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Adjunctive Procedures for Median Nerve Decompression in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: An Intraoperative Somatosensory Evoked Potential Study. Azad, Ali; Lin, Hua; Green, Steven M.; Posner, Martin A. Report Apr 1, 2022 3010
Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation for Overactive Bladder: Mechanism, Classification, and Management Outlines. Al-Danakh, Abdullah; Safi, Mohammed; Alradhi, Mohammed; Almoiliqy, Marwan; Chen, Qiwei; Al-Nusaif, M Mar 16, 2022 9429
Utilization of Neurophysiological Classification Systems in Determining Interventions for Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ernst, Greg, Shaffer, Scott W.; Halle, John S.; Greathouse, David G. Clinical report Jan 1, 2022 4971
Algorithms for Multipolar Interval-Valued Neutrosophic Soft Set with Information Measures to Solve Multicriteria Decision-Making Problem. Zulqarnain, Rana Muhammad; Siddique, Imran; Iampan, Aiyared; Bonyah, Ebenezer Nov 10, 2021 10693
Combined Amplification and Sound Therapy for Individuals With Tinnitus and Coexisting Hearing Loss: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Ganesan, Purushothaman; Rodrigo, Hansapani; Schmiedge, Jason; Reiter, Rob; Swapna, Simham; Manchaiah Nov 1, 2021 4635
A Machine Learning-Based Big EEG Data Artifact Detection and Wavelet-Based Removal: An Empirical Approach. Stalin, Shalini; Roy, Vandana; Shukla, Prashant Kumar; Zaguia, Atef; Khan, Mohammad Monirujjaman; Sh Report Oct 7, 2021 5259
Entropy Analysis of the Bioelectrical Activity of Plants. Muller, Hartmut; Baccara, Roberta; Hofmann, Rose Line; Lonero, Giuseppe; Muratori, Simona; Papa, Giu Oct 1, 2021 3743
Strategies to Improve the Efficiency of Transplantation with Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke: A Review of Recent Progress. Li, Yongchang; Zhong, Wei; Tang, Xiangqi Aug 28, 2021 13069
Universal Nonlinear Spiking Neural P Systems with Delays and Weights on Synapses. Wang, Liping; Liu, Xiyu; Zhao, Yuzhen Aug 26, 2021 11173
A preliminary study on the possible effects of the acute zinc administration on the anxiety-like behaviour. Trus, Constantin; Enciu, Roxana Rosmary Jun 1, 2021 2745
DNA Methylation in Babies Born to Nonsmoking Mothers Exposed to Secondhand Smoke during Pregnancy: An Epigenome-Wide Association Study. Fuemmeler, Bernard F.; Dozmorov, Mikhail G.; Do, Elizabeth K.; Zhang, Junfeng "Jim"; Grenier, Carole Report May 1, 2021 13945
Cortical Representations of Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus Muscles Were Discrete in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: Evidence Elicited by TMS. Li, Xin; Liu, Howe; Ge, Le; Yan, Yifeng; Lo, Wai Leung Ambrose; Li, Le; Wang, Chuhuai Feb 18, 2021 6762
Model-Based Analysis of Muscle Strength and EMG-Force Relation with respect to Different Patterns of Motor Unit Loss. Huang, Chengjun; Chen, Maoqi; Zhang, Yingchun; Li, Sheng; Zhou, Ping Jan 1, 2021 6148
Evaluation of Retinal Structure and Optic Nerve Function Changes in Multiple Sclerosis: Longitudinal Study with 1-Year Follow-Up. Estiasari, Riwanti; Diwyacitta, Adisresti; Sidik, Muhammad; Rida Ariarini, Ni Nengah; Sitorus, Fredd Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 7565
Trends in the Use of Sphingosine 1 Phosphate in Age-Related Diseases: A Scientometric Research Study (1992-2020). He, Qiong; Ding, Gaofeng; Zhang, Mengyuan; Nie, Peng; Yang, Jing; Liang, Dong; Bo, Jiaqi Report Jan 1, 2021 5652
