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Multiplicities in early childhood reform engagement in Victorian long day care centres: Discourse, position and practice. Armstrong, Lauren Report Sep 1, 2019 6655
Effects of Behavioral Skills Training on Teacher Implementation of a Reading Racetrack Intervention. Davenport, Carrie A.; Alber-Morgan, Sheila R.; Konrad, Moira Report Aug 1, 2019 7333
Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation: Policy Context and What We Know. Goldhaber, Dan Essay Mar 1, 2019 10165
Keeping Our Best? A Survival Analysis Examining a Measure of Preservice Teacher Quality and Teacher Attrition. Vagi, Robert; Pivovarova, Margarita; Barnard, Wendy Miedel Essay Mar 1, 2019 10701
Exploring the Boundary-Heightening Experiences of Black Male Teachers: Lessons for Teacher Education Programs. Bristol, Travis J.; Goings, Ramon B. Report Jan 1, 2019 11040
"Color Does Not Equal Consciousness": Educators of Color Learning to Enact a Sociopolitical Consciousness. Jackson, Iesha; Knight-Manuel, Michelle Report Jan 1, 2019 10581
Seeking Ancient Paths: Why Philosophy Should Guide Teacher Education Programs. Givens, Ruth; Cowden, Ryan Report Sep 22, 2018 4831
Interrogating the Intersections Between General and Special Education in the History of Teacher Education Reform. Blanton, Linda P.; Pugach, Marleen C.; Boveda, Mildred Report Sep 1, 2018 10529
What Counts as Creativity in Education? An Inquiry into the Intersections of Public, Political, and Policy Discourses. Perry, Mia; Collier, Diane R. Essay Jul 1, 2018 6068
The Development of Preservice Agriculture Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge through a Greenhouse for Teachers Course. Wooditch, Amanda M.; Rice, Amber H.; Peake, Jason B.; Rubenstein, Eric D. Report Jul 1, 2018 7156
Exploring Experienced Teachers' Constructions of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in an Online Class. Warren, Amber N. Report Jul 1, 2018 8537
Medical Education has a great potential as a professional career. May 31, 2018 900
Students' Relatedness Needs in a Teacher Education Course: The Role of Identities as Learners & Capital. Kim, Jung-In; Chung, Miri K.; Dray, Barbara J. Report Mar 22, 2018 8029
Thai language teaching problems and teacher development of Elementary schools in rural Thailand. Chanthao, Rattana Report Jan 1, 2018 3121
A Practical Model for Integrating Action Research Time into Second Language Education Schedule/Un modelo practico para integrar el tiempo de la investigacion-accion en el programa de educacion de segunda lengua. Doqaruni, Vahid Rahmani; Ghonsooly, Behzad; Pishghadam, Reza Report Jan 1, 2018 7053
Teachers are designers: Addressing problems of practice in education: Teachers may be confused or put off by buzzwords like "design thinking," but the concept is a useful one: To solve stubborn, everyday problems of practice in schools, they should approach those problems strategically and systematically. Henriksen, Danah; Richardson, Carmen Oct 1, 2017 2399
Developing teachers' professional learning: Canadian evidence and experiences in a World of Educational improvement. Campbell, Carol Essay Sep 29, 2017 9093
Putting Complexity to Work to Think Differently about Transformative Pedagogies in Teacher Education. Ovens, Alan Report Sep 22, 2017 5630
Ecocritcally (Re)Considering STEM: Integrated Ecological Inquiry in Teacher Education. Lupinacci, John; Happel-Parkins, Alison Essay Sep 22, 2017 5226
Becoming a Minor Teacher. Gorodetsky, Malka; Barak, Judith; Dhaan, Eto Essay Sep 22, 2017 5439
Teacher-Education-Desiring-Machines. Cole, David R.; Gannon, Susanne Report Sep 22, 2017 7008
Subjects in the Threshold: Opening-up Ethnographic Moments that Complicate the Novice/Veteran Science Teacher Binary. Wallace, Maria F.G. Report Sep 22, 2017 5829
Telling Ghost Stories with the Voice of an Ogre: Deleuze, Identity, and Disruptive Pedagogies. Beighton, Christian Essay Sep 22, 2017 6701
Mangling Expertise: Using Post-Coding Analysis to Complexify Teacher Learning. Mills, Tammy Case study Sep 22, 2017 6819
