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SDA: Palmer's approach meets only the requests of HDZ BiH. Oct 27, 2021 333
IzetbegoviA: SDA Presidency to make decisions next week. Nov 30, 2020 270
New coronavirus model predicts the US could have 20 million COVID-19 cases by Inauguration Day. Nov 24, 2020 246
New coronavirus model predicts the US could have 20 million COVID-19 cases by Inauguration Day. Nov 24, 2020 250
Trump's rollercoaster ride that US finally got sick of; ANALYSIS. / John Ferguson Political editor Nov 8, 2020 198
Trump heading for defeat, big time. Nov 4, 2020 1124
Analysis: Trump and Biden signal victory, but US faces anxious wait; In the end, there was no landslide, no certainty, and certainly no redemption. No, in the end, there was only a beginning to what promises to be the tightest and most fractious US election in a generation. Martyn Mclaughlin Nov 4, 2020 1040
With All The Chaos, The Shape Of Trump-Biden Race Is Unchanged. Oct 29, 2020 841
US presidential election: Donald Trump will triumph over Joe Biden according to respected economic model; Joe Biden may be ahead in the polls, but Donald Trump will win the 2020 US presidency election - according to an esteemed economic prediction model, which has correctly predicted the result of the last three US elections. Gary Flockhart Oct 28, 2020 554
Motherhood Identity in the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Elections: Populism and Political Division in the National Women's Movement. Dewi, Kurniawati Hastuti Aug 1, 2020 10114
Ballot box as Pandora's box. Jul 12, 2020 852
Good News, Bad News: A Sentiment Analysis of the 2016 Election Russian Facebook Ads. Alvarez, German; Choi, Jaewon; Strover, Sharon May 1, 2020 8730
New Media Literacy Model in the Contestation of Leader Election in Indonesia. Putri, K.Y.S.; Adamu, Adamu Abbas; Mukhtar, Saparuddin Report May 1, 2020 3299
Public Opinion Polling and Post-truth Politics in Indonesia. Tomsa, Dirk Apr 1, 2020 10456
Differentiated Information Flows: Social Media Curation Practices in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. Jackson, Sam; Stromer-Galley, Jennifer; Hemsley, Jeff Mar 1, 2020 9082
Between INEC And Unending Conspiracy Theories. Feb 25, 2020 1529
Reorganization of the social care sector requires a change in the model of state administration - Levits. Jan 10, 2020 329
EU to assess social media behaviour at Presidential polls. Oct 28, 2019 1210
Iranian Government spokesperson: "Trade turnover with Azerbaijan increased by 2,2 times in comparison to previous year'. Sep 28, 2019 203
Jeenbekov outlines basic criteria of evaluation of local authorities. Sep 26, 2019 167
Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Abortion? An updated comparison. Cross, Karen Sep 1, 2019 1766
PROVING THE POLLS WRONG: "The researchers' analysis of the data--two terabytes worth containing 70,000,000 websites--shows exactly when and where voters made decisions that led to the election of Donald Trump.". Niksa, Matt Jul 1, 2019 1355
Lukashenko: Azerbaijan-Belarus ties a model of relationship between Muslim, Christian states. Mar 2, 2019 481
The Left's Lust for Vengeance. Mar 1, 2019 776
Fact-checking the fact-checkers: Trump on late-term abortion. Mar 1, 2019 906
Online and Offline Communication and Political Knowledge and Participation in Presidential Campaigns: Effects of Geographical Context. Liu, Yung-I. Mar 1, 2019 9359
UN, AU, ECOWAS give preliminary assessment of polls. Feb 28, 2019 209
Bulgarian Head of State Will Look at the Annual Analysis of the Armed Forces. Feb 7, 2019 125
Analysis: A potential Texas shootout inside the 2020 presidential race. Dec 14, 2018 1089
Campaign Suppression, Electoral Paranoia and the Poetics of Elections in Nigeria After June 12, 1993. Osiebe, Garhe Report Dec 1, 2018 6399
Analysis: If you can't win a race for Texas speaker, you're not ready for the job. Nov 12, 2018 966
The Whole World Is Watching: Comparing European and United States News Coverage of the U.S. 2008 and 2016 Elections. Aelst, Peter Van; Vliegenthart, Rens; Boydstun, Amber E. Nov 1, 2018 9531
Lawyer Cohen taped Trump discussing payment to Playboy model -NYT. Jul 20, 2018 400
Critical Discourse Analysis of Clinton's Orations at Presidential Elections in 2016. Dehghan, Masoud; Vahabian, Behnaz Essay Jun 30, 2018 6353