Technical Innovation for Visual Assessment of Preterm Newborns in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Exploratory Study. Moran, C. A.; Alves, V. L.; Pereira, S. A.; Costa, M. F. Jan 1, 2021 4968
Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Enhance PC12 Cell Function through the Activation of the PI3K/AKT Pathway. Xie, Yong; Chen, Yangping; Zhu, Yuyuan; Chen, Xia; Lin, Tiecheng; Zhou, Dan Jan 1, 2021 4767
From Neonatal Intensive Care to Neurocritical Care: Is It Still a Mirage? The Sicilian Multicenter Project. Falsaperla, Raffaele; Mauceri, Laura; Motta, Milena; Piro, Ettore; D'Angelo, Gabriella; Gitto, Elois Jan 1, 2021 5715
Evaluation of Balance Test Outcomes in Children with Poor Vision. Bas, Banu; Karabulut, Mustafa; Mujdeci, Banu Dec 1, 2020 4012
Effects of Gestational Inflammation with Postpartum Enriched Environment on Age-Related Changes in Cognition and Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity-Related Proteins. Sun, Shi-Yu; Li, Xue-Yan; Ge, He-Hua; Zhang, Yu-Xin; Zhang, Zhe-Zhe; Zhuang, Zhan-Qiang; Ren, Chong- Medical condition overview Nov 19, 2020 8189
The New Science of Learning: Using the Power and Potential of the Brain to Inform Digital Learning. Huang, Hsu-Wen; King, Jung-Tai; Lee, Chia-Lin Report Oct 1, 2020 8696
Stability Analysis of Regular and Chaotic Ca[sup.2+] Oscillations in Astrocytes. Ye, Min; Zuo, Hongkun Sep 23, 2020 4592
Study of Electrical Brain Signal during Verbal Cognitive Assignment. Shriram, Revati; Daimiwal, Nivedita Report Sep 1, 2020 3958
Acute Effects of an Incremental Exercise Test on Psychophysiological Variables and Their Interaction. John, Alexander T.; Wind, Johanna; Horst, Fabian; Schollhorn, Wolfgang I. Sep 1, 2020 13418
SIRT1 Mediates Neuropathic Pain Induced by Sciatic Nerve Chronic Constrictive Injury in the VTA-NAc Pathway. Li, Yangyang; Wang, Lei; Zhang, Guotao; Qiao, Xueli; Zhang, Mingxing Aug 31, 2020 5204
A Neurophysiological Study of Musical Pitch Identification in Mandarin-Speaking Cochlear Implant Users. Cai, Jieqing; Liu, Yimeng; Yao, Minyun; Xu, Muqing; Zhang, Hongzheng Aug 31, 2020 7878
Parkinson's Disease-Induced Zebrafish Models: Focussing on Oxidative Stress Implications and Sleep Processes. Robea, Madalina-Andreea; Balmus, Ioana-Miruna; Ciobica, Alin; Strungaru, Stefan; Plavan, Gabriel; Go Report Aug 31, 2020 11718
System Identification of Neural Signal Transmission Based on Backpropagation Neural Network. Li, Xiangyu; Yuan, Chunhua; Shan, Bonan Report Aug 31, 2020 4093
An ECoG-Based Binary Classification of BCI Using Optimized Extreme Learning Machine. Zhang, Xinman; Xiong, Qi; Dai, Yixuan; Xu, Xuebin; Song, Guokun Report Jul 31, 2020 8028
PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 Signalling Are Involved in Quercetin-Mediated Neuroprotection against Copper-Induced Injury. Zubcic, Klara; Radovanovic, Vedrana; Vlainic, Josipa; Hof, Patrick R.; Orsolic, Nada; Simic, Goran; Jul 31, 2020 10184
Effectiveness of Acupuncture Treatment on Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Pilot, Randomized, Assessor-Blinded, Controlled Trial. Iravani, Somayeh; Motlagh, Amir Hooman Kazemi; Razavi, Seyede Zahra Emami; Shahi, Farhad; Wang, Jing Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 8065
Neuroprotective effects of thymoquinone against ketamine -and MK-801-induced neurotoxicity in SH-SY5Y cells: From the perspective of glutamatergic dysfunction in schizophrenia. Unal, Gokhan; Erdogan, Beyza Jun 1, 2020 3153
