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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (January 1, 2009)

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A new degraded auditory stimulus test to measure implicit memory during anaesthesia in children. Phelan, L.; Sheppard, S.J.; Davidson, A.J. Report 3764
A prospective randomised controlled trial of ultrasound guided versus nerve stimulation guided distal sciatic nerve block at the popliteal fossa. van Geffen, G.J.; van den Broek, E.; Braak, G.J.J.; Giele, J.L.P.; Gielen, M.J.; Scheffer, G.J. Report 3755
A survey of anaesthetists' perspectives of communication in the operating suite. Elks, K.N.; Riley, R.H. Survey 2205
Accidental bladder puncture: a complication of a modified fascia iliaca block. Blackford, D.; Westhoffen, P. Clinical report 596
An unusual cause of patient pain during regional anaesthesia. Kumar, R.; Kumar, S.; Bharti, M.; Luckwal, M. Clinical report 741
Antibacterial activity of epidural infusions. Coghlan, M.W.; Davies, M.J.; Hoy, C.; Joyce, L.; Kilner, R.; Waters, M.-J. Report 1919
APOE genotype affects outcome in a murine model of sepsis: implications for a new treatment strategy. Wang, H.; Christensen, D.J.; Vitek, M.P.; Sullivan, P.M.; Laskowitz, D.T. Report 4911
Atlas of Intraoperative Transoesophageal Echocardiography Surgical and Radiologic Correlations. Mehra, R. Book review 388
Being in Pain. Gibson, S. Book review 365
Caesarean delivery under general anaesthesia for a woman with undiagnosed tuberous sclerosis complex and lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Cho, S.Y.; Kim, K.H.; Jeon, W.J. Clinical report 940
Central pontine myelinolysis despite slow sodium rise in a case of severe community-acquired hyponatraemia. Schuster, M.; Diekmann, S.; Klingebiel, R.; Volk, T. Case study 2141
Changes in serum procalcitonin and Creactive protein following antimicrobial therapy as a guide to antibiotic duration in the critically ill: a prospective evaluation. Venkatesh, B.; Kennedy, P.; Kruger, P.S.; Looke, D.; Jones, M.; Hall, J.; Barruel, G. Ray Clinical report 4802
Chronic Pain for Dummies. Briscoe, P. Book review 296
Comparison of computer-integrated patient-controlled epidural analgesia and patient-controlled epidural analgesia with a basal infusion for labour and delivery. Sng, B.L.; Sia, A.T.H.; Lim, Y.; Woo, D.; Ocampo, C. Report 3691
Cricothyroidotomy assisted airway access with provision for connection to standard anaesthesia connectors. Sharma, R.; Kumar, A.; Panda, A. 327
Dental loss related to an endotracheal tube. Langford, R.; Nastri, A.L. 521
Dose requirements for propofol anaesthesia for dental treatment for autistic patients compared with intellectually impaired patients. Asahi, Y.; Kubota, K.; Omichi, S. 2843
Dose-related effect of propofol on pancreatic enzymes and triglyceride levels in patients undergoing non-abdominal surgery. Pradeep, K.; Wig, J.; Panda, N.B.; Prasad, R. Report 3558
Drug administration errors: a prospective survey from three South African teaching hospitals. Llewellyn, R.L.; Gordon, P.C.; Wheatcroft, D.; Lines, D.; Reed, A.; Butt, A.D.; Lundgren, A.C.; Jame Survey 3362
Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management. Brooker, C. Book review 331
Evaluation of oxygen therapy devices. Holmes, M. Column 520
Headache Simplified. Bradley, J.P. Book review 248
In situ simulation-based team training for post-cardiac surgical emergency chest reopen in the intensive care unit. Nunnink, L.; Welsh, A.-M.; Abbey, M.; Buschel, C. 2986
International Anesthesiology Clinics: Enduring Contributions of Henry. K. Beecher to Medicine, Science and Society. Part II. Volume 46: Number 1, Winter 2008. Ball, C. Book review 425
Lumbar canal stenosis: retrospective diagnosis after a high spinal block. Sharma, R.; Kumar, A.; Panda, A. Case study 664
Manual of emergency and critical care ultrasound. Lewis, J.P. Book review 271
Murphy's eye: go for the eye: learning fibreoptic intubation. Bangaari, A.; Puri, G.D. Brief article 221
Pain Management for Older Adults: A Self Help Guide. Cramond, T. Book review 335
Randomised comparison of the Classic Laryngeal Mask Airway[TM] with the Cobra Perilaryngeal Airway[TM] during anaesthesia in spontaneously breathing adult patients. Andrews, D.T.; Williams, D.L.; Alexander, K.D.; Lie, Y. 4863
Risk factors for post-pneumonectomy acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome in primary lung cancer patients. Jeon, K.; Yoon, J.W.; Suh, G.Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, K.; Yang, M.; Kim, H.; Kwon, O.J.; Shim, Y.M. Report 3668
Securing the Aintree Intubation Catheter. Baker, P.A.; Hounsell, G.L. Brief article 332
Superficial cervical plexus block combined with auriculotemporal nerve block for drainage of dental abscess in adults with difficult airways. Ling, K.U.; Hasan, M. Shahnaz; Ha, K.O.; Wang, C.Y. Case study 2009
Survival after massive hydroxychloroquine overdose. Gunja, N.; Roberts, D.; McCoubrie, D.; Lamberth, P.; Jan, A.; Simes, D.C.; Hackett, P.; Buckley, N.A Clinical report 1976
Talc-induced interstitial pneumonitis with respiratory failure. Griffo, S.; Musumeci, A.; De Luca, G.; Saccenti, A.; Grande, L.M.; Stassano, P. Case study 1765
The evaluation of anaesthesia-related information on the internet. Corcoran, T.B.; Ward, M.; Jarosz, K.; Schug, S.A. 3652
The impact of Alzheimer's disease medication on muscle relaxants. Russell, W.J. 477
The introduction of blood pressure monitoring into anaesthesia. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. Cover story 1269
The use of "ketofol" (ketamine-propofol admixture) infusion in conjunction with regional anaesthesia. Rapeport, D.A.; Martyr, J.W.; Wang, L.P. Clinical report 2020
The Washington Manual of Critical Care. Harrigan, P. Book review 391
Tracheal deviation may be a normal anatomical variant in children. Kar, P.; Rath, G.P.; Prabhakar, H.; Ali, Z. 613
Tracheal intubation in a patent with Crouzon's syndrome using LMA-Fastrach[TM] with the Cook Airway Exchange Catheter[R]. Kim, Y.H.; Kim, H. Case study 1082
Tropisetron plus subhypnotic propofol infusion is more effective than tropisetron alone for the prevention of vomiting in children after tonsillectomy. Erdem, A.F.; Yoruk, O.; Silbir, F.; Alici, H.A.; Cesur, M.; Dogan, N.; Aktan, B.; Sutbeyaz, Y. 3505
Ultrasound-guided ankle block. Fredrickson, M.J. 671
Users' opinions on intensive care unit alarms--a survey of German intensive care units. Siebig, S.; Sieben, W.; Kollmann, F.; Imhoff, M.; Bruennler, T.; Rockmann, F.; Gather, U.; Wrede, C. Survey 3447
Ventilation and weaning practices in Australia and New Zealand. Rose, L.; Presneill, J.J.; Johnston, L.; Nelson, S.; Cade, J.F. 5938
You only find what you look for: the importance of high creatinine clearance in the critically ill. Udy, A.; Roberts, J.A.; Boots, R.J.; Lipman, J. 2246

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