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Analysis of the impact of the new typology of social services.

Tenders are invited for Analysis of the impact of the new typology of social services to the functioning of the system of social services in the Czech Republic

The analysis is the identification of points of disagreement and moments of impact of a launch of a new typology of social services in practice. This will be the identification of both negative (what problems might implementations bring) and positive (in what is contemplated form better than the current one) moments of the possible introduction of a new typology for selected areas of social actors

The role of suppliers in the development of risk analysis will identify problem areas and the process of transition to a new typology of social services, identification of risk impact of the new typology for providers and users of social services, including assessing the possibility of achieving the above objectives and advantages (reduction of administrative burden on social services, increase clarity of the social services, the ability of social services due to a broader definition of social services more responsive to the problem situation emerging in the social sphere ...) for the implementation of a new typology in practice

The sponsor will provide suppliers the necessary cooperation and documentation relating to the new typology, including specification of activities and tasks that fall under the other types of social services.

The Contractor shall carry out the analysis in collaboration with pokytovateli social services, has contacted at least two providers within each type of social services (according to the Social Services Act) and, if possible, to focus on social service providers throughout the Czech Republic (not required).

Tender documents :

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 12, 2014
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