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Timing Evaluation of Telecom Investment Decision under Demand Uncertainty. Gu, Yajun; Nguyen, Oanh; Shi, Van Tinh Report Aug 16, 2022 3498
The Influence of the Development of the Internet of Things Industry on the Optimization of the High- and New-Tech Industry Structure under the Wireless Mobile Network. Liu, Yu; Zhang, Zhengchao; Jiang, Shicao; Yang, Yawen Jul 18, 2022 5777
/Application and Research Progress of Attribution Theory in Communication: Meta-analysis Based on SSCI Database. Sun, Mengru; Jiang, Li Report Jul 1, 2022 2565
Design and Implementation of Online Meticulous Painting System Based on Mobile IoT Service. Xu, Cui Jun 3, 2022 6374
iPhone models that will soon stop working as Apple issues warning; The technology giant hopes people will move to newer phones. By, Benjamin Lynch & Kate Lally Apr 29, 2022 356
Inter-regional Parent-child Communication and Polymedia Environments in Floating Families:A Fieldwork Approach in Y Industrial Town of Floating Population in Z Province /[phrase omitted]. Yu, Yayun; Cui, Bo Report Apr 1, 2022 1868
Subversion and Reconstruction: Gender System and Power Shift in Idol Development Programs: Take "Idol Producer" as an example /[phrase omitted]. Dai, Yingjie; Lv, Zijian Report Apr 1, 2022 1047
Research on the Innovation System of high Quality and Integrated Development of Modern Publishing /[phrase omitted]. Gao, Ping Report Apr 1, 2022 402
Multidimensional Heterogeneous Network Link Adaptation Based on Mobile Environment. Li, Wenfeng Mar 24, 2022 9929
Analysis of Black Female Belizean Stereotypes in Visual Media: Jezebel, Mammy, Sapphire, and their Contributions to Violence against Women. Warren-Gordon, Kiesha; McMillan, Deborah Mencias Report Jan 1, 2022 6774
Brits spent more time online than ever this year while they were stuck at home; Releases like Netflix's Squid Game and Fortnite 3 caused downloads to soar -with the new Fortnite installment creating the single biggest day of downloads. By, Martin Winter Dec 22, 2021 626
Telcos Fail NCC's Quality Tests in 20 States. Feb 4, 2021 453
Oppo A93 5G spotted online with full specs and images. Jan 13, 2021 275
Hybrid Niche Immune Genetic Algorithm for Fault Detection Coverage in Industry Wireless Sensor Network. Zhou, Jie; Qin, Hu; Liu, Yang; Li, Chaoqun; Xu, Mengying Jan 1, 2021 6856
No Surrender. No Challenge. No Protest Paradigm: A Content Analysis of the Canadian News Media Coverage of the "Yellow Vest Movement" and the "United We Roll Convoy". De Cillia, Brooks; McCurdy, Patrick Report Nov 1, 2020 9925
When 5G Meets Deep Learning: A Systematic Review. Santos, Guto Leoni; Endo, Patricia Takako; Sadok, Djamel; Kelner, Judith Report Sep 1, 2020 18313
Research on Evaluating Algorithms for the Service Quality of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy EDAS and CRITIC Methods. Li, Shihui; Wang, Bo Report Aug 31, 2020 8442
Travel of Theory: New Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Media Studies/[phrase omitted]. Jing, Shao Report Jul 1, 2020 829
Making a quantum leap into commercial fibre networks: Progress is being made on entanglement methods that can work in mainstream telecom wavelengths, in conventional networks finds Andy Extance. Extance, Andy Jun 1, 2020 2113
A Systematic Evaluation of Literature on Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Technologies with Multiple Dimensions. Kaur, Inderpreet; Saini, Kamaljit Singh Apr 1, 2020 5287
EXTRUSION: Important Polymer Melting Equations for Extrusion Processors: The more you know about what happens in a screw, the more you'll be able to work with your supplier to optimize design. Frankland, Jim Apr 1, 2020 1077
