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The IMF's Assessment of the Struggling Global Economy Under the Covid-19 Pandemic and Prescriptions for Recovery. Feb 26, 2021 4753
The IMF's Assessment of the Struggling Global Economy Under the Covid-19 Pandemic and Prescriptions for Recovery. Dec 31, 2020 4747
Barriers to the Development of Organic Farming: A Polish Case Study. Luczka, Wladyslawa; Kalinowski, Slawomir Case study Nov 1, 2020 11045
Sourcing Technological Knowledge Through Foreign Inward Licensing to Boost the Performance of Indian Firms: The Contingent Effects of Internal R&D and Business Group Affiliation. Elia, Stefano; Munjal, Surender; Scalera, Vittoria G. Oct 1, 2020 12771
International Network Searching, Learning, and Explorative Capability: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from China. Xiao, Shufeng Simon; Lew, Yong Kyu; Park, Byung II Report Aug 1, 2020 11355
Gulf Financial Aid and Direct Investment: TRACKING THE IMPLICATIONS OF STATE CAPITALISM, AID, AND INVESTMENT FLOWS. Young, Karen E. Aug 1, 2020 6277
The Effect of Currency Devaluation on the Trade Balance in China. Biltagy, Marwa; Salah, Rania Jun 1, 2020 4871
Developing a Financial Stress Index for Pakistan. Sadia, Haleema; Bhatti, Arshad Ali; Ahmad, Eatzaz Dec 1, 2019 7015
China, an economic growth model for less developed countries : Sanjrani. Oct 3, 2019 449
'2R-Based View' on the Internationalization of Service MNEs from Emerging Economies: Evidence from China. Xiao, Shufeng Simon; Lew, Yong Kyu; Park, Byung Il Aug 1, 2019 14581
Why Poor Performance is Not Enough for a Foreign Exit: The Importance of Innovation Capability and International Experience. Tan, Qun; Sousa, Carlos M.P. Jun 1, 2019 15425
An automated approach to emerging markets. Neil, Stephanie Mar 1, 2019 2518
Inflation and the Boom-Bust Cycle in Corporate Leverage. Brown, Brendan Report Mar 1, 2019 5364
Determinants of Chinese demand for tourism in Malaysia. Puah, Chin-Hong; Huan, Suk-Hie; Thien, Fung-Thai Oct 1, 2018 4705
Moderating effect of competitive strategies on the relation between financial leverage and firm performance: Evidence from Jordan. Al-Rdaydeh, Mahmoud; Almansour, Ammar Yaser; Al-Omari, Mohammad Ahmad Oct 1, 2018 7333
Chinese influence grows as US flounders in Africa. Collins, Tom Oct 1, 2018 998
Where are African currencies heading? Interview Oct 1, 2018 547
Emerging markets funds: How to bridge the credibility gap. Abdeljaouad, Hakim Oct 1, 2018 1113
Analysis of banking sectors' stock market performance of emerging markets of Asia. Sarwar, Bilal; Ahmad, Zahid Report Jul 1, 2018 6589
Microfinance training and the number of loans received by SMEs. An empirical evidence from emerging economy. Sani, Habibu; Mohd-Khan, Shazida Jan; Zamzuri Noor, Mohd Saifoul Jul 1, 2018 7201
Asset Allocation: A Recommendation for Resolving the Collision between Theory and Practice. Prather, Larry J.; McCown, James Ross; Shaw, Ron Report Jun 22, 2018 6794
Buying to be Socially Responsible: Emerging Market Multinational Corporations' Cross-border Acquisitions and Corporate Social Performance. Liou, Rushiun; Lamb, Nai H. Abstract Mar 22, 2018 6710
The Trilateral Evolutionary Game of Agri-Food Quality in Farmer-Supermarket Direct Purchase: A Simulation Approach. Su, Xin; Liu, Haolong; Hou, Shunqi Jan 1, 2018 7035
How Do the Normativity of Headquarters and the Knowledge Autonomy of Subsidiaries Co-Evolve? Capability-Upgrading Processes of Chinese Subsidiaries in Belgium. Hensmans, Manuel; Liu, Guangyan Report Jan 1, 2018 12967
A Global Shortage of Safe Assets: A New Triffin Dilemma? Bordo, Michael; McCauley, Robert N. Report Dec 1, 2017 3308
Foreign Capital Flows, Uncertainties of Exchange Rates and Central Bank Independence: Implications for Emerging Economies. Sintim-Aboagye, Hermann; Chakraborty, Chandana; Byekwaso, Serapio Report Dec 1, 2017 5345
Antecedents of Behavioural Intention to Adopt Internet of Things in the Context of Smart City in Malaysia. Leong, Gan Wee; Ping, Teoh Ai; Muthuveloo, Rajendran Oct 15, 2017 6969
