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Articles from Anales de Hidrologia Medica (December 1, 2012)

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38th ISMH World Congress Lanjaron-Granada 2012 June 20-23 Medical Hydrology and Balneology: Environmental Aspects. Calendario 284
38th World Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology Lanjaron-Granada 2012 "Medical Hydrology and Balneology: Environmental Aspects" June 20th to 23th 2012: message from ISMH president. Karagulle, Mufit Zeki 237
38th World Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology Lanjaron-Granada 2012 "Medical Hydrology and Balneology: Environmental Aspects" June 20th to 23th 2012: message of the president of the organising committee. Maraver, Francisco Articulo breve 215
A comparison land-water environment of maximal voluntary isometric contraccion during manual muscle testing. Castillo, R.; Cuesta, A. 250
A developing complex research on naturally therapeutic factors: geological, physicochemical, microbiological, climatic and experimental animal studies in the Turda aria. Poenaru, D.; Cinteza, D.; Munteanu, C.; Mera, O.; Lazarescu, H. 502
A geochemical approach to explain germanium origin in potentially medicinal waters of the Bieszczady mountains (the Carpathians, se Poland). Dobrzynski, D.; Slaby, E.; Kostka, A.; Metlak, A. 578
A new thermal treatment center is planning to integrate with a hamam (turkish bath). Igdirligil, A. Articulo breve 222
A possible physiological mechanism of thermal crisis during spa therapy with mud pack and sulphur baths in patients with osteoarthritis. Jokic, A.; Sremcevic, N.; Karagulle, M.; Davidovic, J.; Karagulle, M.Z. 595
A proposal for a glossary of peloids and pelotherapy. Gomes, C.S.F. 574
A retrospective investigation of spa cure therapies effecting on serum cholesterol, LDL, HDL cholesterol and trigliserid level changes. Ergican, E.; Giirdal, H.; Ozel, S.; Karagulle, M.; Disci, R.; Erdogan, N; Donmez, A.; Karagulle, M.Z 415
Acute atopic dermatitis and balneotheraphy. Lepore, A.; Vela, L.; Gurnick, N.; Ubogui, J.; Monasterio, A.M. 387
An analysis of the behaviour of a mixture of the algae fucus vesiculosus with bentonite for therapeutic uses. Soto, A; Miguez, E.; Martin, C.; Fernandez, C.; Mourelle, M.L. 386
An introduction to clinical ethics in medical hydrology and balneology. Marczewski, K. 500
Analysis of the effects of a hydrotherapy procedure on cerebral palsy children in a heated pool. Israel, V.; Gluszewicz, I.; Souza, F.; Yamaguchi, B. 360
Analysis of the neuromuscular activity during adapted swimming with a snorkel. Castillo, R.; Cuesta, A. 474
Analysis of the neuromuscular activity during scapulohumeral exercises in water and on land. Castillo, R.; Cuesta, A. 505
Application of geochemical modelling for quantifying processes affecting high silicon content in groundwaters of Northern Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Dobrzynski, D.; Cruz, T.; Kostka, A.; Cabrera, M.C.; Hernandez, P. 587
Aquatic physiotherapy program in pregnant women: short-term effects on quality of life and health state. Cuesta, A.; Chevalier, F.; Morales, L.; Gonzalez, M. 467
AQUI O Thermes, cluster thermal aquitain, connecting professional of hydrotherapy, health, tourism, formation and research. Delphy, L.; Dubouurg, K.; Cambar, J. 258
Archaeology and healing spas: a value added in the differentiation and prestige of baths using mineral-medicinal water. Gonzalez, S. 298
Assessment of spa therapy in chronic low back pain. Systematic review of randomised clinical trials. Francon, A.; Forestier, R.; Berkoz, F. 409
Assessment of the impact of weather factors on human health. Muhina, A.A.; Badalov, N.G.; Lvova, N.V.; Articulanova, I.N.; Efendieva, M.T.; Truhanov, A.I.; Lufer 335
Association of behaviral and psychological symptoms of dementia with nighttime spa bathing. Deguchi, A.; Hamuguchi, H.; Kawamura, Y. 458
