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Analysis of Investment Opportunities in China's Broadcasting Industry from 2005 to 2009.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 2004-2005 Annual Report on China's Broadcasting Industry to their offering.

The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese broadcasting industries in 2004. Through accurate data and full elaboration, it describes the structure of China's broadcasting industry and competition situation in the industry from various angles. Meanwhile, it presents comprehensive assessment of major enterprises' business strategy and competitiveness.

The report especially points out the following: In 2004, development environment gradually improved in China's broadcasting industry. With the spread of professional frequencies and increase in technology application, business turnover increased. The industry size is fairly large, but relevant statutes are imperfect, with limited variety of business models. The imbalance of income source structure still constrains the development of the industry. In the next few years, as information technology advances by leaps and bounds, traditional one-way broadcasting will give way to interactive broadcasting like digital and multimedia broadcasting; local communication will expand to global and community communication; general broadcasting targeted on mass audiences will give way to professional 'narrowcasting' targeted on smaller audiences.

Under such circumstances, as the voice of the government, public media and commercial media, China's broadcasting industry is at the turning point of industry upgrading. Digital broadcasting is a huge potential market. It will upgrade the form of the industry, program production and broadcasting form, and profit model. Radio stations should team up with other media to expand the total size of the industry and boost overall competitiveness.

After analyzing major factors affecting the development of China's broadcasting industry from 2005-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the industry. Finally, it provides development strategy and recommendations for the government, enterprises and investors respectively.

Contents Include:

I. Overview of the Global Broadcasting Industry in 2004

(I) Development Status

(II) Basic Characteristics

(III) Overview of Major Countries and Regions

1. U.S.

2. Britain

3. France

4. Germany

5. Japan

(IV) Profile of Key Multinational Companies

1. Clear Channel (U.S.)

2. BBC

3. NHK

II. Overview of China's Broadcasting Industry in 2004

(I) Development Environment

1. Policy

2. Economy

3. Society

4. Technology

(II) Development Status

(III) Basic Characteristics

(IV) Industry Segments

III. Competition Situation and Competition Behavior in China's Broadcasting Industry in 2004

(I) Competition Situation

(II) Competition Behavior

(III) Competition Performance

IV. Assessment of the Competitiveness of Leading Enterprises in China's Broadcasting Industry in 2004

V. Analysis of Impetuses for China's Broadcasting Industry from 2005 to 2009

(I) Policy

(II) Economy

(III) Society

(IV) Technology

VI. Development Trend of China's Broadcasting Industry from 2005 to 2009

VII. Forecast of China's Broadcasting Industry from 2005 to 2009

VIII. Analysis of Investment Opportunities in China's Broadcasting Industry from 2005 to 2009

(I) Assessment of the Industry's Investment Value

(II) Analysis of Investment Opportunities

1. Content Production

2. Frequency Operation

3. Network Operation

4. Technology & Equipment

IX. Recommendations

(I) Recommendations for Enterprises

(II) Recommendations for Investors

(III) Recommendations for the Government

Report Specifications

(I) Objective of Report

(II) Research Scope

(III) Survey Region

(IV) Data Source

(V) Research Approaches

(VI) General Definition

(VII) Market Definition of CCID

(VIII) Forecasting Model

(IX) Evaluation Index System of Competitiveness

(X) Evaluation Index System of Investment Value

(XI) Special Specifications

(XII) Research Object

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 14, 2005
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