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Sex- and Dose-Specific Effects of Maternal Bisphenol A Exposure on Pancreatic Islets of First- and Second-Generation Adult Mice Offspring. Bansal, Amita; Rashid, Cetewayo; Xin, Frances; Li, Changhong; Polyak, Erzsebet; Duemler, Anna; van d Sep 1, 2017 16793
Adiponectin induced AMP-activated protein kinase impairment mediates insulin resistance in Bama mini-pig fed high-fat and high -sucrose diet. Niu, Miaomiao; Xiang, Lei; Liu, Yaqian; Zhao, Yuqiong; Yuan, Jifang; Dai, Xin; Chen, Hua Report Aug 1, 2017 4393
Can acrochordons be a marker of metabolic syndrome? De, Devyani; Biswas, Mallika; Pal, Dayamay; Biswas, Tarun Report Jul 13, 2017 2782
Revisional laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in failed gastric banding and effects of exercise and frequent sweet-eating on its outcome. Jun 30, 2017 3351
Japan : Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial of Anti-obesity Agent Lorcaserin to Continue Based on Recommendation of Independent Data Monitoring Committee After Completion of Interim Safety Analysis. Jun 23, 2017 241
The value of complementing administrative data with abstracted information on smoking and obesity: A study in kidney cancer. Nayan, Madhur; Hamilton, Robert J.; Finelli, Antonio; Austin, Peter C.; Kulkarni, Girish S.; Juurlin Report Jun 1, 2017 4591
Strong evidence links obesity to a variety of cancers. Nogrady, Bianca Mar 15, 2017 539
Strong evidence links obesity to gastrointestinal, breast cancers. Nogrady, Bianca Mar 15, 2017 518
Therapeutic effects of metformin and clomiphene in combination with lifestyle intervention on infertility in women with obese polycystic ovary syndrome. Feb 28, 2017 2133
Evaluating the effect of obesity on total knee arthroplasty: A longitudinal study. Clinical report Jan 31, 2017 2635
Unless it is diagnosed, obesity won't be treated. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2017 746
Effects of short-term carbohydrate restrictive and conventional hypoenergetic diets and resistance training on strength gains and muscle thickness. Meirelles, Claudia M.; Gomes, Paulo S.C. Report Dec 1, 2016 5246
Undergraduate, female, nutrition students' perceptions of curricular influence on attitudes toward individuals with obesity. Dwyer, John J.M.; Starr, Andrea; Mills, Christine; Haines, Jess Report Dec 1, 2016 4203
United States : Weight loss leads to strong increase in appetite. Oct 15, 2016 343
Increase in global life expectancy offset by war, obesity and substance abuse. Oct 11, 2016 891
WHO report confirms obesity linked to many cancers. Oct 1, 2016 507
Weight loss helps anovulatory obese women with fertility. Worcester, Sharon Sep 1, 2016 601
Assessment of weight/shape implicit bias related to attractiveness, fear, and disgust. Ritzert, Timothy R.; Anderson, Lisa M.; Reilly, Erin E.; Gorrell, Sasha; Forsyth, John P.; Anderson, Sep 1, 2016 9607
Body fat and physical activity modulate the association between sarcopenia and osteoporosis in elderly Korean women. Lee, Inhwan; Cho, Jinkyung; Jin, Youngyun; Ha, Changduk; Kim, Taehee; Kang, Hyunsik Report Sep 1, 2016 5135
Ramie leaf extracts suppresses adipogenic differentiation in 3T3-L1 cells and pig preadipocytes. Lee, Joomin; Kim, Ah-Ra; Lee, Jae-Joon Report Sep 1, 2016 3415
Glutathione protects against hepatic injury in a murine model of primary Sjogren's syndrome. Jiang, Shuhua; Hu, Liwei; Ping, Lifeng; Sun, Fengyan; Wang, Xiaolei Aug 1, 2016 3377
Apoptosis in pancreatic [beta]-islet cells in Type 2 diabetes. Tomita, Tatsuo Aug 1, 2016 11334
Association of age at menarche with body mass index and waist-hip ratio. Gopalakrishna, Prarthana Kaleramma; Purushothaman, Suja; Reghunath), Santhi; Pushkar, Bishara; King, Aug 1, 2016 2315