Aging Alters Olfactory Bulb Network Oscillations and Connectivity: Relevance for Aging-Related Neurodegeneration Studies. Ahnaou, A.; Rodriguez-Manrique; Embrechts, S.; Biermans, R.; Manyakov, N.V.; Youssef, S.A.; Drinkenb May 31, 2020 10354
Plastrum Testudinis Extracts Promote NSC Differentiation into Dopaminergic Neuron by Regulating the Interaction of TET1 and FoxA2. Zhong, Jun; Ye, Sen; Zhou, Xiaoli; Huang, Jiapei; Li, Xican; Zhang, Saixia; Zhou, Jianhong; Chen, Do May 31, 2020 6967
Effect of Borrelia burgdorferi Outer Membrane Vesicles on Host Oxidative Stress Response. Wawrzeniak, Keith; Gaur, Gauri; Sapi, Eva; Senejani, Alireza G. May 1, 2020 7568
Role of Astrocytic Dysfunction in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease Animal Models from a Molecular Signaling Perspective. Udovin, Lucas; Quarracino, Cecilia; Herrera, Maria I.; Capani, Francisco; Otero-Losada, Matilde; Per Mar 1, 2020 7289
Impact of cognitive functions on the quality of spirometry performance in patients with COPD. Yildirim, Gulfem; Suerdem, Mecit; Atalay, Nart Bedin; Kanat, Fikret; Tulek, Baykal Jan 1, 2020 3797
Electrodiagnostic reference data for motor nerve conduction studies in Saudi Arabia. Alanazy, Mohammed H.; Alkhawajah, Nuha M.; Aldraihem, Moneera O.; Muayqil, Taim Jan 1, 2020 6484
Polysomnographic Findings in Fragile X Syndrome Children with EEG Abnormalities. Carotenuto, Marco; Roccella, Michele; Pisani, Francesco; Matricardi, Sara; Verrotti, Alberto; Farell Dec 31, 2019 5709
Mood Detection from Physical and Neurophysical Data Using Deep Learning Models. Kilimci, Zeynep Hilal; Guven, Aykut; Uysal, Mitat; Akyokus, Selim Report Dec 31, 2019 10907
Image Schemas as Emotional Attractors in The Crying of Lot 49: To Live Narratives is to Feel Narratives. Silvera-Roig, Marta Critical essay Dec 22, 2019 10631
Anti-Depressant and Neuroprotective Effects of Captopril and Perindopril in Paraquat Model of Parkinsonism. Prakash, K.G.; Bannur, B.M.; Madhavrao, C.; Saniya, K.; Viveka S.; Sudha, M.J. Report Dec 1, 2019 4187
Modeling of Brain-Like Concept Coding with Adulthood Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus. Wang, Ye; Gao, Yan; Deng, Yaling; Yang, Lei Nov 30, 2019 8850
Researchers develop new method to detect light in brain. ANI Nov 19, 2019 462
Impairment Induction by Axotomy in Motor Functional and Histological Anterior Horn of Spinal Cord Structure/Induccion del Deterioro por Axotomia en la Estructura Motora Funcional e Histologica del Asta Anterior de la Medula Espinal. Raoofi, Amir; Gharibian, Saeed; Sadeghi, Yousef Sep 1, 2019 3507
Psychophysiological Characteristics of Burnout Syndrome: Resting-State EEG Analysis. Golonka, Krystyna; Gawlowska, Magda; Mojsa-Kaja, Justyna; Marek, Tadeusz Aug 31, 2019 5834
p38/TF/HIF-[alpha] Signaling Pathway Participates in the Progression of CIPN in Mice. Yang, Yang; Hu, Liang; Wang, Chaoyu; Yang, Xing; Song, Ling; Jiang, Chunyi; Li, Yan; Li, Tianxi; Liu Jul 31, 2019 5965
Intensity-Dependent Effects of Acute Exercise on Executive Function. Mehren, Aylin; Luque, Cecilia Diaz; Brandes, Mirko; Lam, Alexandra P.; Thiel, Christiane M.; Philips Jun 30, 2019 13084
Identify the Key Active Ingredients and Pharmacological Mechanisms of Compound XiongShao Capsule in Treating Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy by Network Pharmacology Approach. Yu, Meixiang; Song, Xin; Yang, Wanhua; Li, Ziwei; Ma, Xiaoqin; Hao, Chenxia May 31, 2019 5931