Balneary research in Romania a swot analysis. Cinteza, D. 421
Balneological use of thermal water in South Africa. Jonker, C.; Oliver, J. 309
Balneology research in France. Roques, C.F. 500
Balneology research in Spain. Maraver, F.; Morer, C. 447
Balneotherapy and mud-therapy in knee osteoarthritis treatment. Vela, L.; Rodriguez, P.; Chavero, A.; Medialdea, V.; Rodriguez-Caballeira, M.; Alvarez, A.; Maraver, 737
Bathing in hot water, utilizing onsen (hot springs) and drinking green tea may contribute to good health status of Japanese. Goto, Y.; Hayasaka, S.; Akahori, M.; Kawada, A. 518
Beauty is not only skin deep: the Dead Sea features and cosmetics. Harari, M. 209
Beneficial effects of thalassotherapy in upper limb hemiparesis after stroke. Penalver, I.; Morer, C.; Maraver, F. 490
Benefit of sunshine exposure in man. Falkenbach, A. 205
Biophysical skin effects of peloids according to their maturity time. Carbajo, J.M.; Corvillo, I.; Aguilera, A.; Meijide, R.; Diestro, P.; Crespo, V.; Maraver, F. 374
Bromine chemistry applied to swimming pools water disinfection--a bibliographical study. Lagiere, J.; Dubourg, K.; Cambar, J. 285
Building a preventive medicine model based on a thermal approach for certain environment-sensitive diseases. (Scientific Sessions: Methodology of Scientific Investigation--New Trends 1--Session 3). Gestro, M.; Condemi, V.; Solimene, U.; Meco, R. 484
Carbocrenotherapy and the sclerodermic hand. Body, J. 209
Carbogaseous mineral water for patients with metabolic syndrome. Poenaru, D.; Cinteza, D.; Munteanu, C.; Marcu, V.; Diaconescu, S.; Dumitrascu, D.; Lazarescu, H. 346
Cardiorespiratory thalassotheraphy on stroke patients. Morer, C.; Penalver, I.; Maraver, F. 597
Cardiovascular risk factors in patients of the social thermal program in Lanjaron spa. Rodriguez-Espinosa, P.; Vela, L.; Chavero, A.; Platero, J.A.; Lopez, M.I.; Lobo, G.; Maraver, F. 612
Case study: geochemical transformation of saline mud (Secovelje Salina, northern Adriatic). Kovac, N.; Glavas, N.; Dolenec, M,; Rogan, N. 432
Change of the psoriasis area and severity index score after an antipsoriatic treatment with the medicinal waters of Harkany. Toth, A. 392
Changes in diuresis after rehydration with mineral waters of different mineralization after a sesion of submaximal exercice in a warm atmosphere. Meijide, R.; Agrasar, C.; Santiago, M.; Saavedra, M.; Barrai, R. 564
Changes in serum vitamin D levels following Dead Sea climatotherapy. Shany, S. 356
Chondrogenic effect of the sulphuric peloid from banja koviljaca in remodeling of the femoral head in children with M.Perthes. Stojkovic, N.; Jevtic, N.; Sremcevic, N.; Abramovic, D. 445
Cleaning effects for the hair and skin of carbonate water. Maeda, M.; Hara, M.; Sakurai, Y.; Kinoshita, O.; Ohmura, M.; Yamamoto, J.; Kogure, E.; Shioda, A. 518
Climatotheray of skin diseases at the Dead Sea--an update. Harari, M. 230
Clinical effects of mud-bath therapy in patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with TNF-inhibitors. Cozzi, F.; Raffeiner, B.; Ciprian, L.; Botsios, C.; Perissinotto, E.; Rizzo, M.; Zanatta, E.; Pigatt 484
Clinical practice and scientific investigation in a french spa resort: the professor Pau Valdiguie example. Roques, C.F.; Valdiguie, P. 485
Combining balneotherapy and education for the prevention of the post-thrombotic syndrome. (Scientific Sessions: Methodology of Scientific Investigation--New Trends 1--Session 3). Carpentier, P.; Satger, B.; Barrellier, M.T.; Menez, C.; Kubina, J.M.; Sandrin Berthon, B. 446
Contribution to study conditions of formation, distribution and use of healing waters in Serbia. Klimo, A. 343
Control of legionella. Benhammou, S.; De la Torre, A.; Oleo, F.; Rivas, A.; Lorenzo, M. 437
