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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (March 1, 2009)

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A national survey on the practice and outcomes of mechanical ventilation in Korean intensive care units. Koh, Y.; Lim, C.M.; Koh, S.O.; Ahn, J.-J.; Kim, Y.S.; Jung, B.H.; Cho, J.H.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, M.G.; J Clinical report 6301
A patient with intractable posthypoxic myoclonus (Lance-Adams syndrome) treated with sodium oxybate. Arpesella, R.; Dallocchio, C.; Arbasino, C.; Imberti, R.; Martinotti, R.; Frucht, S.J. Clinical report 2294
A preliminary evaluation of the Endoflex[R] endotracheal tube as an alternative to a rigid styletted tube for Glidescope intubations. Phua, D.S.K.; Wang, C.F.; Yoong, C.S. 777
A randomised, double-blind comparison of three different volumes of hypobaric intrathecal bupivacaine for orthopaedic surgery. Imbellonv, L.E.; Gouveia, M.A.; Vieira, E.M.; Cordeiro, J.A. Clinical report 3852
Airway obstruction due to a pre-vertebral haematoma following difficult central line insertion--implications for ultrasound guidance and review of the literature. Udy, A.; Senthuran, S.; Lipman, J. Clinical report 3160
An update on C-reactive protein for intensivists. Ho, K.M.; Lipman, J. Report 5974
Atlas of uncommon pain syndromes. second edition. Slattery, P. Book review 411
Blood pressure monitoring--the von Recklinghausen oscillotonometer. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. 1114
Complication of submental intubation. Langford, R. Report 507
Critical care of the patient with acute pancreatitis. Hasibeder, W.R.; Torgersen, C.; Rieger, M.; Dunser, M. Clinical report 11969
Diabetes insipidus following overdose of baclofen and quetiapine. Siluersides, J.A.; Scott, K.C. Case study 1196
e-letters: a caution. Story, D.A. Editorial 668
Editor's note. Loadsman, J. Editorial 390
Emergency Airway Management. Moloney, J. Book review 287
Fibreoptic bronchoscope guided tracheal intubation via facemask in apnoeic patients. Garg, R.; Giridhar, K.K. Brief article 308
Fibreoptic intubation under general anaesthesia--a simple method using an endotracheal tube as a conduit. Cumpston, P.H.V. Clinical report 2463
Glucagonoma: anaesthetic management. Gin, V.C.; Zacharias, M. Report 906
Hazard of using compact dial oxygen regulator/ flowmeter. Selby, D. Brief article 190
Intraoperative ketamine may influence persistent pain following knee arthroplasty under combined general and spinal anaesthesia: a pilot study. Perrin, S.B.; Purcell, A.N. Clinical report 3145
Is antimicrobial underexposure due to glomerular hyperfiltration a possible cause of increased mortality rate from bacterial infections in critically ill patients? Pea, F.; Furlanut, M.; Viale, P. Report 835
It's what we do everyday. why can't we explain how it works? Sleigh, J.W. Editorial 1083
Labour management of a woman with carnitine palmitoyl transferase type 2 deficiency. Slater, E.M.; Grivell, R.; Cyna, A.M. Clinical report 2383
Magnetic resonance scanning of the upper airway following difficult intubation reveals an unexpected lingual tonsil. Greenland, K.B.; Cumpston, P.H.V.; Huang, J. Clinical report 2096
Mechanisms, management and measurement in atropine induced hyperthermia. Gillman, K. Letter to the editor 504
Myocardial infarction during left upper lobectomy in a patient with a LIMA graft. Yazigi, A.; Jabbour, K.; Madi-Jebara, S.; Haddad, F.; Hayeck, G.; Tabet, G. Report 661
No elevation of glutathione S-transferase-A1-1 by amiodarone loading in intensive care unit patients with atrial fibrillation. Hilkens, M.; Pickkers, P.; Peters, W.H.M.; van der Hoeven, J.G. Clinical report 2332
Opioid abuse amongst anaesthetists: a system to detect personal usage. Chisholm, A.B.; Harrison, M.J. Clinical report 2104
Outcome of patients receiving high dose vasopressor therapy: a retrospective cohort study. Jenkins, C.R.; Gomersall, C.D.; Leung, P.; Joynt, G.M. Clinical report 2236
Pain Management and Procedural Sedation Handbook. Hackman, C. Book review 335
Pain management: evidence, outcomes, and quality of life. A sourcebook. Cherry, D. A. Brief article 258
Patient sex and its influence on general anaesthesia. Buchanan, F.F.; Myles, P.S.; Cicuttini, F. Clinical report 8975
Persistent low capillary blood glucose estimated by the fingerstick method may be an early indicator of limb ischaemia in hypotensive patient requiring high inotropic support. Mishra, P.; Tawfiq, Q.A.; Bhakta, P. 937
Prevalence of vitamin deficiencies on admission: relationship to hospital mortality in critically ill patients. Corcoran, T.B.; O'Neill, M.A.; Webb, S.A.R.; Ho, K.M. Clinical report 4752
Role reversal during external laryngeal manipulation for tracheal intubation--an alternate approach! Prabhakar, H.; Ali, Z.; Singh, G.P.; Valiaveedan, S.; Singhal, V. Report 335
Scout's motto. Baker, P.A.; Merry, A.F. Report 2944
Some scientific reflections on possible mechanisms of general anaesthesia. Carmody, J.J. Clinical report 6472
The effect of increasing operating room capacity on day-of-surgery cancellation. Yoon, S.-Z.; Lee, S.I.; Lee, H.W.; Lim, H.J.; Yoon, S.M.; Chang, S.H. Report 2955
The pulmonary artery catheter sleeve--protective or infective? Corcoran, T.B.; Grape, S.; Duff, O.; Perry, P.L.; Murray, R. Clinical report 3980
The Rendell Baker Soucek paediatric mask in adult difficult airways. Garg, R. Brief article 310
The serendipitous origin of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. Sette, P.; Dorizzi, R.M.; Castellano, G. Letter to the editor 621
Two cases of Menkes disease: airway management and dental fragility. Yamashita, J.; Yamakage, M.; Kawana, S.; Namiki, A. Clinical report 585
Ultrasound imaging in anaesthesia: which is the optimal anatomic point to block the radial nerve in the axilla? Saranteas, T.; Anagnostopoulou, S.; Kostopanagiotou, G. Brief article 310
Video and optic laryngoscopy assisted tracheal intubation--the new era. Thong, S.Y.; Lim, Y. Report 9808

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