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Strategic Imperative: A Competitive Framework for US-Sino Relations. Ferguson, Michael R. Sep 22, 2021 8764
How could we possibly have got it so wrong? ANALYSIS. MIKE TAPP , EX-BRITISH MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Aug 21, 2021 229
OLC: Congressional Notice Period Prior to Withdrawing from Treaty Unconstitutional. Elsea, Jennifer K. May 1, 2021 2168
The Law of Foreign Missions and Media in U.S.-China Relations. Mulligan, Stephen P. May 1, 2021 2934
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): An Intercultural Communication Perspective. Chen, Guo-Ming Report Jan 1, 2021 11621
Deciphering France's Mediterranean and Foreign Policy against Turkey. Yildirim, Galip Emre Jan 1, 2021 7996
Why Trump will continue to influence US foreign policy. Alistair Burt Nov 18, 2020 874
A Shift or Priority? An Afrocentric Analysis of Zuma's Foreign Policy towards China. Maphaka, Dominic Nov 1, 2020 7279
Selling the Narrative. Oct 3, 2020 1044
The Cardinal Sins of Diplomatic Political Analysis. Smith, Raymond Aug 1, 2020 2078
Uzbekistan: A State Undergoing Total Reconstruction. Bodio, Tadeusz Report Jun 1, 2020 12210
Neutral state proposed to cut foreign influence. May 8, 2020 1128
FPI presents analysis of WB6 foreign policies alignment with EU foreign policy. Apr 27, 2020 350
'Korea may be able to provide pandemic prevention model'. Apr 17, 2020 723
Start Small and Think Big to Rebuild the U.S.-Turkey Relationship. Coffey, Luke Report Mar 22, 2020 4434
LOSS AVERSION AND RISK-SEEKING IN KOREA-JAPAN RELATIONS. You, Chaekwang; Kim, Wonjae Report Mar 1, 2020 11085
Incorporating Research Design in Public Diplomacy: The Role of Listening to Foreign Publics. Cortes, Juve J.; Jamieson, Thomas Feb 1, 2020 7614
Is Mr. Kim a "Nuclear Madman" or a "Reasonable Leader"? Media Framing of Kim Jong-un's Images in South Korean and U.S. Newspapers. Lee, Na Yeon; Baek, Kanghui; Jeong, Sun Ho Feb 1, 2020 9294
Analysis: Trump changes terms of 2020 race with Iran turmoil. STEVE PEOPLES AP National Political Writer Jan 10, 2020 972
Writing Malaysia and the Moro Identity: An Analysis of the Moro National Liberation Front's Foreign Policy. Mahinay, Krizza Janica Report Jan 1, 2020 8941
Russia as a Great Power and the Quest for International Recognition. Salajan, Loretta C. Dec 1, 2019 5354
Trump's Iran policy undoubtedly working. Dr. John C. Hulsman Nov 8, 2019 990
Change or Consistency? A Historical Overview of South Africa's Post-apartheid Foreign Policy. Gqiza, Lona; Ogunnubi, Olusola Nov 1, 2019 6510
Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next. Book review Sep 1, 2019 109
Diplomacy--protecting our interests: Winston Peters outlines the government's achievements in intensifying New Zealand's international voice and some of the challenges it faces, especially trade risks. Peters, Winston Sep 1, 2019 1905
Use of terror will remain part of Pak's foreign policy: Former intelligence official. Jul 9, 2019 707
Foreign Policy Analysis A Toolbox. Yilmaz, Ayfer Genc Report Jun 22, 2019 1796
Chasing the Dream: The Salman Doctrine and Saudi Arabia's Bid for Regional Dominance. Nuruzzaman, Mohammed Jun 22, 2019 4125
Why the Neutrality of Azerbaijan Is Important for the European Union. Abilov, Shamkhal; Hajiyev, Beyrak Jun 22, 2019 5741
TIKA's Soft Power: Nation Branding in Turkish Foreign Policy. Akilli, Erman; Celenk, Bengu Jun 22, 2019 6242
MP: US Waging Psy-War with Carrier Deployment. May 13, 2019 669
South Africa's efforts to Project Influence and Power in Africa (2000 to 2017). Prinsloo, Barend Louwrens May 1, 2019 11037
The Challenges and Formative Moment of Romanian Semi-Presidentialism. Salajan, Loretta C. Report Apr 1, 2019 5250