MAKING A QUANTUM LEAP INTO COMMERCIAL FIBRE NETWORKS: Progress is being made on entanglement methods that can work in mainstream telecom wavelengths, in conventional networks. Extance, Andy Mar 22, 2020 2005
Citywide Cellular Traffic Prediction Based on a Hybrid Spatiotemporal Network. Zhang, Dehai; Liu, Linan; Xie, Cheng; Yang, Bing; Liu, Qing Report Jan 1, 2020 6983
Global Services Supply Chain in Indonesia: The Case ofTelecommunications Services. Anas, Titik; Narjoko, Dionisius A. Dec 1, 2019 5452
A Novel Approach to Fuzzy-Based Facial Feature Extraction and Face Recognition. Dey, Aniruddha; Ghosh, Manas Report Dec 1, 2019 5773
DEBATE. Nov 18, 2019 402
Vodafone share hike helps FTSE 100 climb higher; ANALYSIS CITY. HOLLY WILLIAMS Nov 13, 2019 580
Singapore Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations Statistics and Analyses Report 2019. Report Nov 1, 2019 490
A Prospective Competitive Effects Analysis of the AT&T/Time Warner Merger. Sep 22, 2019 165
Mongolia Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Statistics and Analyses 2019. Aug 23, 2019 632
Impact of Talent Management on Organizational Effectiveness: Mediation Model of Psychological Contract. Raheem, Adeel; Khan, Muhammad Azizullah Jun 1, 2019 10299
Rain Attenuation Study over an 18 GHz Terrestrial Microwave Link in South Korea. Shrestha, Sujan; Choi, Dong-You Apr 30, 2019 10366
How Do Patients with Chronic Diseases Make Usage Decisions regarding Mobile Health Monitoring Service? Meng, Fanbo; Zhang, Xiaofei; Guo, Xitong; Lai, Kee-hung; Zhao, Xinli Mar 31, 2019 5317
Fitch to Rate Verizon Owner Trust 2018-A; Issues Presale. Jan 7, 2019 1174
Why data analysis is the layer cake of customer experience. Dec 4, 2018 1104
Financial Media and the Politics of Difference: Argentine Histories of the Greek Debt Crisis, 2010-2015. Mendoza, Marcos; Warner, Emily Report Dec 1, 2018 7555
Forecasting of Traffic Load for 3G Networks Using Conventional Technique. Galadanci, G.S.M.; Abdullahi, S.B.; Bature, Z.A. Oct 1, 2018 3041
ASIA Tokyo's 4G speed lags behind other Asian cities. Aug 26, 2018 214
The Politics of Media Policy Making in a Contested Transition: The Case of Zimbabwe's Government of National Unity, 2009-2013. Chuma, Wallace Case study Jun 1, 2018 8819
Pakistan's broadband sector a model for others: Anusha Rahman. May 17, 2018 302
Effects of Nurse-Physician Collaborative Rounding. Riegel, Nadine; Delp, Sheila; Ward, Cynthia W. Report May 1, 2018 2291
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere. Rosas, Omar V.; Serrano-Puche, Javier Report May 1, 2018 4100
How Influential Are Chinese Media in Africa? An Audience Analysis in Kenya and South Africa. Wasserman, Herman; Madrid-Morales, Dani Report May 1, 2018 9218
ISPreview Study Finds People in the UK Only Keep a Phone Line for Home Broadband. Apr 25, 2018 448
Political Participation in Hong Kong: The Roles of News Media and Online Alternative Media. Xia, Chuanli; Shen, Fei Report Apr 1, 2018 9136
Entertainment, News, and Income Inequality: How Colombian Media Shape Perceptions of Income Inequality and Why It Matters. Coppini, David; Alvarez, German; Rojas, Hernando Case study Apr 1, 2018 8807
Public and Personal Responses to Environmental Pollution in China: Differential Susceptibility, Direct Experience, and Media Use. Sun, Shaojing; Merolla, Andy J.; Seo, Mihye Report Mar 1, 2018 7967
#fukushima Five Years On: A Multimethod Analysis of Twitter on the Anniversary of the Nuclear Disaster. Rantasila, Anna; Sirola, Anu; Kekkonen, Arto; Valaskivi, Katja; Kunelius, Risto Case study Feb 1, 2018 8865
Fast Channel Navigation of Internet Protocol Television Using Adaptive Hybrid Delivery Method. Adeliyi, Timothy T.; Olugbara, Oludayo O. Jan 1, 2018 5494
Protecting Download Traffic from Upload Traffic over Asymmetric Wireless Links. Kim, Hwangnam; Lee, Woonghee; Kim, Hyunsoon; Kim, Hwantae; Yang, Jaehyeuk Michael Jan 1, 2018 8713
