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Investigation of thermal comfort properties of electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane fiber coated knitted fabrics for wind-resistant clothing. Oglakcioglu, Nida; Akduman, Cigdem; Sari, Burak Report Mar 1, 2021 6416
Investigation of Pectin-Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose-Coated Floating Beads for Pulsatile Release of Piroxicam/Pektin-Hidroksipropil Metilseluloz Kapli Yuzer Mikro Kureciklerin Piroksikamin Pulsatil Salimi Acisindan Arastirilmasi. Kamble, Dipali; Singhavi, Dilesh; Tapadia, Shrikant; Khan, Shagufta Report Oct 1, 2020 4308
Experimental Studies into the Analysis Required for the Durability Assessment of 7075 and 6061 Cold Spray Repairs to Military Aircraft. Jones, Rhys; Matthews, Neil; Peng, Daren; Raman, R.K. Singh; Phan, Nam Report Sep 1, 2020 6843
Effects of Laser Scanning Speed on Microstructure, Microhardness, and Corrosion Behavior of Laser Cladding Ni45 Coatings. Qiao, Yanxin; Huang, Jie; Huang, Ding; Chen, Jian; Liu, Wen; Wang, Zhengbin; Zhibin, Zheng Aug 31, 2020 6414
Investigation of Wire Coating Using Hydromagnetic Third-Grade Liquid for Coating along with Hall Current and Porous Medium. Khan, Zeeshan; Rasheed, Haroon Ur; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Tairan, Nasser; Shah, Habib; Shah, Qayyum; K Report Aug 31, 2020 4771
Evaluation of New Film Based on Chitosan/Gold Nanocomposites on Antibacterial Property and Wound-Healing Efficacy. Wang, Kai; Wang, Haosheng; Pan, Su; Fu, Chuan; Chang, YuXin; Li, Hongru; Yang, Xiaoyu; Qi, Zhiping Aug 31, 2020 5353
Effects of Anodization-Assisted Electrodeposition Conditions on the Fabrication of CuO-[Cu.sub.2]O Coatings on Nanoporous Stainless Steel. Wang, Hefeng; Zhang, Jiaojiao; Jin, Xiaomin Aug 31, 2020 3753
Deposition and Properties of Amorphous TiBN/AlCrYN Multilayer Coatings with Various Modulation Periods. Dai, Wei; Liu, Fan; Wang, Qimin Jul 31, 2020 3724
Maximum Sizes of Fluid-Occupied Pores within Hydrate-Bearing Porous Media Composed of Different Host Particles. Liu, Lele; Wu, Nengyou; Liu, Changling; Meng, Qingguo; Tian, Haitao; Wan, Yizhao; Sun, Jianye Jul 31, 2020 8261
Effect of Hydrophobic Surface Treatment in Lowering Ionic Transport into Concrete. Kim, Ki Hwan; Kim, Min Jae; Kim, Hansol; Ann, Ki-Yong Jun 30, 2020 6870
Influence of Temperature-Dependent Tensile Strength on Gun Barrel Life Prediction. Geng, Xuehao; Zhou, Kedong; He, Lei May 31, 2020 5942
Modeling of the Complex Modulus of Asphalt Mastic with Biochar Filler Based on the Homogenization and Random Aggregate Distribution Methods. Wu, Yushuai; Cao, Peng; Shi, Feiting; Liu, Ketong; Wang, Xuhao; Leng, Zhen; Tan, Zhifei; Zhou, Chang May 31, 2020 5931
Effects of surface coating on the flexural strength of fluoridereleasing restorative materials after water aging for one year. Ugurlu, Muhittin May 1, 2020 5071
Effect of Ce[O.sub.2] on High-Temperature Oxidation Performance of Electron Beam Cladding NiCoCrAlY Coating on Ni-Based Alloy. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Xiaoyu; Lu, Ruxue Apr 30, 2020 4390
Path Planning for Laser Cladding Robot on Artificial Joint Surface Based on Topology Reconstruction. Li, Yuanjin; Chen, Tao; Liu, Defu Report Apr 1, 2020 7310
Effect of Silver Ion Surface Coating on Antimicrobial and Cutting Efficiencies of Nickel-titanium Rotary Files/Gumusyon Yuzey Kaplamasinin Nikel-titanyum Doner Egelerin Antimikrobiyal ve Kesme Etkinligi Uzerine Etkisi. Cora, Sabri; Er, Kursat; Tasdemir, Tamer; Kiraz, Nadir; Becer, Burcu; Felek, Rasih; Er, Hakan Apr 1, 2020 4315
Study on Properties of Cold-Sprayed Al-Zn Coating on S135 Drill Pipe Steel. Lv, Dongli; Zhang, Tao; Gong, Feiyang Mar 1, 2020 4808
Effects of Boron Nitride Coatings at High Temperatures and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties of Carbon Fiber-Based Magnetic Materials. Sun, Qilong; Ye, Wei; Cheng, Jiahao; Long, Xiaoyun Mar 1, 2020 6505
Esculent coating of spider silk enhanced the preservation and shelf life of apricot/A cobertura escamada de seda de aranha aumentou a preservacao e a vida util do damasco. Tahir, H.M.; Pervez, N.; Nadeem, J.; Khan, A.A.; Hassan, Z. Feb 1, 2020 3769
Kinetic of Adhesion of S. epidermidis with Different EPS Production on Ti6Al4V Surfaces. Pacha-Olivenza, Miguel Angel; Rodriguez-Cano, Abraham; Gonzalez-Martin, M. Luisa; Gallardo-Moreno, A Dec 31, 2019 6419
Modulus of Elasticity of Two Ceramic Materials and Stress-Inducing Mechanical Deformation following Fabrication Techniques and Adhesive Cementation Procedures of a Dental Ceramic. Isgro, G.; Rodi, D.; Sachs, A.; Hashimoto, M. Dec 31, 2019 5319
Effects of RTV Coating on the Discharge Characteristics of A Suspension Glass Insulator. Ilhan, Suat Report Dec 1, 2019 2996
Nanostructured Ce[O.sub.2] Thin Films Prepared by the Sol-Gel Dip-Coating Method with Anomalous Behavior of Crystallite Size and Bandgap. Acosta-Silva, Y.J.; Toledano-Ayala, M.; Torres-Delgado, G.; Torres-Pacheco, I.; Mendez-Lopez, A.; Ca Nov 30, 2019 5232
Si[O.sub.2]/Ti[O.sub.2] Composite Coating on Light Substrates for Photocatalytic Decontamination of Water. Bibova, Hana; Hykrdova, Lenka; Hoang, Hiep; Elias, Milan; Jirkovsky, Jaromir Oct 31, 2019 6206
Effects of Coatings Containing Organic Ashes on the Corrosion Performance of Reinforcements. Karapinar, I. Sanri Oct 31, 2019 8030