Prospects for Trilateral Relations between Turkey, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mulalic, Muhidin Report Mar 22, 2019 7431
Brexit and the External Trade Policy of the EU. Zimmermann, Hubert Report Mar 22, 2019 9550
OUR HERODOTUS. Owens, Mackubin Thomas Essay Jan 1, 2019 2530
Russia in Africa: A Search for Continuity in a Post-Cold War Era. Matusevich, Maxim Essay Jan 1, 2019 5956
Levantine Challenges on Turkish Foreign Policy/Turk Dis Politikasi'nda Levant. Aydin, Mustafa; Dizdaroglu, Cihan Report Dec 22, 2018 7881
Understanding Tehran's Long Game in the Levant/Tahran'in Levant'taki Uzun Soluklu Oyununu Anlamak. Vakil, Sanam Report Dec 22, 2018 8772
US Policies Adrift in a Levant in Turmoil/ABD'nin Levant Hengamesinde Sureklenen Politikalari. Gormus, Evrim; Ozel, Soli Report Dec 22, 2018 8940
Applying the Loyal Opposition Tradition to Foreign Policy: A U.S.-Ukraine Case Study (Part II). Winters, Isaiah Dec 1, 2018 10528
Foreign Policy in Nigeria's Fourth Republic: A Critical Analysis of Some Unresolved Issues. Ujara, Ese C.; Ibietan, Jide Report Dec 1, 2018 8946
Foreign Policy of Modern Persia (Iran) and the Middle East. Houshisadat, Seyed Mohammad Report Dec 1, 2018 15488
US Foreign Policy towards Ghana and Tanzania: An Afrocentric Review. Shai, Kgothatso B. Nov 1, 2018 6303
An Unremarkable Foreign Policy: Still waiting for Trump s radical break with the status quo. Barndollar, Gil Nov 1, 2018 2458
Washington is rethinking 'One China policy' and Taiwan relations: analysis. Sep 25, 2018 382
Turkey's Comeback to Central Asia. Balci, Bayram; Liles, Thomas Sep 22, 2018 5848
Uzbekistan as a Gateway for Turkey's Return to Central Asia. Yalinkilicli, Esref Sep 22, 2018 6325
Kazakhstan's Multi-Vectorism and Sino-Russian Relations. Omelicheva, Mariya Y.; Du, Ruoxi Sep 22, 2018 6059
Soft Power in China's Security Strategy: LTC Mikail Kalimuddin, SAF. Anderson, David A. Report Sep 22, 2018 10668
Hungarian foreign policy towards Africa during communism and in the post-Soviet era. Tarrosy, Istvan Report Sep 22, 2018 5774
Eminent scholars to analyze emerging world order, changing statecraft. Sep 17, 2018 468
Macroeconomic challenges limit the effects of CEFTA implementation in BiH. Sep 10, 2018 677
ANALYSIS: Can Pakistan afford confronting US for Iran? Sep 1, 2018 773
Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Analyzing Networks and Content. Sevin, Efe; Ingenhoff, Diana Sep 1, 2018 9615
Blunders, Scandals, and Strategic Communication in U.S. Foreign Policy: Benghazi vs. 9/11. Entman, Robert; Stonbely, Sarah Report Aug 1, 2018 9507
Geopolitical Dimensions of "The China Dream": Exploring Strategic Narratives of the Chinese Communist Party. Hinck, Robert; Manly, Jacquelyn; Kluver, Randolph; Norris, William Report Jul 1, 2018 9785
Brazil's global aspirations and the public: an assessment on perspectives, drivers and consistency/As aspiracoes globais do Brasil e o publico: uma avaliacao sobre perspectivas, motivacoes e coerencia. Pinho, Ana Paula Borges Jul 1, 2018 3578
Why We Fight: A Study of U.S. Government War-Making Propaganda. Seagren, Chad W.; Henderson, David R. Essay Jun 22, 2018 10261
Greek Foreign Policy in Defence of the National Interest: Teetering between Exceptionalism and Integration/Ulusal Cikar Savunmasinda Yunan Dis Politikasi: Istisnacilik ve Butunlesme arasinda Bocalama. Triantaphyllou, Dimitrios Jun 22, 2018 6360
The Chessboard & the Web: Strategies of Connection in a Networked World. de Arimateia, Jose Book review Jun 22, 2018 1066
Building a Digital Silk Road? Situating the Internet in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Shen, Hong Report Jun 1, 2018 8758
A Survey of AEI's Work on the Middle East. Pletka, Danielle Report Jun 1, 2018 9003
