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When was Melaka founded and was it known earlier by another name? Exploring the debate between Gabriel Ferrand and Gerret Pieter Rouffaer, 1918-21, and its long echo in historiography. Borschberg, Peter Critical essay Jun 1, 2020 12499
Provoking Debate on Central European Security. Michnik, Wojciech Conference notes Mar 1, 2018 892
Less arguing, more listening: Improving civility in classroom: A study of classroom deliberations in four high schools shows what can go wrong when teachers neglect to prepare students to argue in a civil manner--and it suggests ways to do better. Crocco, Margaret; Halvorsen, Anne-Lise; Jacobsen, Rebecca; Segall, Avner Essay Feb 1, 2018 3136
Sound arguments. Eckstein, Justin Essay Dec 22, 2017 9267
When good arguments do not work: post-dialectics, argument assemblages, and the networks of climate skepticism. Paliewicz, Nicholas S.; McHendry, George F. (Guy), Jr. Essay Dec 22, 2017 11722
Lessons Learned from the Fluoride Wars. Sagall, Richard J. Oct 27, 2017 931
The rhetoric and poetics of speech and debate: resituating and re-disciplining literary argument. Johnson, Jeremy David Essay Jun 22, 2017 6879
The afterlife of critique: The communicability of criticism and the publicity of polemic concerning public debate in the turkish press. Gursoy, A. Ozgur; Karanfil, Gokcen Report Mar 1, 2017 7724
Should 'ballot box selfies' be banned? Gardner, William Oct 31, 2016 1610
Moderation in the Lyrical Ballads: Wordsworth and the ballad debates of the 1790s. Newman, Ian Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 11090
Kwame Nkrumah and Ali Mazrui: an analysis of the 1967 Transition debate. West, Michael O. Essay Sep 30, 2015 8465
Hunger for voice: transformative argumentation in the 2005 Guantanamo Bay hunger strike. Vicaro, Michael P. Essay Jan 1, 2015 8614
Transforming argumentative dialogue through prison service-learning projects. Hinck, Shelly Schaefer; Scheffels, Erin Lynn Essay Jan 1, 2015 7406
Jacques Dupuis: the ongoing debate. O'Collins, Gerald Essay Sep 1, 2013 10387
Deliberation, competition, or practice? The online debate as an arena for political participation. Winsvold, Marte Report Jul 1, 2013 6865
A citizenship of distinction in the open radio debates of Kampala. Brisset-Foucault, Florence Report May 1, 2013 11295
"Dam" the Irony for The Greater Common Good: a critical cultural analysis of the Narmada Dam debate. Khan, Tabassum Ruhi Report Feb 27, 2012 8957
Blazing carrots/cracking whips--the HIV prevention answer? Report Jan 1, 2012 200
In Varietate Concordia--united in diversity: European parliamentary debate as an argumentative activity type. van Eemeren, Frans H.; Garssen, Bart Essay Mar 22, 2010 7005
The strategic use of argumentation from example in plenary debates in the European Parliament. Plug, H. Jose Essay Mar 22, 2010 7311
Responding to criticism with accusations of inconsistency in Prime Minister's Question Time. Mohammed, Dima Essay Mar 22, 2010 7327
The analysis of pragmatic argumentation in lawmaking debates: second reading of the terrorism bill in the British House of Commons. Ihnen, Constanza Essay Mar 22, 2010 6347
Manoeuvring within the institutional constraints of parliamentary debate: the use of 'immediate-other repetition' in a shift of topic. Tonnard, Yvon Essay Mar 22, 2010 8356
What next for European social democracy? The good society debate and beyond. Meyer, Henning; Spiegel, Karl-Heinz Essay Mar 22, 2010 5908
The open access debate. Amiran, Eyal Essay Jan 1, 2010 4117
Le debat public en urbanisme a Montreal : un instrument de developpement urbain durable? Gariepy, Michel; Gauthier, Mario Report Jun 22, 2009 10893
Intellectual combat: my journey in competitive forensics. Briscoe, Shawn Essay Jan 1, 2009 667
Enlightening exchange: in this debate, the audience won. Lynn, Barry W. Apr 1, 2008 866
Three objections to the epistemic theory of argument rebutted. Aikin, Scott F. Report Jan 1, 2008 8163
On critical dialogues. Phelan, James Editorial Oct 1, 2006 878
Editors' introduction. Williams, David Cratis; Young, Marilyn J. Sep 22, 2006 343
Teaching argument evaluation using fallacies. Blair, J. Anthony Essay Sep 22, 2006 8500
