy, Glen D. Report Jan 1, 2016 8843
Triangulating assessment of online collaborative learning. Lock, Jennifer; Johnson, Carol Report Dec 22, 2015 4884
Cooperative learning as a supplement to the economics lecture. Baumgardner, Chip Report Nov 1, 2015 3512
Getting students to do economics: an introduction to team-based learning. Imazeki, Jennifer Report Nov 1, 2015 7217
Student demographics and the impact of team-based learning. Hettler, Paul L. Report Nov 1, 2015 3801
Analysis of physiotherapist's competence in outpatient pain management and proposal for the development of a professional postgraduate training pathway: preliminary data of a before-and-after study/Analisi delle competenze del fisioterapista nella gestione del dolore nei pazienti ambulatoriali e proposta di un percorso di aggiornamento professionale: dati preliminari di un before-and-after study. Matteo, Rancati Jacopo; Chiara, Albertini; Roberto, Capone; Sara, Scaltriti; Stefania, Costi Report Oct 1, 2015 6036
The influence of collective asynchronous discourse elaborated online by pre-service teachers on their educational interventions in the classroom. Allaire, Stephane Report Oct 1, 2015 7616
Effects of collaborative preteaching on science performance of high school students with specific learning disabilities. Thornton, Amanda; McKissick, Bethany R.; Spooner, Fred; Lo, Ya-yu; Anderson, Adrienne L. Report Aug 1, 2015 9304
Numbered heads together as a tier 1 instructional strategy in multitiered systems of support. Hunter, William C.; Maheady, Lawrence; Jasper, Andrea D.; Williamson, Robert L.; Murley, Renee C.; S Report Aug 1, 2015 5770
Assessing a collaborative online environment for music composition. Biasutti, Michele Report Jul 1, 2015 7543
Personal learning network clusters: a comparison between mathematics and computer science students. Harding, Ansie; Engelbrecht, Johann Report Jul 1, 2015 6928
Should you allow your students to grade their own homework? Simkin, Mark G. Report Mar 22, 2015 5695
Collaborative examinations as a feminist pedagogical strategy. Howard, Jay R. Report Mar 1, 2015 5068
The investigation of the cooperative learning effect on the social skills and educational progression of girl students in KHOY City. Azimi, Neda; Barghi, Isa Dec 15, 2014 3140
Holding students accountable in team projects. Mentzer, Nathan Report Nov 1, 2014 4213
School community collaborations: Bringing authentic science into schools. Clark, John Cripps; Tytler, Russell; Symington, David Report Sep 1, 2014 3739
Building a model of successful collaborative learning for company innovativeness. Sudolska, Agata; Lis, Andrzej Jul 1, 2014 10683
The collaborative learning behaviours of middle primary school students in a classroom music creation activity. Baker, William J.; Harvey, Georgina Report Jan 1, 2014 6752
The Relationship between Implementation of Collaborative Strategic Reading and Student Outcomes for Adolescents with Disabilities. Boardman, Alison; Buckley, Pamela; Maul, Andrew; Vaughn, Sharon Report Jan 1, 2014 628
An interactive and collaborative approach to teaching cryptology. Adamovic, Sasa; Sarac, Marko; Veinovic, Mladen; Milosavljevic, Milan; Jevremovic, Aleksandar Report Jan 1, 2014 3846
Attitudes of Postgraduate Students towards Cooperative Learning. Nausheen, Munaza; Alvi, Effat; Munir, Sidra; Anwar, Rushda Report Dec 31, 2013 2790
IS learning: the impact of gender and team emotional intelligence. Dunaway, Mary M. Sep 22, 2013 10571
El papel del trabajo colaborativo en el desarrollo de las habilidades de escritura de estudiantes de primaria. Yate Gonzalez, Yuly Yinneth; Saenz, Luis Fernando; Bermeo, Johanna Alejandra; Castaneda Chaves, Andr Apr 1, 2013 6572
Encouraging Second Language Use in Cooperative Learning Groups. Jacobs, George; Kimura, Harumi Report Jan 1, 2013 206
And, Out of Class Too: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Students Learning Together Outside of Class. Jacobs, George M. Abstract Jan 1, 2013 266
Developing an Inclusive Democratic Classroom "in Action" through Cooperative Learning. Ferguson-Patrick, Kate Abstract Dec 2, 2012 378
L'apprentissage cooperatif : des effets positifs sur les eleves aux difficultes liees a son implantation en classe. Plante, Isabelle Report Dec 1, 2012 7142