Laying the Cornerstone for a New Turkey: The June 24 Elections. Altun, Fahrettin Essay Jun 22, 2018 5295
BiH Presidency urges CoM to comprise an analysis on increased influx of migrants. May 10, 2018 186
PRESIDENTIAL EXIT. Ruhl, J.B.; Salzman, James May 1, 2018 18483
20 Years of Real Plan: an analysis of the relationship between exchange rate, inflation, interest rate and the Ibovespa/20 Anos de Plano Real: uma analise da relacao entre cambio, inflacao, taxa de juros e o Ibovespa/20 Anos de Real: un analisis de la relacion entre cambio, inflacion, tasa de interes y el Ibovespa. Santana, Henrique Nogueira; de Lima e Silva, Sabrina Amelia; Ferreira, Bruno Perez May 1, 2018 7837
Analysis: In Texas elections, there's power in small numbers. Apr 27, 2018 865
Organization of presidential election in Azerbaijan can be a model for other countries: Israeli observers. Apr 11, 2018 415
One Day Last Week. Mortiz, Gwen Editorial Mar 19, 2018 719
OSCE to conduct objective assessment of presidential election in Azerbaijan - Corien Jonker. Mar 9, 2018 257
OSCE to prepare report after assessment of Cyprus' presidential elections. Feb 5, 2018 484
Can fake news be outlawed? Considerations of the digital age. Jan 18, 2018 979
Comercialismo periodistico y cobertura estrategica de las elecciones. Modelo teorico metodologico para explorar su relacion. Victoria, Martin Echeverria Jan 1, 2018 8128
Analysis: What recent election results in Texas congressional districts tell us about 2018. Dec 13, 2017 911
Atambayev congratulates employees of prosecutor's office on professional holiday. Nov 22, 2017 131
Analysis: When Texans aren't engaged, Texans don't vote. Oct 18, 2017 865
Communication and Peace Building: The 2015 Presidential Elections in Nigeria. Obono, Koblowe; Onyechi, Ngozi Joy Report Sep 1, 2017 5148
Former US Intel Officers Send Trump Memo Challenging 'Russia Hack' Evidence. Jul 26, 2017 694
Effects of welfare reform on women's voting participation. Corman, Hope; Dave, Dhaval; Reichman, Nancy E. Jul 1, 2017 14046
Attraction and repulsion before turboglobalization and the phenomena-inter integration political-economic, inter-constitutional and interculturality/Atraccion y repulsion ante la turboglobalizacion y los fenomenos-inter integracion politico-economica, interconstitucionalidad e interculturalidad. Mayos, Goncal Jul 1, 2017 7804
Thank you, Mr. President: Journalist gender in presidential news conferences. Meeks, Lindsey Report May 1, 2017 9340
Clinton lauds free NY tuition plan as progressive landmark: free college tuition initiative called a model for other states. Apr 24, 2017 419
Clinton's Ads Had Less Policy Than Any Recent Candidate's. Mar 9, 2017 403
The audacity of Trump: how he won and what we missed: Reuben Steff dicusses the outcome of the recent American presidential election. Steff, Reuben Mar 1, 2017 3733
To Tweet or not to Tweet? An analysis of Twitter use during the 2014 Belgian elections. De Munter, Stephanie; De Vries, Philippe Jan 1, 2017 6930
How the Presidential Transition Process Works: And Why This One Will Be Like No Other. Cotter, Michael W. Essay Jan 1, 2017 4300
Taiwanese react on social media to Trump's win. Nov 10, 2016 528
Analysis: Season of speculating on Trump effect in Texas is over. Nov 7, 2016 991
A Strange American Election. Oct 10, 2016 838
Cultural policy in the Korean wave: an analysis of cultural diplomacy embedded in presidential speeches. Kim, Tae Young; Jin, Dal Yong Report Oct 1, 2016 9226
Analysis: See How Texans Turn Out, Vote in Presidential Elections. Aug 1, 2016 619
Post-convention influence of presidential running mates. Jul 30, 2016 592
She is the ultimate insider but, to win the White House, Hillary Clinton will need to campaign on Main Street, not Wall Street; ANALYSIS RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE. Jul 24, 2016 705
Bellamy Young: 'our jaws hit the floor'. Riley, Jenelle Interview May 17, 2016 419
Test Case or Unique Case? Patterns of Cabinet Formation in Argentine Presidentialism (1983-2015)/?Caso testigo o caso unico? Patrones de la formacion de gabinete en el presidencialismo argentino (1983-2015)/Caso testemunha ou caso unico? Padroes da formacao de gabinete no presidencialismo argentino (1983-2015). Ollier, Maria Matilde May 1, 2016 11184