A Simulation-Based Approach of QoS-Aware Service Selection in Mobile Edge Computing. Huang, Jiwei; Lan, Yihan; Xu, Minfeng Jan 1, 2018 7512
Comprehensive Analysis on Heterogeneous Wireless Network in High-Speed Scenarios. Zhang, Yuyang; Zheng, Tao; Dong, Ping; Luo, Hongbin; Pang, Zhibo Jan 1, 2018 5686
Achieving Incentive, Security, and Scalable Privacy Protection in Mobile Crowdsensing Services. Xiong, Jinbo; Ma, Rong; Chen, Lei; Tian, Youliang; Lin, Li; Jin, Biao Jan 1, 2018 8161
An Entropy-Histogram Approach for Image Similarity and Face Recognition. Aljanabi, Mohammed Abdulameer; Hussain, Zahir M.; Lu, Song Feng Jan 1, 2018 8202
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing Is The Latest Smartphone Problem. Nov 2, 2017 295
Outage Probability Analysis of Co-Tier Interference in Heterogeneous Network. Kamrul Hasan, Mohammad; Fadzil Ismail, Ahmad; Hashim, Wahidah; Islam, Shayla; Aisha-Hassan; Hashim, Report Oct 1, 2017 3057
Repeated overlapping coalition game model for mobile crowd sensing mechanism. Kim, Sungwook Report Jul 1, 2017 7005
OnePlus 5 And Galaxy S8 Price, Specs And Camera Comparison. Jun 23, 2017 1398
The Storyworlds of European Soccer in Eldoret, Kenya. Waliaula, Solomon; Humboldt, Alexander Von Report May 1, 2017 7018
Verizon Galaxy S7 Receives Android 7.0 Nougat OTA Download. Mar 6, 2017 336
Seeking comfort in past media: Modeling media nostalgia as a way of coping with media change. Menke, Manuel Report Feb 1, 2017 9293
Android 7.0 Nougat Expected For AT&T And UK Carrier Models Samsung Galaxy S7 Soon. Jan 29, 2017 295
Spinning Peace Negotiations: Pakistan-Taliban Peace Deals in the International Media. Eijaz, Abida; Ahmad, Rana Eijaz; Rahman, Bushra H. Essay Dec 31, 2016 6319
Corporate accounting. Van Doren, Peter Dec 22, 2016 370
The life and death of frames: dynamics of media frame duration. Tromble, Rebekah; Meffert, Michael F. Report Oct 1, 2016 8852
Telecom users 'save $196m'. Jul 21, 2016 432
TRA issues study on consumer surplus. Jul 20, 2016 735
"Ireland - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses" Published. Jul 15, 2016 480
World's impact on the Taiwanese media system. Rajczyk, Robert Report Jul 1, 2016 4386
The mediated communities: testing media effects on the construction of national identity, national pride, and global identity in China, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the US. Yao, Qingjiang "Q.J."; Haggard, Carrol Report Jul 1, 2016 7562
The 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings, media event chains, and global political responses. Sreberny, Annabelle Essay Jul 1, 2016 6432
Misrepresentation of Muslims and Islamophobic public discourses in recent Romanian media narratives. Pop, Doru Case study Jun 22, 2016 6973
Now Available: Japan - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses. May 5, 2016 491
USA - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses - New Study Released. Mar 22, 2016 490
"Hungary - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses" Published. Mar 4, 2016 418
Report Published: "Chile - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses". Jan 7, 2016 457
Meeting held analyze telecom policy implementation. Dec 29, 2015 123
"Uganda - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses" Published. Dec 28, 2015 527
Now Available: Algeria - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses. Nov 29, 2015 449
Just Published: "Slovenia - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses". Nov 11, 2015 446
Just Published: "Finland - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses". Nov 11, 2015 503
Committees set up to make assessment of damages. Oct 31, 2015 179