Ontological Security and the European Union Global Strategy. Salajan, Loretta C. Report Jun 1, 2018 5473
The Domestic Dimension of Israeli Public Diplomacy. Jurkova, Jitka Panek Case study Jun 1, 2018 5037
What Shapes Colombia's Foreign Position on Climate Change?/Factores que determinan la posicion de la politica exterior de Colombia con relacion al cambio climatico/Fatores que determinam a posicao da politica exterior da Colombia quanto a mudanca climatica. Bustos, Maria Camila Apr 1, 2018 9562
Uzbek Foreign Ministry to focus on developing foreign economic relations. Jan 13, 2018 235
Historical Perspective on China's "Tipping Point" with North Korea. Kim, Donggil; Lee, Seong-hyon Essay Jan 1, 2018 10882
An Illustration of Sino-Turkish Relations: The Cyprus Question. Temiz, Kadir Jan 1, 2018 6817
Is Pakistan a Failed State? An Assessment of Islamist Ideals, Nationalist Articulation and Ground Realities. Al-Ahsan, Abdullah Essay Jan 1, 2018 9171
Reconceptualising Foreign Policy as Gendered, Sexualised and Racialised: Towards a Postcolonial Feminist Foreign Policy (Analysis). Achilleos-Sarll, Columba Jan 1, 2018 7695
Silences and hierarchies in European Union Public Diplomacy. Sandrin, Paula Orrico; Hoffmann, Andrea Ribeiro Jan 1, 2018 7934
TRUMP v. INTERNATIONAL LAW: WHO'S WINNING? Koh, Harold Hongju Jan 1, 2018 7119
One China Policy: Origins and Implications for the Current US Taiwan Policy/One China Policy: Origens e Implicacoes para a Atual Politica de Taiwan dos EUA. Nogueira, Isabela; Deng, Ben Lian; Colbert, Caroline Rocha Travassos Jan 1, 2018 4602
Russian Documents of Foreign and Security Policy after 2014: main changes and implications/Documentos de Politica Externa e de Seguranca da Russia apos 2014: principais mudancas e implicacoes. Piccolli, Larlecianne; Dall'Agnol, Augusto Cesar; Pereira, Tito L.B. Report Jan 1, 2018 5245
Hidrocarbonetos tem lado? A Bolivia, o Globo e a Politica Externa Brasileira. Monteiro, Eduardo Da Nobrega Jan 1, 2018 6926
O Brasil e as questoes do Kosovo e da Crimeia. de Menezes, Gustavo Oliveira Teles Jan 1, 2018 9141
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy. Tuch, Hans N. Essay Dec 23, 2017 783
Re-Engineering Nigeria's Foreign Policy in the Post-Military Era: Olusegun Obasanjo's Presidency and Nigeria's African Foreign Policy. Badmus, Isiaka Alani; Ogunmola, 'Dele Essay Dec 1, 2017 11035
Religious Factor in The Foreign Policy of Great States in the Caucasus. Oghlu, Aghasiyev Ikram Karim Dec 1, 2017 4419
US foreign policy substantively the same. Dearie, James Nov 3, 2017 1310
China-US Relations Under Trump: More Continuity Than Change. Daojiong, Zha Essay Oct 1, 2017 5356
Postulates on United States Foreign Policy Toward Ghana: An Exegesis. Iddris, Abdul Razak Report Oct 1, 2017 3516
China, a regional power: an analysis of Chinese actions in East Asia/China, uma potencia regional: analise da atuacao chinesa no leste asiatico/China, una potencia regional: analisis de la actuacion china en el Asia oriental. Silva, Magno Klein Oct 1, 2017 11967
American Visions of a Postimperial World, getting a grip on the so-called "Hybrid Warfare," A Systems Model on Corruption and Anticorruption Reform,towards an Explanation of the Recurrence of Military Coups in Lesotho, A Feminist Normative Analysis of the Libyan Intervention. Mauduit, Remy M. Essay Sep 22, 2017 875
Confusing Signals: The Impact on U.S. Diplomats' Mission to Effectively Implement U.S. Foreign Policy. Rugh, William A. Sep 1, 2017 1603
An analysis of the major challenges and obstacles for international technical cooperation in health, Brazil-Mozambique. Pereira, Eduardo Mazzaroppi Barao Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 6254
The enemy of my ally is not my enemy: the ROK-US alliance and ROK-Iran relations, 1978-1983. Choi, Lyong; Shin, Jong-dae Report Jul 1, 2017 8871