Polarization? Ideological Positions During the 2014 Presidential Campaign in Colombia/?Polarizacion? Posiciones ideologicas durante la campana presidencial colombiana en 2014/Polarizacao? Posicoes ideologicas durante a campanha presidencial colombiana em 2014. Caviedes, Juan Camilo Plata May 1, 2016 5862
Matar: Presidential election must be divorced from outside considerations. Feb 9, 2016 179
Candy elasticity: Halloween experiments on public political statements. Jamison, Julian; Karlan, Dean Abstract Jan 1, 2016 3534
Sisi hails Lebanon's model of coexistence. Dec 14, 2015 243
Two oral histories of the two first ladies: Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson. Maj, Ewa Dec 1, 2015 5855
Campaign field offices and voter mobilization in 2012. Weinschenk, Aaron C. Report Sep 1, 2015 3398
Nigeria decides: important, but not that important. Nyabola, Nanjala Essay Jun 1, 2015 1245
Joachim Gauck: Tunisia's model has proved country's capacity to play key roles in region. Apr 30, 2015 179
Indonesia - Towards A 'Jokowi Model'. Mar 30, 2015 500
Nigeria elections in focus: a presidential rematch. Mordi, Frederick Feb 1, 2015 1558
TUNISIA - Dec 31 - 88-Year-Old Essebsi Sworn In As President. Jan 3, 2015 343
Accuracy data of the presidential voting outcomes to an inferential bias of the new romanian electoral code and electronic vote (2014). Barbieru, Mihaela Essay Jan 1, 2015 5929
Explaining delays in regulatory publication. Batkins, Sam; Brannon, Ike Dec 22, 2014 1644
Nazarbayev tasks Foreign Minister to analyze situation around relations between Russia and West. Dec 18, 2014 102
Prediction markets and election polling: granger causality tests using InTrade and RealClearPolitics data. Duquette, Christopher; Mixon, Franklin G., Jr.; Cebula, Richard J.; Upadhyaya, Kamal P. Dec 1, 2014 4345
Appointee-careerist relations in the presidential transition of 2008-2009. Resh, William G. Report Dec 1, 2014 12535
In search of a Lebanese president. Asmar, Marwan Dec 1, 2014 599
Unpredictable Brazilian election turns predictable as traditional parties duel. Scruggs, Gregory Oct 17, 2014 1120
Proxy models and nowcasting: U.S. Presidential elections in the future. Lewis-Beck, Michael S.; Tien, Charles Report Sep 1, 2014 6503
Assessing the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Panagopoulos, Costas; Cohen, Jeffrey E. Report Aug 16, 2014 2439
Young people and electoral participation in Chile 1989-2013. Analyzing the effect of the voluntary vote/Jovenes y participacion electoral en Chile 1989-2013. Analizando el efecto del voto voluntario/Jovens e participacao eleitoral no Chile 1989-2013. Analisando o efeito do voto voluntario. Contreras-Aguirre, Gonzalo; Morales-Quiroga, Mauricio Jul 1, 2014 8626
Al-Jaafari: Presidential elections evidence of Syrians' determination to confront conspiracy. Jun 19, 2014 477
LEBANON - June 9 - No President. Jun 14, 2014 205
Future bloc: Expresident's experience model for presidency. May 26, 2014 103
Information Minister: presidency of republic due to hold meeting with media men on national principles. May 23, 2014 111
The paper analyzes the outcome of the informal meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU and the Balkans in Thessaloniki on 8 May and compares it with the meeting of the same format that took place in 2003 during the previous Greek Presidency of the EU. May 6, 2014 101
Germany role-model for democracy in Pakistan: Nisar. May 1, 2014 329
Presidential inaction and the separation of powers. Love, Jeffrey A.; Garg, Arpit K. May 1, 2014 8130
Presidential inaction and the separation of powers. Love, Jeffrey A.; Garg, Arpit K. May 1, 2014 20497
Polls and elections: party identification in the 2012 presidential election. Winneg, Kenneth M.; Jamieson, Kathleen Hall; Hardy, Bruce W. Mar 1, 2014 5465
Self-presentational strategies of modern and traditional U.S. Presidents in State of the union and inaugural addresses. Smith, Stephanie H.; Whitehead, George I., III; Melo, Addison; Correa, Aarica; Inch, Mary Report Mar 1, 2014 4882
Foreign policy toward South America and parties' polarization: an analysis of PSDB and PT stances', along the government of Lula da Silva (2003-2010)/ Politica externa para a America do Sul e polarizacao partidaria: uma analise dos posicionamentos do PSDB e do PT, durante o governo de Lula da Silva (2003-2010). Gaviao, Leandro Ensayo Jan 1, 2014 5562
Neoliberalism in blackface: Barack Obama and deracialization, 2007-2012. George, Hermon Essay Dec 1, 2013 15318