Marxist theory of the media or theory of the media by Marxists? Reconciling Adorno with other Marxist media theorists. Kperogi, Farooq Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 7063
Source selection and agenda-setting: traditional media's coverage of social media in the Danlait crisis. Ly-Le, Tuong-Minh Case study Sep 22, 2015 6384
Popular Culture and Communication Practice. Buhmann, Alexander; Hellmueller, Lea; Bosshart, Louis Essay Sep 1, 2015 10470
Institutions and media use in democratizing countries: The Czech-Slovak case as a quasi-experiment. Loveless, Matthew Report Jul 1, 2015 9389
BT Al Saudia and Walkbase to deliver in-store retail analytics. May 7, 2015 312
The curious case for media monopoly in technology-driven sports. Potts, Jason; Thomas, Stuart Report May 1, 2015 4820
Forms of repeated discourse (doublespeak) in Romanian military mass media. Constantinescu, Alexandru; Lesenciuc, Adrian Apr 1, 2015 2910
Matrix activism: media, neoliberalism, and social action in Italy. Ardizzoni, Michela Essay Apr 1, 2015 8908
Umberto Eco's Numero Zero: A j'accuse of forgeries, lies, conspiracies and bitter truths. Capozzi, Rocco Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 7934
Matrix activism: media, neoliberalism, and social action in Italy. Ardizzoni, Michela Essay Mar 1, 2015 8908
Where are opinion leaders leading us? Katz, Elihu Essay Mar 1, 2015 2351
Approaching media through the senses: between experience and representation. Pink, Sarah Essay Feb 1, 2015 5235
Multiplicities and the subject: rethinking a mix-of-attributes approach in the digital world. Pearson, Erika; Elliot, Gillian Report Feb 1, 2015 7775
Mediatization of power: corporate CEOs in flexible capitalism. Kantola, Anu Report Dec 1, 2014 6871
Rethinking mass communications in Norway: the neglected Power of the Centre-Left Alliance in the early 20th century and its importance until the present. Bastiansen, Henrik G. Report Dec 1, 2014 11993
Communication as process: one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century is that communication isn't an event; it is a process. Roach, Thomas J. Dec 1, 2014 781
Media portrayals of regions in the Czech Republic: selected issues. Suchasek, Jan; Seda, Petr; Friedrich, Vaclav; Koutsky, Jaroslav Oct 1, 2014 6823
A quest for communitas: rethinking mediated memory existentially. Lagerkvist, Amanda Jul 1, 2014 7256
The Perceptions of Primary School Teachers and Teacher Candidates towards the Use of Mass Media in Teaching Turkish Language. Karadag, Ruhan Report Jul 1, 2014 318
Challenges and Options for Pakistani Media in the 21st Century. Eijaz, Abida; Rahman, Bushra Hameedur; Ahmad, Rana Eijaz; Butt, Jawad Ashraf Report Jun 30, 2014 4787
Religion, advertising and production of meaning. Grad, Iulia Report Jun 22, 2014 7100
Sony Xperia Z2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Early Specs) a[euro]" Features and Price Faceoff in Australia. May 23, 2014 785
The race between the dragon and the elephant: comparing China and India's National Broadband Plans. Jayakar, Krishna; Liu, Chun May 1, 2014 5400
Development of a smartphone app for adolescents with lupus: a collaborative meeting-based methodology inclusive of a wide range of stakeholders/Desarrollo de una aplicacion para telefonos moviles inteligentes dirigida a los adolescentes con lupus: un metodo colaborativo basado en reuniones con una amplia gama de interesados directos. Herschman, Jessica; Kasenberg, Todd; Levy, Deborah; Ruth, Natasha; Taberner, Christy; Kaufman, Miria Report May 1, 2014 5110
In the stars: astrology, psychic powers and the Australian media. Darian-Smith, Kate Essay Feb 1, 2014 3841
Lucintel's PESTLE Analysis of Nigeria 2013: Growth in Telecom, Construction, and Hotel & Restaurants Industries to Drive Nigeria During Forecast Period. Jan 19, 2014 488