Crenobalneotherapy in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Preliminary results of a randomized clinical trial. Forestier, R.; Briacon, G.; Mollard, J.; Francon, A. 430
Current state of Balneotherapy/thermalisme in Romania: main actors, reglementation and problems to solve. Surdu, O.; Rusu, V.; Marin, V.; Surdu, T.V.; Ionescu, E.V.; Profir, D.; Demirgian, S. 251
Demographic analysis of the IMSERSO (Spanish Institute for elderly people and social services) patients in the first operating year of a medical spa in Madrid. Arranz, J.L.; Parraga, E.; Grana, N. Articulo breve 269
Depression and thermal treatments: a case report. Cachapuz, I.; Santos, C.; Silva, V.; Pinheiro, J.; Cantista, P. 538
Determination of selenium in mineral and thermal waters in the province of Ourense (Spain): its importance in human biochemistry. Souto, M.G.; Vergnes, Ph; Pascual, M.J.; Pascual, E.; Freire, A. 916
Development and characterization of formulations containing pumice from Sao Miguel's Island--Azores archipelago. Amaral, H.; Estanqueiro, M.; Santos, D.; Silva, J.B.F.; Gomes, C.S.F.; Sousa-Lobo, J.M. 601
Development of a therapeutic program for patients with fibromyalgia in spa resorts. Francon, A. 479
Diuresis-crenotherapy in reno-urinary pathology using oligomineral waters from Calimanesti-Romania. Nica, S.A.; Mologhianu, G.; Murgu, A.; Miron, L.; Moise, M. 279
Does balneology still have gynecologic indications? Armijo, O.; Corvillo, I.; Lobo, S.; Sanz, C.; Castro, B. 292
Does modern thermal medicine need new standardized terminology? Chojnowski, J.; Ponikowska, I. 378
Drinking mineral waters, preventing osteoporosis. Karagulle, M.; Karagulle, M.Z. 562
Effect of pelotherapy on the perception painful and drug use in patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. Espejo, L.; Cardero, M.; Torres, S.; Caro, B.; Ibanez, B. 459
Effect on cinebalneoterapia functional capacity and pain perception in patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. Espejo, L.; Cardero, M.; Torres, S.; Caro, B.; Ibanez, B. 471
Effectiveness of exercise program for osteoporosis on quality of life in relation to body mass index. Martinec, S.; Cesarec, G.; Basic, I.; Jakoplic, D.; Jersek, M. Encuesta 416
Effectiveness the treatments with natural mineral water in low back pain for spondylarthrosis. Ferreira, M.; Silva, A.; Almeida, A. 372
Effects of a rehabilitation treatment including kinesitherapy and hydrokinesitherapy: a randomized controlled trial in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Masiero, S.; Giannotti, E.; Di Pede, C.; Caldara, F.; Frizziero, A. 354
Effects of drinking spa therapy on oxidative stress. Costantino, M.; Filippelli, A.; Contaldi, E.; Schiavone, A.; Coiro, V. 661
Effects of mud-bath applications on synovial inflammation evaluated by contrasted-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in patients with psoriatic arthritis. Ciprian, L.; Raffeiner, B.; Grisan, E.; Beltrame, V.; Coran, A.; Zanatta, E.; Rizzo, M.; Stramare, R 531
Effects of thalassotherapy on the cardiovascular response of hypertense individuals. Gato, S.; Israel, V. 356
Effects on body composition in breast cancer survivors with a water versus land-based multimodal exercise program: a controlled clinical trial. Fernandez-Lao, C.; Cantarero, I.; Ariza, A.; Ferrandiz, E.; Arroyo, M. Articulo breve 318
Efficacy and tolerability of mud packs therapy in osteoarthritis of the hand. Giannitti, C.; Fortunati, N.; Seri, G.; Tenti, S.; Paglionico, A.; Galeazzi, M.; Fioravanti, A. 564
Efficacy of a designed peloid with anti-cellulite properties containing bentonite of Porto Santo, Madeira archipelago. Pena-Ferreira, M.R.; Santos, D.; Silva, J.B.F.; Amaral, H.; Sousa-Lobo, J.M.; Gomes, C.S.F. 520
Efficency of underwater ultrasound therapy in hand osteoarthritis. Ungur, R.; Irsay, L.; Onac, I.; Borda, M.; Ciortea, V. 332