Bold policies needed to ensure real inclusiveness: Hungary remains committed to achieving real economic growth at home and abroad. Szijjarto, Peter Jul 1, 2017 1026
Trump and Latin America: continuity and change: Trump's chaotic foreign policy signals more difficulties for the left in Latin America. Dominguez, Francisco Essay Jun 22, 2017 4229
America's Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean. Ellis, R. Evan Jun 22, 2017 9288
Analysis: Arab-Islamic-American Summit on the Light of the Iranian Elections. May 21, 2017 1025
Analysis: Riyadh Summit in light of Rouhani's win. May 21, 2017 1025
Let's Not Get Distracted by "Shiny Objects," President Trump's "America First" Foreign Policy is Out of Sync with the Problems of the 21st Century. Murnane, John R. Mar 31, 2017 2469
"Small states" in international relations: development, definition, foreign policy and alliance behavior/Uluslararasi iliskilerde "kucuk devletler": gelisimi, tanimi, dis politika ve ittifak davranislari. Tur, Ozlem; Salik, Nuri Essay Mar 22, 2017 9154
The EU "Engagement Without Recognition" Policy in its Eastern Neighborhood de facto States. The Case Of Abkhazia And South Ossetia. Sabou, Alexandra Mar 1, 2017 4568
The Foreign Policy Triangle: A Schema to Promote Understanding of the Basis for Foreign Policy Decisions. Brown, Russell C. Essay Mar 1, 2017 2198
Let's Not Get Distracted by "Shiny Objects," President Trump's "America First" Foreign Policy is Out of Sync with the Problems of the 21st Century. Murnane, John R. Essay Mar 1, 2017 2565
Islamist views on foreign policy: Examples of Turkish Pan-Islamism in the writings of Sezai Karakoc and Necmettin Erbakan. Calabro, Alessio Essay Jan 1, 2017 10608
Toward a North American foreign policy footprint. Sarukhan, Earl Anthony Wayne Report Jan 1, 2017 4744
The Brazil-European union strategic partnership, from Lula to Dilma Rousseff: a shift of focus. Saraiva, Miriam Gomes Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 8391
What is a human rights foreign policy?: Definitions, double standards, and the carter administration. Borshoff, Isabella Dec 22, 2016 9127
Ideology and foreign policy: a comparative analysis of Kemalist (1930-1939) and Islamist (2011-2015) foreign policies in Turkey/Ideoloji ve dis politika: Turkiye'de Kemalist (1930-1939) ve Islamci (2011-2015) dis politikalarin karsilastirmali bir analizi. Kilinc, Ramazan Report Dec 22, 2016 10446
The domestic politics of Indonesia's approach to the tribunal ruling and the South China Sea. Laksmana, Evan A. Report Dec 1, 2016 2604
Xi Jinping's foreign policy dilemma: one belt, one road or the South China Sea? Nie, Wenjuan Dec 1, 2016 8660
Russia's image and soft power Resources in Southeast Asia: Perceptions among Young Elites in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Bukh, Alexander Dec 1, 2016 10633
Speaker's Advisor: Trump's Election Changing Political Equations in Region. Nov 21, 2016 588
An independent foreign policy: Wayne Mapp suggests that New Zealand must adapt if it is to fully realise the potential of its current approach to international affairs. Mapp, Wayne Nov 1, 2016 2821
Relocating the US Embassy in Israel: A cost benefit analysis for Trump administration. Hodgkins, Alison Oct 5, 2016 2392
Apocalypse now: Colonel Klein and the legitimacy of the Kunduz air strike narratives in German television films. Heck, Axel Oct 1, 2016 7985
Between capability and foreign policy: comparing Turkey's small power and middle power status/Kabiliyetler ve dis politika: Turkiye'nin kucuk ve orta duzeyde guc statusunun karsilastirilmasi. Baba, Gurol; Onsoy, Murat Essay Sep 22, 2016 9014