Systemic injection of an H4 receptor agonist induces a decrease in CREB and pCREB levels in the cerebellar vermis and prefrontal cortex in mice. Fernandes, C.E.M.; Serafim, K.R.; Gianlorengo, A.C.L.; Mattioli, R. Report May 1, 2019 3122
Sorrento Therapeutics announces top line results from Parkinson's disease study. Apr 10, 2019 341
Role of Combined Lipoic Acid and Vitamin D3 on Astrocytes as a Way to Prevent Brain Ageing by Induced Oxidative Stress and Iron Accumulation. Molinari, Claudio; Morsanuto, Vera; Ghirlanda, Sabrina; Ruga, Sara; Notte, Felice; Gaetano, Laura; U Mar 31, 2019 10493
Unmixing Oscillatory Brain Activity by EEG Source Localization and Empirical Mode Decomposition. Hansen, Sofie Therese; Hemakom, Apit; Safeldt, Mads Gylling; Krohne, Laerke Karen; Madsen, Kristoffe Mar 31, 2019 10570
Is Consumer Cognition Reducible to Neurophysiological Functioning? Drugau-Constantin, Andreea Report Mar 1, 2019 1862
EFFICACY OF THE USE OF THE MCKENZIE AND VOJTA METHODS TO TREAT DISCOPATHY-ASSOCIATED SYNDROMES IN THE PEDIATRIC POPULATION. Zurawski, Arkadiusz; Kiebzak, Wojciech; Zmyslna, Anna; Pogorzelska, Justyna; Kotela, Ireneusz; Kowal Report Jan 1, 2019 4518
Neurobiologia, neurorehabilitacion y neurorestauracion de la marcha del adulto mayor: conceptos recientes. Bayona-Prieto, Jaime; Calero Saa, Pedro Antonio; Chaves Garcia, Marco Antonio Jan 1, 2019 6183
Adaptive V1-MT model for motion perception. Li, Shuai; Fan, Xiaoguang; Xu, Yuelei; Huang, Jinke Report Jan 1, 2019 4823
A Neurotheological Approach to Spiritual Awakening. Newberg, Andrew B.; Waldman, Mark R. Dec 1, 2018 7105
Mechanism of Synaptic Dysfunction and How This Disruption in IGF-1 homeostasis Leads to Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Theory. Major, Reagan J.; Jarquin-Valdivia, Adrian A. Report Jul 1, 2018 6470
An Exploratory Study on the Acute Effects of Proprioceptive Exercise and/or Neuromuscular Taping on Balance Performance. Russo, Luca; Bartolucci, Paolo; Ardigo, Luca Paolo; Padulo, Johnny; Pausic, Jelena; Iacono, Antonio Clinical report Jun 1, 2018 5538
Simplifying AI and machine learning. Siegel, Eliot Report May 1, 2018 1647
Clustering vs Multi-Sets Method in Resistance Training: Effect on Heart Rate Variability. Fortes, Leonardo de Sousa; Paes, Pedro Pinheiro; Paes, Santiago Tavares; Carvalho, Ferdinando Olivei Report Mar 1, 2018 4461
Motor imagery and swallowing: a systematic literature review. Caldas, Ada Salvetti Cavalcanti; Coelho, Weldma Karlla; Ribeiro, Roberta Gomes Ferreira; da Cunha, D Mar 1, 2018 6077
Electrocardiographic changes in migraine. Hiremath, Shaktiprasad; Shaikh, Tahaseen Banu Report Mar 1, 2018 1749
Electromyography in Pediatric Population. Orhan, Elif Kocasoy; Kirac, Leyla Baysal; DIkmen, Pinar Yalinay; Matur, Zeliha; Ertas, Mustafa; Oge, Report Mar 1, 2018 2688
Influence of age, height, gender on median and ulnar nerve conduction study. R., Senthil Kumari K.; Kannan, Umamaheswari; Patil, Aruna B. Report Feb 1, 2018 2562
Molecular docking study on curcumin and its derivatives as inhibitors of BACE1 in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Raghu, Geetha; Karunanithi, Aishwarya; Kannan, Iyanar; Lakshmi, Preetha K. Report Feb 1, 2018 3079
Metabolic Effects of Bariatric Surgery. Sinclair, Piriyah; Docherty, Neil; Roux, Carel W. le Report Jan 1, 2018 7644