Virtual Summer School in Second Life: Supporting Creative Communities. Fominykh, Mikhail; Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Divitini, Monica Abstract Oct 19, 2012 294
Using Wikis to Foster Collaborative Writing: Exploring Influencing Factors to Successful Implementation. Hadjerrouit, Said Abstract Oct 19, 2012 251
Using Digital Storytelling to Improve Literacy Skills. Menezes, Helena Abstract Oct 19, 2012 246
Developing Technological and Pedagogical Affordances to Support Collaborative Inquiry Science Processes. Pifarre, Manoli; Wegerif, Rupert; Guiral, Alba; del Barrio, Merce Abstract Oct 19, 2012 282
Some Aspects of Mathematical Model of Collaborative Learning. Nakamura, Yasuyuki; Yasutake, Koichi; Yamakawa, Osamu Abstract Oct 19, 2012 211
It might just take a partnership ... Beardsley, Audrey Amrein; Barnett, Joshua H. Report Sep 22, 2012 7758
Collaborative clinical practice: an alternate field experience. Dee, Amy Lynn Report Sep 22, 2012 6417
Studies in Teaching: 2012 Research Digest. Action Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, June 29, 2012). McCoy, Leah P., Ed. Report Jun 29, 2012 609
The role of community-based playgroups in building relationships between pre-service teachers, families and the community. McFarland-Piazza, Laura; Lord, Alison; Smith, Melissa; Downey, Belinda Report Jun 1, 2012 5733
Whole-group instruction practices and children's attention: a preliminary report. DiCarlo, Cynthia F.; Pierce, Sarah H.; Baumgartner, Jennifer; Harris, Mauree E.; Ota, Carrie Report Apr 1, 2012 7354
The Effects of Cooperative Learning on the Classroom Participation of Students Placed at Risk for Societal Failure. Drakeford, William Report Apr 1, 2012 175
Collaborative learning networks: the contribution of distance education in the qualification process for managers of the Brazilian National Health System--SUS/Redes de aprendizagem colaborativa: contribuicao da Educacao a Distancia no processo de qualificacao de gestores do Sistema Unico de Saude--SUS/ Redes de aprendizaje de colaboracion: contribucion de la educacion a distancia en la calificacion de administradores del SUS. Rangel-S., Maria Ligia; Barbosa, Ana de Oliveira; Riccio, Nicia Cristina Rocha; de Souza, Joseilda S Apr 1, 2012 5366
Collaborative Learning: Increasing Students' Engagement Outside the Classroom. Hernandez, Rosario Report Jan 1, 2012 265
Team Based Engineering Design Thinking. Mentzer, Nathan Report Jan 1, 2012 322
Tomorrow's academic health sciences library today. McGowan, Julie J. Report Jan 1, 2012 3313
The relationships between trust, performance, satisfaction, and development progressions among virtual teams. Tseng, Hungwei; Ku, Heng-Yu Report Jun 22, 2011 7873
Social Skills and Leadership Abilities Among Children in Small-Group Literature Discussions. Lacina, Jan Report May 11, 2011 714
Leveraging Market Competitiveness and Higher Education Challenges through CL (Cooperative Learning). Ghaith, Ghazi; Diab, Hassan Abstract Jan 1, 2011 203
Collaborative Learning Processes in an Asynchronous Environment: An Analysis through Discourse and Social Networks. Tirado, Ramon; Aguaded, Ignacio; Hernando, Angel Abstract Jan 1, 2011 281
Eating in Space: Food for Thought. EG-2011-08-00005-SSC. Vogt, Gregory L.; Shearer, Deborah A. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 248
Guest editorial--one-to-one learning in the mobile and ubiquitous computing age. Liu, Chen-Chung; Milrad, Marcelo Editorial Oct 1, 2010 1635
Learning through Partnership: four narratives. Morgan-Fleming, Barbara; Simpson, Douglas J.; Curtis, Kristi; Hull, William Essay Jun 22, 2010 8171
Capitalizing on thought diversity for innovation: team dynamics can affect innovation both positively and negatively. Here's how to accentuate the positive. Post, Corinne; De Lia, Emilio; DiTomaso, Nancy; Tirpak, Thomas M.; Borwankar, Rajendra Nov 1, 2009 8077
Virtual teamwork: for a group of remote, rural school districts, web-based collaborative projects are opening up new vistas of learning opportunities. Kellison, Karen Jun 1, 2008 1410