Study on the Process Optimization and Wear Resistance of Electron Beam Cladding WC-CoCr Coating on Inconel 617 Surface. Liu, Hailang; Huang, Yiping; Wang, Bo; Wang, Xiaoyu Sep 30, 2019 6279
The Use of Complex Additives for the Formation of Corrosion- and Wear-Resistant Epoxy Composites. Buketov, Andriy; Sapronov, Oleksandr; Brailo, Mykola; Stukhlyak, Danylo; Yakushchenko, Serhii; Buket Sep 30, 2019 4009
Metabolomic Markers in Tongue-Coating Samples from Damp Phlegm Pattern Patients of Coronary Heart Disease and Chronic Renal Failure. Hao, Yiming; Yuan, Xue; Yan, Jin; Pham, Minh; Rohlsen, Dekai; Qian, Peng; Cheng, Feng; Wang, Yiqin Sep 30, 2019 6445
The Influence of Surface Coatings of Silver Nanoparticles on the Bioavailability and Toxicity to Elliptio complanata Mussels. Auclair, J.; Turcotte, P.; Gagnon, C.; Wilkinson, C. PeyroK. J.; Gagne, F. Sep 30, 2019 6577
Design and In Vitro Evaluation of Eudragit-Based Extended Release Diltiazem Microspheres for Once- and Twice-Daily Administration: The Effect of Coating on Drug Release Behavior/Gunde Bir ve Iki Kez Uygulama icin Eudragit Esasli Uzatilmis Salimli Diltiazem Mikrokurelerin Tasarimi ve In Vitro Degerlendirilmesi: Kaplamanin Etken Madde Salim Sekline Etkisi. Bolourchian, Noushin; Bahjat, Maryam Jul 25, 2019 4631
Preparation and Characterization of Nanosilica Based Superhydrophobic Antimicrobial Coatings and Evaluation of Bacterial Adhesion on Coated Surface. Mishra, Abhilsha; Loganathan, Himayande; Bhatt, Neha Jul 1, 2019 2817
Use of Secondary Crystallization and Fly Ash in Waterproofing Materials to Increase Concrete Resistance to Aggressive Gases and Liquids. Drochytka, Rostislav; Ledl, Matej; Bydzovsky, Jiri; Zizkova, Nikol; Bester, Johannes Jun 30, 2019 6793
Flame-Retardant and Smoke Suppression Properties of Nano MgAl-LDH Coating on Bamboo Prepared by an In Situ Reaction. Yao, Xiaoling; Du, Chungui; Hua, Yating; Zhang, Jingjing; Peng, Rui; Huang, Qiuli; Liu, Hongzhi Jun 30, 2019 5784
Influences of Different Air-Inhibition Coatings on Monomer Release, Microhardness, and Color Stability of Two Composite Materials. Marigo, Luca; Nocca, Giuseppina; Fiorenzano, Giulia; Calla, Cinzia; Castagnola, Raffaella; Cordaro, May 31, 2019 5183
Study on the Influence of AC Stray Current on X80 Steel under Stripped Coating by Electrochemical Method. Cui, Yanyu; Shen, Tao; Ding, Qingmiao Apr 30, 2019 4133
[H.sub.2]O/[O.sub.2] Vapor Annealing Effect on Spin Coating Alumina Thin Films for Passivation of Silicon Solar Cells. Uzum, Abdullah; Kanda, Hiroyuki; Noguchi, Takuma; Nakazawa, Yuya; Taniwaki, Shota; Hotta, Yasushi; H Apr 30, 2019 4001
Effects of High-Density Pulse Currents on the Solidification Structures of Cu-[SiC.sub.p]/AZ91D Composites. Hao, Xi; Hao, Weixin; Geng, Guihong; Ma, Teng; Wang, Chen; Zhao, Fuqiang; Song, Hao; Li, Yugui Apr 30, 2019 3945
JCTR Features Seminal Work on Rheology. Apr 1, 2019 757
Emergency equipment shut off. Apr 1, 2019 134
Rate of Drug Coating Dissolution Determines In-Tissue Drug Retention and Durability of Biological Efficacy. Granada, Juan F.; Virmani, Renu; Schulz-Jander, Daniel; Tunev, Stefan[micro]melder, Robert J. Mar 31, 2019 4056
Influence of Water-Repellent Treatment with Silicon Resin on Properties of Concrete. Tian, Yupeng; Wang, Penggang; Zhao, Tiejun; Ma, Zhiming; Jin, Zuquan; Zhao, Haitao Mar 31, 2019 6921
Microwave Pre-oxidation for Polyacrylonitrile Precursor Coated with Nano-Carbon Black. Elagib, Tienah H.H.; Hassan, Elwathig A.M.; Fan, Cheng; Han, Keqing; Yu, Muhuo Report Mar 1, 2019 5318
Nanoscale Toughening of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites Through Different Surface Treatments. Yuan, Xiaomin; Zhu, Bo; Cai, Xun; Qiao, Kun; Zhao, Shengyao; Zhang, Min Report Mar 1, 2019 4872
Conductivity in Flammable and Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. Rigby, Amy Feb 1, 2019 1266
Effect of Particleboard Coating on Flexual Strength and Modulus of Elasticity. Ibrisevic, Alen; Obucina, Murco; Hajdarevic, Seid Jan 1, 2019 2122
Development and in vitro Evaluation of Voriconazole Nanoparticle Formulation for Mucosal Application/Mukozal Uygulama icin Vorikonazol Nanopartikul Formulasyonunun Gelistirilmesi ve in vitro Degerlendirilmesi. Rencber, Seda; Karavana, Sinem Yaprak Aug 1, 2018 4968
Structure, Nanomechanics, and Dynamics of Dispersed Surfactant-Free Clay Nanocomposite Films. Zhang, Xiao; Zhao, Jing; Snyder, Chad R.; Enizi, Abdullah Al-; Eltazahry, Ahmed; Simmons, David S.; Report Aug 1, 2018 7417
Nanostructure Development in Polystyrene-b-Polybutadieneo-Poly(methyl methacrylate) (SBM) Thin Films by Atomic Force Microscopy: Effect of Copolymer Composition and Solvent. Martin, Loli; Irusta, Lourdes; Gonzalez, Alba; Tercjak, Agnieszka; Kortaberria, Galder Report Mar 1, 2018 3332
"It's All About Personal Connections": ACS EXHIBITORS EXPRESS THEIR EXPECTATIONS. Interview Feb 1, 2018 786
Coefficients for Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting: A casting case study shows how using an inverse method in casting process modeling can be used to improve quality. De Oliveira, Matheus; Renegar, Henry; Govindaswamy, Suresh; Kovalenko, Pavel; Araiza, Miguel Sanchez Case study Feb 1, 2018 2723