The role of wealth and neoliberalism in Barack Obama's selection, election, and presidency. Lyles, Lionel D. Essay Dec 1, 2013 9315
Presidential versus vice presidential home state advantage: a comparative analysis of electoral significance, causes, and processes, 1884-2008. Devine, Christopher J.; Kopko, Kyle C. Report Dec 1, 2013 11253
Framing the black experience: a discourse analysis of President Barack Obama's speeches. McDougal, Serie, III Essay Sep 15, 2013 6042
Polls and elections: partisanship and voting behavior: an update. Weinschenk, Aaron C. Report Sep 1, 2013 5030
Mapping social activities and concepts with social media (Twitter) and web search engines (Yahoo and Bing): a case study in 2012 US Presidential Election. Tsou, Ming-Hsiang; Yang, Jiue-An; Lusher, Daniel; Han, Su; Spitzberg, Brian; Gawron, Jean Mark; Gupt Sep 1, 2013 6266
Saakashvili Disagrees With Ivanishvili's Assessment of August War 2008. Aug 12, 2013 219
How the 2012 presidential election has strengthened the movement for the National Popular Vote plan. Richie, Robert; Levien, Andrea Jun 1, 2013 10730
Two paradigms of presidential nominations. Steger, Wayne Essay Jun 1, 2013 5152
"Generalissimo of the nation": war making and the presidency in the early republic. Adler, William D. Jun 1, 2013 7449
Model centre for skilled based primary, middle education inaugurates. Apr 9, 2013 243
The return of president Kenyatta. Kabukuru, Wanhoji Apr 1, 2013 2742
The 10 mistakes that Odinga made: Wanjohi Kabukuru analyses some of the mistakes that lost Raila Odinga the presidential race. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2013 1232
Is leviathan back? Circassian ethnic mobilization after the 2012 presidential elections in Russia. Marat Grebennikov Report Apr 1, 2013 10072
The misstatements of the Union address. Hoar, William P. Mar 18, 2013 1893
Serzh Sargsyan thanks CIS Observation Mission for impartial assessment of past presidential election. Feb 19, 2013 130
Head of ICES: There is no negative assessment of presidential election in Armenia. Feb 19, 2013 357
Speaker of Armenian parliament is confident that international observers will make a cold evaluation of presidential election in Armenia. Feb 17, 2013 118
The anxious partisan: a test of affective intelligence theory in Romania. Bogdan, Alexandra Essay Feb 1, 2013 10554
The battle of the sons: Kenya goes to the polls to elect a new president and new parliamentarians on 4 March. Interestingly, the race is turning out to be a battle of the sons of Kenya's ex-political kingpins. Wanjohi Kabukuru reports from Nairobi. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Feb 1, 2013 1173
How did that happen? President Obama, the sequel. Cramer, Clayton E. Jan 1, 2013 1990
In Forest Hills, Queens, Some Pro-Israel Voters Were Going for Romney. Chandler, Adam Brief article Nov 6, 2012 160
Four more years of war: no matter who wins in November, America will remain overstretched overseas. Welch, Matt Oct 4, 2012 1298
A guide to China's upcoming leadership transitions. Lawrence, Susan V. Report Oct 1, 2012 11744
How India chooses its head of state. Agnihotri, V.K. Sep 22, 2012 6216
How Obama won, and lost. Ceaser, James W. Essay Sep 22, 2012 3564
Generation effects? An empirical analysis of the Korean National Assembly and presidential elections. Cho, Jinman; Eom, Kihong Sep 22, 2012 11936
What's at stake: whoever wins the presidency in November will face enormous challenges at home and abroad. Smith, Patricia Cover story Sep 3, 2012 2291
France under its new President. Ramsay, Allan Sep 1, 2012 3318
Yes, Ronald Reagan's rhetoric was unique--but statistically, how unique? Schonhardt-Bailey, Cheryl; Yager, Edward; Lahlou, Saadi Report Sep 1, 2012 15551
Polls and elections: still part of the conversation: Iowa and New Hampshire's say within the invisible primary. Christenson, Dino P.; Smidt, Corwin D. Report Sep 1, 2012 9995
Paul Ryan Looks Just Like Gabe From 'The Office': Will 'SNL' Cast Zach Woods As Romney's Running Mate? Aug 13, 2012 435
Mitt Romney Picks Up A Hot Pink-Clad Endorsement From Brooklyn's Mindy Meyer [VIDEO]. Jul 31, 2012 441
Can Obama be beaten? Thomson, James W. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2012 1922
Mexico Election: Who Are Enrique Pena Nieto And The Other Two Top Candidates? Jun 29, 2012 910