Listening and intercultural communication: viewing international debate as a means of improving listening effectiveness. Zompetti, Joseph Essay Sep 22, 2006 6251
Public speaking pedagogy and democratic citizenship. McGee, Brian R.; McGee, Deborah Socha Essay May 1, 2006 3188
Power and force in argumentation: a dialogic response. Tindale, Christopher W. Essay Mar 22, 2005 11979
City, county officials push for local focus in debates. Pionke, John Oct 11, 2004 649
Civil discourse. Maxwell, Kay J. Jun 1, 2004 397
Public argument action research and the learning curve of new social movements. Mitchell, Gordon R. Mar 22, 2004 10111
A hundred schools of thought automatically contending. McBurney, Peter; Parsons, Simon Essay Mar 22, 2004 2988
Speaking truth to power: the revolutionary potential of competitive academic debate. Crenshaw, Carrie; Lee, Edward Essay May 1, 2003 1397
Introduction. Young, Marilyn J.; Williams, David Cratis Essay Nov 1, 2002 671
Debate and democracy. Zarefsky, David Essay Nov 1, 2002 1405
Argument and environmental advocacy. Cox, J. Robert Essay Nov 1, 2002 1505
The blooming of Balkan public debate. Mitchell, Gordon R. Essay Nov 1, 2002 1505
Debate, competition, and democracy: a gaming perspective. Snider, Alfred C. Essay Nov 1, 2002 1755
White paper on televised political campaign debates. Mar 22, 2002 12219
A functional analysis of the 1988 Bush-Dukakis presidential debates. Benoit, William L.; Brazeal, LeAnn M. Mar 22, 2002 8839
Analogues to argument: new media and literacy in a posthuman era. (Review Essay). Warnick, Barbara Mar 22, 2002 5103
Applications of rhetorical criticism: An analysis of individual event speeches (1993-2000). Billings, Andrew C.; Birdnow, Jonathan; Parsons, Caroline S. Sep 22, 2001 4261
A "commonsense" theory of deterrence and the "ideology" of science: the New York state death penalty debate. Galliher, James M.; Galliher, John F. Sep 22, 2001 9467
The Finn--Gronbacher debate. Zanotti, Gabriel J. Essay Sep 22, 2001 1961
EDITORIAL. Editorial May 1, 2001 1245
Fair division: a format for the debate on the format of debates. Lax, Jeffrey R. Mar 1, 1999 7511
"A plain public road": evaluating arguments for democracy in a post-metaphysical world. Hartnett, Stephen; Ramsey, Eric Ramsey Jan 1, 1999 11549
Knowledge and performance in argument: disciplinary and proto-theory. Lyne, John Jun 22, 1998 3893
The aesthetic turn and the rhetorical perspective on argumentation. Greene, Ronald Walter Jun 22, 1998 6681
Response to Lyne, Hariman, and Greene. Scott, Robert L. Jun 22, 1998 1093
Local officials start DebateWatch process, formally and informally. Otera, Juan; Parkhurst, David Oct 14, 1996 541
Producing identities: gender problematization and feminist argumentation. Bruner, M. Lane Mar 22, 1996 8030
Transcending our conception of argument in light of feminist critiques. Fulkerson, Richard Mar 22, 1996 12224
Arlen Specter and the construction of adversarial discourse: selective representation in the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. Armstrong, S. Ashley Sep 22, 1995 8806
Special issue: argumentation and the U.S. Senate. Kane, Thomas Sep 22, 1995 2401
AIDS activism and the rejuvenation of the public sphere. Fabj, Valeria; Sobnosky, Matthew J. Mar 22, 1995 12666
Learning public deliberation through the critique of institutional argument. Doxtader, Erik Mar 22, 1995 11266
Reconstructing debates of the Quebec Legislative Assembly from 1907 to 1962. Saint-Pierre, Jocelyn Mar 22, 1995 2535
Identification of unexpressed premises and argumentation schemes by students in secondary school. Eemeren, Frans H. van; Glopper, Kees de; Grootendorst, Rob; Oostdam, Ron Jan 1, 1995 6046
The enthymeme as postmodern argument form: condensed, mediated argument then and now. Aden, Roger C. Sep 22, 1994 5573
Beyond tabula rasa. Bunch, Aaron Jan 1, 1994 5958
The impractical characterization of intrinsic justification: a rebuttal. Bahm, Kenneth T. Jun 22, 1993 3456
The impracticality of intrinsic justification: response to Bahm. Leeman, Richard W.; Hill, Bill Jun 22, 1993 4247
The New Rhetoric's argument schemes: a rhetorical view of practical reasoning. Warnick, Barbara; Kline, Susan L. Jun 22, 1992 7365
The challenge of avant-garde argument. Chase, Kenneth R. Jun 22, 1992 9429

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