Prioritizing environmental chemicals for obesity and diabetes outcomes research: a screening approach using ToxCast[TM] high-throughput data. Auerbach, Scott; Filer, Dayne; Reif, David; Walker, Vickie; Holloway, Alison C.; Schlezinger, Jennif Aug 1, 2016 15056
$1.4M will go toward study of obesity rates. Jul 18, 2016 293
Australia : Gut-brain axis linked again to obesity in Yale study. Jun 18, 2016 136
Effects of a theory based intervention on physical activity among female employees: a quasi-experimental study. Shafieinia, Masoud; Hidarnia, Alireza; Kazemnejad, Anoushirvan; Rajabi, Reza Jun 1, 2016 6425
Terminology 'puts obese patients off operations'. May 12, 2016 195
Metabolic disturbances in obese pregnant residents of an industrial region (The Urals, Russia). Akhmetovna, Kovalchuk Liudmila; Eduardovna, Tarkhanova Alla; Vladimirovna, Chernaya Liudmila; Vladis Report May 1, 2016 3696
Is epicardial adipose tissue, another measure of central obesity, correlated with erectile dysfunction?. Tsao, Chih-Wei; Liu, Chin-Yu; Tsai, Tsung-Neng; Cha, Tai-Lung; Meng, En; Wu, Wen-Chih Report May 1, 2016 3447
'The world has more overweight than underweight people'. Apr 1, 2016 541
A review of barriers to healthy eating in rural and urban adults. Reed, Jill R.; Yates, Bernice C.; Houfek, Julia; Briner, Wayne; Schmid, Kendra K.; Pullen, Carol Report Mar 22, 2016 8779
Lipid ratios: as a predictor of metabolic syndrome. Sarkar, Pushpa; Mahadeva, S.K.; Raghunath, H.; Hamsa, M. Dec 17, 2015 2741
Clinically overweight and obese mothers and low rates of breastfeeding: exploring women's perspectives. Massov, Lorna Report Dec 1, 2015 6383
How accurate are the anthropometry equations in in Iranian military men in predicting body composition? Shakibaee, Abolfazl; Faghihzadeh, Soghrat; Alishiri, Gholam Hossein; Ebrahimpour, Zeynab; Faradjzade Dec 1, 2015 4203
ObesityDevelop: Effects of maternal gestational adiposity on fetal development and perinatal, postnatal and next generation health. Nov 25, 2015 375
DIABETES UP 65%; Obesity & lifestyle blamed for huge rise. Nov 14, 2015 472
Clinico pathological study of Acanthosis Nigricans and its correlation with obesity and insulin resistance. Krishnakanth; Anandan, S.; Gayathri, R.; Adikrishnan, S.; Murugan, S.; Sudha, R.; Mahalakshmi, V. Report Nov 9, 2015 6096
Study: orientation linked to obesity. Wahowiak, Lindsey Nov 1, 2015 126
Self-harm cases soar after bariatric surgery. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report Nov 1, 2015 234
A Low-Carb Diet Outperforms A Low-Fat Diet When It Comes To Health Outcomes. Oct 20, 2015 771
The association between lipid profile and waist to hip ratios in type-1 and type-2 diabetic patients--a comparative study. Chalapathi Rao, K.N.S.S.V.; Sridevi, Atluri; Rao, Siddnathi Narasinga; Kumar, M.S. Naga Pavan; Srini Oct 8, 2015 2846
The association of nutrition behaviors and physical activity with general and central obesity in Caribbean undergraduate students/ Asociacion de los comportamientos nutricionales y la actividad fisica con la obesidad general y central en estudiantes de pregrado del Caribe. Wright, Melecia; Adair, Linda; James, Caryl; Amuleru-Marshall, Omowale; Peltzer, Karl; Pengpid, Supa Oct 1, 2015 7917
Eating behavior of students from four BMI groups in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Bernasor-Escasinas, Bernadette; Demayo, Cesar G. Report Oct 1, 2015 3845
Anthropometry in 5- to 9-year-old greenlandic and ukrainian children in relation to prenatal exposure to perfluorinated alkyl substances. Hoyer, Birgit Bjerre; Ramlau-Hansen, Cecilia Host; Vrijheid, Martine; Valvi, Damaskini; Pedersen, He Report Aug 1, 2015 7396