Forex Risk Management by SMEs and Unlisted Non-financial Firms: A Literature Survey. Chugh, Aman; Sharma, Renuka; Mehta, Kiran Report Oct 1, 2017 10077
An Analysis of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging and Developing Countries: Implications for Pakistan under CPEC. Mumtaz, Muhammad Zubair; Smith, Zachary Alexander; Khan, Ashfaque H. Sep 22, 2017 15676
Role of Liquidity in Explaining Anomalous Returns: Evidence from Emerging Market. Sadaqat, Mohsin; Butt, Hilal Anwar Abstract Sep 1, 2017 12435
Corruption and private participation projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Jimenez, Alfredo; Russo, Marcello; Kraak, Johannes Marcelus; Jiang, Guoliang Frank Abstract Sep 1, 2017 8107
The impact of sovereign wealth fund ownership on the financial performance of firms: the evidence from emerging markets. Urban, Dariusz Report Jul 1, 2017 7105
Family Ownership and Firm Performance: Evidence from India. Gupta, Amitabh; Nashier, Tripti Abstract Jun 22, 2017 8879
Sovereign risk channels and exchange rates. Kesse, Kwabena Report Mar 22, 2017 11135
Institutional distance and foreign subsidiary performance in emerging markets: Moderating effects of ownership strategy and host-country experience. Shirodkar, Vikrant; Konara, Palitha Mar 1, 2017 12783
Plugging resource gap through open innovation by an emerging economy multinational. Salwan, Prashant; Rathod, Hemant Abstract Jan 1, 2017 6572
A Preliminary Study on Potential Homebuyers' Attitude and Acceptance of Green Homes in an Emerging Economy. Badri-Harun, Azamudin; Shaari, Zullina H.; Jaafar, Nurain Shafiqah M.; Julayhe, Nurnazerah Jan 1, 2017 2431
Green Sovereign Bonds: Tactical Moves On An Emerging Market. Oct 20, 2016 1818
Environmental orientation of exporting SMEs from an emerging economy: its antecedents and consequences. Chan, Ricky Y.K.; Ma, Katherine H.Y. Sep 1, 2016 15758
Inclusive innovation: a source of new ideas to deliver business growth. Jones, Jamie N. Sep 1, 2016 1778
The strategic location of regional headquarters for multinationals in Africa: South Africa as a host country. Luiz, John M.; Radebe, Busi Jul 1, 2016 9241
Dynamic linkages among developed, emerging and frontier equity markets of Europe. Thomas, Nisha Mary; Kashiramka, Smita; Yadav, Surendra S. Report Jul 1, 2016 8797
Human resource development management & training as antecedents for strategy integration. Jha, Sumi; Bhattacharyya, SomSekhar; Fernandes, Christo Report Jul 1, 2016 5860
Chinese acquisitions in Europe: absorptive capacity and impacts on competitive advantage/Avrupa'daki cin Deviralmalari: ozumseyici kapasite ve rekabetci avantaj uzerinde etkileri. Williamson, Peter J. Report Jun 22, 2016 10526
Cross-sectional returns with volatility regimes from a diverse portfolio of emerging and developed equity indices. Sakowski, Pawel; Slepaczuk, Robert; Wywial, Mateusz Jun 1, 2016 5201
Road to India--A Brazilian Love Story: BRICS, Migration, and Cultural Flows in Brazil's Caminho das Indias. Rai, Swapnil; Straubhaar, Joseph Jun 1, 2016 7918
A theory on the competitive advantages of business groups and their affiliates. Bugador, Roderick May 1, 2016 5197
Competing in emerging markets: performance implications of competitive aggressiveness. Giachetti, Claudio Abstract May 1, 2016 13376
Resource deepening vs. resource extension: impact on asset-seeking acquisition performance. Gubbi, Sathyajit R.; Elango, B. Report May 1, 2016 15560
The great diaper divide. McIntyre, Karen Editorial Apr 1, 2016 397
Trade liberalisation and FDI onflows in emerging economies. Shah, Mumtaz Hussain; Khan, Yahya Abstract Apr 1, 2016 6302
Chinese acquisitions in Europe: absorptive capacity and impacts on competitive advantage/Avrupa'daki Cin deviralmalari: ozumseyici kapasite ve rekabetci avantaj uzerinde etkileri. Williamson, Peter J. Report Mar 22, 2016 10514
A study on defense acquisition models with an emerging market perspective. The case of Turkey. Topcu, Mustafa Kemal; Mala, Murat; Muslum, Selim Oct 1, 2015 3713