Egypt at a crossroads: the presidential elections and their aftermath. Nafi, Basheer M. Essay Jun 22, 2012 5291
Egypt after elections: towards the second republic? Rabou, Ahmed Abd Essay Jun 22, 2012 3443
The campaign triumphant: they're long, exhausting, and sometimes appalling, but America's raucous presidential campaigns are also testimony to the success of its continually evolving democracy. Troy, Gil Jun 22, 2012 3957
Hanging together? Jun 22, 2012 525
The corpse of France. Adamick, Paula Jun 1, 2012 783
How Pat Buchanan conquered America: reliving the 1990s in the 2012 GOP race. Doherty, Brian May 22, 2012 2416
Early primaries, viability and changing preferences for presidential candidates. Collingwood, Loren; Barreto, Matt A.; Donovan, Todd Report May 5, 2012 11857
What is the probability your vote will make a difference? Gelman, Andrew; Silver, Nate; Edlin, Aaron Apr 1, 2012 2738
Tax fairness. Kranacher, Mary-Jo Editorial Mar 1, 2012 804
Where the U.S. Election Stands Now; A review of key indicators that could help determine the outcome. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 6, 2012 2235
Candidates and the image of Reagan. Antle, W. James, III Jan 1, 2012 787
Post-conflict reconstruction, stabilization, and nation-building in an African state: the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone. Dumbuya, Peter Report Sep 22, 2011 6349
Going public when opinion is contested: evidence from presidents' campaigns for Supreme Court nominees, 1930-2009. Cameron, Charles; Park, Jee-Kwang Essay Aug 24, 2011 11280
A speech of no consequence. Trifkovic, Srdja Jul 1, 2011 1706
Crisis management at the dead center: the 1960-1961 presidential transition and the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Friedman, Rebecca R. May 3, 2011 14065
Where does the buck stop? Applying attribution theory to examine public appraisals of the president. Sirin, Cigdem V.; Villalobos, Jose D. May 3, 2011 11689
The road to (and from) the 2010 elections. Brady, David W.; Fiorina, Morris P.; Rivers, R. Douglas Essay Feb 1, 2011 4078
Avoiding stagnation. Bresler, Robert J. Jan 1, 2011 1030
Retrospective voting in presidential primaries. Mayer, William G. Essay Nov 4, 2010 11636
The President's State of the Union address: tradition, function, and policy implications. Shogan, Colleen J.; Neale, Thomas H. Report Nov 1, 2010 6410
Fixing the presidential primaries. Sep 22, 2010 440
Yes we can or yes he can? Citizen preferences regarding styles of representation and presidential voting behavior. Barker, David C.; Carman, Christopher Jan Report Aug 6, 2010 7119
Managing monikers: the role of name presentation in the 2008 presidential election. Block, Ray, Jr.; Onwunli, Chinonye Essay Aug 6, 2010 9031
The exceptional election of 2008: performance, values, and crisis. Campbell, James E. Report May 21, 2010 10577
Insiders, outsiders, and voters in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Hinich, Melvin J.; Shaw, Daron R.; Huang, Taofang Report May 21, 2010 9299
What's the matter with Arkansas? Symbolic racism and 2008 presidential candidate support. Ford, Pearl K.; Maxwell, Angie; Shields, Todd May 21, 2010 7173
Evaluating the impact of vice presidential selection on voter choice. Grofman, Bernard; Kline, Reuben Report May 19, 2010 3105
Party identification in the 2008 presidential election. Winneg, Kenneth; Jamieson, Kathleen Hall Report May 19, 2010 7997
Obama, Palin, and Weber: charisma and social change in the 2008 U.S. election. Bowden, Gary Essay May 1, 2010 8816
Regime structure, stability, and opposition. Katzman, Kenneth Report Apr 1, 2010 5111
Barack's broken promises. Apr 1, 2010 599
Regime structure, stability, and opposition. Katzman, Kenneth Mar 1, 2010 4866
The electoral origin of Japan's nationalistic leadership: primaries in the LDP presidential election and the "pull effect". Sasada, Hironori Report Jan 1, 2010 11186
Listening to Obama--or not. Whitaker, Reg Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2010 1513
La deconstruccion de raza e identidad en el discurso presidencial de Barack Obama. Boyd, Michael S. Report Dec 1, 2009 8919
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth Report Dec 1, 2009 3321
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report Nov 1, 2009 14712
Presidential terms and tenure: perspectives and proposals for change. Neale, Thomas H. Report Oct 1, 2009 16339
