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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (March 1, 2010)

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A comparison of transcutaneous Doppler corrected flow time, b-type natriuretic peptide and central venous pressure as predictors of fluid responsiveness in septic shock: a preliminary evaluation. Sturgess, D.J.; Pascoe, R.L.S.; Scalia, G.; Venkatesh, B. Clinical report 3531
A randomised controlled trial of hyperbaric bupivacaine with opioids, injected as either a mixture or sequentially, for spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section. Desai, S.; Lim, Y.; Tan, C.H.; Sia, A.T.H. Clinical report 2994
A rare case of epidural catheter luminal obstruction. Tsai, Y.-S.; Tseng, C.-C.; Su, H.-P.; Che, P.-C. Letter to the editor 511
A retrospective observational study examining the admission arterial to end-tidal carbon dioxide gradient in intubated major trauma patients. Hiller, J.; Silvers, A.; McIlroy, D.R.; Niggemeyer, L.; White, S. Report 2980
Acetazolamide as an adjunct to sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of rhabdomyolysis. Subbaramaiah, M. Thondebhavi; Sapsford, D.; Banham-Hall, E. Case study 321
Assessment of a cardiac output device using arterial pulse waveform analysis, Vigileo[TM], in cardiac surgery compared to pulmonary arterial thermodilution. Hamm, J.-B.; Nguyen, B.-V.; Kiss, G.; Wargnier, J.-P.; Jauffroy, A.; Helaine, L.; Arvieux, C.C.; Gue Report 3878
Associations between cerebrospinal fluid protein concentrations, serum albumin concentrations and intracranial pressure in neurotrauma and intracranial haemorrhage. Jeffcote, T.; Ho, K.M. Report 3365
Cardiocirculatory collapse after a single dose of sustained-release verapamil in a cirrhotic patient: usefulness of hyperinsulinaemia-euglycaemia therapy. Richard, A.-L.; Hantson, P. Case study 956
Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Baines, D. Book review 321
Cerebral flow pattern monitoring by transcranial Doppler during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Blumenstein, J.; Kempfert, J.; Waltherx, T.; van Linden, A.; Fassl, J.; Borger, M.; Mohr, F.W. Case study 1331
Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care. Heaney, M. Book review 252
Compartment syndrome and patient-controlled analgesia in children - analgesic complication or early warning system? Yang, J.; Cooper, M.G. Case study 2983
Conflicts of interest and medical publishing: the Private Eye test. Drummond, G.B.; Loadsman, J.A. 1858
Core Topics in Thoracic Anesthesia. McKenzie, B. Book review 496
CPAP of 10 cm[H.sub.2]O during cardiopulmonary bypass followed by an alveolar recruitment manoeuvre does not improve post-bypass oxygenation compared to a recruitment manoeuvre alone in children. Kim, J.T.; Na, H.S.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, C.S.; Kim, S.D. Clinical report 2781
Effects of skin traction on cross-sectional area of the internal jugular vein in infants and young children. Suk, E.H.; Kim, D.H.; Kil, H.K.; Kweon, T.D. Clinical report 2199
Entrapment of a pulmonary artery catheter by invagination of a percutaneous introducer sheath. Kim, S.-H.; Kim, H.-Y.; Yoon, T.-G.; Kim, T.-Y. Case study 649
Excessive tryptophan catabolism along the kynurenine pathway precedes ongoing sepsis in critically ill patients. Zeden, J.-P.; Fusch, G.; Holtfreter, B.; Schefold, J.C.; Reinke, P.; Domanska, G.; Haas, J.-P.; Grue Clinical report 5626
Fluid therapy - art or science? Duncan, A.W. Report 1177
Fundamentals of Anaesthesia. Third Edition. Sultana, A. Book review 911
High output cardiac failure in a parturient with hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia. Lai, C.F.; Dennis, A.; Graham, J. Case study 2933