Methodological nationalism and the study of foreign policy in Turkey/Metodolojik ulusculuk ve Turkiye'de dis politika calismalari. Tabak, Husrev Essay Sep 22, 2016 8922
Libertarians and foreign policy: the individual, the state, and war. Preble, Christopher Sep 21, 2016 6269
"Independent internationalism" and the military forces needed for it. Eland, Ivan Sep 21, 2016 8291
Empire state of mind: the illiberal foundations of liberal hegemony. Coyne, Christopher J.; Blanco, Abigail R. Hall Sep 21, 2016 6196
Endangered hawks: why the Senate's militarist caucus will lose in November. Larison, Daniel Jul 1, 2016 1846
Malcolm X and United States policies towards Africa: a qualitative analysis of his black nationalism and peace through power and coercion paradigms. Bangura, Abdul Karim Essay Jul 1, 2016 13536
The relevance of Emmanuel Hevi: China in contemporary Sino-African relations. Matambo, Emmanuel; Mtshali, Khondlo Report Jul 1, 2016 8465
Role of Ideology in Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Iran. Javaid, Umbreen; Naz, Uzma; Watoo, Muhammad Arshad; Rashid, Azhar Report Jun 30, 2016 4123
Exploring Transition in Indian Perspective about Kashmir Issue through its Mainstream Cinema, 1992-2015. Jun 30, 2016 5343
Xi Jinping's political economic transformation and its international implications: a preliminary assessment. Dittmer, Lowell Essay Jun 22, 2016 10012
Cultural variables in foreign policy: Ismail Cem and Ahmet Davutoglu/ Kulturel degiskenlerin dis politikadaki yeri: Ismail Cem ve Ahmet Davutoglu. Tugtan, Mehmet Ali Jun 22, 2016 10034
The Soviet Union's view of the pre-war period (1933-1939): who is the responsible for the nazi occupation of Europe?/Sovyetler Birligi'nin savas oncesi doneme bakisi (1933-1939): nazilerin avrupa'yi isgalinin sorumlusu kim? Bekcan, Umut Report Jun 22, 2016 8599
Extremism and ethnicity: a crucial interface of contemporary geopolitical strategy to be better addressed by international policy. Benedikter, Roland Report Jun 1, 2016 9867
Obesity in Foreign Affairs. Bridges, Peter Apr 27, 2016 2143
Turkey courts Africa for diversification: Turkey's deepening ties with Africa are a foreign policy success, but a domestic split raises concerns. Thompson, Neil Apr 1, 2016 995
Cultural variables in foreign policy: Ismail Cem and Ahmet Davutoglu/Kulturel degiskenlerin dis politikadaki yeri: Ismail Cem ve Ahmet Davutoglu. Tugtan, Mehmet Ali Report Mar 22, 2016 10028
Reinvention of Turkish foreign policy in Latin America: the Cuba case. Akilli, Erman; Donelli, Federico Essay Mar 22, 2016 8830
Militarism or internationalism? British foreign policy at a crossroads. Wearing, David Mar 22, 2016 6443
Means and intentions: Nigeria should focus on local and African concerns rather than the North Korean rocket launch. Wambu, Onyekachi Essay Mar 1, 2016 651
ANZUS: 'our richest prize' or 'that scrap of paper'? Ken Ross examines the intellectual underpinnings of New Zealand's search for a comfortable relationship with the United States. Ross, Ken Essay Mar 1, 2016 3189
Towards more pragmatism: German foreign policy after the euro crisis. Frohlich, Stefan Essay Jan 1, 2016 4748
Foreign policy analysis in Latin American democracies: The case for a research protocol. Lopes, Dawisson Belem; de Faria, Carlos Aurelio Pimenta; Santos, Manoel Ensayo Jan 1, 2016 7943
Militancy and Counter Militancy measures: Impact on Pakistan's Foreign Policy. Khalid , Iram Report Dec 31, 2015 9102
Psychoanalysis of Leaders: Case Study of President Zia and President Musharraf Leadership in Conceptual Framework. Khalid, Iram; Sulman, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2015 8928
Aerial reconnaissance, the press, and American foreign policy, 1950-1954. Farquhar, John T. Dec 22, 2015 8701
Why American leadership still matters. Lieberman, Joseph; Kyl, Jon Report Dec 1, 2015 13469
