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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (May 1, 2008)

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Adjuncts and alternatives to oxime therapy in organophosphate poisoning--is there evidence of benefit in human poisoning? A review. Peter, J.V.; Moran, J.L.; Pichamuthu, K.; Chacko, B. 8195
Assessment and observation: the anaesthetist's tools. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. 958
Australian anaesthetists' practice of sedation for gastrointestinal endoscopy in adult patients. Padmanabhan, U.; Leslie, K. 3339
Barotrauma during apnoea testing for brain death determination in a five-year-old boy. Monterrubio-Villar, J.; Cordoba-Lopez, A. 927
Basic Science for Anaesthetists. Sidebotham, D. Book review 303
Bringing Pain Relief to Children: Treatment Approaches. Cooper, M.G. Book review 326
Cancer Pain. Pharmacological, Interventional and Palliative Approaches. Fleming, J.A. Book review 529
Careers in Anaesthesiology: Autobiographical and Posthumous Memoirs. Gibbs, J.M. Book review 313
Comparison of potency of ephedrine and mephentermine for prevention of post-spinal hypotension in caesarean section. Mohta, M.; Agarwal, D.; Gupta, L.K.; Tyagi, A.; Gupta, A.; Sethi, A.K. 3537
Comparison of the laryngeal mask (LMA[TM]) and laryngeal tube (LT[R]) with the perilaryngeal airway (CobraPLA[R]) in brief paediatric surgical procedures. Kaya, G.; Koyuncu, O.; Turan, N.; Turan, A. 3764
Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of lung--differential diagnosis and management. Garg, R.; Bhalotra, A.; Arya, M.; Bhadoria, P.; Manchanda, G. Case study 1008
Critical Care Secrets. Ernest, D. Book review 298
Decision Making in Anesthesiology. Hebbard, P.D. Book review 254
DNA analysis and malignant hyperthermia susceptibility. Stowell, K.M.; Pollock, N. Editorial 2027
Erratum--axillary tunnel block and risk of phrenic nerve paresis. Cornish, P. Correction notice 164
Fire-eater's lung. Boots, R.J.; Weedon, Z.J. Case study 2663
Haemodynamic and Bispectral index response to insertion of the Streamlined Liner of the Pharynx Airway (SLIPA[TM]): comparison with the laryngeal mask airway. Puri, G.D.; Hegde, H.V.; Jayant, A.; Bhukal, I. 4456
Hatch and Sumner's Text book of Paediatric Anaesthesia. Frawley, G. Book review 412
Identification of genetic mutations in Australian malignant hyperthermia families using sequencing of RYR1 hotspots. Gillies, R.L.; Bjorksten, A.R.; Davis, M.; Du Sart, D. 7376
Impact of selective decontamination of the digestive tract on carriage and infection due to Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials. Silvestri, L.; Van Saene, H.K.F.; Casarin, A.; Berlot, G.; Gullo, A. 10042
Intra-ocular pressure changes associated with intubation with the intubating laryngeal mask airway compared with conventional laryngoscopy. Bharti, N.; Mohanty, B.; Bithal, P.K.; Dash, M.; Dash, H.H. 2701
Managing Chronic Pain: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach. Workbook. Briscoe, P. Book review 308
Mechanical Ventilation: Clinical Applications and Pathophysiology. Seal, P.F. Book review 426
Multislice computed tomography coronary angiography: risk stratification of patients in the perioperative period. Weinberg, L.; Spanger, M.C.; Harley, I.; Story, D.A.; Hall, A. Clinical report 8074
New airway devices and the management of the difficult airway. Orbany, M. El-; Ng, S.Y.; Ithnin, F.; Lim, Y. 414
Noradrenaline use is not associated with extubation failure in septic patients. Teixeira, C.; Tonietto, T. Frederico; Goncalves, S. Cadaval; Cremonese, R. Viegas; De Oliveira, R. P Clinical report 4420
Paediatric intensive care in non-paediatric ICUs. McHugh, G.J. Column 957
Pre-insertion Doppler: another benefit of ultrasound imaging during central venous access. Gupta, D.; Mazumdar, A.; Singh, M.; Mishra, S.; Bhatnagar, S. Case study 377
Preoperative assessment for obstructive sleep apnoea and the prediction of postoperative respiratory obstruction and hypoxaemia. Blake, D.W.; Chia, P.H.; Donnan, G.; Williams, D.L. 3810
Principles of Physiology for the Anaesthetist. Street, N. Book review 274
Remifentanil for supraventricular tachycardia. Kannan, T.R.; Bose, D. Case study 678
Risk factors for treatment failure in patients with severe acute cardiogenic pulmonary oedema. Di Marco, F.; Tresoldi, S.; Maggiolini, S.; Bozzano, A.; Bellani, G.; Pesenti, A.; Fumagalli, R. Clinical report 5300
Safety and usefulness of bronchoscopy in ventilator-dependent patients with severe thrombocytopenia. Kim, Y.H.; Suh, G.Y.; Kim, M.H.; Park, H.Y.; Kang, E.H.; Koh, W.-J.; Chung, M.P.; Kim, H.; Kwon, O.J Clinical report 4777
Spontaneous ventilation pneumothorax. Runciman, W.B.; Hibbert, P.D. 629
Suction catheter as a low-diameter emergency airway conduit in the setting of severe tracheal stenosis. Prakash, A.; Gupta, D.; Jain, R.; Mishra, S.; Bhatnagar, S. 553
Sudden decrease in bispectral index value during emergence from general anaesthesia. Jain, V.; Singh, D.; Prabhakar, H. 572
The accuracy of reporting of general anaesthesia for childbirth: a validation study. Roberts, C.L.; Ford, J.B.; Lain, S.; Algert, C.S.; Sparks, C.J. 4844
The bunged bung--one-way valve malfunction during elective surgery. Wright, D.J.; Reid, C.J. 556
The effect of aprotinin on risk of acute renal failure requiring dialysis after on-pump cardiac surgery. Raajkumar, A.; Ho, K.M.; Cokis, C.; Slade, N. 3527
The Glostavent: evolution of an anaesthetic machine for developing countries. Beringer, R.M.; Eltringham, R.J. 2676
The Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Anaesthesia. Practice papers for teachers and trainees. Noonan, C. Book review 265
Ultrasound identification of the radial nerve and its divisions. Is rescue nerve block at or below the elbow possible? Anagnostopoulou, S.; Saranteas, T.; Chantzi, C.; Dimitriou, V.; Karabinis, A.; Kostopanagiotou, G. 703
Use of intrathecal midazolam to improve perioperative analgesia: a meta-analysis. Ho, K.M.; Ismail, H. 4396
Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2007. Corkeron, M. Book review 372

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