Surveying Multicultural Courses in Canadian Music Teacher Education Programs: A Theme Calling for Future Variations. Madrazo, Lorenzo Report Sep 22, 2017 4453
Learning what schooling left out: Making an indigenous case for critical service-learning and reconciliatory pedagogy within teacher education. Pratt, Yvonne Poitras; Danyluk, Patricia J. Report Jul 1, 2017 9097
Transphobia and cisgender privilege: pre-service teachers recognizing and challenging gender rigidity in schools. Kearns, Laura-Lee; Mitton-Kukner, Jennifer; Tompkins, Joanne Report Jul 1, 2017 9034
Reflective and Transformative Practice in Bilingual Teacher Preparation: Examining Cross-Cultural and Linguistic Equity. Hernandez, Ana M. Report Jun 22, 2017 7128
Preparing California's Early Care and Education Workforce to Teach Young Dual Language Learners. Oliva-Olson, Carola; Estrada, Mari; Edyburn, Kelly L. Report Jun 22, 2017 10476
Critical Creative Literacy for Bilingual Teachers in the 21st Century. Ada, Alma Flor; Campoy, F. Isabel Report Jun 22, 2017 4734
Seeing is believing: promoting visual literacy in elementary social studies. Brugar, Kristy A.; Roberts, Kathryn L. Report May 1, 2017 11494
Scaling up three-dimensional science learning through teacher-led study groups across a state. Reiser, Brian J.; Michaels, Sarah; Moon, Jean; Bell, Tara; Dyer, Elizabeth; Edwards, Kelsey D.; McGi Report May 1, 2017 13513
History teachers' knowledge of inquiry methods: an analysis of cognitive processes used during a historical inquiry. Voet, Michiel; De Wever, Bram Report May 1, 2017 12544
An examination of preservice teachers' capacity to create mathematical modeling problems for children. Paolucci, Catherine; Wessels, Helena Report May 1, 2017 10693
Promoting Cultural Competence in Preservice Teacher Education through Children's Literature: An Exemplary Case Study. Landa, Melissa Simone Case study Mar 22, 2017 6811
Comparative International Approaches to Better Understanding and Supporting Refugee Learners. Ficarra, Julie Report Mar 22, 2017 4753
Completing edTPA: TESOL Candidate Performance and Reflection. Micek, Timothy A. Report Mar 22, 2017 5489
Tapping into the teaching experiences of final year education students to increase support for students in their first year. Geng, Gretchen; Midford, Richard; Buckworth, Jenny; Kersten, Therese Report Mar 1, 2017 5496
Using ecological asset mapping to investigate pre-service teachers' cultural assets. Borrero, Noah; Yeh, Christine Report Dec 1, 2016 9910
Evaluation of candidate teachers related to the weblog writing process. Celik, Tugba; Demirgunes, Sercan Report Dec 1, 2016 6015
Enseigner en milieu francophone minoritaire canadien: synthese des connaissances sur les defis et leurs implications pour la formation des enseignants. Cavanagh, Martine; Cammarata, Laurent; Blain, Sylvie Report Dec 1, 2016 10427
Evolving practices: admissions policies in Ontario teacher education programs. Holden, Michael; Kitchen, Julian Dec 1, 2016 8213
A formula for success? An examination of factors contributing to Quebec students' strong achievement in mathematics. Vashchyshyn, Ilona I.; Chernoff, Egan J. Essay Jul 1, 2016 8682
Beyond ethnic tidbits: Toward a critical and dialogical model in multicultural social justice teacher preparation. Convertino, Christina Report Jul 1, 2016 7413
Community Development through Open Learning and Distance Education. Mehmood, Tahir; Ch, Abid Hussain; Saeed, Amna Report Jun 30, 2016 4015
A teacher residency melds classroom theory with clinical practice: collaboration and support for teachers, their mentors, and university-based educators is key to a preservice residency program. Dennis, Danielle V. Apr 1, 2016 2780
Teaching Practice: Prevalent and Expected Performance Level of Prospective Teachers. Ali, Shafqat; Khalid, Muhammad Ibrahim; Aamir, Sajid Ali Naqvi and Suhail Report Mar 31, 2016 3156
"Teachers are not empty vessels": a reception study of Freeman and Johnson's (1998) reconceptualization of the knowledge base of second language teacher education. Lee, Joseph J.; Murphy, John; Baker, Amanda Report Dec 22, 2015 8555