Selection of the Optimal Algorithm for Real-Time Estimation of Beta Band Power during DBS Surgeries in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. Tepper, Angeles; Henrich, Mauricio Carlos; Schiaffino, Luciano; Munoz, Alfredo Rosado; Gutierrez, An Report Jan 1, 2018 6822
Decoding Pigeon Behavior Outcomes Using Functional Connections among Local Field Potentials. Chen, Yan; Liu, Xinyu; Li, Shan; Wan, Hong Case study Jan 1, 2018 7311
A New Computational Model for Astrocytes and Their Role in Biologically Realistic Neural Networks. Sajedinia, Zahra; Helie, Sebastien Case study Jan 1, 2018 5904
Dynamical Motor Control Learned with Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient. Shi, Haibo; Sun, Yaoru; Li, Jie Jan 1, 2018 6050
Exploring the Neuroplastic Effects of Biofeedback Training on Smokers. Pandria, Niki; Athanasiou, Alkinoos; Terzopoulos, Nikos; Paraskevopoulos, Evangelos; Karagianni, Mar Jan 1, 2018 12326
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Scriptaid Alleviated Neurological Dysfunction after Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Mice. Yang, Heng; Ni, Wei; Jiang, Hanqiang; Lei, Yu; Su, Jiabin; Gu, Yuxiang; Zhou, Liangfu Jan 1, 2018 4411
Pain Reconceptualisation after Pain Neurophysiology Education in Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Qualitative Study. King, Richard; Robinson, Victoria; Elliott-Button, Helene L.; Watson, James A.; Ryan, Cormac G.; Mar Report Jan 1, 2018 7823
Neurophysiological Evidence for a Compensatory Activity during a Simple Oddball Task in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Vitvarova, Tereza; Neumann, David; Simakova, Radka; Kremlacek, Jan Jan 1, 2018 5517
Neurobiological Effects of Binge Drinking Help in Its Detection and Differential Diagnosis from Alcohol Dependence. Waszkiewicz, Napoleon; Galinska-Skok, Beata; Nestsiarovich, Anastasiya; Kulak-Bejda, Agnieszka; Wilc Jan 1, 2018 8135
Combination Treatment of C16 Peptide and Angiopoietin-1 Alleviates Neuromyelitis Optica in an Experimental Model. Zhang, Yuanyuan; Tian, Kewei; Jiang, Hong; Wang, Beibei; Han, Shu Jan 1, 2018 8153
Stimulating the Healthy Brain to Investigate Neural Correlates of Motor Preparation: A Systematic Review. Neige, Cecilia; Masse-Alarie, Hugo; Mercier, Catherine Report Jan 1, 2018 11772
Mechanisms of Endogenous Neuroprotective Effects of Astrocytes in Brain Injury. Bylicky, Michelle A.; Mueller, Gregory P.; Day, Regina M. Jan 1, 2018 14120
Action and Non-Action Oriented Body Representations: Insight from Behavioural and Grey Matter Modifications in Individuals with Lower Limb Amputation. Palermo, Liana; Di Vita, Antonella; Boccia, Maddalena; Nemmi, Federico; Bruiielli, Stefano; Traballe Jan 1, 2018 7229
Neuronal Proteomic Analysis of the Ubiquitinated Substrates of the Disease-Linked E3 Ligases Parkin and Ube3a. Martinez, Aitor; Ramirez, Juanma; Osinalde, Nerea; Arizmendi, Jesus M.; Mayor, Ugo Jan 1, 2018 10846
Tinnitus Abnormal Brain Region Detection Based on Dynamic Causal Modeling and Exponential Ranking. Tsai, Ming-Chuan; Cai, Yue-Xin; Wang, Chang-Dong; Zheng, Yi-Qing; Ou, Jia-Ling; Chen, Yan-Hong Jan 1, 2018 6941
N-Acetylcysteine for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A Review of Current Evidence. Ooi, Soo Liang; Green, Ruth; Pak, Sok Cheon Jan 1, 2018 6041
