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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (September 1, 2009)

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A difficult airway in a patient with extensive cervical lymphadenopathy. Teo, Y.K. Clinical report 418
A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children. Fourth Edition. Westhorpe, R.N. Book review 511
Ambulatory continuous femoral analgesia for major knee surgery: a randomised study of ultrasound-guided femoral catheter placement. Fredrickson, M.J.; Danesh-Clough, T.K. Clinical report 5154
An audit of potentially recyclable waste from anaesthetic practice. McGain, F.; Hendel, S.A.; Story, D.A. Report 2033
An intraoperative pre-incision single dose of intravenous ketamine does not have an effect on postoperative analgesic requirements under clinical conditions. Dullenkopf, A.; Muller, R.; Dillmann, F.; Wiedemeier, P.; Hegi, T.R.; Gautschi, S. Clinical report 3282
Analysing day-of-surgery cancellation rates. Dexter, F.; Wachtel, R.E. 791
Anaphylactic bronchospasm due to propofol. Forget, P.; Pirson, F.; Scholtes, J.-L. Clinical report 680
Anesthesiology Clinics: Obstetric Anesthesia. Volume 26, Number 1, March 2008. Collier, C. Book review 259
Arytenoid subluxation after a difficult intubation treated successfully with voice therapy. Tan, V.; Seevanayagam, S. Case study 2249
Central venous pressure monitoring. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. Report 1294
Chronic Pain Management: Guidelines for Multidisciplinary Program Development. Goucke, R. Book review 356
Communication failure in the intensive care unit--learning from a near miss. Hendel, S.A.; Flanagan, B.T. Report 2896
Comparison between the effects of propofol and etomidate on motor and electroencephalogram seizure duration during electroconvulsive therapy. Tan, H.L.; Lee, C.Y. Clinical report 5158
Comparison of the single-use LMA supreme with the reusable ProSeal LMA for anaesthesia in gynaecological laparoscopic surgery. Lee, A.K.Y.; Tey, J.B.L.; Lim, Y.; Sia, A.T.H. Clinical report 2989
Conscious sedation for difficult intubation in children. Erden, V.; Yangin, Z.; Erkalp, K.; Delatioglu, H. Clinical report 638
Continuous venovenous haemodiafiltration for metformin-induced lactic acidosis. Pan, L.T.T.; MacLaren, G. Case study 1465
Core Topics in Mechanical Ventilation. Seal, P.F. Book review 407
Cousins and Bridenbaugh's Neural Blockade in Clinical Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Fourth Edition. Forrest, P. Book review 390
Diagnosis of postoperative arrhythmias following paediatric cardiac surgery. Skippen, P.W.; Sanatani, S.; Gow, R.M.; Froese, N. Clinical report 6828
Effect of pump prime on acidosis, strong-ion-difference and unmeasured ions during cardiopulmonary bypass. Liskaser, F.; Story, D.A.; Hayhoe, M.; Poustie, S.J.; Bailey, M.J.; Bellomo, R. Report 3268
Essentials of Neuroanesthesia and Neurointensive Care. Lee, R. Book review 408
Eternal vigilance "the T-Bag[TM]". Bacon, A.K. 384
Ethics and Law for the Health Professions. Third Edition. Tomkins, D.P. Book review 336
Fibreoptic intubation under general anaesthesia--a simple method using an endotracheal tube as a conduit. Ford, A.M.; Sudhir, G. Report 950
Hypercapnia test and weaning outcome from mechanical ventilation in COPD patients. Raurich, J.M.; Rialp, G.; Ibanez, J.; Ayestaran, I.; Llompart-Pou, J.A.; Togores, B. Report 5647
Hypoxaemia and persistently increased extravascular lung water in a diffuse bronchioloalveolar carcinoma. Monterrubio-Villar, J.; Cano-Gomez, G.; Cordoba-Lopez, A. Clinical report 823
