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When the Political Became the Personal, Gay Rights Triumphed: How prosperity, AIDS, and pop culture changed people's minds. Koteskey, Tyler Book review Jul 1, 2018 1190
Analysis: Texas culture warriors got a lot to work with last week. Jun 11, 2018 1031
Griffith analyzes US Christianity's division over sex. Williams, Mariam Book review Apr 20, 2018 1061
North Carolina Lawmaker Called Abraham Lincoln A 'Tyrant' Like Hitler. Shreesha Ghosh Apr 13, 2017 336
Creditable marriage goals and government interests: a systems approach for handling complexity, apportioning expertise, and using federalism (anticipating Obergefell). Kuykendall, Mae Report Jul 1, 2015 12309
Judges and stereotypes on same-sex issues: analysis of case law from a comparative perspective in English and Italian family law. Falletti, Elena Report Jul 1, 2015 10368
Broadway: always ahead of the curve in equality: theater has long pioneered LGBT issues, both onstage and off. Cox, Gordon Jun 29, 2015 815
For digital stars, coming out can add to fame: millennial fans make new media a more accepting and inclusive platform for all who enter. Spangler, Todd Jun 29, 2015 770
A question of benefits: health insurance. Taylor, Camilla Jun 29, 2015 408
The state level holds the next battleground. McTighe, Matt Jun 29, 2015 381
U.S. workplace protection remains the biggest issue: Wendy Stryker of New York-based law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz is an employment law specialist. Gray, Tim Interview Jun 29, 2015 467
Ted Olson: 'the American public now sees this as a matter of liberty': Ted Olson, former U.S. solicitor general, was joined by David Boies in a suit for same-sex couples, which ultimately overturned Prop 8. Johnson, Ted Interview Jun 29, 2015 417
Analysis: When Voters Don't Agree, Leaders Can't Agree Either. Jun 29, 2015 918
Gay marriage defies human nature. Brown, Brian S. Jun 29, 2015 433
AIDS crisis, suffering & love led to greater understanding. Murphy, Ryan Column Jun 29, 2015 490
Analysis: A Distinction Between Law and Sacrament. Jun 26, 2015 964
The future of the family: the social and legal impacts of legalizing same-sex marriage. Wardle, Lynn D. Jun 22, 2015 14820
The current state of same-sex marriage: an analysis of the federal and state income tax consequences. Harper, Alisha M.; Breathitt, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2015 6087
The anti-humiliation principle and same-sex marriage. Yoshino, Kenji Jun 1, 2014 11018
The Supreme Court's treatment of same-sex marriage in United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry: analysis and implications. Entin, Jonathan L. Mar 22, 2014 2447
Erick Erickson and fellow Republicans wrongly pit same-sex marriage against religious freedom. Huffman, Zachary Jun 22, 2013 460
Stop saying "same-sex" marriage. Frye, Jason Sep 1, 2011 1150
A phenomenological study of women in same-sex relationships who were previously married to men. Boon, Stacey L.; Alderson, Kevin G. Report Dec 22, 2009 11501
Here's your 'traditional marriage'. Ryan, Patrick J. Essay Nov 1, 2009 2567
Gay marriage and the "bigot" card. Corvino, John Jul 1, 2009 1019
Dissenting. Tomasin, John; Rison, Laverne Mar 1, 2009 452
Anatomy is destiny, except sometimes. Nieto, Maria Essay Nov 1, 2008 1487
"Marrying Citizens! Race Subjects? Re-thinking the Terrain of Equal Marriage Discourse.". Lenon, Suzanne J. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 140
Too many eggs in the wrong basket: a queer critique of the same-sex marriage movement. LaSala, Michael C. Apr 1, 2007 1709
Strange bedfellows: polygamy and same-sex marriage get uncomfortable close. Burgess, Kim Jan 1, 2007 2609
Married to the man: some dykes marry men, and stay married, for more reasons than you think. Selke, Lori May 1, 2006 1612
What was same-sex marriage? Stewart-Winter, Timothy Jan 1, 2006 2825
Kissing over Rome. Brief Article Oct 25, 2005 110
"Fag" in my classroom. Oct 25, 2005 534
African-American gay parents more vulnerable? Graham, Chad Brief Article Oct 25, 2005 302
Cross country. Brief Article Jun 21, 2005 222
Ideological bullying: a comment on Rob Steiner. DeMarco, Donald Jun 1, 2005 838
Marriage ban momentum: will 2005 become a repeat of last year's frenzy of state constitutional amendments? VanDeCarr, Paul Feb 15, 2005 400
Same-sex 'marriage' and the culture war. Bastien, Richard Feb 1, 2005 3102