Evaluation of telecommunication sector in India after liberalization. Thakur, Vikas; Gupta, Yogesh Jan 1, 2014 4634
Willfully ignorant or merely naive: Canadian media misrepresent the UN. Hughes, Lesley Essay Nov 1, 2013 605
Lucintel Forecasts MobilePenetration and Convergence Will Drive Global Mobile Internet Industry Over 2013-2018. Industry overview Oct 30, 2013 419
Psychological capital & citizenship behavior: evidence from telecom sector in India. Shukla, Amit; Singh, Shailendra Jul 1, 2013 4882
Educational Study of War on Terror: Portrayal by Daily the Nation and Daily Times of India. Hassan, Ali; Shahzad, Muhammad; Nawaz, Tahir; Anoosh, Shumaila Report Jun 30, 2013 5198
Samsung Galaxy S4 Release: CyanogenMod Build Discovered On T-Mobile Model [PHOTO]. May 2, 2013 561
Frame flow between state and market: Mainland Chinese media's coverage of Taiwan's presidential elections in 2004 and 2008. Dai, Ming Report Apr 1, 2013 8756
Apple iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tweak Enables T-Mobile 4G LTE Speed On AT&T's A1428 Model; How To Install [Tutorial]. Mar 29, 2013 789
Permanently online: a challenge for media and communication research. Vorderer, Peter; Kohring, Matthias Jan 15, 2013 4299
Mediating monstrosity: media, information, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Burkett, Andrew Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 10748
Metanoia, Inc.'s Provider Network Health Assessment Framework Now Usable by 10,000+ Telecom Executives in 189+ Nations. Oct 13, 2012 628
Learning from Latin America: instead of expending our energy on constant critique, we should be learning from the progressive changes in Latin America. Massey, Doreen Editorial Jan 1, 2012 3938
Android phone repair cost telcos billions: study. Dec 15, 2011 111
Reasoning on context satisfiability for service recommendation in mobile network. Kuang, Li; Chen, Liang; Xia, Yingjie Report Dec 1, 2011 4160
IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 Dedicated to the Advance of Real-World Telecommunications, Engineering Methods and IT Business Systems. Sep 22, 2011 821
They will save us, or shouldn't they? An analysis of the role of the international community in the Albanian print media after the January 21st 2011 demonstrations. Danaj, Sonila Report Sep 1, 2011 9825
The vision of global democracy and the terror of voyeurism--why a transnational public sphere might not be a solution. Hidalgo, Oliver Report Jul 1, 2011 5484
Epitiro completes independent analysis of TeliaSonera Finlanda[euro](tm)s LTE network. Apr 13, 2011 184
The validity of O'Sullivan's classification system (CS) for a sub-group of NS-CLBP with motor control impairment (MCI): overview of a series of studies and review of the literature/La validita del sistema di classificazione di O'Sullivan per un sottogruppo di pazienti con lombalgia cronica non specifica con impairment del controllo motorio (MCI): panoramica di una serie di studi e revisione della letteratura. Dankaerts, Wim; O'Sullivan, Peter Report Apr 1, 2011 1948
Production practices of cognitive capitalism and the process of media convergence. Lazaroiu, George Report Jan 1, 2011 3098
Media and celebrity: production and consumption of "well-knownness". Hellmueller, Lea C.; Aeschbacher, Nina Essay Dec 1, 2010 23992
The mythology of McLuhan. DeFehr, Wayne Column Jun 1, 2010 1254
Disaster fatigue: when it comes to natural disasters, our attention spans are short. What happens once the media glare is gone? Smith, Patricia May 10, 2010 1676
Efficiency or insufficiency? The privatization of the Chunghwa telecom company in Taiwan. Jan, Chung-Yuang; Wang, Chun-Yuan Report Mar 22, 2010 7345
Consumption analysis of telco and data center cooling and humidification options. Hellmer, Bruce A. Report Jan 1, 2010 12312