Gauging corporate human rights performance: spurred by tragedies like the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, a new benchmark is being developed to rank businesses on their human rights records and, hopefully, drive improvements for workers around the world. Hodge, Neil Sep 1, 2015 2147
Anime vs aid. van Stadeon, Cobus Aug 1, 2015 1096
Are social ties always valuable to knowledge search? Contextualizing knowledge search by foreign subsidiary executives in an emerging economy. Zhao, Hongxin Report Jul 1, 2015 13685
The new global leaders. George, Bill Cover story Jun 22, 2015 2584
Global monetary policies and the markets: policy dilemmas in the emerging markets. Turner, Philip Report Jun 1, 2015 9155
Sovereign investment funds and the globalization of tourism. Discussions on Romania's case. Boscoianu, Mircea; Costea, Mihai; Codreanu, Aura Apr 1, 2015 6873
The impact of socio-cultural factors on professional aspirations in emerging markets. Shah, Grishma; Elliot, Esi A. Report Apr 1, 2015 6634
A case for contextual intelligence. Khanna, Tarun Mar 1, 2015 4721
International diversification of emerging market firms: the role of ownership structure and group affiliation. Gaur, Ajai; Delios, Andrew Mar 1, 2015 8664
Supply chain management in emerging markets: critical research issues. Flynn, Barbara; Huang, Xiaowen; Zhao, Xiande Jan 1, 2015 984
Implementing supply chain technologies in emerging markets: an institutional theory perspective. Saldanha, John P.; Mello, John E.; Knemeyer, A. Michael; Vijayaraghavan, T.A.S. Jan 1, 2015 14386
Globalization and institutional change: are emerging market economies in Europe and Asia converging? Hoen, Herman W. Report Dec 1, 2014 9371
An emerging market perspective on key value drivers in the valuation of cross-border transactions into South Africa. Nel, W.S.; Bruwer, B.W.; Le Roux, N.J. Report Dec 1, 2014 6618
Network dynamics of descending diaspora entrepreneurship: multiple case studies with Japanese entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Harima, Aki Abstract Oct 1, 2014 10743
Africa's ugly sisters. Walker, Richard Jun 1, 2014 2481
VaR and the cross-section of expected stock returns: an emerging market evidence. Chen, Dar-Hsin; Chen, Chun-Da; Wu, Su-Chen Jun 1, 2014 9529
A three-stage filter for effective technology selection: a three-stage technology selection tool provides a framework and a simple process for evaluating and selecting new technologies. Collins, Matt; Williams, Leon May 1, 2014 4786
The world economy. May 1, 2014 513
Why Quintin Primo is bullish on India: Primo sees economic turnaround and investment opportunity in 12 to 24 months. Hughes, Alan Apr 1, 2014 617
Entrepreneurial opportunities for wind-energy markets in three emerging economies. Tseng, Chien-Chi Apr 1, 2014 9651
Appropriate Technology and Economic Development of Emerging Economies--A Myth or a Reality. Musunuri, Durgamohan Report Apr 1, 2014 4590
Determinants of foreign direct investment in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Malhotra, D.K.; Russow, Lloyd; Singh, Rahul Mar 22, 2014 9909
Emerging market exposures and the predictability of hedge fund returns. Caglayan, Mustafa Onur; Ulutas, Sevan Mar 22, 2014 18560
OCR unchanged at 2.5 percent: 30 January 2014. Mar 1, 2014 334
The accidental internationalists: a theory of born globals. Hennart, Jean-Francois Jan 1, 2014 10637
How large are the benefits of emerging market equities? Conover, C. Mitchell; Jensen, Gerald R.; Johnson, Robert R. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 11990
The credit crisis and cycle-proof regulation. Rajan, Raghuram G. Nov 1, 2013 3629
Commodity markets and commodity mutual funds. Plantier, L. Christopher Oct 1, 2013 10558
Lessons from a comparative analysis of financial crises. Frenkel, Roberto Report Sep 1, 2013 11433
Isomorphic pressures, peripheral product attributes and emerging market firm export performance. Brouthers, Lance Eliot; O'Donnell, Edward; Keig, Dawn L. Abstract Sep 1, 2013 11774