Evaluation of the clinical efficiency of the thermal mineral water of harkany on patients with primary knee osteoarthritis. (Scientific Sessions: Methodology of Scientific Investigation--New Trends 1--Session 3). Nusser N.; Horvath K. 335
Evaluation of the efficacy of exfoliating formulations containing pumice from Sao Miguel's Island--Azores archipelago. Amaral, H.; Estanqueiro, M.; Bossolani, G.; Santos, D.; Silva, J.B.F.; Gomes, C.S.F.; Sousa-Lobo, J. 560
Evidence of hypocholesterolemic effect of calcic magnesic sulphated bicarbonate mineral water (Bonneval) in cholesterol-rich diet fed rat. Cambar, J.; Vindigni, J.D.; Dubourg, K. 492
Evolution of social thermalism program of IMSERSO. Martin-Megias, A.I.; Tejerizo, J. 522
Halotherapy in rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chervinskaya, A.; Ponikowska, I. 354
Health effects attributed to endocrine disrupting compounds from mud and lake waters sources. Munteanu, C.; Cinteza, D.; Munteanu, D.; Hoteteu, M.; Lazarescu, H.; Poenaru, D. 533
Health Effects of Dead Sea climatotherapy on patients with heart and lung diseases. Moses, S.W. 332
Health effects of natural mineral water drinking: the sodium bicarbonate mineral waters and cardiovascular risk factors. Meijide, R.; Lopez-Silva, M.; Blanco, M.S. 504
Health resort medicine in Italy and teaching medical hydrology: the state of the art. Fraioli, A.; Fontana, M.; Mennuni, G.; Petraccia, L.; Grassi, M. 389
Health resort therapy (spa therapy) in Israel--state of the art. Sukenik, S.; Harari, M. 327
Health workers knowledge about medical hydrology in Argentina. Vela, L.; Medialdea, V.; De la Torre, M.; Carlos-Bejarano, J.; Marin, J.; Rodriguez-Carballeira, M.; Encuesta 462
Health workers knowledge about medical hydrology in Spain. Medialdea, V.; Carlos-Bejerano, J.; De la Torre, M.; Marin, J.; Vela, L.; Rodriguez-Carballeira, M.; Encuesta 455
Health workers knowledge about medical hydrology in Spain. Carlos-Bejarano, J.; Medialdea, V.; De la Torre, M.; Marin, J.; Munoz, M.P.; Vela, L.; Maraver, F. 258
Heat-shock protein 70 is affected by thermal treatment. Scapagnni, G.; Davinelli, S.; Sapere, N.; Zella, D.; Fortunati, N. 468
High concentration artificial CO2-water immersion facilitates a recovery from muscle fatigue after submaximal exercise. Yamamoto, N.; Hashimoto, M. 574
Hippolytus' house: a roman medical bath in complutum? Grana, N.; Diaz, E. 510
Hippolytus' house: a roman medical bath in complutum? Grana, N.; Diaz, E. 475
Historiography of acidulous waters in the Canary islands. Jimenez, J.F.; Rodriguez, B.C.; Navarro, E.; Jimenez, C.; Camacho, C.; Jimenez, Y. 359
Honorary committee. 466
How does obesity affect the effectiveness of a multimodal physiotherapy program in patients with chronic low back pain? Cuesta, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Ruiz, M.; Martin, J. 481
How to build a clinical trial? Forestier, R.; Francon, A.; Berkoz, F.B. 547
Hydrogalvanic bath in treatment of patients with diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities. Badalov, N.G.; Muhina, A.A.; Lvova, N.V.; Articulanova, I.N.; Efendieva, M.T.; Truhanov, A.I.; Lufer 536
Hydrogen sulfide as an anti-inflamatory mediator in osteoarthritis. F.-Burguera, E.; Vela, A.; Blanco, F.J.; Meijide, R. 576
Hydrogeochemical, medical and bioclimatic evaluation of kozakli (nevsehir) geothermal waters in central Anatolia, Turkey. Gurdal, H.; Asfin, M.; Erdogan, N.; Dogan, N.; Dag, G.; Oruc, O.; Davraz, A.; Karakas, Z. 646
Hypoxic adaptation in patients with arterial hypertension associated with coronary artery disease. Badtieva, V. 483
Impact of mud therapy in pathoegenesis of osteoarthritis. Marin V.; Surdu O.; Profir D.; Ionescu E.V.; Demirgian S. 522
Impact of peloidotherapy on hystological structure of dermis and muscles. Surdu, O.; Surdu, T.V.; Surdu, M.; Demirgian, S. 456
Impact of sulphurous water endotympanic insufflation on audiometric parameters in children with otitis media with effusion. Vitale, M. 204