Nesfatin-1 and Vitamin D levels may be associated with systolic and diastolic blood pressure values and hearth rate in polycystic ovary syndrome. Sahin, Figen Kir; Sahin, Serap Baydur; Ural, Ulku Mete; Cure, Medine Cumhur; Senturk, Senol; Tekin, Aug 1, 2015 6826
A conceptual piece: contextualizing obesity struggles. Weineland, Sandra; Dahl, Joanne Report Jul 31, 2015 6875
Structure Load Capacity Analysis And Escort Services For Legal And Overweight Vehicles. Jul 14, 2015 102
Prenatal and postnatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants and infant growth: a pooled analysis of seven European birth cohorts. Iszatt, Nina; Stigum, Hein; Verner, Marc-Andre; White, Richard A.; Govarts, Eva; Murinova, Lubica Pa Report Jul 1, 2015 8266
Factors predicting prolonged operative time for individual surgical steps of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP): a single surgeon's experience. Alenizi, Abdullah M.; Valdivieso, Roger; Rajih, Emad; Meskawi, Malek; Toarta, Cristian; Bienz, Marc; Report Jul 1, 2015 3928
Are sleep duration and sleep quality associated with diet quality, physical activity, and body weight status? A population-based study of Canadian children. Khan, Mohammad K.A.; Chu, Yen Li; Kirk, Sara F.L.; Veugelers, Paul J. Report Jul 1, 2015 5632
Adult obesity prevalence in primary care users: an exploration using Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN) data. Rigobon, Alanna V.; Birtwhistle, Richard; Khan, Shahriar; Barber, David; Biro, Suzanne; Morkem, Rach Report Jul 1, 2015 5913
The effects of demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle component on adult obesity in Canada: empirical study. Pysarenko, Sergiy; Yu, Weiqiu Report Jun 22, 2015 7580
Meta-analyses strengthen obesity-atrial fib link. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jun 15, 2015 725
General well-being in patients. Johnson, Iain Case study Jun 13, 2015 3466
Acute effect of morning and afternoon aerobic exercise on appetite of overweight women. Alizadeh, Zahra; Mostafaee, Masoumeh; Mazaheri, Reza; Younespour, Shima Jun 1, 2015 5111
Co-relation of six minute walk test with pulmonary function tests in obese individuals admitted for bariatric surgery. Bharang, Monti Kumar; Dosi, Ravi; Tonpay, P.S. Clinical report May 4, 2015 4739
A cross-sectional study on effect of body mass index on the spectral analysis of heart rate variability. Sheema, Umme Kulsoom; Malipatil, Basvaraj S. Report May 1, 2015 1938
Structure Load Capacity Analysis And Escort Services For Legal And Overweight Vehicles. Apr 28, 2015 102
Heart rate variability and lipid profile in non obese young Indian women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Balamurugan, Malathi; Balamurugan, M.; Ramanathan, Gomathi Mar 23, 2015 7132
Correlation of obesity, insulin resistance and lipid profile in women with PCOS in Kims Hospital Bangalore. Gowda, Shashikala H.; Dhingra, Mansi Mar 5, 2015 3233
Paleolithic hunter-gatherers' dietary patterns: implications and consequences. Hayder, Domi, Al- Report Mar 1, 2015 4541
Exercise and weight loss in pregnancy improve outcomes. Smith, Jennie Clinical report Mar 1, 2015 668
New Research Looks Closer at Effects of a Moderate Fat Diet that Includes Eating Avocados Daily. Feb 3, 2015 1095
A candidate single nucleotide polymorphism in the 3' untranslated region of stearoyl-CoA desaturase gene for fatness quality and the gene expression in Berkshire pigs. Lim, Kyu-Sang; Kim, Jun-Mo; Lee, Eun-A; Choe, Jee-Hwan; Hong, Ki-Chang Report Jan 15, 2015 4061
The obesity crisis and semiotic corruption: towards a unifying biosemiotic understanding of obesity. McLaren, Glenn Report Jan 1, 2015 17119
Effect of total and central adiposity on the blood glucose level of Gujarati Indian adolescents. Patel, Minal Chimanlal; Shaikh, Wasim A.; Singh, Sushilkumar Jan 1, 2015 2795