Relative Importance of Coatings Rises in Comparison to Overall Industrial Production. Irish, Allen Feb 1, 2018 200
A New Model for Frost Growth Incorporating Droplet Condensation and Crystal Growth Phases. Harges, Ellyn; Cremaschi, Lorenzo Report Jan 1, 2018 4156
Vacuum Gauge Verification Methodology for Vacuum Coating Deposition Processes. Stekleins, Antons; Gerins, Eriks; Kromanis, Artis Report Jan 1, 2018 3714
Numerical Analysis of Elastic Contact between Coated Bodies. Spinu, Sergiu Report Jan 1, 2018 8186
Acetabular Debonding: An Investigation of Porous Coating Delamination in Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty. Robinson, Eric; Gaillard-Campbell, Dani; Gross, Thomas P. Report Jan 1, 2018 6357
Preparation and Properties of a Flexible [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/Al/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Composite. Tong, Yigang; Zhou, Zhibin; Cai, Hui; Wang, Xueliang; Wang, Yaping Jan 1, 2018 2992
Investigation of Antibacterial Susceptibility of Ag-Doped Oxide Coatings onto AZ91 Magnesium Alloy by Microarc Oxidation Method. Sukuroglu, Ebru Emine Jan 1, 2018 4127
Influence of Hot-Dip Galvanised Coating Morphology on the Adhesion of Organic Coatings Depending on the Zinc Bath Pb Content and the Postgalvanising Cooling Method. Nowicka-Nowak, Marzena; Zubielewicz, Malgorzata; Kania, Henryk; Liberski, Piotr; Sozanska, Maria Jan 1, 2018 4060
Anticorrosion Performance of LDH Coating Prepared by C[O.sub.2] Pressurization Method. Zhang, Xiaochen; Jiang, Peng; Zhang, Chunyan; Buhe, Bateer; Liu, Bin; Zhao, Yang; Zhang, Tao; Meng, Jan 1, 2018 6189
Determination of Pyrethroids in Tea Brew by GC-MS Combined with SPME with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Coated Fiber. Ren, Dongxia; Sun, Chengjun; Ma, Guanqun; Yang, Danni; Zhou, Chen; Xie, Jiayu; Li, Yongxin Jan 1, 2018 4840
Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate Mould Growth in Walls: The Effect of Insulation, Orientation, and Finishing Coating. Almeida, Ricardo M.S.F.; Barreira, Eva Jan 1, 2018 5373
Association of PLGA Microspheres to Carrier Pellets by Fluid Bed Coating: A Novel Approach towards Improving the Flowability of Microparticles. Beringhs, Andre O'Reilly; Fonseca, Aline Benedita dos Santos; De Campos, Angela Machado; Sonaglio, D Jan 1, 2018 7772
Evaluation of the Coating with Ti[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles as an Option for the Improvement of the Characteristics of NiTi Archwires: Histopathological, Cytotoxic, and Genotoxic Evidence. Moran-Martinez, Javier; del Rio-Parra, Roberto Beltran; Betancourt-Martinez, Nadia Denys; Garcia-Gar Jan 1, 2018 6552
Efficient Preparation and Performance Characterization of the HMX/[F.sub.2602] Microspheres by One-Step Granulation Process. Hou, Conghua; Jia, Xinlei; Wang, Jingyu; Tan, Yingxin; Zhang, Yuanping; Li, Chao Jan 1, 2018 3835
Improved Adhesion of Nonfluorinated ZnO Nanotriangle Superhydrophobic Layer on Glass Surface by Spray-Coating Method. Basiron, Norfatehah; Sreekantan, Srimala; Saharudin, Khairul Arifah; Ahmad, Zainal Arifin; Kumaravel Jan 1, 2018 6227
The Surface Modification Methods for Constructing Polymer-Coated Stents. Fan, Yanqin; Li, Xiang; Yang, Ruijie Jan 1, 2018 5059
Influence of Cu Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cr-Cu-N Coatings. Ding, Ji Cheng; Zhang, Teng Fei; Wan, Zhi Xin; Mei, Hai Juan; Kang, Myung Chang; Wang, Qi Min; Kim, Jan 1, 2018 6359
Analytical Series: A Focus on Analytical Pyrolysis. Hoeglund, Adrienne; Paulson, Ben; Gipson, Courtney Sep 1, 2017 3452
Analytical series: Rheological and thermal characterization of polymer coatings: a case study. Vratsanos, Menas S. Case study Jul 1, 2017 6077
Oxidation behaviour of austenitic steels 304 and 309 alloys at high temperatures with [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] and [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] coating. Gurumoorthi, G.; Mathiazhagan, P. Report Jun 1, 2017 4486
Experimental study on mechanical properties of geopolymer coatings for corrosion protection of steel. Janaki, P.; Selvaraj, R. Report Apr 1, 2017 3491
Global sensitivity analysis of backside coating parameters on dynamic response of AM-AFM. Torkanpouri, Kaveh E.; Zohoor, Hassan; Korayem, Moharam H. Report Mar 1, 2017 5438
The Influence of Electrolytic Concentration on the Electrochemical Deposition of Calcium Phosphate Coating on a Direct Laser Metal Forming Surface. Sun, Qianyue; Yang, Yuhui; Luo, Wenjing; Zhao, Jinghui; Zhou, Yanmin Report Jan 1, 2017 5436
The Effect of Graphene on the Protective Properties of Water-Based Epoxy Coatings on A12024-T3. Monetta, T.; Acquesta, A.; Carangelo, A.; Bellucci, F. Jan 1, 2017 5059
Effects of Polysaccharide-Based Edible Coatings on Quality and Antioxidant Enzyme System of Strawberry during Cold Storage. Li, Li; Sun, Jian; Gao, Haiyan; Shen, Yingbin; Li, Changbao; Yi, Ping; He, Xuemei; Ling, Dongning; S Jan 1, 2017 4179
Effects of Beeswax Coating on the Oxidative Stability of Long-Ripened Italian Salami. Trevisani, Marcello; Cecchini, Matilde; Siconolfi, Daniela; Mancusi, Rocco; Rosmini, Roberto Report Jan 1, 2017 3548
Effect of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose-Beeswax Composite Edible Coatings Formulated with or without Antifungal Agents on Physicochemical Properties of Plums during Cold Storage. Gunaydin, Sule; Karaca, Hakan; Palou, Lluis; de la Fuente, Beatriz; Perez-Gago, Maria B. Report Jan 1, 2017 8463