Why American leadership still matters. Lieberman, Joseph; Kyl, Jon Report Dec 1, 2015 15122
Designing political and diplomatic relations during the Crimean War. Evidence from the Romanian-Russian encounters (1853-1856). Dinu, Elena Steluta Essay Dec 1, 2015 5322
Old wine in old bottles. Hunter, Robert E. Nov 6, 2015 1253
Charles Brunsdon Fletcher, the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Van Heekeren, Margaret Critical essay Nov 1, 2015 4703
South Africa's emerging parliamentary diplomacy and soft power. Masters, Lesley Nov 1, 2015 6960
The election should prompt debate on the future of U.S. foreign policy. Oct 23, 2015 1043
Order and counter-order: the European system and Russia. Middleton, Ted Report Sep 22, 2015 7836
Prussian delegate Karl Adolf Von Rexin's effects on development of Ottoman-Prussian relations/ Osmanli Prusya Iliskilerinin Gelisiminde Prusya Elcisi Karl Adolf Von Rexin'in Faaliyetleri (1755-1761). Kurtaran, Ugur Report Sep 22, 2015 6977
Why the Middle East isn't ready for a breakup. Interview Sep 15, 2015 384
China's new Latin America policy. Myers, Margaret Sep 1, 2015 726
Buhari's foreign policy: closer to home than America. Schneider, James Aug 1, 2015 1360
The "Abe effect" in Northeast Asia: the interplay of security, economy, and identity. Sohn, Yul Report Jul 1, 2015 791
China's perceptions of and responses to Abe's foreign policy. Zhang, Xiaoming Report Jul 1, 2015 5658
The Resonance of Islam Versus the West" in Pakistan's Foreign Policy 1947 to 1957. Syed, Imran Report Jun 30, 2015 4996
Post-structural approaches and basic concepts of International Relations/Post-Yapisalci Yaklasimlar ve Uluslararasi Iliskilerin Temel Kavramlari. Aydin-Duzgit, Senem Report Jun 22, 2015 7622
Globalists and Communists create, exploit Islamic terror: in foreign policy, Western globalists and Eastern communists have similar methods and purposes: they exploit ignorant Muslims to expand government power. Newman, Alex Jun 8, 2015 2807
SAUDI ARABIA - Apr 30 - King Salman Resets Succession To Cope With Turbulent Times. May 2, 2015 679
Regional hegemonic contention and the asymmetry of soft power: a comparative analysis of South Africa and Nigeria. Ogunnubi, Olusola; Isike, Christopher May 1, 2015 9567
Petraeus Repeats Iran Is The Biggest Threat, Not ISIS. Mar 23, 2015 1509
Whose story won? Public diplomacy and international news coverage of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla/Mavi Marmara raid/Kimin Hikayesi Kazandi? 2010 Gazze Filosu/Mavi marmara baskininin uluslararasi haber medyasinda ele alinisi ve kamu diplomasisi. Bayram, Salih Report Mar 22, 2015 11143
Iran and the Arab Spring: asymmetry in a two-way mirror?/Iran ve arap bahari: cift tarafli aynadaki asimetri mi? Okyar, Onur Report Mar 22, 2015 9209
Turkey-Taiwan relations in the context of Turkey's Asia Pacific policy/Turkiye'nin Asya Pasifik politikasi baglaminda Turkiye-Tayvan iliskileri. Kasim, Kamer Report Mar 22, 2015 9758
Obama's "new beginning": US foreign policy and comic exceptionalism. Chirindo, Kundai; Neville-Shepard, Ryan Report Mar 22, 2015 9719
When diplomatic breakups occur: Paul Bellamy traces the troubled course of Australian-North Korean relations since 1974, and its impact on New Zealand. Bellamy, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2015 2691
Obama, Daesh and the name game. Brief article Feb 25, 2015 299
China's friendly offensive toward Japan in the 1950s: the theory of wedge strategies and international relations. Yoo, Hyon Joo Jan 1, 2015 8560
Inflated hope, unchanged reality: China's response to North Korea's third nuclear test. Kim, Jih-Un Jan 1, 2015 6895