Gene Expression Profiling Confirms the Dosage-Dependent Additive Neuroprotective Effects of Jasminoidin in a Mouse Model of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. Li, Haixia; Wang, Jingtao; Wang, Pengqian; Zhang, Yingying; Liu, Jun; Yu, Yanan; Li, Bing; Wang, Zho Jan 1, 2018 5906
Effects of the Oral Ingestion of Probiotics on Brain Damage in a Transient Model of Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Mice. Akhoundzadeh, Kobra; Vakili, Abedin; Shadnoush, Mahdi; Sadeghzadeh, Jafar Report Jan 1, 2018 4432
Robust Master-Slave Synchronization of Neuronal Systems. Puebla, Hector; Hernandez-Martinez, Eliseo; Rodriguez-Jara, Mariana; Lopez-Monsalvo, Cesar S. Jan 1, 2018 6620
Encoding Longer-Term Contextual Information with Predictive Coding and Ego-Motion. Zhong, Junpei; Cangelosi, Angelo; Ogata, Tetsuya; Zhang, Xinzheng Jan 1, 2018 9010
New Methods for Analyzing Complex Biomedical Systems and Signals. Reljin, Irini; Obradovic, Zoran; Popovic, Mirjana B.; Mladenov, Valeri Jan 1, 2018 1980
Combining the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure and the Recording of Event Related Potentials in the Analysis of Racial Bias: a Preliminary Study. Power, Patricia M.; Harte, Colin; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Report Dec 1, 2017 5214
GEHS Neurophysiological Classification System for Patients with Neuropathy of the Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow. Greathouse, David G.; Ernst, Greg; Halle, John S.; Shaffer, Scott W. Report Oct 1, 2017 7062
Five Efficacious Treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Empirical Review. Blankenship, David M. Oct 1, 2017 6510
More is Needed before Alzheimer's Disease can be Conquered. Yu, Xin Report Aug 1, 2017 807
Comprehensive functional genomics using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism. Mitani, Shohei Report Aug 1, 2017 11732
QSPR Study of the Retention/Release Property of Odorant Molecules in Water Using Statistical Methods. Belhassan, Assia; Chtita, Samir; Lakhlifi, Tahar; Bouachrine, Mohammed Report Jul 1, 2017 7215
Plasma brain dynamics (PBD): a mechanism for EEG waves under human consciousness. Ma, John Z.G. Report Jul 1, 2017 6322
Jung in dialogue with Freud and Patanjali: Instinct, affective neuroscience, and the reconciliation of science and religious experience. Whitney, Leanne Essay Jul 1, 2017 5885
Study of brainstem auditory evoked potentials in normal healthy persons. Patel, Khushbu; Shah, Chinmay; Mehta, Hemant; Patel, Hemant; Dixit, Grishma; Thakor, Nilesh Report Jul 1, 2017 3421
Nerve conduction velocity in median nerve of healthy adult population in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh with respect to age, gender, and height along with the relation amongst them. Kumar, Abhishek; Dutta, Abhilasha; Prasad, Anjali; Daniel, Amol Jun 1, 2017 5074
Eponyms Prevalence in Publications and Presentations at the 18th Congress of International Federation of Associations of Anatomists 2014/Prevalencia del uso de Eponimos en Publicaciones y Ponencias del 18th Congress of International Federation of Associations of Anatomists 2014. Parra, Jorge Eduardo Duque; Rios, John Barco; Garcia, Juan Fernando Velez Jun 1, 2017 2109
Serum Levels of Neuroactive Steroids in First-episode Antipsychotic-naive Schizophrenic Patients and Its Correlation with Aggression: A Case-control Study. Solanki, R.K.; Sharma, P.; Tyagi, A.; Singh, C. Report Jun 1, 2017 3754
Nerve conduction studies during various phases of menstrual cycle. Vashisht, Surbhi; Chawla, Anuj; Joshi, Rajneesh Kumar Apr 1, 2017 3099