Experimental Study on the Influence on Vibration Characteristics of Thin Cylindrical Shell with Hard Coating under Cantilever Boundary Condition. Li, Hui; Sun, Wei; Zhu, Mingwei; Xue, Pengcheng Report Jan 1, 2017 11060
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis for a Fluid-Loaded, Simply Supported Plate Covered by a Damping and Decoupling Composite Acoustic Coating. Yuan, Baihua; Chen, Meng; Liu, Yu; Zhao, Shexu; Jiang, Heng Report Jan 1, 2017 5559
Analysis and Alternate Selection of Nanopowder Modifiers to Improve a Special Protective Coating System. Bardakhanov, S.P.; Goverdovskiy, V.N.; Lee, C.-M.; Lee, O.C.; Lygdenov, V.T. Jan 1, 2017 6501
Deposition Methods for Microstructured and Nanostructured Coatings on Metallic Bone Implants: A Review. Moore, Bailey; Asadi, Ebrahim; Lewis, Gladius Jan 1, 2017 7239
Modeling and Analysis of the Effect of Dip-Spin Coating Process Parameters on Coating Thickness Using Factorial Design Method. Buapool, Sorasutee; Thavarungkul, Nandh; Srisukhumbowornchai, Nakorn; Termsuksawad, Preecha Jan 1, 2017 5043
Evaluation of the Bacterial Diversity in the Human Tongue Coating Based on Genus-Specific Primers for 16S rRNA Sequencing. Sun, Beili; Zhou, Dongrui; Tu, Jing; Lu, Zuhong Report Jan 1, 2017 6230
Research of wear resistance and corrosion of nickel-aluminium coating on aluminum-magnesium alloy/Nikelio-aliuminio dangos ant aliuminio-magnio lydinio atsparumo dilimui ir korozijai tyrimas. Vaitkunaite, Gerda; Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Visniakov, Nikolaj Dec 1, 2016 3469
Conformal coating challenges: detection, rework and failure analysis: a DoE shows optimal removal strategies with various package styles. Dobriyal, Priyanka; Ramalingam, Suriyakala; Lim, Shu Lee; Kurella, Anil Oct 1, 2016 2943
Influence of wood surface color on the performance of luminescent pigments. Kaestner, Dominik; Petutschnigg, Alexander; Schnabel, Thomas; Illy, Andreas; Taylor, Adam Jul 1, 2016 1180
A theoretical model for quantifying expansion of intumescent coating under different heating conditions. Cirpici, Burak Kaan; Wang, Y.C.; Rogers, B.D.; Bourbigot, S. Report Jul 1, 2016 6305
Thermal & mechanical properties of coatings. Schoff, Clifford K. Jun 1, 2016 927
Novel Damage Detection Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring Using a Hybrid Sensor. Wang, Dengjiang; He, Jingjing; Dong, Banglin; Liu, Xiaopeng; Zhang, Weifang Jan 1, 2016 7413
Prediction Model of Coating Growth Rate for Varied Dip-Angle Spraying Based on Gaussian Sum Model. Zeng, Yong; Zhang, Yakun; He, Junxue; Zhou, Hai; Zhang, Chunwei; Zheng, Lei Jan 1, 2016 3270
Ultra-high and near-zero refractive indices of magnetron sputtered thin-film metamaterials based on [Ti.sub.x][O.sub.y]. Jokanovic, Vukoman; Colovic, Bozana; Nenadovic, Milos; Petkoska, Anka Trajkovska; Mitric, Miodrag; J Jan 1, 2016 5429
Investigation of thermostressed state of coating formation at electric contact surfacing of "shaft" type parts. Berezshnaya, Olena V.; Gribkov, Eduard P.; Kuznetsov, Valeriy D. Jan 1, 2016 6861
A review of solid-state lighting and its impact on the marketing and production of decorative coatings. Rich, Danny C. Jan 1, 2016 4356
Superhydrophobic surfaces for corrosion protection: a review of recent progresses and future directions. Zhang, Dawei; Wang, Luntao; Qian, Hongchang; Li, Xiaogang Jan 1, 2016 9558
The effect of carbon nanotubes loaded with 2-mercaptobenzothiazoIe in epoxy-based coatings. Yeole, K.V.; Agarwal, I.P.; Mhaske, S.T. Jan 1, 2016 5709
Development of hyperbranched polyester polyol-based waterborne anticorrosive coating. Singh, Ashish Pratap; Suryanarayana, C.; Naik, R. Baloji; Gunasekaran, G. Jan 1, 2016 5372
Acrylic polymer influence on the structure and morphology of AgNPs obtained by chemical method for antimicrobial applications. Pica, Alexandra; Guran, Cornelia; Ficai, Denisa; Ficai, Anton; Dumitru, Florica Jan 1, 2016 4270
Intercalated polybenzoxazine/organoclay composites with enhanced performance in corrosion resistance. Zhou, Changlu; Lu, Xin; Xin, Zhong; Zhang, Yanfeng Jan 1, 2016 5610
Ultrasonic coating of nanofibrons webs: a feasible approach to photocatalytic water filters. Simsek, Ramazan; Polat, Yusuf; Pampal, Esra Serife; Agma, Onur; Kilic, Ali Report Jan 1, 2016 4257
Dip-coating for dodecylphosphonic acid derivatization on aluminum surfaces: an easy approach to superhydrophobicity. Hu, Y.M.; Zhu, Y.; Zhou, W.; Wang, H.; Yi, J.H.; Xin, S.S.; He, W.J.; Shen, T. Jan 1, 2016 4060
Effect of siloxane-modified polyacrylate on water uptake and anticorrosion mechanism of silicone-epoxy coatings. Yuan, X.; Yue, Z.F.; Liu, Z.Q.; Wen, S.F.; Li, L.; Feng, T. Jan 1, 2016 5539
The protective effects and aging process of the topcoat of intumescent fire-retardant coatings applied to steel structures. Wang, Ji Jan 1, 2016 6973
Study of the performance of polyurethane coatings derived from cottonseed oil polyol. Narute, Prashant; Palanisamy, Aruna Jan 1, 2016 5722
The investigaton of physical and mechanical properties of Ni-P coatings/Ni-P dangu fizikiniu ir mechaniniu savybiu tyrimas. Chayevski, V.; Zhylinski, V. Report Dec 1, 2015 710