Analysis of predisposition to primary open-angle glaucoma in children of patients with hypertension. Patil, Shailaja; Herur, Anita; Brid, S.V.; Chinagudi, Surekharani; Shashikala, G.V.; Ankad, Roopa Jan 1, 2015 1426
Market test or government guess? Are government efforts to "nudge" us to lose weight really based on science? Marlow, Michael L. Dec 22, 2014 5384
Correlation of body mass index and intra ocular pressure in diabetic and non-diabetic adults in Indian population. Devi, N. Manjula; Murthy, Hemalatha Krishna; Gowda, H.T. Venkate; Tanushree, V.; Balakrishnan, Uma; Dec 18, 2014 2692
Obesity shorten life expectancy by up to 8 years: study. Dec 7, 2014 335
An evaluation of life quality and self-confidence of obese members of anonymous overeaters (OA) group and obese clients of nutrition clinics in Tabriz. Azizi, Amir; Kourehpaz, Mina Report Dec 1, 2014 2671
Prevalence of prehypertension and associated factors in women/Prevalencia y factores asociados prehipertension arterial en mujeres/Prevalencia e fatores associados pre-hipertensao arterial nas mulheres. Rocha, Jose do Carmo; Teixeira, Maria Teresa Bustamante; Silva, Gulnar Azevedo; Duque, Kristiane de Dec 1, 2014 4120
Comparative study of serum lipid profile in obese type 2 diabetic patients with obese non diabetic patients. Darshna, Jain; Shaikh, M.K.S.; Jha, R.K.; Shilpa, Mittal; Deepasha, Shahi Report Nov 27, 2014 3312
A Corset Doesn't Get it Done! Why Weight Loss Surgery is the Only Method of Weight Loss Proven to be Consistently Effective for Treating Severe Obesity. Nov 10, 2014 638
Problems with the Fraser report Chapter 1: pitfalls in BMI time trend analysis/Les problemes avec le premier chapitre du rapport Fraser : ecueils dans l'analyse des tendances temporelles de l'IMC. Lo, Ernest Report Nov 1, 2014 4884
The effect of deployment, distress, and perceived social support on army spouses' weight status. Fish, Tammy L.; Harrington, Donna; Bellin, Melissa H.; Shaw, Terry V. Report Oct 1, 2014 6823
Comparative study of foetal weight estimation by various methods among term pregnancies at rural tertiary care centre, Maharashtra. Raghuvanshi, Tushar; Pawar, Milind; Patil, Amol Clinical report Sep 4, 2014 2344
The need of speech evaluation in protocol's patients that are candidates for bariatric surgery/A necessidade da avaliacao fonoaudiologica no protocolo de pacientes candidatos a cirurgia bariatrica. Silva, Angela Silveira Guerra; Tanigute, Christiane Camargo; Tessitore, Adriana Sep 1, 2014 5122
Extreme obesity may shorten life expectancy up to 14 years. Sep 1, 2014 581
Vital signs: fruit and vegetable intake among children--United States, 2003-2010. Kim, Sonia A.; Moore, Latetia V.; Galuska, Deborah; Wright, Ashton P.; Harris, Diane; Grummer-Strawn Aug 8, 2014 4484
Extreme obesity can cost you up to 14 years. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 330
Pregnancy outcomes in super-obese women--an even bigger problem? A prospective cohort study. Nieuwoudt, M.; van der Merwe, J.L.; Harvey, J.; Hall, D.R. Report Aug 1, 2014 5327
Role of exercise stress test in detecting underlying myocardial ischemia. Solanke, Sachin N.; Kulkarni, Nandkumar D. Jul 14, 2014 2355
Extreme Obesity May Shorten Life Up to 14 Years. Jul 9, 2014 589
Comparison of the functional profile of elderly women with urinary continence and incontinence/Comparacao do perfil funcional de mulheres idosas com continentes urinaria e incontinentes urinaria. Winter, Gabriele Regiane; do Livramento, Gisele Antunes; Fagundes, Pallomma Patricia Andressa Nart; Jul 1, 2014 4186
Improvement on the quality of life in patients who underwent bariatric surgery/Melhora na qualidade de vida de pacientes submetidos a cirurgia bariatrica. Cattai, Glauco Barnez Pignata; Hintze, Luzia Jaeger; Cremon, Alexandre dos Santos; Bevilaqua, Cheila Jul 1, 2014 5165