Physical-mathematical models for new paradigms in neuroscience. Part II--An electromagnetic theory of the brain. Crumpei, Gabriel; Gavrilut, Alina; Agop, Maricel; Tanasa, Irina Crumpei Report Mar 1, 2017 4194
The role of electromyographic blink reflex in the evaluation of headache incidence. Cesarik, Marijan; Zavoreo, Iris; Zadro-Matovina, Lucija; Madzar, Tomislav; Kes, Vanja Basic Report Mar 1, 2017 2383
Study of visual evoked potentials in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and diabetic retinopathy. Daniel, Rachula; Ayyavoo, Saravanan; Dass, Bagavan Report Feb 1, 2017 3322
Effects of Electroacupuncture on Methamphetamine-Induced Behavioral Changes in Mice. Ho, Tsung-Jung; Lee, Chiang-Wen; Lu, Zi-Yun; Lane, Hsien-Yuan; Tsai, Ming- Horng; Ho, Ing-Kang; Huan Report Jan 1, 2017 6901
cAMP Response Element Binding Protein Expression in the Hippocampus of Rhesus Macaques with Chronic Ephedrine Addiction. Sun, Zongbo; Ma, Ye; Duan, Shouxing; Xie, Lei; Lv, Junyao; Huang, Jinzhuang; Lin, Zhirong; Guo, Ruiw Report Jan 1, 2017 3807
Pharmacoinformatics, Adaptive Evolution, and Elucidation of Six Novel Compounds for Schizophrenia Treatment by Targeting DAOA (G72) Isoforms. Sehgal, Sheikh Arslan Report Jan 1, 2017 10332
Central Sensitization-Based Classification for Temporomandibular Disorders: A Pathogenetic Hypothesis. Monaco, Annalisa; Cattaneo, Ruggero; Marci, Maria Chiara; Pietropaoli, Davide; Ortu, Eleonora Report Jan 1, 2017 11145
The Preferential Impairment of Pupil Constriction Stimulated by Blue Light in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes without Autonomic Neuropathy. Ishibashi, Fukashi; Kojima, Rie; Taniguchi, Miki; Kosaka, Aiko; Uetake, Harumi; Tavakoli, Mitra Report Jan 1, 2017 9273
Preventing Neurodegenerative Memory Loss in Hopfield Neuronal Networks Using Cerebral Organoids or External Microelectronics. Morrison, M.; Maia, P.D.; Kutz, J.N. Report Jan 1, 2017 6278
Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Is Able to Modulate miRNAs in an Experimental Cell Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Capelli, Enrica; Torrisi, Filippo; Venturini, Letizia; Granato, Maria; Fassina, Lorenzo; Lupo, Giuse Jan 1, 2017 7611
Biomimetic Sonar for Electrical Activation of the Auditory Pathway. Menniti, D.; Pullano, S.A.; Bianco, M.G.; Citraro, R.; Russo, E.; De Sarro, G.; Fiorillo, A.S. Jan 1, 2017 5185
Impulsive Disturbances on the Dynamical Behavior of Complex-Valued Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Both Time-Varying Delays and Continuously Distributed Delays. Xu, Xiaohui; Zhang, Jiye; Xu, Quan; Chen, Zilong; Zheng, Weifan Report Jan 1, 2017 8295
Electromyographic evaluation of the lower limbs of patients with Down syndrome in hippotherapy/Avaliacao eletromiografica dos membros inferiores de pacientes com sindrome de Down na equoterapia. Ribeiro, Mariane Fernandes; Espindula, Ana Paula; Ferreira, Alex Abadio; de Souza, Luciane Aparecida Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 7825
Integrating self-localization, proprioception, pain, and performance. Bellan, Valeria; Wallwork, Sarah B.; Gallace, Alberto; Spence, Charles; Moseley, G. Lorimer Report Jan 1, 2017 9433
Animal model of cognitive decline and neural transplantation of stem cells as a prospective therapy/Modelos animales de degeneracion cognitiva y uso de transplantes neurales de celulas madre como terapia/Modelos animais de declinio cognitivo e uso de transplantes neurais de celulas-mae como terapia. Bertuzzi, Leticia Domingues; Silva, Patricia Santos da; Neto, Elida Fluck Pereira; Nicolaidis, Rafae Jan 1, 2017 5287