Getting around the security council table: Terence O'Brien reflects on the challenges that face New Zealand following its election to the world security body. O'Brian, Terence Essay Jan 1, 2015 2647
Hitler's rise to power in Germany and the Baltic states in 1933--the foreign policy aspect/Hitleri voimuletulek saksamaal ja Balti riigid 1933. Aastal--valispoliitiline aspekt. Ilmjarv, Magnus Report Jan 1, 2015 14164
Brazil's technical cooperation with Africa: comparing Fernando Henrique cardoso's (1995-2002) and Lula da Silva's (2003-2010) administrations/A cooperacao tecnica do Brasil com a Africa: comparando os governos Fernando Henrique cardoso (1995-2002) e Lula da Silva (2003-2010). Junior, Wilson Mendonca; De Faria, Carlos Aurelio Pimenta Ensayo Jan 1, 2015 6507
Vietnam-Cuba cooperation. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 119
Old attitudes in Japan's new leadership: Stuart McMillan examines the Abe government's approach to international affairs and finds some worrying aspects. McMillan, Stuart Report Nov 1, 2014 3100
Engaging with the world: Terence O'Brien discusses angles and aspects of New Zealand's approach to external relations. O'Brien, Terence Report Nov 1, 2014 3725
The European Union needs a reset of its foreign-policy strategy. Oct 17, 2014 948
Post-2014 Afghanistan and its impact on Northeast Asia. Godehardt, Nadine; Shim, David Oct 1, 2014 6900
Afghanistan in the foreign policies of Middle Eastern countries. Furtig, Henner Oct 1, 2014 7967
While the storm clouds gather. Codevilla, Angelo M. Essay Sep 22, 2014 7503
Security in Turkey: perception, politics and structure/Turkiye'de guvenlik: algi, politika, yapi. Aydin, Mustafa; Ereker, Fulya Report Sep 22, 2014 12227
Promised Land: U.S. foreign policy in the founding era. McDougall, Walter A. Essay Sep 22, 2014 7432
What U.S. foreign service officers should know. Codevilla, Angelo M. Essay Sep 22, 2014 7395
Absurd in Afghanistan: the Islamic world needs Avicenna, not America. Doran, Andrew Essay Sep 1, 2014 4449
Explaining US strategic partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region: origins, developments and prospects. Parameswaran, Prashanth Essay Aug 1, 2014 10277
Why liberalism means empire: democracy isn't the end of history, it's a product of power. McCarthy, Daniel Cover story Jul 1, 2014 4378
Analyzing Dilma Rousseff's foreign policy through the perspective of Brazil's official discourses at the UN/A analise da politica externa do governo Dilma Rousseff na perspectiva dos pronunciamentos oficiais na ONU. De Souza, Andre Luiz Coelho Farias; Dos Santos, Vinicius Silva Jul 1, 2014 5187
Ten principles of operational diplomacy: a proposed framework. Kreutzer, Paul Report Jun 18, 2014 2432
Elusive equilibrium: America, Iran, and Saudi Arabia in a changing Middle East. Wehrey, Frederic; Sadjadpour, Karim Viewpoint essay Jun 13, 2014 1840
Democracy promotion and Americans' support for troop use. Kim, Dukhong Jun 1, 2014 10473
ARAB US RELATIONS - May 31 - Obama On Syria: No Early End To Terrible Suffering. May 31, 2014 869
South Africa and abusive regimes at the UN Human Rights Council. Jordaan, Eduard Report Apr 1, 2014 10076
Strengths and constraints of Turkish policy in the South Caucasus. Balci, Bayram Essay Mar 22, 2014 3990
The impact of the "new" zero problems policy and the Arab Spring on the relations between Turkey and Lebanese factions. Yetim, Mustafa; Hamade, Bilal Essay Mar 22, 2014 3720
Turkey's power in the Middle East and North Africa: an assessment of the potential and the limits of non-coercive power/Turkiye'nin Kuzey Afrika ve Ortadogu bolgesindeki gucu: zorlayici olmayan gucun imkan ve sinirlari. Kose, Talha Report Mar 22, 2014 11732
The return of Antarctica and the origins and future of potential conflict: the Eisenhower Administration's formulation of U.S. Antarctic policy, 1953-1959. Dobransky, Steve Report Mar 19, 2014 12002