Integrative pre-service elementary teacher training: the role of interdisciplinary collaborative mathematics. Chiatula, Victoria Oliaku Report Dec 22, 2015 4423
L'education aux medias dans le Programme de formation de l'ecole quebecoise: integration, pratiques et problematiques. Landry, Normand; Basque, Joelle Essay Oct 1, 2015 8917
Evidence That Counts--What Happens When Teachers Apply Scientific Methods to Their Practice: Twelve Teacher-Led Randomised Controlled Trials and Other Styles of Experimental Research. Churches, Richard; McAleavy, Tony Report Sep 1, 2015 480
Using my 'you lie moment' to theorize persistent resistance to critical multicultural education. Marshall, Patricia L. Column Jul 1, 2015 8191
La sante mentale a l'ecole: <> Evaluation d'une formation-accompagnement. Papazian-Zohrabian, Garine; Rousseau, Cecile; Roy, Danielle; Arauz, Maria J.; Laurin-Lamothe, Audrey Report Jul 1, 2015 6989
The collaborative teacher inquiry project: a purposeful professional development initiative. Jao, Limin; McDougall, Douglas Report Jul 1, 2015 6024
Quality of Teacher Education in Pakistan. Khan, Wazim Report Jun 30, 2015 2427
Test de Francais Laval-Montreal: does it measure what it should measure? Schmitt, Romain; Saif, Shahrzad Report Jun 22, 2015 9540
2. The implementation of language skills integration in teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL): Jimma college of teachers' education in focus. Kebede, Desta; Seyoum, Getachew Report Jun 1, 2015 6505
Can values be taught? The myth of value-free education. Sutrop, Margit Essay Jun 1, 2015 6643
Three men and a maybe: identity and privilege in male preservice elementary school teachers. Tucker, Stephen I. Report Jan 1, 2015 8120
The shuttering of educational studies: neoliberalism, the political spectacle, and social injustice at a "world class" university. Dunn, Alyssa Hadley; Faison, Morgan Zacheya-Jewel Report Jan 1, 2015 10321
Principals' and cooperating teachers' expectations of teacher candidates. Bigham, Sarah G.; Hively, Dorothy E.; Toole, Georgiann H. Dec 22, 2014 8347
A service-learning immersion in a remote Aboriginal community: enhancing pre-service teacher education. Lavery, Shane; Cain, Glenda; Hampton, Patrick Sep 1, 2014 5884
Recovering the social dimension of reflection. Connell, Martin Essay Apr 1, 2014 7217
Recasting writing pedagogy as an inclusive practice in teacher education: putting universal design to work with 21st century composition. Zoss, Michelle; Holbrook, Teri; Moore, Christi D. Report Jan 1, 2014 6905
Worthwhile challenges in the implementation of teacher work sample. Haraway, Dana L.; Pease, Jennifer S. Report Jan 1, 2014 3336
A Study Examining the Dimensionality of Core Competencies Measure in Teacher Preparation Programs: Challenges and Lessons. Kizil, Ruhan Circi; Briggs, Derek; Seidel, Kent; Green, Kathy Report Jan 1, 2014 519
Every Child Counts: Adapting and Evaluating Research Results on Remedial Education across Contexts. Duflo, Annie; Kiessel, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2014 397
Family background of beginning education students: implications for teacher educators. Stewart, Roger A.; Coll, Kenneth M.; Osguthorpe, Richard Report Dec 1, 2013 4472
Teachers in an interdisciplinary learning community: engaging, integrating, and strengthening K-12 education. Hardre, Patricia L.; Ling, Chen; Shehab, Randa L.; Nanny, Mark A.; Nollert, Matthias U.; Refai, Haze Essay Nov 1, 2013 11848
Preservice teachers' perceptions of teacher leadership: is it about compliance or understanding? Rogers, Carrie; Scales, Roya Q. Report Sep 22, 2013 7329
Differentiating for multiple intelligences a study of students' understandings through the use of aesthetic representations. Crim, Courtney L.; Kennedy, Kimberley D.; Thornton, Jenifer S. Report Sep 22, 2013 6760
Role-playing in an inclusive classroom: using realistic simulation to explore differentiated instruction. Martin, Peter Clyde Report Sep 22, 2013 5133