Obesity upped breast ca mortality in younger women. Osterweil, Neil Jun 15, 2014 651
Controversial Health Topics - Abortion, Obesity, Rx Drug Advertising - Get Fresh Pro and Con Analysis at Jun 10, 2014 1415
A prospective study on management of incisional hernias. Chavan, Deepak R.; Namadar, Sanjay Shantappa; Poojakiran Clinical report Jun 2, 2014 3899
Effects of resistance versus endurance training on plasma lipocalin-2 in young men. Moghadasi, Mehrzad; Domieh, Amin Mohammadi Jun 1, 2014 4265
Evaluation of the Physical Activity Biography: sport and transport. Rogen, Sandra; Hofmann, Peter; Bauernhofer, Thomas; Muller, Wolfram Report Jun 1, 2014 9846
Obesity Rates Climbing Worldwide: Global Study. May 30, 2014 959
Study of metabolic syndrome in diabetic and non-diabetics. Manjunath, R.; Kumar, Deepak; Vishwanath, K. Report May 19, 2014 6115
Association between neighbourhood fast-food and full-service restaurant density and body mass index: a cross-sectional study of Canadian adults. Hollands, Simon; Campbell, M. Karen; Gilliland, Jason; Sarma, Sisira Report May 1, 2014 5890
Pigs useful in immune and obesity research. Bliss, Rosalie Marion May 1, 2014 1040
ADHD link to obesity may involve stimulant use. Haelle, Tara Apr 1, 2014 389
"Healthy Obesity" questioned. Dye D. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 206
Metabolically "healthy" obese persons not so healthy. Mar 1, 2014 120
Obesity a huge financial drain; Inactivity epidemic costs Coventry millions each year. Feb 10, 2014 368
New evidence: bariatric surgery also reverses the effects of aging: Telomeres, genetic biomarkers of aging, are found to be longer after the surgery. Torquati, Alfonso Feb 1, 2014 822
Study refutes 'obesity paradox' in diabetic adults. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2014 651
Putative 'obesity paradox' in diabetic adults refuted. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2014 589
High Obesity Levels and Strong Genetic Vulnerability Driving India's Diabetes Population. Jan 22, 2014 711
Study: tax on sugary drinks could reduce obesity. Jan 1, 2014 247
Analysis: there's no such thing as 'benign' obesity. MOON, MARY ANN Jan 1, 2014 108
Obesity-related abnormal eating behaviors in Type 2 diabetic patients. Report Dec 31, 2013 3738
Analysis: no such thing as 'benign' obesity. Moon, Mary Ann Dec 1, 2013 591
Positive effect of the use of accelerometry on lifestyle awareness of overweight hypertensive patients. Stefani, Laura; Mascherini, Gabriele; Scacciati, Irene; De Luca, Alessio; Maffulli, Nicola; Galanti, Dec 1, 2013 4501
Further proof of the effectiveness of bariatric surgery on diabetes: Cleveland Clinic research shows that many individuals undergoing gastric bypass surgery can be essentially "cured" of their diabetes. Nov 1, 2013 309
Exercise resistance and metabolic syndrome--a systematic review/Exercicio fisico resistido e sindrome metabolica: uma revisao sistematica. Pereira, Moacir, Jr.; Andrade, Rubian Diego; Silveira, Fabiano Vanroo; Baldissera, Uiara Maria; Korb Nov 1, 2013 5773
The effects of obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake on healthcare expenditure in a comprehensive medical scheme. Sturm, R.; An, R.; Maroba, J.; Patel, D. Report Nov 1, 2013 4372
Baylor College of Medicine Researchers Find Community-Based Weight Loss Intervention Yields Greater Weight Loss than Self-Help Approach. Oct 15, 2013 960
Income, Not "Food Deserts," More to Blame for U.S. Obesity; Nationwide study assessing link between adult obesity and food deserts. McGeeney, Kyley; Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Sep 20, 2013 1263