Telecom Donates Educational Model. Oct 30, 2009 138
Of beauty and politics: women, politics and the media in post-communist Bulgaria. Ibroscheva, Elza Essay Sep 22, 2009 4333
Usos estrategicos de los telefonos celulares en el "Bottom of the Pyramid" (BoP): algunos ejemplos para America Latina. Fernando Gamboa, Luis Jul 1, 2009 7721
International region as a brand origin: conceptualization and review. Chlivickas, Eugenijus; Smaliukiene, Rasa Report Jun 1, 2009 4871
The truth. Niman, Michael I. May 1, 2009 1148
Symbolic mediation of experience, communication, and general semantics: in praise of clearing mediated clouds. Fiordo, Richard Essay Apr 1, 2009 8313
Macedonian press development. Trajkoska, Zaneta Report Dec 1, 2008 2885
A shared humanity: a news story is at best only a metaphor. Faiz, Andrew Column Nov 1, 2008 675
Mediated political communication in Australia: leading issues, new evidence. Jones, Paul; Pusey, Michael Jun 22, 2008 6676
'Time' Magazine on Friday: Has New Media Overtaken Old Media in Campaign Coverage? Mitchell, Greg Brief article Jun 19, 2008 278
Resemblance made absolutely exact: Borges and Royce on maps and media. Peters, John Durham Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 8022
Remote-site communications: distance doesn't matter anymore; Alaska communities small as dots become wired. Colby, Kent L. Jun 1, 2007 1469
Ohio's OCC adds new phone service comparison feature to website. Mar 26, 2007 165
The Media, Culture, and Religion Perspective: discovering a theory and methodology for studying media and religion. White, Robert A. Mar 1, 2007 15879
Now Sydney lab to analyse Target sample; INTERNATIONAL ZONE. Dec 13, 2006 187
Senate telecom legislation raises significant concerns as the bill heads to the Senate floor for debate. Ponder, Alexander Jul 10, 2006 357
Good Night, and Good Luck: history replays itself. Lippe, Richard Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 3144
Have a little faith: at last, the mainstream media get religion. Kunkel, Thomas Jun 1, 2006 860
Getting over ourselves: the media landscape has changed irrevocably. Let's accept it, and fight to preserve what truly matters. Rieder, Rem Jun 1, 2006 802
Media therapy: read two newspapers and call me in the morning. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 177
The cloud as symbol: destruction or dialogue. Basker, Jacqueline Taylor Mar 22, 2006 2499
Dreaming across the oceans: globalization and cultural reinvention in the Hmong diaspora. Lee, Gary Y. Report Jan 1, 2006 13260
Does Bush want control? Klotzer, Charles Dec 1, 2005 735
Will Craigslist make H'wood's A list? Learmonth, Michael Jun 13, 2005 760
Understanding the third-person effect. Conners, Joan L. Jun 1, 2005 549
1. Defining the third-person effect. Jun 1, 2005 4018
2. Components of the third-person effect. Jun 1, 2005 1633
Los retos Telekom Alemanes. May 1, 2005 928
Redes gay de TV a conquistar las masas. May 1, 2005 1410
The making of a mass media in Spain. Charnon-Deutsch, Lou Essay Mar 22, 2005 10330
Better red than dead? Alterman, Eric Feb 28, 2005 1031
Analysts predict Deutsche Telekom profit. Brief Article Feb 28, 2005 147
Ex-Par player walking in new shoes as solo act. McNary, Dave Brief Article Feb 7, 2005 227
3. Product market competition and economic performance. Feb 1, 2005 29842
Terror, media, and moral boundaries. Ben-Yehuda, Nachman Feb 1, 2005 9585
Media monoliths: are today's entertainment conglomerates controlling too much of what Americans read, listen to, and watch? Kafka, Peter Jan 10, 2005 2102
Berlusconi pulls off Italian job: grip on media will help him win at polls. Vivarelli, Nick Dec 13, 2004 719
Is church getting bad advice on media? When PR is left to lawyers, diocesan image will suffer. Carney, Tom Dec 10, 2004 908