The Obama presidential transition: an early assessment. Burke, John P. Essay Sep 1, 2009 16317
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth Jul 1, 2009 3364
Arguments in the 2008 presidential election. Hollihan, Thomas A. Report Jun 22, 2009 2843
Iran's 2009 presidential elections. Addis, Casey L. Report Jun 1, 2009 6472
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Jun 1, 2009 3270
Dixie's kingmakers: stability and change in Southern presidential primary electorates. McKee, Seth C.; Hayes, Danny Jun 1, 2009 8562
In the shadow of Rousseau: gender and the 2007 French presidential elections. Martone, Eric Mar 22, 2009 13134
Polls and elections: how did the primary vote forecasts fare in 2008? Steger, Wayne P. Mar 1, 2009 7129
Regime structure, stability, and elections. Katzman, Kenneth Report Mar 1, 2009 1949
Ghana shows the way: though democracy has gradually taken root in Africa, some elections in the recent past have not been pleasant. Not so in Ghana where elections in December provided so many positive points worth emulating across the continent. Our editor, Baffour Ankomah, returned to his homeland to see how the Ghanaians did it. Ankomah, Baffour Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2009 3536
Clinton cabinet: the politics of change look surprisingly familiar. Vlahos, Kelley Beaucar Dec 1, 2008 1821
A reflection on the election: some thoughts on where we go from here. Lynn, Barry W. Essay Dec 1, 2008 876
A proposition for change: a well-planned campaign can convince voters to support behavioral healthcare services. Huss, Stephen F. Nov 1, 2008 1037
Now that the votes are in: church-state separation in the new administration. Editorial Nov 1, 2008 838
An Admirable Folly: from afar, America's presidential contests often look more like playground antics than a shining example of democracy. But looks can be deceiving. MacShane, Denis Essay Sep 22, 2008 2572
The presidential nomination mess. Ceaser, James W. Essay Sep 22, 2008 4934
If everyone had voted, would Bubba and Dubya Have Won? Sides, John; Schickler, Eric; Citrin, Jack Essay Sep 1, 2008 8687
A presidential election for the ages. Hattersley, Michael Essay Sep 1, 2008 1018
This critical moment. Frank, Barney Essay Sep 1, 2008 2477
HIV: the forgotten election issue. Cahill, Sean Essay Sep 1, 2008 2646
A change election--like no other: what we're witnessing is the maturing of the American people. Zogby, John Aug 1, 2008 737
How Obama won the nomination. Cost, Jay Aug 1, 2008 5182
Do some blacks have a problem with Obama? Those blacks who still cling to the notion that they should stand in the way of a historic decision by America to elect a black president after 222 years, will be relegated to the rubbish heap of history, and will eminently deserve to be there. Duodu, Cameron Apr 1, 2008 1669
2008-2009 presidential transition: national security considerations and options. Rollins, John Report Apr 1, 2008 21095
The 2006 Mexican presidential election: democratic development or democratic debacle? Sabia, Debra; Kohler, Vincent Mar 22, 2008 8297
Bakhtins carnival as part of democratic elections: a re-examination. Fetissenko, Maxim Essay Mar 22, 2008 8301
The presidential pork barrel and the conditioning effect of term. Taylor, Andrew J. Essay Mar 1, 2008 6178
A presidential election simulation: creating a school-wide interdisciplinary program. Joyce, Helen M. Mar 1, 2008 2692
Stable for now: the upcoming presidential election will bring some changes in the next few years, but 2008 should be quiet for medicare. Chordas, Lori Mar 1, 2008 2531
Our Senate problem. Schmitt, Mark Mar 1, 2008 759
The bench, etc.. Mar 1, 2008 318
Election fraud. Reed, Fred Feb 11, 2008 794
Taking back our power. Morin, Chris Jan 1, 2008 655
The language of freedom in the American presidency, 1933-2006. Coe, Kevin Sep 1, 2007 11770
The polls: presidential referendum effects in the 2006 midterm elections. Cohen, Jeffrey E. Sep 1, 2007 6607
Historical trends in questioning presidents, 1953-2000. Clayman, Steven E.; Elliott, Marc N.; Heritage, John; McDonald, Laurie L. Dec 1, 2006 9179
Scheduling the party conventions. Altschuler, Bruce E. Dec 1, 2006 4593
Conceptualizing and measuring White House staff influence on presidential rhetoric. Vaughn, Justin S.; Villalobos, Jose D. Dec 1, 2006 3582
