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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (January 1, 2010)

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'Speaking valve' aspiration in a laryngectomy patient. Kadam, V. Rao; Lambert, P.; Pant, H.; O'Reilly, M. Report 2228
A modified posterior approach to lumbar plexus block using a transverse ultrasound image and an approach from the lateral border of the transducer. Doi, K.; Sakura, S.; Hara, K. Letter to the editor 636
A randomised comparison of parecoxib versus placebo for pain management following minor day stay gynaecological surgery. Luscombe, K.S.; McDonnell, N.J.; Muchatuta, N.A.; Paech, M.J.; Nathan, E.A. Report 4790
A unique snapshot of intensive care resources in Australia and New Zealand. Martin, J.M.; Hart, G.K.; Hicks, P. 6116
Airway assessment based on a three column model of direct laryngoscopy. Greenland, K.B. Report 2715
Airway management for infants with severe micrognathia having mandibular distraction osteogenesis. Brooker, G.E.; Cooper, M.G. Report 3930
An evaluation of P wave dispersion, QT, corrected QT and corrected QT dispersion intervals on the electrocardiograms of malnourished adults. Hanci, V.; Ayoglu, H.; Yurtlu, S.; Yildirim, N.; Okyay, R.D.; Erdogan, G.; Sayin, E.; Turan, I.O. Report 4010
An overview of evidence from systematic reviews evaluating early enteral nutrition in critically ill patients: more convincing evidence is needed. Heighes, P.T.; Doig, G.S.; Sweetman, E.A.; Simpson, F. Report 4667
An unusual phenomenon with entropy during induction of general anaesthesia. Hegde, H.V.; Puri, G.D.; Fiehn, A. Letter to the editor 786
Anaesthesia for acute intestinal obstruction associated with cerebral arteriovenous malformation in a child. Scarth, E.J.; White, M.C. Report 2639
Anaesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures. Reeves, M. Book review 434
Change your Brain, Change your Pain. Shipton, E.A. Book review 480
Chestnut's Obstetric Anesthesia: Principles and Practice. Fourth Edition. Buettner, A.U. Book review 443
Clinical Anaesthesia. Sixth Edition. McGuinness, J.J. Book review 414
Comparison of the Pentax Airway Scope[R] and McGrath[R] videolaryngoscope with the Macintosh laryngoscope in tracheal intubation by anaesthetists unfamiliar with videolaryngoscopes: a manikin study. Sharma, D.-J.; Weightman, W.M.; Travis, A. Report 2665
Critical Care Medicine: Churchill's Ready Reference. White, M. Book review 389
Decreased cytosolic glucocorticoid receptor levels in critically ill patients. Siebig, S.; Meinel, A.; Rogler, G.; Klebl, F.; Wrede, C.E.; Gelbmann, C.; Froh, S.; Rockmann, F.; Br Clinical report 4146
Development of an 'Equipment to Manage a Difficult Airway During Anaesthesia' professional document using a new evidence-based approach. Scott, D.A.; Merry, A.F. Editorial 1269
Difficult double-lumen tube placement due to laryngeal web. SchMidt, M.H.; Riley, R.H.; Hee, G.Y.K. Clinical report 1704
Duropleural fistula revealed by neurological manifestations: an unusual cause of pleural effusion. Maskin, L.P.; Raimondi, A.; Hlavnicka, A.; Diaz, M.F.; Roura, N.; Wainsztein, N. Case study 1387
Effect of the mode of administration of inhaled anaesthetics on the interpretation of the [F.sub.A]/[F.sub.I] curve--a GasMan[R] simulation. van Zundert, T.; Hendrickx, J.; Brebels, A.; de Cooman, S.; Gatt, S.; de Wolf, A. Report 3103
Episodic waveforms in the electroencephalogram during general anaesthesia: a study of patterns of response to noxious stimuli. MacKay, E.C.; Sleigh, J.W.; Voss, L.J.; Barnard, J.P. Clinical report 5381
Evaluation of P wave and corrected QT dispersion in subarachnoid haemorrhage. Hanci, V.; Gul, S.; Dogan, S.M.; Turan, I.O.; Kalayci, M.; Acikgoz, B. Clinical report 3470
Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology. Second Edition. Moloney, J. Book review 253
Fentanyl dosage and timing when inserting the laryngeal mask airway. Wong, T.H.K.; Critchley, L.A.H.; Lee, A.; Khaw, K.S.; Kee, W.D. Ngan; Gin, T. Clinical report 5706
Fentanyl dose for the insertion of Classic[TM] Laryngeal Mask Airways in non-paralysed patients induced with propofol 2.5 mg/kg. Tan, A.S.B.; Wang, C.Y. Report 3034