Iron as an alternative drier for curing of high-solid alkyd coatings. Pirs, Barbara; Znoj, Bogdan; Skale, Sasa; Zabret, Jozefa; Godnjavec, Jerneja; Venturini, Peter Nov 1, 2015 5419
Estimation of long-term drag performance of fouling control coatings using an ocean-placed raft with multiple dynamic rotors. Lindholdt, A.; Dam-Johansen, K.; Yebra, D.M.; Olsen, S.M.; Kiil, S. Nov 1, 2015 11377
Modified soybean oil as a reactive diluent: coating performance. Nalawade, Priyanka P.; Soucek, Mark D. Nov 1, 2015 8406
Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on FRP composites: from rose petal effect to lotus effect. Sun, Jiashu; Wang, Jigang Report Nov 1, 2015 4341
Variable structural colors and hydrophobicity of Si[O.sub.2]/ polyethyleneimine coating on glass substrate. Jia, Yanrong; Zhang, Yun; Liu, Guojin; Zhuang, Guangqing; Fan, Qinguo; Shao, Jianzhong Nov 1, 2015 4632
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles embedded novel hyperbranched urethane alkyd-based nanocomposite for high solid antimicrobial coating application. Naik, R. Baloji; Ratna, D. Report Nov 1, 2015 5170
Urea fertilizer coated with biodegradable polymers and diatomite for slow release and water retention. Mukerabigwi, Jean Felix; Wang, Qing; Ma, Xiaoya; Liu, Min; Lei, Shaojun; Wei, Haitao; Huang, Xueying Report Nov 1, 2015 6390
On the role of water, temperature, and glass transition in the corrosion protection behavior of epoxy coatings for underground pipelines. Ha, Hung M.; Alfantazi, Akram Nov 1, 2015 7222
Coating process for antimicrobial textile surfaces derived from a polyester dyeing process. Grethe, Thomas; Haase, Hajo; Natarajan, Hariharasudan; Limandoko, Nadia; Mahltig, Boris Nov 1, 2015 4919
Doped Ti[O.sub.2] nanophotocatalysts for leather surface finishing with self-cleaning properties. Petica, Aurora; Gaidau, Carmen; Ignat, Madalina; Sendrea, Claudiu; Anicai, Liana Nov 1, 2015 5676
Select and perform: Andrew Courtney from Surface Technology looks at how to select coatings to optimise component performance. Courtney, Andrew Nov 1, 2015 1500
Effect of [gamma]-irradiation on glycolysis of PET waste and preparation of ecofriendly coatings using bio-based and recycled materials. Jamdar, Vandana; Kathalewar, Mukesh; Jagtap, R.N.; Dubey, Kumar Abhinav; Sabnis, Anagha Report Nov 1, 2015 5524
Facile formation of [beta] poly (vinylidene fluoride) films using the short time annealing process. Abdullah, Ibtisam Yahya; Jumali, Mohammad Hafizuddin Haji; Yahaya, Muhammad; Shanshool, Haider Moham Report Sep 1, 2015 3984
Preparation of exfoliated montmorillonite nanocomposites with catechol/zwitterionic quaternized polymer for an antifouling coating. Jeong, Chan Jin; Kang, Eun Bi; Park, Soo Jung; choi, Kyung Ho; Shin, Gyojic; In, Insik; Park, Sung Y Report Sep 1, 2015 3559
Evaluating sag resistance with a multinotched applicator: correlation with surface flow measurements and practical recommendations. Lade, Robert K., Jr.; Musliner, Austin D.; Macosko, Christopher W.; Francis, Lorraine F. Report Sep 1, 2015 5816
Simultaneous multilayer coating of water-based and alcohol-based solutions. Horiuchi, R.; Suszynski, W.J.; Carvalho, M.S. Sep 1, 2015 3933
Direct thickness measurement of doctor-bladed liquid film on gravure roll surface. Miura, Hidenobu; Yamamura, Masato Sep 1, 2015 3832
Processing of CdTe thin films by intense pulsed light in the presence of Cd[Cl.sub.2]. Dharmadasa, R.; Lavery, Brandon W.; Dharmadasa, I.M.; Druffel, T. Sep 1, 2015 4432
Numerical simulation of the dip-coating process with wall effects on the coating film thickness. Javidi, Mahyar; Hrymak, Andrew N. Sep 1, 2015 6236
Analysis of transparent conductive silver nanowire films from dip coating flow. Ahn, Kwangguk; Kim, Dongjae; Kim, Onyu; Nam, Jaewook Report Sep 1, 2015 5617
Free-surface profile of evaporative liquids at the vicinity of the contact line. Houssainy, S.; Kavehpour, H.P. Report Sep 1, 2015 2246
Freezing of supercooled water drops on cold solid substrates: initiation and mechanism. Tavakoli, Faryar; Davis, Stephen H.; Kavehpour, H. Pirouz Sep 1, 2015 3327
Analytical determination of process windows for bilayer slot die coating. Schmitt, Marcel; Raupp, Sebastian; Wagner, Dennis; Scharfer, Philip; Schabel, Wilhelm Sep 1, 2015 5109
Water-based coatings for 3D printed parts. Zhu, Jiayi; Chen, Julia L.; Lade, Robert K., Jr.; Suszynski, Wieslaw J.; Francis, Lorraine F. Report Sep 1, 2015 4788
Forces generated by web peeling for printing and coating applications. Gates, Harrison; Bousfield, Douglas W. Sep 1, 2015 9805
Local heat transfer characteristics of a slot nozzle array for batch drying of thin films under industrial process conditions. Baunach, Michael; Jaiser, Stefan; Cavadini, Philipp; Scharfer, Philip; Schabel, Wilhelm Sep 1, 2015 2969
An experimental and analytical study on intermittent slot die coating of viscoelastic battery slurries. Schmitt, Marcel; Diehm, Ralf; Scharfer, Philip; Schabel, Wilhelm Sep 1, 2015 5702
Effect of shear strain in coating on the particle packing of gelled-clay particle dispersions during drying. Komoda, Yoshiyuki; Kobayashi, Shigeyuki; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Hidema, Ruri Sep 1, 2015 5585
Response of slot coating flow to gap disturbances: effects of fluid properties, operating conditions, and die configurations. Lee, Semi; Nam, Jaewook Sep 1, 2015 5685
