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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (June 1, 2006)

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"The Anaesthetist" 1933--an iconic Australian medical photograph. Cooper, M.G. 1300
10,000 reasons to step out--exercise patterns and pedometer evaluation of consultant anaesthetists. Soh, M.; Deam, R.K.; Kluger, R. 2708
A pilot study to test the use of a checklist in a tertiary intensive care unit as a method of ensuring quality processes of care. Hewson, K.M.; Burrell, A.R. 5407
A serious and repeatable electrical hazard--compressed electrical cord and an operating table. Courtney, N.M.; McCoy, E.P.; Scolaro, R.J.; Watt, P.A. 3830
A View from the Head End, Medical cartoons to ease the pain. Cass, N. 139
Anaesthesia for neurosurgery in sitting position. Pandia, M.P.; Bithal, P.K.; Sharma, D.; Domaingue, C.M. Letter to the editor 1173
Anaesthetic management of a patient with relapsing polychondritis undergoing laparoscopic surgery. Tanaka, T.T.; Furutani, H.F.; Harioka, T.H. 1514
Australia's First Anaesthetic Department--75 Years at the RPA. Clarke, Geoffrey M. 191
Brian Dwyer and the St. Vincent's Pain Clinic 1962 to 1989. Gibb, D.B. 2815
Catalyst. Cass, N. 400
Clinical Anesthesiology. Weeks, A. 280
Comparison of remifentanil and fentanyl in anaesthesia for elective cardioversion. Maltepe, F.; Kocaayan, E.; Ugurlu, B.S.; Akdeniz, B.; Guneri, S. 3060
Cricothyroidotomy: a short-term measure for elective ventilation in a patient with challenging neck anatomy. Paw, H.G.W.; Sharma, S. 1452
Data linkage enables evaluation of long-term survival after intensive care. Williams, T.A.; Dobb, G.J.; Finn, J.C.; Knuiman, M.; Lee, K.Y.; Geelhoed, E.; Webb, S.A.R. 7262
Development of bilateral herpes zoster following thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy. Brandon, E.L.; Akers, J.; Rapeport, D. 1316
Emergencies in Anaesthesia. Bacon, A. 280
Enhancement of pulse oximeter plethysmographic waveform in a patient with Takayasu's arteritis. Jain, A.K.; Singh, M. 392
Fluid deficits and hypotension during colonoscopy. Fong, M. 764
International Anesthesiology Clinics: Selected Anesthetic Issues in High Risk Patients. Burrows, B. 344
Intravenous fluid to prevent hypotension in patients undergoing elective colonoscopy. Leslie, K.; Tay, T.; Neo, E. 3734
Mivacurium in multicore disease. Munster, T.; Schmitt, H.J. 726
Mixed opioid--mixed message? Lake, A.P.J.; Coates, O.L. 1697
Muscle relaxants--atracurium and other recent developments. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. 960
Patients' understanding of pre-operative fasting. Walker, H.; Thorn, C.; Omundsen, M. 2665
Positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation increases extravascular lung water due to a decrease in lung lymph flow. Maybauer, D.M.; Talke, P.O.; Westphal, M.; Maybauer, M.O.; Traber, L.D.; Enkhbaatar, P.; Morita, N.; 3697
Propofol EDTA and reduced incidence of infection. Jansson, J.-R.; Fukada, T.; Ozaki, M.; Kimura, S. 3942
Protein contamination of the Laryngeal Mask Airway and its relationship to re-use. Greenwood, J.; Green, N.; Power, G. 2211
Recovery after prolonged anaesthesia for acoustic neuroma surgery: desflurane versus isoflurane. Boisson-Bertrand, D.; Laxenaire, M.C.; Mertes, P.M. 3070
Safety in anaesthesia. Mackay, P.; Cousins, M. 1068
Simplified format of cardiac risk stratification: assisting the physician in decision-making. Barak, M.; Katz, Y. 726
Skin temperature during sympathetic block: a clinical comparison of bupivacaine 0.5% and ropivacaine 0.5% or 0.75%. Di Filippo, A.; Natale, V.; Del Po, F.; Ciapetti, M.; Bressan, F.; Falchi, S. 2577
Some observations on early military anaesthesia. Houghton, I.T. 6838
Systemic capillary leak syndrome associated with compartment syndrome and rhabdomyolysis. Sanghavi, R.; Aneman, A.; Parr, M.; Dunlop, L.; Champion, D. 2632
The American Society of Anesthesiologists: A Century of Challenges and Progress. Mackay, P. 1319
The contribution of newspapers and their advertisements to the history of colonial anaesthesia. Newson, A.J. 4033
The early development of intravenous apparatus. Ball, C. 2840
The introduction of halothane into clinical practice: the Oxford experience. O'Brien, H.D. 2633
The inventors. Holland, R. 2166
The utility of fluoroscopic guidance in thoracic epidural placement. Pattullo, G.; Hooten, W.M. Letter to the editor 686
Upper airway obstruction caused by ingestion of concentrated acetic acid. Tibballs, J.; Cathie, R.; Buist, M.; Shimizu, K.; Stokes, K.; Millar, J. 1480
Use of recombinant activated factor VII after axillofemoral bypass grafting. Cheng, C.A.Y.; Ho, A.M.-H. 2196

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