Career changers in special education: a collaborative direction in teacher preparation for school systems and institutions of higher education. Veale, Natasha; Dobbins, Nicole; Kurtts, Stephanie Essay Sep 22, 2013 3661
Supporting teachers to work with children with exceptionalities. Killoran, Isabel; Zaretsky, Hayley; Jordan, Anne; Smith, Deirdre; Allard, Carson; Moloney, James Report Jul 1, 2013 7021
Increasing Public Awareness of the Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Setting. Roualdes, Melissa Merle Report May 1, 2013 335
Response to Cochran-Smith and Dudley-Marling, "Diversity in Teacher Education and Special Education: The Issues That Divide". Wasburn-Moses, Leah Report May 1, 2013 2457
Crossing the divide? Diversity issues in teacher education and special education: a response to Leah Wasburn-Moses. Cochran-Smith, Marilyn; Dudley-Marling, Curt Report May 1, 2013 2612
Pre-service teacher beliefs: are musicians different? Swainston, Andrew; Jeanneret, Neryl Report Jan 1, 2013 3264
The generalist and the specialist: serendipity in preservice education. Jeanneret, Neryl; Stevens-Ballenger, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2013 6187
A Model for Using Service-Learning in Teacher Education Programs. Nelson, Regena F. Report Jan 1, 2013 215
Inclusive Education Reform in Bangladesh: Pre-Service Teachers' Responses to Include Students with Special Educational Needs in Regular Classrooms. Malak, Md. Saiful Report Jan 1, 2013 305
A Study of Learners' Reflection on Andragogical Skills of Distance Education Tutors. Hussain, Irshad Report Jan 1, 2013 378
Towards a phenomenological understanding of the ontological aspects of teaching and learning. Magrini, James M. Essay Jan 1, 2013 12612
Globalizing Teacher Training: Embedding Global Education Perspectives in Multi-Disciplinary Pre-Service Teacher Programs. Reynolds, Ruth; Brown, Joanna; Bradbery, Deborah; Donnelly, Debra; Ferguson Patrick, Kate; Macqueen, Abstract Dec 2, 2012 226
Global Education in Teacher Education Programs: Views from Pre-Service Teachers. Ferguson-Patrick, Kate; Macqueen, Suzanne; Reynolds, Ruth Abstract Dec 2, 2012 281
Intercultural Teacher Education: Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas on an International Practicum. Chan, Jenny; Parr, Graham Abstract Dec 2, 2012 271
Collaborative Learner Biographies: Or, Discovering You Had Created a Project-Based Learning Task without Realizing It. Saltmarsh, David Abstract Dec 2, 2012 303
Equity, Academic Rigour and a Sense of Entitlement: Voices from the "Chalkface". Aveling, Nado; Davey, Pip; Georgieff, Andre; Jackson-Barrett, Elizabeth; Kosniowska, Helen; Fernande Abstract Dec 2, 2012 277
Experiencing New Technology: Exploring Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions and Reflections upon the Affordances of Social Media. Redman, Christine; Trapani, Fiona Abstract Dec 2, 2012 389
Creativity and Education: Teaching the Unfamiliar. Pollard, Vikki Abstract Dec 2, 2012 270
Secondary Preservice Teachers' Attitudes toward and Experiences with Sharing Their Writing with Students. Daisey, Peggy Abstract Nov 3, 2012 312
Singapore's holistic approach to teacher development: as battle lines are drawn in the U.S. over linking student performance to teacher evaluations, Singapore offers an approach that could help both students and teachers. Tan, Oon-Seng Report Nov 1, 2012 1139
Limited Out-of-State Data Needed to Produce Robust Indicators. Breaking down State Silos. Abstract Nov 1, 2012 251
2012 Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs. Abstract Nov 1, 2012 340
Do student achievement outcomes differ across teacher preparation programs? An analysis of teacher education in Louisiana. Gansle, Kristin A.; Noell, George H.; Burns, Jeanne M. Report Nov 1, 2012 10354
Using evidence for teacher education program improvement and accountability: an illustrative case of the role of value-added measures. Plecki, Margaret L.; Elfers, Ana M.; Nakamura, Yugo Report Nov 1, 2012 14836
Incorporating teacher effectiveness into teacher preparation program evaluation. Henry, Gary T.; Kershaw, David C.; Zulli, Rebecca A.; Smith, Adrienne A. Report Nov 1, 2012 16230
