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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (March 1, 2008)

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"Nature"--a useful mnemonic. Linton, D.M.; Van Heerden, P.V. 583
A series of five adult cases of respiratory syncytial virus-related acute respiratory distress syndrome. Robert, D.; Verbiest, D.; Demey, H.; Ieven, M.; Jansens, H.; Jorens, P.G. Clinical report 2870
Adverse physiological events under anaesthesia and sedation: a pilot audit of electronic patient records. Grant, C.; Ludbrook, G.; Hampson, E. A.; Semenov, R.; Willis, R. Clinical report 4638
An unusual case of intra-abdominal apoplexy. Makris, N.; Bellapart, J.; Boots, R.J. Clinical report 1512
Anaesthesia for the Overweight and Obese Patient. Meyer, R. Book review 278
Anaesthetic implications of hyperekplexia--'startle disease'. Garg, R.; Ramachandran, R.; Sharma, P. Clinical report 2021
Anaesthetic management of a child with Freeman-Sheldon syndrome undergoing spinal surgery. Richa, F.C.; Yazbeck, P H. Clinical report 2911
Assessment of an unplanned admission to the intensive care unit as a global safety indicator in surgical patients. Haller, G.; Myles, P.S.; Langley, M.; Stoelwinder, J.; McNeil, J. Clinical report 6839
Basic Pharmacokinetics. Brown, M. Book review 440
Basics of Anesthesia. Tivey, S. Book review 286
Central diabetes insipidus: a rare perioperative cause of severe hypernatraemia. Hayanga, A.J.; Kohen, R.; Egeland, B.; Charles, A.; Spoor, M.; Kuzon, W.M.; Napolitano, L. M. Clinical report 3304
Central Neuropathic Pain: Focus on Poststroke Pain. Craigie, M. Book review 348
Communication during induction of paediatric anaesthesia: an observational study. Carlyle, A.V.; Ching, P.C.; Cyna, A.M. Clinical report 3515
Comparison of caudal epidural bupivacaine with bupivacaine plus tramadol and bupivacaine plus ketamine for postoperative analgesia in children. Choudhuri, A. Hom; Dharmani, P.; Kumarl, N.; Prakash, A. Clinical report 4066
Complete airway obstruction caused by cuff herniation of an overused laryngeal mask airway. Christelis, N.D.; Doolan, G.K. Clinical report 598
Critical Care Medicine: Just the Facts. Corke, C. Book review 278
Effects of arginine vasopressin on oxygenation and haemodynamics during one-lung ventilation in an animal model. Huter, L.; Schwarzkopf, K.; Preussler, N.P.; Gaser, E.; Bauer, R.; Schubert, H.; Schreiber, T. Clinical report 4006
Failure of the classic LMA and aintree catheter with bronchoscope for tracheal intubation while performing manual inline stabilisation. Greenland, K.B.; Pang, G.; Donaldson, A.E.; Frouws, M.W. 840
Fracture of an epidural catheter inserted for labour analgesia. Rajendra, P.; Popham, P. Clinical report 2318
Fully developed burnout and burnout risk in intensive care personnel at a university hospital. Lederer, W.; Kinzl, J.F.; Traweger, C.; Dosch, J.; Sumann, G. Report 3694
Generalisability of behavioural skills in simulated anaesthetic emergencies. Weller, J.M.; Jolly, B.; Robinson B. Clinical report 3517
Headache and Chronic Pain Syndromes. The Case-Based Guide to Targeted Assessment and Treatment. Slattery, P. Book review 342
High-frequency oscillation ventilation more lung-protective than conventional, very low tidal volume ventilation in a case of pulmonary fibrosis. Friesecke, S.; Abel, P.; Ewert, R. Clinical report 618
Inoprotection review. Heffernan, D.; Soeding, P.F.; Royse, C.F.; Wright, C.E.; Royse, A.G.; Angus, J.A. Letter to the editor 674
International Anesthesiology Clinics: Enduring Contributions of Henry. K. Beecher to Medicine, Science and Society. Ball, C. Book review 352
Job satisfaction, stress and burnout in anaesthetic technicians in New Zealand. Kluger, M.T.; Bryant, J. Report 3305
Mosby's Critical Care Drug Reference. Douglas, A. Book review 277
Multiple mechanisms of perioperative brachial plexus injury. Anghelescu, D.L.; Burgoyne, L.L.; Khan, R.B. Clinical report 1192
Paediatric Anaesthesia. Davidson, A. Book review 258
Pain is difficult to measure. Birch, C.W.; McLintic, A.J.; Stevens, M.; Harrison, G.; McGrail, M. 760
Partially occluded carbon dioxide absorber due to incorrect filling technique. Petrovski, J. Clinical report 517
Pediatric Anesthesia Practice. Sims, C. Book review 471
Recent Advances in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 24. Cronin, K. Book review 302
Review of procedures for investigation of anaesthesia-associated anaphylaxis in Newcastle, Australia. McNeill, O.; Kerridge, R.K.; Boyle, M.J. Clinical report 4312
TEE Pocket Manual. Kluger, R. Book review 423
Textbook of Anaesthesia. Saady, A. Book review 472
The first controversy over monitoring in anaesthesia. Ball C.; Westhorpe, R.N. 1154
The role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for treatment of the adult respiratory distress syndrome: review and quantitative analysis. Chalwin, R.P.; Moran, J.L.; Graham, P.L. Clinical report 8523
The surviving sepsis campaign: international guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock: 2008. an assessment by the Australian and New Zealand intensive care society. P, Hicks; D.J., Cooper; S., Webb; J., Myburgh; I., Seppelt; S., Peake; C., Joyce; D., Stephens; A., Editorial 1865
The use of Lee and co-workers' index to assist a risk adjusted audit of perioperative cardiac outcome. Moran, P.J.; Ghidella, T.; Power, G.; Jenkins, A.S.; Whittle, D. Clinical report 4178
Therapeutic Guidelines: Analgesic. Gray, M. Book review 206
Treatment of recurrent chest pain in a heart transplant recipient using spinal cord stimulation. Singh, H.; Merry, A.F.; Ruygrok, P.; Ruttley, A. Clinical report 2256
Use of unapproved medicines in anaesthesia practice in New Zealand. Warmington, A. Letter to the editor 302

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