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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (May 1, 2012)

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"HAIR"--a useful mnemonic. Linton, D.M.; Sviri, S.; Bayya, A.E.; van Heerden, P.V. Letter to the editor 653
Accuracy of ProSeal[TM] laryngeal mask airway intracuff pressure estimation using finger palpation technique a prospective, observational study. Teoh, P.F.; Seet, E.; Macachor, J.; Chia, N. Report 2113
Acute pancreatitis after propofol infusion in a teenage patient. Ting, T.W.; Lee, J.H. Letter to the editor 960
Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Management for the Cancer Patient. Simpson, S. Book review 638
Anesthesia Outside of the Operating Room. Limb, R.I. Book review 442
Assessing the performance of a continuous infusion for potassium supplementation in the critically ill. Chalwin, R.P.; Moran, J.L.; Peake, S.L.; Flynn, S.; Pieterse, J.; Williams, P. Report 4571
Catastrophic left heart distension following initiation of venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in a patient with mild aortic regurgitation. Sidebotham, D.; Allen, S.; McGeorge, A.; Beca, J. Letter to the editor 940
Circumcision of neonates and children without appropriate anaesthesia is unacceptable practice. Paix, B.R.; Peterson, S.E. Report 4277
Corrigendum. Gibbs, N.M. Correction notice 340
Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives--effective securement technique for intravascular catheters: in vitro testing of safety and feasibility. Simonova, G.; Rickard, C.M.; Dunster, K.R.; Smyth, D.J.; McMillan, D.; Fraser, J.F. Report 4104
Donation after cardiac death in Queensland: review of the pilot project. Kumar, R.; Shekar, K.; Widdicombe, N.; Fraser, J.F. Report 3755
Dreaming during sevoflurane or propofol short-term sedation: a randomised controlled trial. Xu, G.H.; Liu, X.S.; Yu, F.Q.; Gu, E.W.; Zhang, J.; Wang, K. Report 3834
Efficacy of an intravenous bolus of morphine 2.5 versus morphine 7.5 mg for procedural pain relief in postoperative cardiothoracic patients in the intensive care unit: a randomised double-blind controlled trial. Ahlers, S.J.G.M.; van Gulik, L.; van Dongen, E.P.A.; Bruins, P.; van de Garde, E.M.W.; van Boven, W. Report 5591
Elimination of teicoplanin by adsorption to the filter membrane during haemodiafiltration: screening experiments for linezolid, teicoplanin and vancomycin followed by in vitro haemodiafiltration models for teicoplanin. Shiraishi, Y.; Okajima, M.; Sai, Y.; Miyamoto, K.; Inaba, H. Report 4945
Emergency lung ultrasound examination for the diagnosis of massive-clotted haemothorax in two cardiac surgery patients. Saranteas, T.; Santaitidis, E.; Valtzoglou, V.; Kostopanagiotou, G. Letter to the editor 747
Enhanced recovery after surgery program for elective abdominal surgery at three Victorian hospitals. Thompson, E.G.E.; Gower, S.T.; Beilby, D.S.; Sophie, S.; Tomlinson, S.; Guest, G.D.; Richard, R.; Se Report 4727
Essential Clinical Anesthesia. Short, T.G. Book review 650
Evaluation of the interpretative skills of participants of a limited transthoracic echocardiography training course (H.A.R.T.scan[R] course). Royse, C.F.; Haji, D.L.; Faris, J.G.; Veltman, M.G.; Kumar, A.; Royse, A.G. Report 4593
Examination Intensive Care Medicine. 2d ed. van Heerden, P.V. Book review 550
In vitro thrombotic tendency of reactive thrombocytosis in critically ill patients: a prospective case-control study. Duff, O.C.; Ho, K.M.; Maybury, S.M. Report 2974
Lactate/pyruvate ratio as a marker of tissue hypoxia in circulatory and septic shock. Rimachi, R.; De Carvahlo, F. Bruzzi; Orellano-Jimenez, C.; Cotton, F.; Vincent, J.L.; De Backer, D. Report 3438
Methanol: don't forget the ethanol. Grewal, J.P.; Singh, J.S.; Lipman, J. Letter to the editor 694
Monitoring in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care. Peyton, P. Book review 464
Multi-organ failure following severe cocaine-tetramisole intoxication in a body-packer. Giuliani, E.; Albertini, G.; Vaccari, C.; Manenti, A.; Barbieri, A. Clinical report 818
Perineural entrapment of an interscalene stimulating catheter. Adhikary, S.D.; Armstrong, K.; Chin, K.J. Clinical report 1862
Predictive performance of Acute Physiological and Chronic Health Evaluation releases II to IV: a single New Zealand centre experience. Mann, S.L.; Marshall, M.R.; Woodford, B.J.; Holt, A.; Williams, A.B. Report 6019
Preparation of Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva[R] and Aisys[R] anaesthetic machines for use in malignant hyperthermia susceptible patients. Jones, C.; Bennett, K.; Kim, T.W.; Bulger, T.F.; Pollock, N. Report 2784
Probit analysis, combined spinal and epidural and the duration of spinal block in the obese patient. Critchley, L.A.H. Editorial 1483
Serum lactate dehydrogenase as early marker of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome: keep your eyes open. Vargas, M.; Servillo, G.; Striano, P. Letter to the editor 1001
Sevoflurane and airway anaesthesia. George, L. Letter to the editor 330
Statistical standards in journal articles. McLoughlin, P.D. Letter to the editor 486
Successful perioperative management of a patient with C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency with a novel bradykinin receptor B2 antagonist. Senaratne, K.T.; Cottrell, A.M.; Prentice, R.L. Clinical report 2511
Sugammadex antagonising rocuronium in three patients with liver dysfunction undergoing transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt. Batistaki, C.; Matsota, P.; Kalimeris, K.; Brountzos, E.; Kostopanagiotou, G. Clinical report 699
The effect of body mass index on spinal anaesthesia for total knee replacement arthroplasty: a dose-response study. Kim, W.H.; Lee, J.H.; Ko, J.S.; Ahn, H.J.; Park, S.K.; Gwak, M.S.; Kim, G.S. Report 4540
The first anaesthetic ventilators. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. Essay 1459
The management of extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal device in a diffuse alveolar haemorrhage. Lopez-Delgado, J.C.; Sabater-Riera, J.; Avila-Espinoza, R.E. Letter to the editor 1081
The PiCCO monitor: a review. Litton, E.; Morgan, M. Product/service evaluation 10686
The surgical management of intracranial hypertension following traumatic brain injury. Honeybul, S.; Ho, K.M. Letter to the editor 827
Training in echocardiographic haemodynamic assessment in the intensive care unit: how much is enough? Corkeron, M. Essay 923
Use of the Airtraq optical laryngoscope for flexible bronchoscopy in the intensive care unit. Corso, R.M.; Terzitta, M.; Piraccini, E.; Agnoletti, V.; Gambale, G. Letter to the editor 719

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