Elections: reliability trumps competence: personal attributes in the 2004 presidential election. Wattenberg, Martin P. Dec 1, 2006 3935
The law: the president "shall nominate": exclusive or shared constitutional power? Sollenberger, Mitchel A. Dec 1, 2006 8993
Zambia: no winners, no losers; After the "difficult" election in September, President Mwanawasa has taken the reconciliation route. Austin Mbewe reports from Lusaka. Mbewe, Austin Nov 1, 2006 719
Drcongo: moment of truth; The first round of DRCongo's elections came and went without an outright winner. The second round therefore was high noon ... in Kinshasa. Stuart Price reports. Price, Stuart Nov 1, 2006 633
Investi-gate: what's really at stake in the November elections. Roth, Zachary Jun 1, 2006 3162
2004 presidential election: an introduction. Wattenberg, Martin P. Jun 1, 2006 732
The Bush effect: polarization, turnout, and activism in the 2004 presidential election. Abramowitz, Alan I.; Stone, Walter J. Jun 1, 2006 5152
Issue knowledge and perceptions of agreement in the 2004 presidential general election. Kenski, Kate; Jamieson, Kathleen Hall Jun 1, 2006 7850
A war too far? Bush, Iraq, and the 2004 U.S. presidential election. McAllister, Ian Jun 1, 2006 9714
Presidential Transitions. Smith, Stephanie Jun 1, 2006 15902
The new guy: Daniel Ortega plots a comeback--but an unlikely foe stands in his way. Kinzer, Stephen May 1, 2006 1889
"Make them pay attention to us": young voters and the 2004 election. Walker, Tobi Mar 22, 2006 4017
Campaigning in 1928: chickens in pots and cars in backyards. Rulli, Daniel F. Mar 22, 2006 2451
Presidential doctrines: an introduction. Brands, H.W. Mar 1, 2006 1721
Election fraud continues in the US. Phillips, Peter Jan 1, 2006 765
Propping up the patriarchy. Rebick, Judy Dec 22, 2005 619
Liberia/Tanzania: elections galore! Liberia and Tanzania go to the polls in October to elect new leaders. Ramadhani Kabale in Dar es Salaam and Jarlawah Tonpo in Monrovia report that the political temperatures in the two countries are rising. Kabale, Ramadhani; Tonpo, Jarlawah Oct 1, 2005 636
Adventures of a sometime McGovernite. Clausen, Christopher Sep 22, 2005 2535
None dare call it stolen: Ohio, the election, and America's servile press. Miller, Mark Crispin Aug 1, 2005 5696
Why Kerry lost. Miller, Patti Jun 22, 2005 1709
Neustadt, new institutionalism, and presidential decision making: a theory and test. Dickinson, Matthew J. Jun 1, 2005 14513
Questioning the questions: an examination of the "unpredictable 2004 Bush-Kerry Town hall debate. Morello, John T. Mar 22, 2005 8609
Lebanon Rises Against Syrian Domination; Egypt Opens Up To Other Presidential Bids. Mar 7, 2005 2697
Connecting the dots. Engelhardt, Tom Feb 28, 2005 1251
George W. Bush: U.S. to illuminate the globe. Feb 21, 2005 412
The present danger. Goldstein, Richard Feb 15, 2005 651
The youth vote: gaining clout: postelection surveys show record turnout among young adults and black voters. Brown, Carolyn M. Feb 1, 2005 518
Voters stay away but Frelimo romps home: apathy characterised the presidential and legislative elections in Mozambique. These are sure signs, says Tom Nevin, that the public is losing confidence in the ability of the ruling party, Frelimo, to deliver on its promises. Nevin, Tom Feb 1, 2005 1142
Neoconning the electorate. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Jan 21, 2005 811
Challenges facing the president: President George W. Bush has ambitious goals for his second term. But he faces many difficulties in meeting them. Fanning, Karen Jan 10, 2005 1237
Youth voting in the 2004 election: the staff of the Center for information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (1). Jan 1, 2005 2160
How to celebrate the inauguration: with the outcome of the November 2004 elections, Humanists, progressives, and all who oppose the right-wing extremism of the Bush administration are called to vigorous and decisive action. Scott, Joni Jan 1, 2005 1807
The Changing Political Climate Bodes Well for Pro-Lifers; Democrats Sold a Pro-Abortion "Bill of Goods". Jan 1, 2005 887
Response to Roe: State Organization and Development; NRLC State Affiliates: Grassroots RTL Power. Jan 1, 2005 1104
The question of the courts. Bresler, Robert J. Jan 1, 2005 999
State of the new black power: election reveals shifts in democratic and Republican parties. Ruffin, David C. Jan 1, 2005 1415