Impact of admixture time and diluent order on metaraminol concentration. Darvall, J.N.; Bjorksten, A.R.; Leslie, K. Clinical report 763
In vivo evaluation of tissue microflow under combined therapy with extracorporeal life support and intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation. Jung, C.; Lauten, A.; Roediger, C.; Fritzenwanger, M.; Schumm, J.; Figulla, H. R.; Ferrari, M. Clinical report 1195
Incidence and risk factors for chronic pain after caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia. Sng, B.L.; Sia, A.T.H.; Quek, K.; Woo, D.; Lim, Y. Clinical report 3361
Inflammation, vitamin deficiencies and organ failure in critically ill patients. Corcoran, T.B.; O'Neill, M.P.; Webb, S.A.R.; However, K.M. Clinical report 4707
Massive pulmonary embolism leading to cardiac arrest after tourniquet deflation following lower limb surgery. Bharti, N.; Mahajan, S. Clinical report 807
Mortality and cost outcomes of elderly trauma patients admitted to intensive care and the general wards of an Australian tertiary referral hospital. Chan, L.Y.L.; Moran, J.L.; Clarke, C.; Martin, J.; Solomon, P.J. Clinical report 6941
Mydriasis in a critically ill patient. Parmar, K.K.; Dwaram, S.; Chacko, B. Clinical report 620
Non-invasive assessment of the microcirculation in critically ill patients. Nanas, S.; Gerovasili, V.; Renieris, P.; Angelopoulos, E.; Poriazi, M.; Kritiko, K.; Siafaka, A.; Ba Clinical report 4765
Perianesthesia Patient Care for Uncommon Diseases. Thompson, W.R. Book review 380
Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Color Atlas. Third Edition. Royse, C.F. Book review 247
Postoperative analgesia and respiratory events in patients with symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea. Blake, D.W.; Yew, C.Y.; Donnan, G.B.; Williams, D.L. Clinical report 3368
Preoperative screening for obstructive sleep apnoea--are we losing sleep over nothing? Loadsman, J.A. Editorial 1577
Ruptured hydatid cyst masquerading as tension penumothorax. Chacko, J.; Rao, S.; Basawaraj, K.; Chatterjee, S. Case study 1651
Should serum calcium levels be measured preoperatively in all multiparous, lactating females? Gupta, K.; Girdhar, K.K.; Manchanda, G.; Goel, N.; Anand, R. Clinical report 684
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy during emergence from general anaesthesia. Meng, L.; Wells, C. Clinical report 1804
The ethics of anaesthesia learning curves. White, S.M. Report 3604
The functional outcome and recovery of patients admitted to an intensive care unit following drug overdose: a follow-up study. O'Brien, B.P.; Murphy, D.; Conrick-Martin, I.; Marsh, B. Report 3536
The influence of gender and experience on intubation ability and technique: a manikin study. Waddington, M.S.; Paech, M.J.; Kurowski, I.H.S.; Reed, C.J.; Nicholls, G. J.; Guy, D.T.; Day, R.E. Report 5979
The microcirculation, regional blood flow and tissue oxygenation: will new technologies drive new resuscitation goals? Holley, A.; Udy, A.; Lipman, J.; Paratz, J.D. Report 1583
The new college of intensive care medicine--update. van Heerden, P.V. 1271
The performance of customised APACHE II and SAPS II in predicting mortality of mixed critically ill patients in a Thai medical intensive care unit. Khwannimit, B.; Bhurayanontachai, R. Clinical report 3995
The use of a bougie to assist the passage of a tracheal tube over a paediatric fibrescope. Sharma, R.; Panda, A.; Singh, B.P.; Das, S.N.; Tayal, I. Clinical report 391
Transoesophageal ultrasound monitoring of subcapsular splenic haematoma in the intensive care unit. Poularas, J.; Saranteas, T.; Karakitsos, D.; Karabinis, A. Clinical report 389

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