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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (December 1, 2007)

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A comparison of 4% succinylated gelatin solution versus normal saline in stable normovolaemic sheep: global haemodynamic, regional blood flow and oxygen delivery effects. Wan, L.; Bellomo, R.; May, C.N. Clinical report 3653
A modified fascia iliaca compartment block has significant morphine-sparing effect after total hip arthroplasty. Stevens, M.; Harrison, G.; McGrail, M. Clinical report 2405
ARF, ATN or AKI? It's now acute kidney injury. Webb, S.; Dobb, G. Editorial 1122
Atlas of Pain Management Injection Techniques. Boyle, R. Book review 274
Audit response rates. Yin, X.; Story, D.A.; Cowie, D. 469
Benumof's Airway Management. Butler, C. Book review 293
Bilaterally absent pupillary responses: not always a bad sign. Carter, B.G.; Butt, W.; Taylor, A. Clinical report 2739
Clinical Critical Care Medicine. Heaney, M. Book review 310
Continuous veno-venous haemofiltration attenuates myocardial mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes activity in porcine septic shock. Li, C.M.; Chen, J.H.; Zhang, P.; He, Q.; Yuan, J.; Chen, R.J.; Cheng, X.J.; Tan, H.Z.; Yang, Y. Clinical report 4750
Critically ill children in non-paediatric intensive care units: a survey, review and proposal for practice. Austin, J.D. Clinical report 4649
Drug abuse and dependency during pregnancy: anaesthetic issues. Ludlow, J.; Christmas, T.; Paech, M.J.; Orr, B. Clinical report 8671
Effect of nitric oxide on oxygenation in lung injury after surgery for ruptured abdominal aneurysm. Satoh, D.; Endo, Y.; Kato, M. Clinical report 636
Effectiveness of superior versus inferior subconjunctival anaesthesia for cataract surgery. Yuen, J.S.; Prineas, S.; Pham, T.; Liu, H. Clinical report 2410
Estimating oxygenation in methaemoglobinaemia. Mehta, M. Letter to the editor 431
Fractured spike of needle-less InterLink[TM] Vial Access Cannula. McCabe, S. 617
Get Through FRCA Physics: MCQs. Donnan, G.B. Book review 203
Inoprotection: the perioperative role of levosimendan. Soeding, P.F.; Royse, C.F.; Wright, C.E.; Royse, A.G.; Angus, J.A. Drug overview 12899
Intraoperative hyperglycemia in a child with primary pancreatic lymphoma. Batra, Y.K.; Rajeev, S.; Menon, P.; Rao, K.L.N. Clinical report 807
Manual of Office-Based Anesthesia Procedures. Negus, B. Book review 350
Methods of endotracheal tube placement in patients undergoing pelviscopic surgery. Hwang, J.-Y.; Rhee, K.-Y.; Kim, J.-H.; Park, Y.-S.; Han, S.-H. Clinical report 2275
Missed foreign body and necessitans empyema. Boots, R.J; Windsor, M.N. Clinical report 2011
New source of leak on Aestiva[R]/5 anaesthesia machine. Lim, R.T.; Ti, L.K. 345
Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia. Jones, M.E. Book review 331
Perioperative complications in patients with drug-eluting stents: a three-year audit at Geelong Hospital. Conroy, M.; Bolsin, S.N.C.; Black, S.A.; Orford, N. Clinical report 3475
Peripheral Regional Anesthesia: An Atlas of Anatomy and Techniques. Silbert, B. Book review 381
Postoperative Pain Management: An Evidence-based Guide to Practice. Khor, K.E Book review 326
Propofol-induced changes in myoplasmic calcium concentrations in cultured human skeletal muscles from RYR1 mutation carriers. Migita, T.; Mukaida, K.; Kawamoto, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Nishino, I.; Yuge, O. Clinical report 2763
Propofol-induced hyperamylasaemia in a general intensive care unit. Nanas, S.; Angelopoulos, E.; Tsikriki, S.; Kritikos, K.; Voutsinas, E.; Zervakis, D.; Kanaloupiti, D Clinical report 2408
Pulsed radiofrequency: a critical review of its efficacy. Malik, K.; Benzon, H.T. Clinical report 8510
Severe acute respiratory distress syndrome in pregnancy. Caesarean section in the second trimester to improve maternal ventilation. Oram, M.P.; Seal, P.; McKinstry, C.E. Case study 2650
Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia. Gatt, S.P. Book review 686
Supplemental jet ventilation in conscious patients following major oesophageal surgery. Bingold, T.M.; Scheller, B.; Kloesel, S.; Wissing, H.; Zwissler, B.; Byhahn, C. Clinical report 1661
The Biomechanics of Back Pain. Thomas, C. Book review 265
The ICU Book. Erickson, S. Book review 359
The influence of flushing epidural catheters before use on detection of intravenous placement: an in vitro and in vivo study. Bell, D.N.; O'Connor, A.; Leslie, K. Clinical report 4467
The influence of head rotation on ProSeal[TM] laryngeal mask airway sealing during paediatric myringotomy. Choi, W.J.; Kim, Y.H. Clinical report 2541
The management of a super morbidly obese parturient delivering twins by caesarean section. McDonnell, N.J.; Paech, M.J. Clinical report 3325
The preoperative detection of risk of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia. Fisher, M.M. Clinical report 2516
Thrombocytopenia in septic shock patients--a prospective observational study of incidence, risk factors and correlation with clinical outcome. Sharma, B.; Sharma, M.; Majumder, M.; Steier, W.; Sangal, A.; Kalawar, M. Clinical report 3630
Transoesophageal Echocardiography: Study guide and practice questions. Royse, C.F. Book review 213
USCOM (Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitors) lacks agreement with thermodilution cardiac output and transoesophageal echocardiography valve measurements. Van Den Oever, H.L.A.; Murphy, E.J.; Christie-Taylor, G.A. Clinical report 4188

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