Implementing comprehensive care clinic for cancer survivors. Ramos, S.; Fibla, L.; Casas, I.; Gonzalez, M.; Freire, N.; Vazquez, L. 607
Importance of the natural factor, thermomineral water "Serbian Selters" in rehabilitation treatment (1990-2010). Lekic, O. 295
Improvement of generalized osteoarthritis after (creno)balneotherapy: an open study with evaluation of different outcomes. Berkoz, F.B.; Forestier, R.; Erdogan, N.; Demircioglu, F; Karagulle, M.Z. 451
Improvenment of clinical features in CRPS after mud therapy. Demirgian, S.; Surdu, O.; Marin, V.; Profir, D. 375
Influence of single immersion in Dead Sea water on glucose, insulin, cortisol and C-peptide levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Sukenik, S.; Harari, M. 373
Influence of single immersion in Dead Sea water on glucose, insulin, cortisol and C-peptide levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Sukenik, S.; Avriel, A.; Harari, M. Encuesta 340
Influence of sodium alginate on the thermophysical properties of diluted Dax peloid (Terdax[R]). Knorst-Fouran, A.; Martinez, L.; Legido, J.L.; Coussine, C.; Cezac, P.; Bessieres, D.; Plantier, F.; 444
Introducing BANA: "Balneotherapy Association of North America". Josayma, C. 739
Is thalassotherapy simply a type of climatotherapy? No, certainly, it's not. Morer, C.; Cerrada, A.; Michan, A.; Maraver, F. 623
Land based or hidrotherapy: which is the most effective multimodal treatment in low back pain? Cuesta, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Ramos, S.; Calderon, P.; Prieto, R. 250
Legionella infection from spa waters and peloids: a risk assessment study. Drasar, V.; Polcar, R.; Luck, C. 578
Long-term effects of psoriasis treatment with mineral water and peloids of la Toja. Arribas, M.; Mejide, R.; Mourelle, M.L. 442
Magnesium waters from Serbia. Jovanovic, T.; Brkic, P. 522
Making an impact on world health: focusing aquatic research toward the big issues. Becker, B. 351
Marine zootherapy as part of thalassotherapy. Medical and psychosocial parameters in 127 children attending a thalassotheraphy and dolphin therapy program. Cerrada, A.; Barcelo, N.; Pesquer, M.; Sebastia, S.; Weitzmann, Ba.; Weitzmann, Br. 458
Medical hydrology and climatology teaching at the University of Seville. San Jose, C. 429
Metabolic syndrome: education programmes to improve the health of the patients with metabolic syndrome in spa environment. Jeambrun, P. 339
Meteo-climatic factors influence and balneary-climatic potential studies-cacica salt-mines, Suceava county. Ioan Sorin, S.; Adrian, T.; Mihai, C.Marius; Gheorghe, D. Dan; Octavian, G. Silviu 506
Methodological comments on balneotherapy actual medical benefit assessment. Roques, C.F. 506
Migration assays for the identification of organic compounds in natural mineral water containers. Borrell, A.; Guart, A.; Lacorte, S. 386
Mineral waters in Azores islands: hydrogeological approach and therapeutical applications. Carreiro-Nunes, J.C.; Carvalho, J.M.; Oliveira, L.C.; Carvalhom, M.R. 586
Mud cure in Russia: history, achievements and prospective. Badalov, N.G.; Krikorova, S. 457
Mud maturation in Copahue, Argentina: the presence of sulphur. Baschini, M.; Pettinari, G.; Valles, J.; Monasterio, A.M.; Gimenez, J.C.; Lopez Galindo, A.; Setti, 601
Mud therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Almeida-Santos, C.; Cachapuz Castro, H.; Cantista, P. 197
Mud therapy resources in Bulgaria. Ilieva, E.; Grozeva, A.; Stojcheva, M. 406
Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation and climatotherapy for chronic diseases at the Dead Sea. Dramsdahl, E. 377
Musculoskeletal disorders and aquatic physical therapy multimodality program: what is the optimal frequency of treatment? Cuesta, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Kuisma, R.; White, M. 636