Just another BRIC in the wall? A comparison of recent Brazilian and Turkish economic developments. Welch, Ben Essay Jun 22, 2013 7011
Reality or mirage?: BRICS and the making of multipolarity in the global political economy. Unay, Sadik Essay Jun 22, 2013 7513
Was unofficial dollarisation/euroisation an amplifier of the 'great recession' of 2007-2009 in emerging economies? Chitu, Livia Report Jun 1, 2013 12600
Three decades of current account adjustments. Mihaljek, Dubravko Report Jun 1, 2013 6183
Government's Catalytic Role in Emerging Economy: Critical Comparison of China's Conspicuous Strength in Wind and Solar Industry. Srikanth, Narasimalu; Watanabe, Chihiro Report Apr 1, 2013 12925
Determinants of stock market development: evidence from advanced and emerging markets in a long span/Akciju rinkos vystymosi veiksniai: issivysciusiu ir besivystanciu rinku elgsenos pavyzdziu tyrimas ilguoju laikotarpiu. Evrim-Mandaci, Pinar; Aktan, Bora; Kurt-Gumus, Guluzar; Tvaronaviciene, Manuela Mar 1, 2013 3867
Perceptions of corruption in emerging economies. Ionescu, Luminita Mar 1, 2013 2122
You asked ... I have a problem following Porter's Diamond model on competitive advantage and how it then fits in with the emerging economies. Feb 1, 2013 184
Diverse institutional environments and product innovation of emerging market firms. Wu, Jie Jan 1, 2013 9070
Testing calendar effect on Nigerian stock market returns: methodological approach. Ogieva, Osazee Frank; Osamwonyi, I.O.; Idolor, Eseoghene Joseph Statistical data Jan 1, 2013 12536
A strategic cooperative game-theoretic model for market segmentation with application to banking in emerging economies. Zandi, Faramak; Tavana, Madjid; O'Connor, Aidan Report Sep 1, 2012 15436
Ownership structure, firm value and investment opportunities set: evidence from Mexican firms. San Martin-Reyna, Juan M.; Duran-Encalada, Jorge A. Jul 1, 2012 10120
Asian Markets Face Mixed Sentiments In Coming Week. Jul 1, 2012 704
ARE currency forwards effective in volatile market conditions? An emerging market perspective. Bisen, Aditya; Rao, D. Tripati Report Jun 1, 2012 4420
What motivates firms from emerging economies to go internationalization? Zeng, Ruochen; Zeng, Saixing; Xie, Xuemei; Tam, Chiming; Wan, Tianwei Report Jun 1, 2012 7112
Emerging market countries' access to international financial markets. Ozdemir, Nilufer Report May 1, 2012 5020
The risk adjusted equity parity. Kim, Heeho; Cho, JooEun Report May 1, 2012 733
Innovation in emerging markets. Petrick, Irene J. Jul 1, 2011 1147
Global innovators from emerging markets. Schrage, Michael Jul 1, 2011 1033
R&D strategies in emerging economies: results from the McKinsey Global Survey. Barrett, Christie W.; van Biljon, Peet; Musso, Christopher Jul 1, 2011 2565
The rise of the rest: hotbeds of innovation in emerging markets: the rise of emerging markets will force Western companies to recognize new competitors and rethink their own innovation approaches. Petrick, Irene J.; Juntiwasarakij, Suwan Jul 1, 2011 3446
Strategic, organizational, and operational challenges of product innovation in China: Chinese firms tend to engage in a narrower range of new-product development techniques and activities compared to Western firms. Ozer, Muammer Jul 1, 2011 3902
Managing in emerging markets. Maccoby, Michael Column Jul 1, 2011 1828
IRI community forum: what are IRI members talking about? These questions were recently posed on IRI's Member Community Forum. Jul 1, 2011 2111
Innovation culture. Jul 1, 2011 1073
The creation of fiscal space for the property tax: the case of Central and Eastern Europe/Nekilnojamojo turto mokescio fiskalines erdves sukurimas: Centrines ir Rytu Europos atvejis. McCluskey, William J.; Plimmer, Frances Abstract Jun 1, 2011 7838
Entrepreneurship in emerging markets: strategies for new venture creation in uncertain institutional contexts. Tracey, Paul; Phillips, Nelson Jan 1, 2011 8042
Developing disruptive products for emerging economies: lessons from Asian cases: four Asian firms show how disruptive innovations tailored for emerging markets can drive global success. Hang, Chang-Chieh; Chen, Jin; Subramian, Annapoornima M. Jul 1, 2010 4086