Global marriage boom: 2005 is shaping up as the year of marriage equality everywhere but here. Allen, Dan Feb 1, 2005 415
Delivering discrimination: FedEx is among the companies refusing benefits to married gay employees in Massachusetts. The firms blame the federal government for their own decision to discriminate. Christensen, Jen Feb 1, 2005 1216
I now pronounce you ... still confused: the Supreme Court's decision won't clear up the murky issue of same-sex marriage. Coren, Michael Feb 1, 2005 726
Marriage: institution or relationship? Kempner, Martha E. Editorial Jan 1, 2005 2335
Domestic argument: while some call for moderation after November 2, advocates for marriage equality aren't backing off. Lisotta, Christopher Dec 21, 2004 417
A phone call away: the only all-ages national help line for GLBT Americans is seeing an uptick in calls in the wake of George W. Bush's reelection. VanDeCarr, Paul Dec 21, 2004 732
People of the year: the mayors: during a year in which marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples played a major role on the political stage, three mayors were willing to lead the way by taking risks and challenging the system. Caldwell, John Dec 21, 2004 2807
Oregon's crusaders: mayors weren't the only ones to bring hope and joy to the lives of thousands of gay couples this year. Several county commissioners in Portland are also being called heroes. Caldwell, John Brief Article Dec 21, 2004 302
Anger, yes. Despair, no: the election. We all thought it would be resolved over the issue of the war. And it was. But not simply by the war against terror. By the war against gay couples. Karl Rove stealthily sowed fear and paranoia among rural, evangelical voters in states like Ohio and put his man over the top. Sullivan, Andrew Dec 7, 2004 675
Banned in the USA. Lisotta, Christopher Nov 29, 2004 756
Personal ideologies undermine the Charter. Leishman, Rory Nov 1, 2004 749
Religious right-backed marriage amendment fails in House vote. Nov 1, 2004 656
Thanks for the complaint. Kreyche, Gerald F. Nov 1, 2004 1089
Disunity decried: Episcopalians rebuked but not sanctioned for ordaining gay bishop. Eckstrom, Kevin; Nowell, Robert Oct 29, 2004 1584
Closet space. Fisher, Michele Oct 1, 2004 1428
Choose your tradition. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 209
Why we sued for the right to marry. Goodridge, Hillary Sep 1, 2004 1054
Getting us where we live. Gates, Gary J.; Ost, Jason Sep 1, 2004 2411
Equal dignity under the law. Mohr, Richard D. Sep 1, 2004 5590
Gay marriage shows why we need to separate church & state. Moody, Howard Jul 5, 2004 2747
State of the union: the marriage issue. Kim, Richard; Reed, Betsy Jul 5, 2004 516
"The battle has been joined": gay and polygynous marriages are out of the closet and in search of legitimacy. Majeed, Debra Mubashshir Jun 22, 2004 3300
A phenomenological investigation of same-sex marriage. Alderson, Kevin G. Jun 22, 2004 10158
Objections to these unions: what Friedrich Hayek can teach us about gay marriage. Rauch, Jonathan Jun 1, 2004 4800
Bryan P. "Pony" Stevenson, R-Joplin. Brief Article May 1, 2004 106
Will Mass. remove the judges? The best way to protect marriage in Massachusetts is not to amend a constitution that does not authorize same-sex "marriage," but to remove the judges who subvert the constitution. Eddlem, Thomas R. Apr 5, 2004 1072
Marriage proposals: while the attitudes of many Americans about gays are changing, recent court rulings, weddings, and proposals to amend the Constitution have started a difficult national debate on gay marriage. Vilbig, Peter Apr 5, 2004 897
Gay marriage: sidestep on freedom's path. Cockburn, Alexander Apr 5, 2004 980
Families with a new twist: same-sex couples have fought for the right to adopt children, just as they are fighting for the right to legally marry. Samuel, Leah Apr 1, 2004 1247
Gay marriage quicksand. Paul, Ron Mar 22, 2004 631
Same-sex "marriage" and the homosexual agenda. Bentley, Chrisopher S. Mar 22, 2004 879
Just committed. Fisher, Michele Feb 1, 2004 1398
Media do not want the truth. de Valk, Alphonse Jan 1, 2004 782
Speak now or forever hold your peace? Why we need queer critiques of gay marriage. Thompson, Susan Jan 1, 2004 1590
Our compliment to Bishop Reilly still stands. Nov 14, 2003 613
Diverse forms of family life merit recognition. RUETHER, Rosemary RADFORD Jun 16, 2000 1130
Guess who's coming to dinner. Kuehl, Sheila Brief Article Feb 16, 1999 722

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