Teacher value added as a measure of program quality: interpret with caution. Floden, Robert E. Report Nov 1, 2012 4141
Improving teaching and teachers: a "generative dance"? Lampert, Magdalene Essay Nov 1, 2012 5161
Improving teaching does improve teachers: evidence from lesson study. Lewis, Catherine C.; Perry, Rebecca R.; Friedkin, Shelley; Roth, Jillian R. Essay Nov 1, 2012 5690
Crisscrossing the university and public school contexts as professional development school boundary spanners. Many, Joyce E.; Fisher, Teresa R.; Ogletree, Susan; Taylor, Dee Report Sep 22, 2012 8524
Collaborative clinical practice: an alternate field experience. Dee, Amy Lynn Report Sep 22, 2012 6417
Robust Implementation of LDC: Teacher Perceptions of Tool Use and Outcomes. Brief Two. Reumann-Moore, Rebecca; Sanders, Felicia Report Sep 1, 2012 491
LDC and MDC Theory of Action and the Landscape of Implementation. Brief One. Duffy, Mark; Park, Elizabeth Report Sep 1, 2012 647
Exploring pre-service teachers' perceived teaching-efficacy, attitudes and concerns about inclusive education in Bangladesh. Ahsan, M. Tariq; Sharma, Umesh; Deppeler, Joanne M. Report Sep 1, 2012 10183
Testing Instrumentation Validity for Measuring Teachers' Attitudes toward Manipulative Use in the Elementary Classroom. McIntosh, Gina Valdengo Report Aug 6, 2012 283
Where do we go from here? Making sense of prospective social studies teachers' memories, conceptions, and visions of social studies teaching and learning. Hawley, Todd S.; Crowe, Alicia R.; Brooks, Elizabeth W. Report Jun 22, 2012 9699
Good Teaching Matters, Teachers Matter, and Teacher Education Matters. Gordon, Lynn Melby Report Jun 6, 2012 207
Reframing early childhood leadership. Stamopoulos, Elizabeth Report Jun 1, 2012 5206
The International Society for the Social Studies Annual Conference Proceedings (Orlando, Florida, March 1-2, 2012). Volume 2012, Issue 1. Russell, William Benedict, III, Ed. Report Mar 1, 2012 227
In Classroom Mentor Teachers: An Addition to Mentor Teachers. Carney, Paul; Crilley, Elizabeth; Fala, John T.; Tully, Christopher; Strouse, Kathryn; Viviano, Thom Report Feb 6, 2012 324
Annual Joint Report on Pre-Kindergarten through Higher Education in Tennessee, 2012. Report Jan 31, 2012 417
TEDS-M and the Study of Teacher Preparation in Early Reading Instruction: Implications for Teacher Education Policy and Practice. Working Paper #25. Report Jan 30, 2012 533
The Competencies, Preparations, and Challenging (New) Roles of Online Instructors. Arah, Benjamin O. Report Jan 1, 2012 148
Teacher Research in South Korean Early Childhood Education: New Initiative as Professional Development. Kim, Mina; Kang, Bokyung Report Jan 1, 2012 329
Professional Attributes in Teacher Preparation for Teaching Students with Hearing Impairment: Implications for Inclusive Education in Nigeria. Onu, V. C.; Eskay, M. K.; Ugwuanyi, L.; Igbo, J. N.; Obiyo, N. O. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 249
Educational Transforming, Learning Communities and Teacher Training. Alvarez-Alvarez, Carmen; Fernandez-Diaz, Elia; Osoro-Sierra, Jose Manuel Abstract Jan 1, 2012 271
An Online Cultural Exchange in Pre-Service Language Teacher Education: A Dialogic Approach to Understanding. Haley, Marjorie Hall Abstract Jan 1, 2012 242
Resourcing the National Goals for Schooling: An Agreed Framework of Principles for Funding Schools. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 227
Implications of the Land Art Training for Kindergarten Teacher Trainees on Their Interdisciplinary Teaching Practices. Efthymia, Gourgiotou; Vasiliki, Giannakou; Konstadinos, Christidis Report Jan 1, 2012 358
Influence of Retraining Programme on Self-Esteem of Primary School Teachers in Ebonyi State of Nigeria. Igbo, Janet N.; Eze, Justina U.; Eskay, M.; Onu, V. C.; Omeje, J. Report Jan 1, 2012 285
Our Responsibility, Our Promise: Transforming Educator Preparation and Entry into the Profession. Report Jan 1, 2012 425