Improved air quality and attenuated lung function decline: modification by obesity in the SAPALDIA cohort. Schikowski, Tamara; Schaffner, Emmanuel; Meier, Flurina; Phuleria, Harish C.; Vierkotter, Andrea; Sc Report Sep 1, 2013 7458
The chicken or the egg: obesity or psoriasis? Wendling, Patrice Aug 1, 2013 662
Evaluation of anti-obesity effect of Aegle marmelos leaves. Karmase, Aniket; Birari, Rahul; Bhutani, Kamlesh K. Report Jul 15, 2013 5793
Should the criteria for bariatric surgery be changed? Recent studies suggest that the weight-loss surgery may be effective for people with pre-diabetes and who don't meet the BMI requirements. Jul 1, 2013 441
Profile of patients submitted to gastroplasty in the university hospital of Maringa--Parana State during 2008-2009/Perfil dos pacientes obesos submetidos a gastroplastia no hospital universitario de Maringa--Estado do Parana, 2008-2009. Hashimoto, Kazuyuki; Takahashi, Mirian Hideco Jul 1, 2013 3591
For U.S. Workers, Lack of Exercise Most Linked to Obesity; Other behavioral predictors include not eating healthy, depression. Brown, Alyssa; McGeeney, Kyley Survey May 8, 2013 1151
Unclear relationship: prenatal but not concurrent bisphenol A exposure linked to lower weight and less fat. Betts, Kellyn S. Apr 1, 2013 532
The human gut microbiome and body metabolism: implications for obesity and diabetes. Devaraj, Sridevi; Hemarajata, Peera; Versalovic, James Report Apr 1, 2013 9023
Analysis In Health Economics Review Concludes Effective Medical Obesity Treatment Could Reduce Medicare Spending. Mar 25, 2013 1397
New Study Supports Atkins Diet Principle: Overconsumption of Sugar Contributes to Health Issues and Weight Gain. Feb 7, 2013 832
Inequalities in bariatric surgery in Australia: findings from 49,364 obese participants in a prospective cohort study. Korda, Rosemary J.; Joshy, Grace; Jorm, Louisa R.; Butler, James R.G.; Banks, Emily Brief article Feb 1, 2013 171
Great, but not slight, obesity, linked to death. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report Feb 1, 2013 451
Less is more: slight obesity linked to lower mortality. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report Feb 1, 2013 450
New approaches to weight control extend beyond diet and exercise. Jan 15, 2013 1565
Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Health at Work/Associacao entre sindrome metabolica e saude no trabalho. Beltrao1, Fabyanna Lethicia de Lima; Pena, Paulo Gilvane Lopes Report Jan 1, 2013 10942
Cognitive-behavioral therapy of obesity: a literature review/Terapia cognitivo-comportamental da obesidade: uma revisao da literatura. da Luz, Felipe Quinto; Oliveira, Margareth da Silva Report Jan 1, 2013 6466
Cross-sectional analysis of overweight and obesity: tests of hypotheses. Kurtz, Alexandra "Lee"; Zhang, Mei "Miranda" Dec 22, 2012 3855
Maternal obesity and infant death in Africa. Rosenberg, Jared Brief article Dec 1, 2012 287
Porcine LMNA is a positional candidate gene associated with growth and fat deposition. Choi, Bong Hwan; Lee, Jung Sim; Lee, Seung Hwan; Kim, Seung Chang; Kim, Sang Wook; Kim, Kwan Suk; Le Report Dec 1, 2012 5392
How to Make Our Schools Healthy: Healthy Schools Program. Program Results Progress Report. Brown, Michael H. Abstract Nov 7, 2012 350
Short-term follow-up of indicators of obesity in frail elderly obese: effects of intervention with hydrogymnastic/Acompanhamento de curto prazo de indicadores de obesidade em idosas obesas frageis: efeitos da intervencao com hidroginastica. Silva, Valter; Almeida, Victor Danilo; Rodriguez, Daniel; Ralo, Janaina Maria; Pontes, Francisco Luc Nov 1, 2012 3582
Short-term follow-up of indicators of obesity in frail elderly obese: effects of intervention with hydrogymnastic/Acompanhamento de curto prazo de indicadores de obesidade em idosas obesas frageis: efeitos da intervencao com hidroginastica. Silva, Valter; Almeida, Victor Danilo; Rodriguez, Daniel; Ralo, Janaina Maria; Pontes, Francisco Luc Nov 1, 2012 3494