Synthesis of carboxylate complexes and evaluation of their catalytic activities for polyesterification of castor oil (Ricinum communis) with terephthalic acid/Sintese de complexos de carboxilatos e avaliacao da atividade catalitica para poliesterificacao de oleo de mamona (Ricinum communis) com acido tereftalico. Peres, Eduardo Ulisses Xavier; Umpierre, Alexandre Perez; Suarez, Paulo Anselmo Ziani Jul 1, 2015 3236
Novel alkyd-type coating resins produced using cationic polymerization. Kalita, Harjyoti; Alam, Samim; Kalita, Deep; Jayasooriyamu, Anurad; Fernando, Shashi; Samanta, Satya Jul 1, 2015 7294
Highly dispersive waterborne polyurethane/ZnO nanocomposites for corrosion protection. Christopher, Gnanaprakasam; Kulandainathan, Manickam Anbu; Harichandran, Gurusamy Jul 1, 2015 6041
A moisture-absorbing and abrasion-resistant transparent coating on polystyrene. Grube, Svenja; Siegmann, Konstantin; Hirayama, Martina Jul 1, 2015 7339
Theoretical study and experimental analysis of the scattering efficiency of hollow polymer particles in the dependent light scattering regime. Auger, J.-C.; McLoughlin, D. Report Jul 1, 2015 8799
Substrate vibration-assisted spray coating (SVASC): significant improvement in nano-structure, uniformity, and conductivity of PEDOT:PSS thin films for organic solar cells. Zabihi, Fatemeh; Eslamian, Morteza Jul 1, 2015 4972
Improvement of barrier properties of Cr-free pretreatments for coil-coated products. Saarimaa, Ville; Markkula, Antti; Juhanoja, Jyrki; Skrifvars, Bengt-Johan Jul 1, 2015 4970
Enhancing Egyptian kaolinite via calcination and dealumination for application in paper coating. Sherbiny, Samya El-; Morsy, Fatma A.; Hassan, Mervat S.; Mohamed, Heba F. Report Jul 1, 2015 6413
Influences of Cr content and heat treatment on the optical property of the green mica-nano [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.3] pearlescent pigment. Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi, S.A. Jul 1, 2015 2540
Corrosion protective poly(aniline-co-o-anisidine) coatings on mild steel. Raotole, Pritee M.; Koinkar, Pankaj; Joshi, Bhavana; Patil, S.R. Jul 1, 2015 5302
Preparation of tough silicon-oxo coatings with enhanced hardness from moisture-curable polysiloxane and silica alcosol. He, Ting; Zhou, Shuxue Jul 1, 2015 5514
Evaluation of the corrosion protection of defective polyaniline/epoxy coating by localized electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Zhang, Yingjun; Shao, Yawei; Meng, Guozhe; Zhang, Tao; Li, Ping; Wang, Fuhui Jul 1, 2015 4189
Experiment and model validation of water concentration jump of a composite coating on 2024 Al alloy. Yuan, X.; Yue, Z.F.; Chen, X.; Wen, S.F.; Li, L.; Feng, T. Jul 1, 2015 3406
Encapsulation of volatile compounds in silk microparticles. Elia, Roberto; Guo, Jin; Budijono, Stephanie; Normand, Valery; Benezedi, Daniel; Omenetto, Fiorenzo; Jul 1, 2015 4006
Sodium silicate-assisted emulsification of methyltrimethoxysilane and formation of superhydrophobic coating thereof. Wang, Ying; Yang, Sheng; Fang, Jin; Li, Baiyu Jul 1, 2015 2822
Effects of biofouling development on drag forces of hull coatings for ocean-going ships: a review. Lindholdt, A.; Dam-Johansen, K.; Olsen, S.M.; Yebra, D.M.; Kiil, S. May 1, 2015 18226
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Water concentration distribution in coatings during accelerated weathering protocols. Hinderliter, Brian R.; Sapper, Erik D. May 1, 2015 6448
Characteristics of thin films fabricated by spray coating on rough and permeable paper substrates. Zabihi, Fatemeh; Eslamian, Morteza May 1, 2015 7203
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Study of mechanical behavior, deformation, and fracture of nanomultilayer coatings during microindentation and scratch test. Khlifi, Kaouthar; Dhiflaoui, Hafedh; Zoghlami, Lassaad; Larbi, Ahmed Ben Cheikh May 1, 2015 4910
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Analysis of frictional behavior of electrodeposited coatings against spherical counterfaces. Kim, Kyungmok May 1, 2015 3255
A simple method to make mechanically robust, adhesive and superhydrophobic surface based on epoxy resin. Zhuang, Aoyun; Yang, Lijun; Liao, Ruijin; Guo, Chao; Zuo, Zhiping; Yuan, Yuan May 1, 2015 2557
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Effects of hydrolyzation and aging time on rheology of sols and effects of sintering temperatures on structural and mechanical properties of silver doped calcium phosphate coatings. Singh, Ravinder Pal; Batra, Uma Report Apr 1, 2015 6462
A review of recent applications of atmospheric pressure plasma jets for materials processing. Penkov, Oleksiy V.; Khadem, Mahdi; Lim, Won-Suk; Kim, Dae-Eun Mar 1, 2015 7832
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Mechanical, chemical, and curing characteristics of cardanolfurfural-based novolac resin for application in green coatings. Srivastava, Riya; Srivastava, Deepak Mar 1, 2015 5110
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Effects of hydrotalcite intercalated with corrosion inhibitor on cathodic disbonding of epoxy coatings. Hang, To Thi Xuan; Duong, Nguyen Thuy; True, Trinli Anh; Hoang, Thai; Thanh, Dinli Thi Mai; Daopiset Report Mar 1, 2015 4953