Fibreoptic assessment of paediatric sized laryngeal mask airways. von Ungern-Sternberg, B.S.; Wallace, C.J.; Sticks, S.; Erb, T.O.; Chambers, N.A. Clinical report 3205
Handbook of Clinical Anaesthesia. Sixth Edition. McGuinness, J.J. Book review 330
Hazard due to Proseal tear. Wessels, C.C. Letter to the editor 361
How do we assess the clinical relevance of a scientific finding? Is there a clinical relevance index? Gibbs, N.M.; Weightman, W. Editorial 821
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of post cardiac surgical strokes--a case series and review of the literature. Gibson, A.J.; Davis, F.M. Report 6804
Incidence of residual neuromuscular blockade in a post-anaesthetic care unit. Yip, P.C.; Hannam, J.A.; Cameron, A.J.D.; Campbell, D. Report 3319
International Anesthesiology Clinics: Anaesthesia in Remote Locations: Radiology and Beyond. Volume 47, Parts I and II. Catt, D. Book review 297
Intubation through the LMA-Supreme[TM]: a pilot study of two techniques in a manikin. Joffe, A.M.; Liew, E.C. Report 3091
Magnesium sulphate for treatment of tetanus in adults. Mathew, P.J.; Samra, T.; Wig, J. Clinical report 2974
Monitoring of extubated patients: are routine arterial blood gas measurements useful and how long should patients be monitored in the intensive care unit? See, K.C.; Phua, J.; Mukhopadhyay, A. Report 3914
Ocular surface bacterial colonisation in sedated intensive care unit patients. Mela, E.K.; Drimtzias, E.G.; Christofidou, M.K.; Filos, K.S.; Anastassiou, E.D.; Gartaganis, S.P. Report 2298
Pain Review. Blake, D. Book review 453
Patient- and operator-related factors associated with successful Glidescope[R] intubations: a prospective observational study in 742 patients. Siu, L.W.L.; Mathieson, E.; Naik, V.N.; Chandra, D.; Joo, H.S. Clinical report 3801
Practice patterns for predicted difficult airway management and access to airway equipment by anaesthetists in Queensland, Australia. Zugai, B.M.; Eley, V.; Mallitt, K.A.; Greenland, K.B. Survey 3305
Preoperative estimated glomerular filtration rate and RIFLE-classified postoperative acute kidney injury predict length of stay post-coronary bypass surgery in an Australian setting. Moore, E.M.; Simpson, J.A.; Tobin, A.; Santamaria, J. Report 5936
Preoperative screening for obstructive sleep apnoea --are we losing sleep over nothing? Blake, D.W.; Donnan, G. Letter to the editor 288
Preparation of Supreme[TM] laryngeal mask airway affects insertion. Riley, R.H.; Williams, M.; Ferguson, C. Letter to the editor 269
Prone CPR for transient asystole during lumbosacral spinal surgery. Dooney, N. Letter to the editor 566
Review of Clinical Anesthesia. Fifth Edition. Cronin, K. Book review 263
SAQs for the Final FRCA. Gibson, P. Book review 319
Subdural block and the anaesthetist. Agarwal, D.; Mohta, M.; Tyagi, A.; Sethi, A.K. Report 3879
The Blease Datum anaesthesia vaporiser and the backbar. Mishra, S.; Vasudevan, A.; Krishnappa, S.; Badhe, A. Letter to the editor 513
The effect of dexmedetomidine on agitation during weaning of mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients. Shehabi, Y.; Nakae, H.; Hammond, N.; Bass, F.; Nicholson, L.; Chen, J. Clinical report 5441
The Entropy Module[R] and Bispectral Index[R] as guidance for propofol-remifentanil anaesthesia in combination with regional anaesthesia compared with a standard clinical practice group. Ellerkmann, R.K.; Soehle, M.; Riese, G.; Zinserling, J.; Wirz, S.; Hoeft, A.; Bruhn, J. Report 4764
The ethics of anaesthesia learning curves (comment). Doyle, D. J. Letter to the editor 574
The history of emergency airway management. Westhorpe, R.N.; Ball, C. 1182
Up-down study--is the analysis adequate? Makkar, J.K.; Wig, J. Letter to the editor 748
Use of an i-gel in a 'can't intubate/can't ventilate' situation. Corso, R.M.; Piraccini, E.; Agnoletti, V.; Gambale, G. Letter to the editor 410
Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome caused by invasive Haemophilus influenzae type B infection in a previously healthy young man. Shimizu, S.; Tahara, Y.; Atsumi, T.; Imai, Y.; Ueda, H.; Seo, R.; Higashibeppu, N.; Mima, H.; Yamaza Letter to the editor 824

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