Policy, Practice, and Readiness to Teach Primary and Secondary Mathematics in 17 Countries: Findings from the IEA Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M-M). Tatto, Maria Teresa; Peck, Ray; Schwille, John; Bankov, Kiril; Senk, Sharon L.; Rodriguez, Michael; Report Jan 1, 2012 502
By Default or by Design? Variations in Higher Education Programs for Early Care and Education Teachers and Their Implications for Research Methodology, Policy, and Practice. Report. Whitebook, Marcy; Austin, Lea J.E.; Ryan, Sharon; Kipnis, Fran; Almaraz, Mirella; Sakai, Laura Report Jan 1, 2012 528
Data for Action 2012: Focus on People to Change Data Culture. Summary. Report Jan 1, 2012 194
TEDS-M 2008 User Guide for the International Database. Brese, Falk, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2012 405
TEDS-M 2008 User Guide for the International Database. Supplement 4: TEDS-M Released Mathematics and Mathematics Pedagogy Knowledge Assessment Items. Brese, Falk, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2012 401
TEDS-M 2008 User Guide for the International Database. Supplement 1: International Version of the TEDS-M Questionnaires. Brese, Falk, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2012 414
TEDS-M 2008 User Guide for the International Database. Supplement 2: National Adaptations of the TEDS-M Questionnaires. Brese, Falk, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2012 335
Cultivating Creativity and Self-Reflective Thinking through Dialogic Teacher Education. Kizel, Arie Abstract Jan 1, 2012 379
Preliminary Effects of the Incredible Years Teacher Training Program on Classroom Management Skills. Murray, Desiree W.; Murr, Natalie; Rabiner, David L. Report Jan 1, 2012 294
A Self-Study in Teacher Education: Learning to Teach in Higher Education after Teaching the Arts to Young Children. Garvis, Susanne Abstract Jan 1, 2012 302
2011 Report Card on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Programs. Abstract Nov 1, 2011 366
Design Perspectives on Technology, Language Teaching and Language Teacher Education. Jalkanen, Juha; Laakkonen, Ilona Abstract Aug 3, 2011 283
A critical look at four multicultural reform efforts in one urban college of education. Gove, Mary K.; Volk, Dinah; Still, Kristine; Huang, Grace Hui-Chen; Thomas-Alexander, Sashelle Report Jun 22, 2011 6015
Students find their place in history: using theatre to expand pre-service teachers' multicultural awareness. Stanton, Shannon M.; Gonzalez, Gilberto Jun 22, 2011 6985
Context, content, and teacher education: six language teachers in a primary school setting discuss their language teaching identity. Daly, Nicola Essay May 1, 2011 8110
Rethinking the Rural Practicum. Jones, Anne Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 179
Understanding teacher education in an era of globalization. Wang, Jian; Lin, Emily; Spalding, Elizabeth; Odell, Sandra J.; Klecka, Cari L. Editorial Mar 1, 2011 4431
The Impact of Teacher Education Programs on In-Service Teachers in China and USA. Tanase, Madalina Florentina; Leavitt, Teresa Ann Abstract Feb 1, 2011 181
Student Teachers' Expectations of Teaching as a Profession in Malaysia. Zamri bin Khairani, Ahmad Report Jan 1, 2011 259
Transforming teacher education in Hungary: competencies for elementary teachers. Szilagyi, Janka; Szecsi, Tunde Report Jan 1, 2011 3565
Strategic Examination on and Thinking of the Systematic Reform of Chinese Teacher Education. Yang, Tian-Ping Abstract Jan 1, 2011 272
The Current Situation of Field Experience in a Five-Year Science Teacher Education Program in Thailand. Faikhamta, Chatree; Jantarakantee, Ekgapoom; Roadrangka, Vantipa Abstract Jan 1, 2011 244
IT Implementation in ITE in the Limpopo Province (South Africa): A Dream or Reality? Monobe, Ratau John Abstract Jan 1, 2011 341
Introduction: Conversation Analysis in Applied Linguistics. Sert, Olcay; Seedhouse, Paul Abstract Jan 1, 2011 156
Teacher Education in Northeast India--Status, Weaknesses and Alternatives. Bhattacharjee, D. S. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 281
Operations Policy Manual, 2012. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 188
