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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (October 1, 2007)

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A clinician's guide to predicting fluid responsiveness in critical illness: applied physiology and research methodology. Sturgess, D.J.; Joyce, C.; Marwick, T.H.; Venkatesh, B. Clinical report 6945
A comparison of central venous-arterial and mixed venous-arterial carbon dioxide tension gradient in circulatory failure. Ho, K.M.; Harding, R.; Chamberlain, J. Clinical report 3990
A comparison of tape-tying versus a tube-holding device for securing endotracheal tubes in adults. Murdoch, E.; Holdgate, A. Clinical report 3598
Advances in Anaesthesia Volume 24. Cronin, K. Book review 248
An unusual 'near miss' ... but it's nothing new. Kalupahana, M. Case study 412
Anaesthesia and the Practice of Medicine: Historical Perspectives. Cass, N.M. Book review 601
Anticoagulation, bleeding and blood transfusion practices in Australasian cardiac surgical practice. Daly, D.J.; Myles, P.S.; Smith, J.A.; Knight, J.L.; Clavisi, O.; Bain, D.L.; Glew, R.; Gibbs, N.M.; Report 5483
Atrial fibrillation in a tertiary care multidisciplinary intensive care unit--incidence and risk factors. Arora, S.; Lang, I.; Nayyar, V.; Stachowski, E.; Ross, D.L. Clinical report 5659
Comparative evaluation of myolaxin and EMLA cream for attenuation of venous cannulation pain: a prospective, randomised, double blind study. Agarwal, A.; Yadav, G.; Gupta, D.; Tandont, M.; Dhiraaj, S.; Singh, P.K. Clinical report 2517
Comparison of airway management during anaesthesia using the laryngeal mask airway Ctrach[TM] and Glidescope[TM]. Ng, S.Y.; Ithnin, F.; Lim, Y. Clinical report 4762
Delayed atypical headache following failed epidural analgesia and subsequent caesarean section under regional anaesthesia. Shivanna, S.; Kuselan, B.; O'Donohoe, B.; Jayaraju, K. Clinical report 756
Desflurane. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. Drug overview 1027
Difficult decisions in the intensive care unit: an illustrative case. Freshwater-Turner, D.A.; Boots, R.J.; Bowman, R.N.; Healy, H.G.; Klestov, A.C. Clinical report 9181
Drug dilution errors in anaesthesia and critical care. Dickinson, M. Letter to the editor 485
Early autonomic dysreflexia in acute paraplegia following anterior spinal artery thrombosis. Rooney, K.D.; McKinstry, C. Clinical report 1217
Effects of reduction of the caudal morphine dose in paediatric circumcision on quality of postoperative analgesia and morphine-related side-effects. Cesur, M.; Alici, H.A.; Erdem, A.F.; Yapanoglu, T.; Silbir, F. Clinical report 3803
Efficacy of risperidone for prevention of postoperative delirium in cardiac surgery. Prakanrattana, U.; Prapaitrakool, S. Clinical report 4072
Excision of a teratomatous 'parasitic twin' in an infant with uncorrected complex cyanotic heart disease. Gandhi, R.; Batra, R. Kumar; Saxena, A. Clinical report 1231
Failure to wake due to faulty interlock system allowing two vaporisers to run. Mitchell, A.M. 430
Gastrointestinal perfusion in septic shock. van Haren, F.M.P.; Sleigh, J.W.; Pickkers, P.; van der Hoeven, J.G. Clinical report 12236
Handbook of Drugs in Intensive Care: An A--Z Guide. Ho, K.M. Book review 315
Hypotension and anaemia--a blinding combination. Hughes, E.H.; Graham, E.M.; Wyncoll, D.L.A. Clinical report 1482
Inspiratory muscle training to enhance weaning from mechanical ventilation. Bissett, B.; Leditschke, I.A. Clinical report 1752
International Anesthesiology Clinics--Pain; Volume 45: Number 2, Spring 2007. Cherry, D.A. Periodical review 224
Intrathecal morphine dilution. Simmons, S.W.; Baker, A.; Rutherford, D.; Myles, P. Letter to the editor 557
Introduction and audit of intravenous paracetamol at a tertiary paediatric teaching hospital. Palmer, G.M.; Chen, S.P.; Smith, K.R.; Hardikar, W. Report 3461
Introduction of intravenous paracetamol. MacPherson, R. 681
Kaplan's Cardiac Anaesthesia, 5th Edition. Puddy, A. Book review 257
Lemierre's syndrome with septic shock caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum. Wang, D.; Price, A.K.; Leitch, K.K.; Salvadori, M.; Singh, R.N.; Kornecki, A.; Mckillop, S. D.; Fras Clinical report 3251
Levosimendan in acute pulmonary embolism. Powell, B.P.; Simes, D. Clinical report 1390
Milrinone does not improve free flap survival in microvascular surgery. Jones, S.J.; Scott, D.A.; Watson, R.; Morrison, W.A. Clinical report 3685
Pain Medicine: The Requisites in Anesthesiology. Shipton, E.A. Book review 812
Perioperative management of sickle cell disease in paediatric cardiac surgery. Bhatt, K.; Cherian, S.; Agarwal, R.; Jose, S.; Cherian, K.M. Case study 2560
Preoperative hypnotherapy in the management of a child with anticipatory nausea and vomiting. Mackenzie, A.; Frawley, G.P. Clinical report 2992
Re: Accuracy of dilution of morphine for intrathecal use. Peady, C. Letter to the editor 382
Recurrence of focal seizure activity in an infant during induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane. Rewari, V.; Sethi, D. Clinical report 2243
Safety and Ethics in Healthcare: A Guide to Getting it Right. Tomkins, D. Book review 398
Thoughts about thinking: the challenge for EBM and medical education. Robertson, M.S. Editorial 1244
Ultrasound-assisted interscalene catheter placement in a child. Fredrickson, M.J. Case study 838
Unsuccessful lumbar puncture in a paediatric patient with achondroplasia. Burgoyne, L.L.; Laningham, F.; Zero, J.T.; Bikhazi, G.B.; Pereiras, L.A. Clinical report 2274
Veno-venous bypass catheters for hepatic transplant risk unique complications. Jackson, P.; Jankovic, Z. Case study 631
Visual diagnosis in cardiology: malposition of dual-chamber pacemaker lead. Wedekind, H.; Muller, J.G. Case study 294
Why anaesthetists should no longer use nitrous oxide. McGain, F. 853

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