Neurological activity of mineral waters of Fuenteror (Canary Islands). Navarro, E.; Velazquez, R.; Navarro, E.S.; Alonso, S.J. 595
Nitrates in Spanish waters: natural mineral water and tap water. Armijo, F.; Corvillo, I.; Vazquez, I.; Vitoria, I.; Maraver, F. 876
Nutrition as a potential determinant of asthma. Pinheiro, J.; Cachapuz Santos, C.; Castro, H.; Cantista, P. 243
Omega-6-eicosanoid may be involved in the cutaneous vasodilation mechanism of the rat bathing in co2-rich water. Hashimoto, M.; Kitao, N.; Yamamoto, N. 549
Perception and Knowledge about Balneology therapies in Spanish people attended in primary care. Barchilon, V.; Romero, R.; Martinez, J.; Lopez, E.; Lubain, M.; Hidalgo, J.; Hidalgo, M.; Garzon, M. Encuesta 382
Physiotherapy and low back pain: effectiveness of a short-term treatment comparing adults and older adults. Cuesta, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Galan, A. 553
Psammotherapy in Porto Santo Island (Madeira archipelago). Gomes, C.S.F.; Silva, J.B.P. 622
Puente Viesgo's spa therapy for Parkinsons patients. Gutierrez-Iniguez, M.; Rion, N.; Lopez, A. 437
Quality of life and thermal cure. Marin, J.; Alonso, P.; Murria, M.; Tamayo, F.; Catala, F.; Maraver, F. Encuesta 334
Radon: place in medical hydroglogy: a review of literature. Giacomino, M.; de Michele, D. 322
Recent contributions of the Geological Survey of Spain (IGME) in mineral water. Corral, M.M.; Ontiveros, C.; Lopez-Geta, J.A. Articulo breve 185
Recent contributions of the geological survey of Spain (IGME) in mineral water. Martinez-Pledel, B.; Ontiveros, C.; Corral, M.M. Articulo breve 187
Research in Italy: research products and research funding. Vitale, M.; Vaccarezza, M. Articulo breve 267
Rheumatoid arthritis and crenotherapy--preliminary results. Santos, I.; Lima, A; Vita, P.; Cantista, P.; Vancoscelos, C. 547
Salt mines therapy for pulmonary rehabilitation of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Cinteza, D.; Poenaru, D.; Dumitrescu, E.; Marcu, V.; Cioc, L.; Simionca, I.; Munteanu, C.; Hoteteu, 321
Salt rooms and halotherapy in European health resorts and spas: fashionable trend or real therapy? Chervinskaya A. 698
Scientific basics of water and hydration. Le Bellego, L. Articulo breve 278
Serum levels of adiponectin and visfatin in knee osteoarthritis after spa therapy. Giannitti, C.; Pascarelli, N.; Caciotti, B.; Bacarelli, M.; Simpatico, A.; Lamboglia, A.; Stortini, 540
Significance of balneotherapy in psychiatry: elements of evidence in 2012. Dubois, O. 144
Smoking and chronic rhinitis: effects of nasal irrigations with sulfurous-arsenical- ferruginous thermal water. a prospective, randomized, double-blind study. Staffieri, A.; Marioni, G.; Staffieri, C.; Lionello, M.; Ottaviano, G. 475
Spa, hydrotherapy's treatment, and quality of life. Marin, J.; Medialdea, V.; Bejarano, J.; De la Torre, M.; Vela, L.; Maraver, F. Encuesta 371
Spatio-cultural sustainability of turkish baths in modern thermal cure complexes. Cekirge, N. 437
Splendour and decadence of spa tourism in the island of Gran Canaria. Rodriguez, B.C.; Jimenez, J.F.; Navarro, E.; Jimenez, Y.; Camacho, C.; Jimenez, C. 449
State of the art, health resort medicine in Spain. Corvillo, I.; Cerrada, A.; Aguilera, A.; Martin, A.I. 605
State of the art: spa resort medicine in France. Carpertier, P. 255
State of the art; Medical Balneology in Turkey. Karagulle, M. 384
Study of a cosmetologic salt production process. Coussine, C.; Cezac, P.; Serin, J.; Contamine, F.; Reneaume, J.; Dubourg, K.; Cambar, J. 352
Study of ciliary motility in patients treated with mineral waters from "Las Termas de Copahue", Neuquen, Argentina. Monasterio, A.M.; Zingoni, E.; Merino, L.; Maraver, F. 485
Study of density, thermal conductivity, and ph of mixtures of clays, seawater and tridistilled water. Rosino, J.; Mourelle, M.L.; Gomez, C.P. 434