Depression, obesity linked in older women. Henderson, Gina L. Clinical report Oct 1, 2012 607
Dental trauma among Brazilian schoolchildren: prevalence, treatment and associated factors. Martins, V.M.; Sousa, R.V.; Rocha, E.S.; Leite, R.B.; Paiva, S.M.; Granville-Garcia, A.F. Report Oct 1, 2012 4032
Food for thought on the obesity epidemic. Bourque, Ron Sep 7, 2012 717
Hefty America: Mississippi Named The Fattest State In America - Again [REPORT]. Report Aug 15, 2012 355
Mississippi Has Highest Obesity Rate In The Nation. Aug 13, 2012 1369
Dietary curcumin significantly improves obesity-associated inflammation and diabetes in mouse models of diabesity. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 171
New invented vaccines may reduce weight gain: Study. Jul 27, 2012 233
The effect of aerobic and anaerobic exercises on leptin, estrogen and progesterone levels in non-athletic middle-aged men. Najafi, Ali; Najafian, Mahmood; Solhjoo, Mohammad Hasan Report Jul 1, 2012 3800
Low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss: systematic review/Dietas de baixo carboidrato para o emagrecimento: revisao sistematica. Calabrese, Jean Carlos; Liberali, Rafaela Jul 1, 2012 3802
Prevalence of systemic arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus in obese candidates for bariatric surgery/Prevalencia de hipertensao arterial sistemica e diabetes mellitus em obesos candidatos a cirurgia bariatrica. Santos, Alessandra Xavier dos Jul 1, 2012 3757
Breastfeeding protector of obesity as a factor/O aleitamento materno como fator protetor da obesidade. Pastorelli, Juliana Toledo Jul 1, 2012 3018
NCCI Study: Obesity Tied to Workers Comp Indemnity Benefit Duration. Jun 19, 2012 234
Body Mass Index: knowledge, practice and health evaluation. Cornelia, Rada Report Jun 1, 2012 3175
Fruit drink consumption is associated with overweight and obesity in Canadian women. Nikpartow, Nooshin; Danyliw, Adrienne D.; Whiting, Susan J.; Lim, Hyun; Vatanparast, Hassanali Report May 1, 2012 3519
Making Schools the Model for Healthier Environments Toolkit: General School Nutrition Resources. Report May 1, 2012 162
New Study in Obesity Journal Finds Armband System Boosts Weight Loss Efforts. Apr 10, 2012 987
Correlates and predictors of binge eating among Native American women. Clark, Julie Dorton; Winterowd, Carrie Report Apr 1, 2012 5346
Body, sexual violence, vulnerability and liberation education in the film "Precious: based on the novel 'push' by sapphire"/Corpo, violencia sexual, vulnerabilidade e educacao libertadora no filme "Preciosa: uma historia de esperanca"/Cuerpo, la violencia sexual, la vulnerabilidad y la educacion libertadora en pelicula "Precious: una historia de la esperanza". Godoi, Marcos Roberto; Neves, Luciene Apr 1, 2012 6968
Relationship between patient safety and hospital surgical volume. Hernandez-Boussard, Tina; Downey, John R.; McDonald, Kathryn; Morton, John M. Report Mar 30, 2012 4729
In utero exposure to maternal tobacco smoke and subsequent obesity, hypertension, and gestational diabetes among women in the MoBa cohort. Cup-Uicab Lea A; Skjaerven, Rohl; Haug, Kjell; Melve, Kari K.; Engel, Stephanie M.; Longnecker, Matt Report Mar 1, 2012 7399
Doppler waveforms of hepatic veins in obese dogs with fatty liver disease and comparison with a rodent model/Ultrassonografia doppler de veias hepaticas em caes obesos com infiltracao gordurosa hepatica e comparacao com modelo experimental em ratos/Ecografia doppler de venas hepaticas en perros obesos con esteatosis y comparacioon con modelo experimental en ratas. Carvalho, Cibele Figueira; Vargas, Alessandra Martins; Jerico, Marcia Marques; Viani, Flavio Cesar; Mar 1, 2012 814