The media and medievalism. Kaplan, Robert D. Dec 1, 2004 4810
Biased about bias: the hunt for ideology becomes an ideology. Welch, Matt Dec 1, 2004 1293
Epistemology and responsibility of the mass media. Johnson, Kenneth G. Dec 1, 2004 5305
Japanese press exposed! Sep 22, 2004 341
Who owns the media? Sep 22, 2004 334
What do customers want? Ask them. Zager, Masha Sep 1, 2004 1524
Don't get "snarfed". Swartz, Nikki Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 282
Falling mobile voice costs result in decrease of fixed-line voice traffic - report. Brief Article Aug 10, 2004 134
Linking diversity to dollars: lack of diversification may threaten a newroom's botton line. Wenger, Debora R.; Nicholson, June O. Aug 1, 2004 2690
To congress: don't slight RLECs in telecom act rewrite. Wilson, Delbert Jul 1, 2004 613
Internet users victims of telephone fraud. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 194
Why McLuhan's still hot and cool. Mielo, Gary Jul 1, 2004 1251
The elite agenda and the media. Flint, David Jul 1, 2004 3558
Nokia's market share down to 28.9% in January-March 2004 - report. Brief Article Jun 8, 2004 140
Community language media and Australia's changing language demography. Clyne, Michael; Grey, Felicity Jun 1, 2004 4862
Niche markets for wireless power amplifiers gradually expand. Brief Article May 1, 2004 271
Guns under fire: though some war correspondents say having weapons on the job saved their lives, most journalists are still against carrying them. Heyboer, Kelly Apr 1, 2004 1133
After-the-war coverage: while some Iraq special sections froze at the time major combat operations ended, other news sites continue to commemorate the casualties. Palser, Barb Apr 1, 2004 812
Where has the public gone? Stoff, Rick Mar 1, 2004 1425
Telecoms: new ITC wave for Africa expected. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 108
Eutelsat's new satellite will boost African communications: African Business editor Anver Versi was invited to see the finishing touches being applied to the latest satellite to join the system that is providing Africa with its digital link to the rest of the world. Here is his report. Versi, Anver Mar 1, 2004 1329
Embedded obstacles. Pacenti, John Feb 1, 2004 1459
Local heroes: they don't have the exposure, clout or access of the reporters in Washington's major bureaus. They don't necessarily chase the glamorous story of the day. Instead, the capital's regional reporters focus resolutely on issues that matter to the readers back home. And they learn to juggle. Smolkin, Rachel Feb 1, 2004 5896
From propaganda to PR: a guide to Cuba's mass media. Norvell, Douglass G. Industry Overview Jan 1, 2004 1221
The story the media missed. Bowman, James Dec 1, 2003 3167
Ambushed by the press: a feel-good photo-op for a recovering burn victim turns into a vulture-like media attack. Cucinello, Francene Dec 1, 2003 1446
The culture of mistrust. Bowman, James Nov 1, 2003 3120
Fit to print. Moritz, Gwen Oct 13, 2003 726
Signs of a pulse: the press is starting to take on Bush--finally. Gitlin, Todd Sep 1, 2003 1607
Scandalous scandal-culture. Bowman, James Sep 1, 2003 3165
NTCA members celebrate landmark anniversaries. O'Donnell, Megan Aug 1, 2003 573
Staff spotlight. Jenkins, Tennille Jun 1, 2003 819
Future bound: satisfying tomorrow's customers, today. Renowski, Dennis May 1, 2003 1896
The 'buzz' about universal service. (Executive Viewpoint). Brunner, Michael E. May 1, 2003 530
Processual media theory. Rossiter, Ned Jan 1, 2003 11908
Big ain't necessarily bad. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 504
How to Craft Successful Employee Communication in the Information Age. Sanchez, Paul Aug 1, 1999 2282

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