Study of the liquid phase of peloids prepared with mineral waters from balneario de Lanjaron (Granada, Spain). Fernandez-Gonzalez, M.; Martin, J.; Maraver, F.; Delgado, G.; Parrafa, J.; Marquez, R.; Delgado, R. 508
Sulfurous-arsenical-ferruginous thermal water nasal irrigation and wound healing after endoscopic surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis: a prospective, randomized study. Staffieri, A.; Ottaviano, G.; Staffieri, C.; Lionello, M.; Marioni, G. 374
Sulphurous mineral water for lower limb ostheoarthrities therapy in elderly? Short and long term outcome. Cinteza, D.; Poenaru, D.; Dima, A.; Cristea, A.; Petrusca, I. 402
Sustainable Tourism and environmental aspects in the thermal capital Ourense. Araujo, P.A.; Vazquez-Barquero, J.A.; Gonzalez-Dieguez, E. 377
Talassotherapy on stroke rehabilitation. Review of classical contraindications, complications. Comparison with a traditional spa in Murcia. Morer, C.; Penalver, I.; Muela, A.; Maraver, F. 607
Techirghiol balneal and rehabilitation sanatorium--analysis of epidemiological data. Ionescu, E.V.; Profir, D.; Surdu, O.; Marin, V.; Demirgian, S. Encuesta 402
Techirghiol balneal and rehabilitation sanatorium--statistical analysis of pathology types on admitted patients. Profir, D.; Marin, V.; Surdu, O.; Demirgian, S.; Ionescu, E.V. 424
Technical audit of the thermal water cooling systems and energy enhancement. Dubourg, K.; Delpy, L.; Lironcourt, J.; Cambar, J. 272
Temperature and relative air humidity as predictors in forecasting of admissions to the emergency department. Boniek-Poprawa, D.; Kowerski, M.; Marczewski, K. Articulo breve 232
Thalasso medical centre in the saltpans of Secovlje (Portoroz, Slovenia). Glavas, N.; Kovac, N.; Jurjec, J. 538
Thalassotherapy and otaridotheraphy in patients with rheumatic fibromyalgia, medical and psycho-social parameters. Cerrada, A.; Barcelo, N.; Pesquer, M.; Sebastia, S.; Fernandez, S.; Paredes, J.; Sandemetrio, P.; Te 630
The Bahia 2011 Seniors study, patterns of hydration in the elderly in Spain. Maraver, F.; Morer, C.; Mir, P. Encuesta 413
The effect of spa therapy in chronic low back pain: a randomized- controlled, single blind, follow-up study. Tefner, I.K.; Nemeth, A.; Laszlofi, A.; Kis, T.; Gyetvai, G.; Bender, T. 218
The medical spa preferences of the IMSERSO (Spanish Institute for elderly people and social services) patients of a medical spa in Madrid. Grana, N.; Parraga, E.; Arranz, J.L. 355
The paradigm of therapeutic education of the patient. Carpentier, P.; Sandrin-Berthon, B. 219
The psychiatry showers in the nineteenth century: a peculiar episode. San Jose, J.C. Articulo breve 166
The Research of Balneology in Hungary. Bender, T.; Balint, G.; Prohaszka, Z.; Geher, P.; Tefher, I. Articulo breve 178
The state of art, health resort medicine in Serbia. Jokic, A. Articulo breve 181
The state of the art, health resort medicine in Japan. Ohtsuka, Y. 446
The state of the art, health resort medicine in Portugal. Teixeira, F. 393
The story of Spanish Society Medical Hidrology. Muela, A. Articulo breve 142
The Thalassotheraphy in Mexico a therapeutic tourism option tourism option. Pena, M. 344
Therapeutic education for patients with low back pain. Implementation of a program in a Spa Center and monitoring the quality. Forestier, R.; Francon, A.; Esteve, M.; Briacon, G. 459
Therapeutic education programs for the patients with chronic venous disease in the setting of spa resorts. Carpentier, P. 492
Therapeutic indications of the mineral waters of Galicia (NW Spain) according to their thermo-hydrogeological characteristics. Juncosa, R.; Mejide, R.; Delgado, J. 530
Thermal changes of fingers after cold exposure. Inokuma, S.; Onishi, K.; Kijima, Y.; Natada, R.; Matsubara, E.; Asashima, H.; Nakachi, S.; Wakabayas 555
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