Sowing the seeds of leadership: Sainsbury's is planting the seeds of good leadership among its high-potential graduates by encouraging them to work with local schoolchildren on sustainable projects. Elizabeth Eyre finds out more. Eyre, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2008 1973
Moving beyond lecture: cooperative learning and the secondary social studies classroom. Nagel, Paul Mar 22, 2008 2043
Overview on Agent Application to Support Collaborative Learning Interaction. Erlin; Norazah, Yusof; Azizah, Abdul Rahman Report Jan 1, 2008 212
Engaging students through collaboration: how project FUN works. Havice, Michael J.; Malin, Shelly; Schweizer, Heidi; Frenn, Marilyn Report Jul 1, 2007 4078
Teachers learning together. Hor, Mary; Vincent, Lorraine Feb 1, 2007 1966
Collaborative learning in radiologic science education. Yates, Jennifer L. Sep 1, 2006 6114
Improving group work: voices of students. Payne, Brian K.; Monk-Turner, Elizabeth; Smith, Donald; Sumter, Melvina Survey Mar 22, 2006 3598
Students' perceptions of group projects: the role of race, age, and slacking. Payne, Brian K.; Monk-Turner, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2006 2537
Forming relationships: supportive & collaborative. Schroth-Cavataio, Georganne Dec 22, 2005 3281
Detective Fiction and Forensics in collaboration. Mitchell, Deborah C. Dec 22, 2005 3375
Collaboration and play in the writing classroom. Guerra, Juan C. Dec 22, 2005 2974
Collaborating for preservice teacher assessment. Mullen, Laurie Dec 22, 2005 3105
Improving study planning with an agent-based system. Vainio, Aki; Salmenjoki, Kimmo Nov 1, 2005 4519
Statistical Power for Random Assignment Evaluations of Education Programs. Schochet, Peter Z. Abstract Jun 22, 2005 280
Postsecondary Peer Cooperative Learning Programs: Annotated Bibliography. Arendale, David R., Comp. Abstract Jun 14, 2005 467
A Case Study of Networked Portfolio Assessment System for Cooperative Learning. Liu, Eric Zhi-Feng Abstract Apr 12, 2005 222
The Changing Nature of Leadership. A CCL Research Report 2005. Martin, Andre Abstract Jan 1, 2005 211
Collaborative work: a practical guide. Danielewicz, Jane; McGowan, John Jan 1, 2005 6144
Design and Architecture of Collaborative Online Communities: A Quantitative Analysis. Aviv, Reuven; Erlich, Zippy; Ravid, Gilad Abstract Oct 1, 2004 358
Collaborative Learning Experiences in Online Instructional Design Courses. Ku, Heng-Yu; Lohr, Linda; Cheng, Yi-Chia Report Oct 1, 2004 172
Social Presence Questionnaire of Online Collaborative Learning: Development and Validity. Lin, Guan-Yu Report Oct 1, 2004 154
Fostering Creativity, Individualism, and the Imaginative Spirit: Are Collaborative Thinking and Cooperative Learning Overemphasized in Education Today? Hillmann, Paula J. Abstract Oct 1, 2004 191
Educators are constantly searching for effective ways to improve student learning and enhance student outcomes. Pierson, Melinda R. Editorial Sep 22, 2004 511
Practical Constraints Upon Teacher Development in Pakistani Schools. Mohammad, Razia Fakir Abstract Jul 1, 2004 242
Using Solo to Analyse Group Responses. Reading, Chris; Lawrie, Christine Abstract Jul 1, 2004 204
From Diversity to Inclusion and Back: Lenses on Learning. Hershkowitz, Rina Abstract Jul 1, 2004 148
The Effects of Teacher Discourse on Student Behavior and Learning in Peer-Directed Groups. CSE Report 627. Webb, Noreen; Nemer, Kariane M.; Kersting, Nicole; Ing, Marsha; Forrest, Jeffrey Brief article Apr 1, 2004 309
Building Web Based Communities: Factors Supporting Collaborative Knowledge-Building. Calvin, Jennifer; Stein, David S.; Wheaton, Joe E. Abstract Mar 3, 2004 178
Issues in the Computer-Based Assessment of Collaborative Problem Solving. CSE Report 620. O'Neil, Harold F.; Chuang, San-hui; Chung, Gregory K. W. K. Abstract Feb 1, 2004 241
A Project Designed to Examine the Effects that Collaborative Peer Interactions Have on the Professional Development of Teachers. Holloway, Van Bryce Abstract Jan 1, 2004 149
Child Study Journal: "Dyad gender and friendship differences in shared goals for mutual participation on a collaborative task.". Strough, J.; Cheng, S. Brief article Sep 22, 2002 162

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