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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (June 1, 2007)

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A bibliography of articles on the history of anaesthesia and medicine in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 1972-2005. Cooper, M.G. Bibliography 2770
A Unique Nursing Group--New Zealand Army Nurse Anaesthetists of WW1. Westthorpe, R.N. Book review 232
Accuracy of dilution of morphine for intrathecal use. Baker, A.R.; Rutherford, D.M.; Myles, E.S. Clinical report 2965
Ambulatory Anesthesia: The Requisites in Anesthesiology. Limb, R. Brief article 233
Bispectral index as a predictor of sedation depth during isoflurane or midazolam sedation in ICU patients. Sackey, P.V.; Radell, P.J.; Granath, F.; Martling, C.R. Clinical report 5043
Closed-loop anaesthesia delivery system (CLADS[TM]) using bispectral index: a performance assessment study. Puri, G.D.; Kumar, B.; Aveek, J. Clinical report 4156
Complications in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Reeves, M.; Henshaw, J. Book review 355
Critical incidents in a multidisciplinary intensive care unit. Chacko, J.; Raju, H.R.; Singh, M.K.; Mishra, R.C. Report 3070
Current depth of anaesthesia monitors: jacks of all trades and masters of none? Leslie, K. Editorial 1027
Decline and fall--a tragedy in three acts. Holland, R. Organization overview 2538
Detection of intravascular epidural catheter placement: a review. Bell, D.N.; Leslie, K. Clinical report 5000
Elective admission to PICU after adenotonsillectomy for severe obstructive sleep apnoea. Walker, P.; Whitehead, B.; Rowley, M. Letter to the editor 594
Enflurane. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. Drug overview 1183
Failure of postoperative analgesia due to damaged bacterial filter in a continuous epidural analgesia delivery assembly. Chakravarthy, M.R.; Kumaraswamy, M. Clinical report 717
Fixing of a severed inflation line--a novel method. Kumar, A.; Mullick, P. 328
Geoffrey Kaye--a man of many parts. Westhorpe, R.N. Biography 4318
High thoracic epidural analgesia for cardiac surgery: an audit of 874 cases. Royse, C.F; Soeding, P.F.; Royse, A.G. Clinical report 2754
Impact of bispectral index monitoring on propofol administration in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. Chiu, C.L.; Ong, G.; Majid, A.A. Clinical report 4022
In vivo validation of the M-COVX metabolic monitor in patients under anaesthesia. Stuart-Andrews, C.R.; Peyton, P.; Robinson, G.J.B.; Terry, D.; O'Connor, B. Van der Herten, C.; Lith Clinical report 4981
Mayo Clinic Procedural Training Manual--Peripheral Nerve Blockade for Major Lower Extremity Orthopedic Surgery (DVD). Frawley, G. Video recording review 326
Metoclopramide also acts at serotonin receptors. Murphy, E. Letter to the editor 356
Migration of a haemofiltration catheter: an unusual intraoperative finding. Shivanna, S.; O'Donohoe, B.; Loyden, C.F. Clinical report 678
Mycoplasma pneumoniae associated with Stevens Johnson syndrome. Mulvey, J.M.; Padowitz, A.; Lindley-Jones, M.; Nickels, R. Clinical report 2417
Myocardial depression associated with pneumococcal septic shock reversed by levosimendan. Ramaswamykanive, H.; Bihari, D.; Solano, T.R. Clinical report 2126
NT pro BNP secretion and clinical endpoints in cardiac surgery intensive care patients. Jogia, P.M.; Kalkoff, M.; Sleigh, J.W.; Bertinelli, A.; La Pine, M.; Richards, A.M.; Devlin, G. Clinical report 3973
Outcome of patients who have therapy withheld or withdrawn in ICU. Lewis, J.P.; Ho, K.M.; Webb, S.A.R. Clinical report 3578
Palatal injury associated with the GlideScope[R]. Chin, K.J.; Arango, M.F.; Paez, A.F.; Turkstra, T.P. Case study 913
Perinatal diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia susceptibility. Stowell, K.; Pollock, N.; Langton, E. Clinical report 515
Phaeochromocytoma causing acute pulmonary oedema during emergency caesarean section. Golshevsky, J.R.; Karel, K.; Teale, G. Clinical report 3214
Presentation of hemiplegic migraine--hemiplegia and hemi-sensory loss following general anaesthesia. Lin, L.; Adey, C. Case study 3044
Retrieval of an endobronchial foreign body using a guide wire and angioplasty catheter. Briggs, G.; Walker, R.W.M. Clinical report 2315
Ropivacaine-induced cardiac arrest. Berry, F.R.; Khoo, L.P.Y.; Corbett, A.R. 716
Selective radial and musculocutaneous nerve block at the midhumeral level for radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula construction. Yazigi, A.; El-Khoury, C.; Jebara, S.; Haddad, F.; Yazbeck, P.; Tabet, G. Clinical report 712
Stability of the strong ion gap versus the anion gap over extremes of PC[O.sub.2] and pH. Morgan, T.J.; Cowley, D.M.; Weier, S.L.; Venkatesh, B. Clinical report 2834
The bispectral index in a patient with carbon dioxide narcosis. Lee, Y.-W.; Chang, Y.-C. Case study 620
The diagnostic yield and clinical impact of a chest X-ray after percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy: a prospective cohort study. Haddad, S.H.; Aldawood, A.S.; Arabi, Y.M. Clinical report 3512
The effect of general and regional anaesthesia on ischaemia-reperfusion injury. Izdes, S.; Sepici-Dincel, A.; Gozdemir, M.; Ozkan, Y.; Kanbak, O. 558
The Fluotec-early advertising. Houghton, I.T. Letter to the editor 573
The history of anaesthetic mortality reporting. Fenwick, D. Report 1898
The Manhattan legacy. Holmes, C.McK. 2116
The perils of pointing the finger: a lesson for Dr Haygarth. Paull, J.D. Case overview 2806
The use of activated protein C in severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria. Rankin, L.G.; Austin, D.L.H. Clinical report 3419
The Worst of Evils: The Fight Against Pain. Holland, R. Book review 382
The Worst of Evils: The Fight Against Pain. Shipton, E. Book review 999
Transtracheal jet ventilation in management of the difficult airway. McHugh, R.; Kumar, M.; Sprung, J.; Bourke, D. Clinical report 1459
Unravelling the mystery of malignant hyperthermia. Ball, C. Clinical report 3076
Unsuspected colchicine overdose in a female patient presenting as an acute abdomen. Blackham, R.E.; Little, M.; Baker, S.; Augustson, B.M.; Macquillan, G.C. Clinical report 2196
William Russ Pugh's qualifications. Paull, J.D. 337

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