Time to Act: An Agenda for Advancing Adolescent Literacy for College and Career Success. Final Report from Carnegie Corporation of New York's Council on Advancing Adolescent Literacy. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 823
A Proposal for a CA-Integrated English Language Teacher Education Program in Turkey. Sert, Olcay Abstract Sep 1, 2010 174
Re-Imagining Teacher Professional Development and Citizenship Education: Lessons for Import from Colombia. Noonan, James M. Author abstract Mar 3, 2010 236
Seeing the bigger picture: troubling movements to end teacher education. Kumashiro, Kevin K. Report Jan 1, 2010 8046
TPACK for Pre-Service Science and Mathematics Teachers. Kafyulilo, Ayoub C. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 382
Highly qualified teachers and the social foundations of education: courses in the social foundations of education are under attack. But if we want to prepare truly professional, high-quality teachers, those courses are essential. Neumann, Richard Report Nov 1, 2009 2867
L'intersection du discours critique et d'ouverture dans le traitement des enjeux de la pluriethnicite par les etudiants en formation. Jacquet, Marianne Essay Nov 1, 2009 8744
Comprehensive Teacher Induction. NCEE Evaluation Brief. NCEE 2009-4069. Report Jul 1, 2009 271
Editor's introduction: challenging contemporary politics--(re)imagining the professionalization of teaching and learning. Nelson, Thomas Editorial Jun 22, 2009 1081
WWC Quick Review of the Report "Impacts of Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Results from the First Year of a Randomized Controlled Study". Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 307
"Asia Literacy" through Research-Oriented School-Engaged Teacher Education: From Volunteer Mandarin Teaching-Assistants to Volunteer Teacher-Researchers. Singh, Michael; Zhao, Da Cheng Abstract Jun 1, 2009 257
Using "Core Reflection" in Teacher Education. Williams, Judy; Power, Kerith Abstract Jun 1, 2009 219
National Graduate Teacher Standards: Implications for Professional Experience Policy and Practice. Walkington, Jackie Abstract Jun 1, 2009 465
Teacher Interns, Metacognition and Identity Formation. Brown, Alison Abstract Jun 1, 2009 681
Teacher Education: Crossing the Cultural Borders of Australia and Asia. Salter, Peta Abstract Jun 1, 2009 565
Bridging Borders: Global Perspectives in Education. Lath, Meenakshi Abstract Jun 1, 2009 673
The Status of the Teaching Profession, 2009. Full Report. Woodworth, Katrina; Bland, Jennifer; Guha, Roneeta; Shields, Patrick; Wechsler, Marjorie; Tiffany-Mo Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 500
Between mutuality and diversity: the Project in Intergroup Education and the discourse of national unity in post World War II America. Sevier, Brian R. Report Jan 1, 2009 11563
Les connaissances mathematiques et didactiques chez les futurs maitres du primaire- quatre cas a l'etude. Morin, Marie-Pier Nov 1, 2008 8841
Why teach? Part II. Whitcomb, Jennie; Borko, Hilda; Liston, Dan Editorial Sep 1, 2008 4595
Critical race theory and interest convergence as analytic tools in teacher education policies and practices. Milner, H. Richard, IV Report Sep 1, 2008 11946
From professional development to professional learning: if schools are to change to meet their increasingly urgent needs, Ms. Easton argues, teachers will have to move from being trained or developed to becoming active learners. Significant change will require educators to alter their attitudes and behaviors. Easton, Lois Brown Jun 1, 2008 3799
Thoughts on teaching: on the evils of multicultural education, constructivism, and teacher preparation programs. Starnes, Bobby Ann Apr 1, 2008 1580
An investigation of the impacts of teacher-driven professional development on pedagogy and student learning. Colbert, Joel A.; Brown, Richard S.; Choi, SunHee; Thomas, Steven Report Mar 22, 2008 7240
The need to equip, prepare community college faculty has never been greater. Waiwaiole, Evelyn N.; Noonan-Terry, Coral M. Feb 7, 2008 829