Implementation of the World Health Organisation surgical safety checklist: implications for anaesthetists. Keane, M.J.; Marshall, S.D. Letter to the editor 717
International albumin use: 1995 to 2006. Jones, D.; McEvoy, S.; Merz, T.M.; Higgins, A.; Bellomo, R.; Cooper, J.D.; Hollis, S.; McArthur, C.; Report 4953
Intravenous labetalol is available in Australia. Dennis, A.; Walker, S.; Drinkwater, P.; Crowhurst, J. Letter to the editor 501
Low dose sugammadex followed by an anticholinesterase. Futter, M. Report 921
Lupus anticoagulant, antiphospholipid syndrome and cardiac surgery. Cartwright, B.L.; Bean, M.; Cooper, J.O. Case study 3092
Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs Used in Anesthesia, 15th ed. Cass, N.M.; Cass, L. Book review 545
New insulin analogues and perioperative care of patients with type 1 diabetes. Killen, J.; Tonks, K.; Greenfield, J.; Story, D.A. Report 4443
Patients' understanding of technical terms used during the pre-anaesthetic consultation. Babitu, U.Q.; Cyna, A.M. Clinical report 2485
Perioperative fluid prescription, complications and outcomes in major elective open gastrointestinal surgery. Warrillow, S.J.; Weinberg, L.; Parker, F.; Calzavacca, P.; Licari, E.; Aly, A.; Bagshaw, S.; Christo 4241
Pilot study of the air-Q Intubating Laryngeal Airway in clinical use. Barker, E.J.; Valkenburg, M.; Galvin, E.M. Report 1946
Plasmapheresis treatment in Guillain-Barre syndrome: potential benefit over intravenous immunoglobulin. Buzzigoli, S.B.; Genovesi, M.; Lambelet, P.; Logi, C.; Raffaelli, S.; Cattano, D. Case study 1564
Prognostic factors in critically ill patients with solid tumours admitted to an oncological intensive care unit. Namendys-Silva, S.A.; Texcocano-Becerra, J.; Herrera-Gomez, A. Clinical report 4970
Regional anaesthesia and analgesia on the front line. Haldane, A.G. Letter to the editor 197
Regional anaesthesia for bilateral upper limb surgery: a review of challenges and solutions. Holborow, J.; Hocking, G. Report 6288
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management. Hackman, C. Book review 377
Rural anaesthesia practice: attitudes and recruitment following a period of anaesthetic training in rural and regional hospitals a survey of new consultants. Dooney, N.M.; Osborn, K.D. Survey 2694
Successful use of rocuronium and sugammadex in an anticipated difficult airway scenario. McTernan, C.N.; Rapeport, D.A.; Ledowski, T. Case study 1421
The effect of transdermal nitroglycerine on intrathecal fentanyl with bupivacaine for postoperative analgesia following gynaecological surgery. Garg, A.; Ahmed, F.; Khandelwal, M.; Chawla, V.; Verma, A.P. Clinical report 4068
The electrocardiogram. Westhorpe, R.N.; Ball, C. 1281
The role of admission surveillance cultures in patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit. Viviani, M.; Van Saene, H.K.F.; Pisa, F.; Lucangelo, U.; Silvestri, L.; Momesso, E.; Berlot, G. Clinical report 7171
To shave or not to shave: air embolism following central venous catheter laceration. Menon, R.; Allford, M. Case study 695
Tongue swelling complicating management of a ventilated patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome secondary to novel influenza a (H1N1). Scott, A.; More, R.; Freebairn, R.C. Case study 1698
Total spinal following labour epidural analgesia managed with non-invasive ventilation. Guterres, A.P.; Newman, M.J. Case study 1846
Wire-reinforced endotracheal tube penetrated by the Harmonic Scalpel[R]. Lee, J.; Tseng, C.-C.; Huang, W.-H.; Che, P.-C.; Tsai, Y.-S.; Shih, H.-C.; C.-Yi Letter to the editor 907

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