Principle and Prudence in American Foreign Policy. Abrahamson, James L. Mar 19, 2014 390
Should Washington be concerned with Italy's Iran policy? Alcaro, Riccardo Mar 14, 2014 906
Turkey: Background and U.S. relations. Zanotti, Jim Report Mar 1, 2014 11994
Turkey: Background and U.S. relations. Zanotti, Jim Report Mar 1, 2014 20551
Emerging international norms and state behavior: Chinese foreign policy between "pluralist pull" and "solidarist push". Cupac, Jelena Report Feb 1, 2014 9841
The false promise of India's soft power. Mukherjee, Rohan Report Jan 1, 2014 6425
Building partners through academic science. Thorson, Stuart; Seo, Hyunjin Report Jan 1, 2014 6186
Lessons from German reunification for inter-Korean relations: an analysis of South Korean public spheres, 1990-2010. Shin, Jin-Wook Report Jan 1, 2014 8733
The next phase in the consolidation and expansion of global governance. Thakur, Ramesh; Job, Brian; Serrano, Menica; Tussle, Diana Essay Jan 1, 2014 1734
The moment of creation: do America's current challenges in the Middle East trace back to Harry Truman's 1948 missteps? Gorenberg, Gershom Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 2566
South America: the priority of Brazilian Foreign Policy/ America Do Sul: Prioridade Para A Politica Externa Brasileira. De Lima Baena Soares, Embaixador Clemente Jan 1, 2014 3062
The Formation of the Brazilian System of Foreign Policy/ A Formacao do Sistema Brasileiro de Politica Exterior. Mesquita, Lucas Ribeiro Ensayo Jan 1, 2014 4835
Foreign policy toward South America and parties' polarization: an analysis of PSDB and PT stances', along the government of Lula da Silva (2003-2010)/ Politica externa para a America do Sul e polarizacao partidaria: uma analise dos posicionamentos do PSDB e do PT, durante o governo de Lula da Silva (2003-2010). Gaviao, Leandro Ensayo Jan 1, 2014 5562
Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Internal Challenges. Mazhar, Muhammad Saleem; Goraya, Naheed S. Report Dec 31, 2013 4740
With Iran, Obama can end America's long war for the Middle East. Bacevich, Andrew J. Viewpoint essay Dec 13, 2013 1372
Pakistan's foreign policy based on principles of international peace: Wajid Shamsul Hasan. Dec 8, 2013 120
Vietnam's hedging strategy against China since normalization. Hiep, Le Hong Essay Dec 1, 2013 12537
Australia's 2015 defence white paper: seeking strategic opportunities in Southeast Asia to help manage China's peaceful rise. Lee, John Essay Dec 1, 2013 11003
Idiosyncrasies in the foreign policy decision-making (II): emotional (affective) idiosyncrasies. Ciot, Melania-Gabriela Report Dec 1, 2013 5307
Neoliberalism in blackface: Barack Obama and deracialization, 2007-2012. George, Hermon Essay Dec 1, 2013 15318
JFK, Warmonger: his foreign policy was worse than George W. Bush's. Raimondo, Justin Nov 1, 2013 2394
Warfare state to welfare state: conflict causes government to expand at home. Eland, Ivan Sep 22, 2013 13005
Bismarck and Blowitz at the Congress of Berlin. Stone, James J. Report Sep 22, 2013 12504
America's collapse in the Middle East. Helprin, Mark Sep 22, 2013 998
Freedom to live; freedom to die. Human, Eve Sep 22, 2013 1099
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Jonathan's China safari: President Goodluck Jonathan led a high-level delegation of politicians and business people to China in July, where multi-billion-dollar deals were inked and bilateral relations were given a new lease of life. Of course, cynics criticised the exercise; but the consensus was that it was a win-win scenario for both countries, as Bola Olajuwon reports. Olajuwon, Bola Aug 1, 2013 1067
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