Chinese revaluation and emerging market prospects. Holland, Dawn; Barrell, Ray; Fic, Tatiana; Hurst, Ian; Liadze, Iana; Orazgani, Ali; Whirtworth, Rach Apr 1, 2010 1677
Currency allocation of public external debt and synchronization indicators of exchange rate volatility. Melecky, Martin Report Mar 1, 2010 11614
Effects on emerging markets. Nanto, Dick K. Report Oct 1, 2009 6387
Effects on emerging markets. Nanto, Dick K. Jul 1, 2009 5718
Effects on emerging markets. Nanto, Dick K. Jul 1, 2009 5708
Effects on emerging markets. Nanto, Dick K. Report May 1, 2009 5411
Saudi Arabia warns about protectionism. Brief article Apr 9, 2009 271
Opportunity knocks: sales abroad can provide a lifeline for companies struggling to find enough business in the home market. Ben Hargreaves passes on advice to potential exporters. Hargreaves, Ben Jan 28, 2009 1276
Financial foreign direct investment: the role of private equity investments in the globalization of firms from emerging markets. Agmon, Tamir; Messica, Avi Jan 1, 2009 7980
Currency instability: regime switching versus volatility clustering. Cheung, C. Sherman; Miu, Peter Jan 1, 2009 7440
Knee deep in the big muddy: the survival of emerging market firms in developed markets. Miller, Stewart R.; Thomas, Douglas E.; Eden, Lorraine; Hitt, Michael Dec 1, 2008 10635
Institutional explanations of cross-border alliance modes: the case of emerging economies firms. Ang, Siah Hwee; Michailova, Snejina Report Nov 1, 2008 13187
The firefighters of the IMF: sitting idle while the neighborhood burns. Torres, Hector R. Sep 22, 2008 936
The information technology capability of third-party logistics providers: a resource-based view and empirical evidence from China. Lai, Fujun; Li, Dahui; Wang, Qiang; Zhao, Xiande Report Jun 22, 2008 12151
Opportunities knock around the world. Townsend, Dorn Jun 2, 2008 500
The search for value: cross-border bank M&A in emerging markets. Williams, Jonathan; Liao, Angel Report Jun 1, 2008 9925
Pakistan: economic sustainability. Akhtar, Shamshad Apr 1, 2008 3837
Factors affecting perceptions of the choice between acquisition and greenfield entry: the case of Western FDI in an emerging market. Demirbag, Mehmet; Tatoglu, Ekrem; Glaister, Keith W. Jan 1, 2008 17491
From the editor. Crow, Robert Thomas Editorial Jan 1, 2008 642
Emerging markets: from public relations to practical remedies. Holland, Steven Aug 1, 2007 1707
Combining the power of multiple franchise brands to develop in emerging markets: the importance of "thinking big.". Steck, Paul Jul 1, 2007 1022
Quantitative models of sovereign default and the threat of financial exclusion. Hatchondo, Juan Carlos; Martinez, Leonardo; Sapriza, Horacio Jun 22, 2007 12200
Will this concept work internationally in a new country ... again? Entering new markets requires a dedicated approach to understanding all there is to know. Dring, John Mar 1, 2007 2215
Private equity finance as a growth engine: what it means for emerging markets; Great potential but reforms are needed. Eid, Florence Jul 1, 2006 12111
Sorry times at club med: why the next emerging market crisis won't involve an emerging market. Lachman, Desmond Jun 22, 2006 1438
Will emerging markets escape the next big systemic financial crisis? Rogoff, Kenneth Mar 22, 2006 1901
Venture capital in emerging economies: networks and institutional change. Ahlstrom, David; Bruton, Garry D. Mar 1, 2006 12041
Chasing yield: how the emerging market debt trading community is playing a dangerous game. Lachman, Desmond Mar 22, 2004 1371
Reserve requirements, bank runs, and optimal policies in small open economies. Ganapolsky, Eduardo J.J. Dec 17, 2003 9758
Is the time right for global retailers to consider India? It's all about low interest rates, low inflation, but low business confidence. Cross, Christine Nov 17, 2003 1191
Globalization has inherent pitfalls. Meyer, Scot Oct 6, 2003 396

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