Wilderness training: America's "progressives" could benefit from a short political retreat in the desert. Clarke, Kevin Jan 1, 2005 723
Lessons for labor: what went wrong--and right--for unions in the presidential campaign. Moberg, David Dec 27, 2004 1870
'Big ideas need sharp elbows'. Alterman, Eric Dec 27, 2004 986
Rolling realignment. Busch, Andrew E. Dec 22, 2004 2578
Bush's mandate. Bennett, William J. Dec 22, 2004 2685
Pell Grant trends spell trouble. Bailey, Thomas R.; Jacobs, James Dec 20, 2004 583
Looking back looking forward. Dec 20, 2004 10716
Money for nothing. Alterman, Eric Dec 13, 2004 990
Blue state secession. Sale, Kirkpatrick Dec 13, 2004 648
Sex & the clergy. Kissling, Frances Dec 13, 2004 937
Why Bush scored in Nevada. Abramsky, Sasha Dec 6, 2004 3643
Democrats score in the Rockies: the west is not nearly as 'red' as the red/blue maps and pundits would suggest. Nichols, John Dec 6, 2004 2943
Our moral values. Lakoff, George Dec 6, 2004 1034
The fight goes on. Corn, David Dec 6, 2004 749
Runaway train. Rothschild, Matthew Editorial Dec 1, 2004 551
Christian Coalition voter guides were partisan, inaccurate, AU says. Dec 1, 2004 650
Morals of the election. Starr, Paul Dec 1, 2004 728
An uncertain trumpet. Kuttner, Robert Dec 1, 2004 730
A redder Senate in '06? Rosenfeld, Sam Dec 1, 2004 528
Uno, dos, tres ... Meyerson, Harold Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 332
What's next? The mourning period is over. Now, four simple guidelines for becoming a majority party. Brinkley, Alan Dec 1, 2004 4128
Voting alone: in red-state America, politics is much more deeply integrated into other aspects of people's daily lives. Cohen, Lizabeth Dec 1, 2004 843
Conviction politics: one Democratic hero emerged from November 2. His fellow Democrats should study up on why. Perlstein, Rick Dec 1, 2004 822
Think globally: just how many elections do Democrats have to lose before they deal with their foreign-policy problem? Mann, James Dec 1, 2004 829
Insecurity blanket: Kerry's foreign-policy problem was really his party's. It's time for Democrats to get serious once and for all. Yglesias, Matthew Dec 1, 2004 1459
Wedding-bell blues: it's possible that Democrats could have fought this one to a draw if they had emphasized discrimination. Wildman, Sarah Dec 1, 2004 1376
Pin the terrorist on the donkey. Alterman, Eric Nov 29, 2004 1013
A stolen election? Corn, David Nov 29, 2004 1263
The faith factor. Ehrenreich, Barbara Nov 29, 2004 1016
Banned in the USA. Lisotta, Christopher Nov 29, 2004 756
Strange mandate. Schell, Jonathan Nov 29, 2004 1083
Minding tomorrow, with an eye on yesterday. Weaver, Jason Nov 22, 2004 974
Blue East, meet the red West. Drumm, Kevin Nov 22, 2004 974
Election 2004: where do we go from here? With the GOP's major victories in the White House and the U.S. Congress on Nov. 2, community-college leaders and students are wondering what lies in store for higher education during the next four years. Miller, M.H. Cover Story Nov 22, 2004 2306
Don't say we didn't warn you. Cockburn, Alexander Nov 22, 2004 1085
Mourn. Pollitt, Katha Nov 22, 2004 1010
Dark days ahead. Corn, David Nov 22, 2004 1040
Hammered. Nichols, John Nov 22, 2004 844
Fears of a world divided. Margaronis, Maria Nov 22, 2004 626
The party's over. Wypijewski, JoAnn Nov 22, 2004 832
Busted in Vegas. Cooper, Marc Nov 22, 2004 848
The public found Bush a safer, choice; 'prudent, principled and discriminating voters' delivered a clear result. Royal, Robert Nov 19, 2004 1016
Yes, but what about the rest of us? The Nov. 2 election pitted two extremes against each other. Chittister, Joan Nov 19, 2004 813
Voting blocks. Williams, Patricia J. Nov 15, 2004 998
Looking tough. Schell, Jonathan Nov 15, 2004 1085
A sign of things to come. Cole, David Nov 15, 2004 825
Nader's flawed calculus. Nichols, John Nov 15, 2004 375
A long four years in Midland. Cobb, Russell Nov 8, 2004 1526
Plotting an Ohio surprise. Moberg, David Nov 8, 2004 1010
Why I'm for Kerry. Corn, David Nov 8, 2004 1004
Why I'm (slightly) for Bush. Hitchens, Christopher Nov 8, 2004 1311
Mary Cheney, Mary Cheney. Pollitt, Katha Nov 8, 2004 1029
John Kerry for President. Nov 8, 2004 3834
In and out of play in the Midwest. Roberts, Tom Nov 5, 2004 581

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