Promising study. Dec 1, 2016 461
Differential Effect of the Route of Inoculation of Rabies Virus on NeuN Immunoreactivity in the Cerebral Cortex of Mice/ Efecto Diferencial de la Via de Inoculacion del Virus de la Rabia sobre la Inmunorreactividad de NeuN en la Corteza Cerebral de Ratones. Rengifo, Aura Caterine; Umbarila, Vanessa Jazmin; Garzon, Mary Janeth; Torres-Fernandez, Orlando Dec 1, 2016 4958
Autosomal Dominant Cortical Tremor, Myoclonus, and Epilepsy Syndrome mimicking Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Ozemir, Zeynep Aydin; Akarsu, Emel Oguz; Matur, Zeliha; Oge, Ali Emre; Baykan, Betul Sep 1, 2016 2891
Surgical management of spasticity. Enslin, J.M.N.; Fieggen, A.G. Report Aug 1, 2016 3397
The importance and relevance of eye dominance, Part 1: Part 1 of this two-part series considers the different methods of determining eye dominance and its relevance in practice. Barrett, Brendan Jul 1, 2016 3039
Retention of pain neuroscience knowledge: a multi-centre trial. Louw, Adriaan; Zimney, Kory; Puentedura, Emilio "Louie" Report Jul 1, 2016 4359
Enhancing consciousness with cognitive load theory. Reavis, Catherine; Arnett, Ann Pierce Essay Jun 22, 2016 4128
EEG based wheelchair navigation for paralysis patients. Deepalakshmi, R.; Revedha X., Anexshe Apr 1, 2016 1980
Chronic pain and depression: understanding 2 culprits in common: does a shared pathophysiology hold the key to managing these conditions when they coexist? Maletic, Vladimir; DeMuri, Bernadette Report Feb 1, 2016 3640
Experiences learning interpersonal neurobiology: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Miller, Raissa M.; Minton, Casey A. Barrio Jan 1, 2016 6517
Effect of (+)-dehydrofukinone on GABA A receptors and stress response in fish model. Garlet, Q.I.; Pires, L.C.; Silva, D.T.; Spall, S.; Gressler, L.T.; Burger, M.E.; Baldisserotto, B.; Report Jan 1, 2016 7263
Neurobehavioral and Antioxidant Effects of Ethanolic Extract of Yellow Propolis. de Menezes da Silveira, Cinthia Cristina Sousa; Fernandes, Luanna Melo Pereira; Silva, Mallone Lopes Jan 1, 2016 10150
Astragalus Polysaccharide Suppresses 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Neurotoxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Li, Haifeng; Shi, Ruona; Ding, Fei; Wang, Hongyu; Han, Wenjing; Ma, Fangli; Hu, Minghua; Ma, Chung W Jan 1, 2016 6787
Targeting Glial Mitochondrial Function for Protection from Cerebral Ischemia: Relevance, Mechanisms, and the Role of MicroRNAs. Li, Le; Stary, Creed M. Jan 1, 2016 9661
A Potential Alternative against Neurodegenerative Diseases: Phytodrugs. Perez-Hernandez, Jesus; Zaldivar-Machorro, Victor Javier; Villanueva-Porras, David; Vega-Avila, Elis Jan 1, 2016 13616
Assessment of Antioxidant Activity and Neuroprotective Capacity on PC12 Cell Line of Frankenia thymifolia and Related Phenolic LC-MS/MS Identification. Mansour, Rim Ben; Ksouri, Wided Megdiche; Cluzet, Stephanie; Krisa, Stephanie; Richard, Tristan; Kso Jan 1, 2016 6421
Therapeutic Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Spinal Cord Injury: A Promising Supplementary Treatment in Future. Zhang, Qian; Yang, Hao; An, Jing; Zhang, Rui; Chen, Bo; Hao, Ding-Jun Jan 1, 2016 11859
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