Preparation and characterization of epoxy/oregano oil as an epoxy-based coating material with both antimicrobial effect and increased toughness. Zavarch, S.; Darvishi, F.; Samandari, G. Mar 1, 2015 5054
Preparation and properties of gas barrier resin/rubber nanolaminated composites. Liu, Qin; Wei-Min, Yang; Yu-Mei, Ding; Zhi-Wei, Jiao Report Jan 1, 2015 3315
Reflection photoelastic and finite element residual stress analysis of a torpedo pot for cast iron. Liliana, Rusu-Casandra Aurelia; Florin, Baciu; Nicolae, Iliescu Report Jan 1, 2015 2476
Comparative examination of adhesive and cohesive properties of fluorinated coatings on stone/tile surfaces. Lee, Hau-Nan; Raghavanpillai, Anilkumar; Li, Jing; Pollino, Joel M.; Rosen, Brad M.; Shenoy, Siddhar Nov 1, 2014 4613
Coatings with metallic effect pigments for antimicrobial and conductive coating of textiles with electromagnetic shielding properties. Topp, Kristin; Haase, Hajo; Degen, Christoph; Illing, Gerhard; Mahltig, Boris Nov 1, 2014 7504
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Application of CuCoMn[O.sub.x] coat by sol gel technique on aluminum and copper substrates for solar absorber application. El Mahallawy, Nahed; Shoeib, Madiha; Ali, Yehia Nov 1, 2014 5610
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Dielectric constants of paints and coatings. Schott, Clifford K. Nov 1, 2014 630
Evaluation of shear bond strength between indirect composite veneer and zirconia coated with silicated glass nano particles. Abdolhamid, Alhavaz; Mahmood, Rabiee Sayed; Vahid, Soltankarimi; Ali, Bagheri Mohammad; Sepideh, Dad Report Nov 1, 2014 2983
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Self-stratifying coatings based on Schiff base epoxy resins. Langer, Ewa; Waskiewicz, Sylwia; Kuczynska, Helena; Kaminska-Bach, Grazyna Nov 1, 2014 4140
Synthesis and radiation curing of acrylated castor oil glycerides. Muller, Rene; Wilke, Guido Nov 1, 2014 5022
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Gas transport properties in waterborne polymer nanocomposite coatings containing organomodified clays. Stratigaki, M.; Choudalakis, G.; Gotsis, A.D. Nov 1, 2014 7622
Surface properties of alicyclic epoxy coatings modified with reactive copolymer containing fluorinated side chains. Ochi, Mitsukazu; Ichikawa, Natsuko; Shiota, Ryou; Hattori, Yoshiki; Harada, Miyuki; Hara, Masanao; U Nov 1, 2014 4967
Evaporation rate as a function of the process of coating of stone-breaker granules/ Taxa de evaporacao em funcao do processo de recobrimento de granulos de quebra pedra. Rocha, Ana P.T.; de Alsina, Odelsia L.S.; Silva, Osvaldo S. da; Araujo, Gilmar T.; Gomes, Josivanda Oct 1, 2014 3912
Using imperialist competitive algorithm for optimal radiative properties of nano scale metal coatings. Rad, Somayyeh Amiri; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Mirjalily, Seyyed Ali Agha Report Oct 1, 2014 2741
Minimize radiative properties of non metallic thin films using simulated annealing algorithm. Mirjalili, Mohammad Hadi; Oloomi, Seyyed Amir Abbas; Zare-Shahabadi, Abolfazl Report Oct 1, 2014 3327
A comparative study of grafting steps on the preparation and properties of modified nanosilica for UV-curable coatings. Wu, Jianbing; Ling, Lixia; Ma, Guozhang; Wang, Baojun Sep 1, 2014 5511
Electrophoretic deposition of chitosan in different alcohols. Sorkhi, Leila; Farrokhi-Rad, Morteza; Shahrabi, Taghi Sep 1, 2014 3448
Testing of starch-based carbohydrate polymer coatings for enhanced urea performance. Naz, M.Y.; Sulaiman, S.A. Report Sep 1, 2014 6493
Gel-sol synthesis of surface-treated Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles and incorporation with waterborne acrylic resin systems for clear UV protective coatings. Chen, Changfeng; Wang, Yuliang; Pan, Guiquan; Wang, Qingwu Sep 1, 2014 4008
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Method to determine the equivalent thermal diffusion coefficient of the intumescent coating for cables. Shu, Zhong-jun; Wang, Ji; Zhou, Liang Sep 1, 2014 6354
IPPIC and NACE collaborate on test method to determine compatibility between ballast water wanagement systems active ingredients and ballast tank coatings. Aug 1, 2014 826
Horizontal functionally graded material coating of cementless hip prosthesis. Fouda, N. Report Apr 1, 2014 3243
Heat transfer enhancement in phase-change heat exchangers. Chatys, Rafal; Malcho, Milan; Orman, Lukasz J. Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 2393
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Ti[O.sub.2] deposition on AZ31 magnesium alloy using plasma electrolytic oxidation. White, Leon; Koo, Youngmi; Yun, Yeoheung; Sankar, Jagannathan Jan 1, 2014 5201
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High cycling performance cathode material: interconnected LiFeP[O.sub.4]/carbon nanoparticles fabricated by sol-gel method. Yang, Zhigao; Wang, Shengping Jan 1, 2014 4439
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Numerical simulation procedure for modeling TGO crack propagation and TGO growth in thermal barrier coatings upon thermal-mechanical cycling. Jun, Ding; Xia, Huang; Song, Chen; E.-Chuan, Yang Jan 1, 2014 6587
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Heat and erosion-resistant nanostructured coatings for gas turbine engines. Urbahs, Aleksandrs; Savkovs, Konstantins; Urbaha, Margarita; Carjova, Kristine Report Dec 1, 2013 3949
