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Analysis techniques for racecar data acquisition.


Analysis techniques for racecar data acquisition.

Segers, Jorge.

SAE International


186 pages




Racing team leader Segers sticks to the hard facts as he describes how to analyze the performance of both car and driver to get more of both on the racetrack. He begins with the basics on data acquisition, then describes the requirements for data analysis software and compares features. He addresses the basic measurements from lap markers and inertial track mapping to GPS and data logging, then covers the measurement of straight-line acceleration (including measurement of torque and horsepower), braking (including braking effort and lockup), gearing (including downshifting), cornering, roll stiffness distribution, wheel loads and weight transfer, shock absorbers and aerodynamics. He fully describes how to measure drivers' performance and closes with chapters on simulation tools and using the data acquisition system for developing race strategy.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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