"Things get glossed over": rearticulating the silencing power of whiteness in education. Haviland, Victoria S. Jan 1, 2008 9623
Dispositions in teacher education: a look at social justice. Villegas, Ana Maria Essay Nov 1, 2007 6964
Disposition: a superfluous construct in teacher education. Murray, Frank B. Essay Nov 1, 2007 4005
Economic analysis and the design of alternative-route teacher education programs. Dai, Chifeng; Sindelar, Paul T.; Denslow, David; Dewey, James; Rosenberg, Michael S. Nov 1, 2007 11383
When Eagles Are Allowed to Fly--A Global and Contextual Perspective on Teacher Education in Ethiopia. Dahlstrom, Lars Essay Oct 2, 2007 166
A lethal threat to U.S. teacher education. Weiner, Lois Sep 1, 2007 8086
Determination of Misconceptions that are Encountered by Teacher Candidates and Solution Propositions for Relieving of These Misconceptions. Kesan, Cenk; Kaya, Deniz Report Jul 1, 2007 424
Strengthening the Central Position of Undergraduate Course Teaching in Local Higher Education Institutions. Zheng, Yan-cai; Zhao, Yue Report May 1, 2007 199
Why we can't always get what we want. Bartholomew, Barbara Apr 1, 2007 4086
Teachers learning together. Hor, Mary; Vincent, Lorraine Feb 1, 2007 1966
Navigating sites for narrative inquiry. Clandinin, D. Jean; Pushor, Debbie; Orr, Anne Murray Jan 1, 2007 10243
Student engagement in the teaching and learning of grammar: a case study of an early-career secondary school English teacher. Smagorinsky, Peter; Wright, Laura; Augustine, Sharon Murphy; O'Donnell-Allen, Cindy; Konopak, Bonnie Jan 1, 2007 9521
Alternative route programs for certification in special education: program infrastructure instructional delivery, and participant characteristics. Rosenberg, Michael S.; Boyer, K. Lynn; Sindelar, Paul T.; Misra, Sunil K. Jan 1, 2007 10174
Addressing diversity in teacher education programs. Valentin, Sylvia Dec 22, 2006 2954
From the tightrope: designing, developing, and delivering an alternative teacher education model. Yancey, Patty Dec 22, 2006 4171
Toward a pedagogy of transformative teacher education: world educational links. Reed, Judith; Black, Deborah J. Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2006 5057
Supervision for social justice: supporting critical reflection. Jacobs, Jennifer Sep 22, 2006 7217
Moral dispositions in teacher education: making them matter. Sherman, Shelley Sep 22, 2006 7443
Reflection and self-efficacy: enhancing the retention of qualified teachers from a teacher education perspective. Yost, Deborah S. Sep 22, 2006 7792
Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education: gender, "symbolic domination," and female work. The case of teacher education. Dillabough, J.A. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 171
On your mark, get set, wait! Are your teacher candidates prepared to embed assistive technology in teaching and learning? Nelson, Betty Table Sep 1, 2006 3404
Refining social justice commitments through collaborative inquiry: key rewards and challenges for teacher educators. Cooper, Camille Wilson Jun 22, 2006 8066
Transforming teacher voice through writing for publication. Smiles, Tracy L.; Short, Kathy G. Jun 22, 2006 7315
Practitioner to professor: an examination of second career academics' entry into academia. LaRocco, Diana J.; Bruns, Deborah A. Jun 22, 2006 5969
Teacher leaders at work: analyzing standardized achievement data to improve instruction. Henning, John E. Jun 22, 2006 3808
Challenging student teachers' images of teaching. Goodwin, A.L. Jun 22, 2006 3107
Field experience in distance delivered initial teacher education programmes. Simpson, Mary Jun 22, 2006 5133
Relationships between teacher education students' epistemological beliefs and their learning outcomes in a case-based hypermedia learning environment. Fitzgerald, Gail E. Jun 22, 2006 8849
Content area specific technology integration: a model for educating teachers. Riedel, Eric S. Jun 22, 2006 7665
Enhancing collaboration and skill acquisition through the use of technology. Banister, Savilla Jun 22, 2006 7947
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