Analytical series: fluorescence decay methods for the characterization of latex film formation. Martinho, J.M.G.; Farinha, J.P.S. Sep 1, 2013 5084
Accuracy analysis of design methods for concrete beams reinforced with fiber reinforced polymer bars/Kompozitais armuotu betoninu elementu projektavimo metodu tikslumo analize. Timinskas, Edgaras; Jakstaite, Ruta; Gribniak, Viktor; Tamulenas, Vytautas; Kaklauskas, Gintaris Report Sep 1, 2013 6029
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A novel building component hybrid vacuum glazing--a modelling and experimental validation. Fang, Yueping; Hyde, Trevor J.; Arya, Farid; Hewitt, Neil Report Jul 1, 2013 8227
The importance of coating standardization in gastro-resistant capsules produced in magistral pharmacy/Importancia da padronizacao dos revestimentos utilizados em capsulas gastrorresistentes produzidas em farmacia magistral. Franco, Suelen Cristina; da Silva, Flavia Cristina; Baracat, Marcela Maria; Casagrande, Rubia; Rafae Jul 1, 2013 2782
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Structural, optical constants and photoluminescence of ZnO thin films grown by sol-gel spin coating. Gadallah, Abdel-Sattar; Nahass, M.M. El- Jan 1, 2013 5011
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Structure and properties of nanostructured (Ti-Hf-Zr-V-Nb)N coatings. Pogrebnjak, Alexander D. Jan 1, 2013 6537
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Model for a two-cavity coating die with pressure and temperature deformation. Shetty, Sneha; Ruschak, Kenneth J.; Weinstein, Steven J. Report Jun 1, 2012 7873
Finite element analysis for the equivalent stress on three-dimensional multiasperity coating/Triju dimensiju kintamo nelygumo dangos ekvivalentiniu itempiu tyrimas baigtiniu elementu metodu. Zhong, Xu; Xiaoyan, Wu Report May 1, 2012 3137
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Antimicrobial edible coating in post-harvest conservation of Guava/Uso de revestimento comestivel e conservacao pos-colheita de Goiaba. De Fatima Ferreira Soares, Nilda; Silva, Danielle Fabiola Pereira; Camilloto, Geany Peruch; Oliveira Oct 1, 2011 3202
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Effects of mold surface conditions on flow length in injection molding process. Otsuka, Masaki; Oyabe, Aya; Ito, Hiroshi Report Jul 1, 2011 3442
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Origin of the bubble defect in the extrusion coating process. Sollogoub, C.; Montmitonnet, P.; Demay, Y.; Agassant, J.F.; Deparis, P. Report Feb 1, 2011 5493
Fabrication and dielectric properties of soft-core helical particles using Spirulina platensis as templates. Cai, Jun; Zhang, De-yuan Report Oct 14, 2010 2760
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Research on the influence of vibromechanical treatment on Ni coatings PT-19N-01 adhesion/Nikeliniu dangu PT-19N-01 vibromechaninio apdirbimo itakos adhezijai tyrimas. Stukas, Tomas; Cernasejus, Olegas Report Jul 1, 2010 1098
Effect of curing process on simulated antisoiling properties of sol-gel coating on pine sapwood. Nikkola, Juha; Mahlberg, Riitta; Mannila, Juha; Jamsa, Saila Report Jul 1, 2010 4305
Dielectric analysis of coatings. Schoff, Clifford K. Jun 1, 2010 738
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High-resolution X-ray imaging and analysis of coatings on and in wood. Bulcke, Jan Van den; Boone, Matthieu; Acker, Joris Van; Hoorebeke, Luc Van Mar 1, 2010 3676
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Characterization of the dispersion of tetrapod-like nano-ZnO whiskers in acrylic resin and properties of the nano-composite coating system. Lei, Hua; Xu, Tao; Gao, Chuantao Jan 1, 2010 3240
Functionalization of ceramic fibers by metallic sputter coating. Wei, Qufu; Shao, Dongfeng; Deng, Bingyao; Xu, Qiuxiang Report Jan 1, 2010 2395
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Mechanical properties of thin hard coatings on TiC-NiMo substrates/Ohukeste kovapinnete mehaanilised omadused TiC-NiMo-kermistest alusel. Yaldiz, Can Emrah; Veinthal, Renno; Gregor, Andre; Georgiadis, Kyriakos Report Dec 1, 2009 2875
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Microstructure analyses and thermophysical properties of nanostructured thermal barrier coatings. Zhou, Hong; Li, Fei; Wang, Jun; Sun, Bao-de Sep 1, 2009 4929
Sodium caseinate edible coating optimizes physicochemical, textural properties of blackberry fruit. Sep 1, 2009 338
Evaluation of the atmospheric corrosion resistance of AISI A-36 steel painted with coatings based on epoxy and poly(urethane) resins using semi-accelerated testing. Oliveira, E.M.; Carneiro, J.R.G.; Lins, V.F.Cunha Jun 1, 2009 4541
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Study of corrosion and friction reduction of electroless Ni-P coating with molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles. Hu, Xianguo; Jiang, Peng; Wan, Jiucong; Xu, Yufu; Sun, Xiaojun Jun 1, 2009 3163
Coating alternatives for plastics: optical coatings and VOC-free technologies are becoming clearer options. Tolinski, Michael May 1, 2009 1045
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May VLCs to examine coatings degradation by weathering and service life prediction methodologies. May 1, 2008 463
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