Association between C-reactive protein, carotid intima-media thickness and P-wave dispersion in obese premenopausal women: an observational study/Premenapozal sisman kadinlarda P dalga dispersiyonu karotis intima-media kalinligi ve C-reaktif protein arasindaki iliski; gozlemsel bir calisma. Ozuguz, Ufuk; Ergun, Gokhan; Isik, Serhat; Gokay, Ferhat; Tutuncu, Yasemin; Akbaba, Gulhan; Berker, Report Feb 1, 2012 4980
Neck circumference as a useful marker of obesity: A comparison with body mass index and waist circumference. Jan 31, 2012 3428
Environmental factors behind obesity of Sudanese women aged 40-50 years a case study wed Medani area. Ahmed Mohamed, Nagah Abdelwahab Report Jan 1, 2012 1824
Evaluation of skin findings in adult obese dermatology outpatients/Dermatoloji poliklinigine basvuran eriskin obez hastalarda gorulen deri bulgularinin degerlendirilmesi. Erdogan, Hilal Kaya; Gokdemir, Gonca; Purisa, Sevim; Altunay, Ilknur Kivanc Report Dec 1, 2011 2923
Ditching analysis will fix nothing: councils need detailed scrutiny of the obesity problem to help tackle it. Hawkins, Kevin Viewpoint essay Nov 19, 2011 397
Efficacy of transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation compared to electroacupuncture at the main acupoints for weight reduction in obese Thai women. Rerksuppaphol, Lakkana; Rerksuppaphol, Sanguansak Report Nov 1, 2011 3999
Telavancin treats skin infection in obese patients. Susan Nov 1, 2011 611
Effect of exercise of force on blood glucose and analysis lipid values and body composition after use leucine in patients with overweight/Efeito do exercicio de forca na glicose sanguinea e analise dos valores lipidicos e composicao corporal apos o uso da leucina em pacientes com sobrepeso. Rocha, Nilade Neves Rosinski Nov 1, 2011 2259
Feeding habits of frequenting gyms Apucarana-PR/Habitos alimentares de frequentadores de academias em Apucarana- PR. Uchoas, Geise Daiane da Silva; Pires, Carla Regina; Marin, Tatiana Nov 1, 2011 4234
Overweight and hypertension among college of health sciences employees in Ghana. Aryeetey Richmond; Ansong, J. Report Oct 1, 2011 4264
Cawrley edits new reference book on obesity findings. Book review Sep 22, 2011 110
Evaluation of obesity-associated dermatoses in obese and overweight individuals/ Obezite ile iliskili dermatozlariri obezlerde ve asiri kilolularda arastirilmasi. Doner, Nurhan; Yasar, Sirin; Ekmekci, Tugba Rezan Sep 1, 2011 4738
Influence of 12 week walk on body composition in elderly women/Influencia de 12 semanas de caminhada sobre a composicao corporal de idosas. Reboli, Hudson Gustavo; Travain, Keila Correa da Costa; Santini, Eliana; Filho, Adilson Domingos dos Sep 1, 2011 2666
Efecto del menu balanceado en usuarios de servicios de alimentacion empresarial. Orozco-Soto, Diana M.; Troncoso-Piedrahita, Lilliana M. Aug 1, 2011 5581
MI, stroke rates drop after bariatric surgery. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report Aug 1, 2011 779
Application of factor analysis to identify dietary patterns and use of factor scores to study their relationship with nutritional status of adult rural populations. Venkaiah, K.; Brahmam, G.N.V.; Vijayaraghavan, K. Report Aug 1, 2011 5429
School Obesity-Prevention Curriculum Can Reduce Medical Costs. Aug 1, 2011 1233
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'Fat' TV model's kids talk. Apr 11, 2007 181
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Study carries no weight. Dec 21, 2006 587
Child obesity study was 'a waste of time'. Dec 21, 2006 266
FATTER CHRISTMAS; Scots Santas are most overweight in UK, study finds. Dec 13, 2006 403
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