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Articles from Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (April 1, 2006)

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"Just put it in!" Consent for epidural analgesia in labour. Paech, M. 2145
A comparison of the oropharyngeal leak pressure between the reusable Classic[TM] laryngeal mask airway and the single-use Soft Seal[TM] laryngeal mask airway. Hanning, S.J.; McCulloch, T.J.; Orr, B.; Anderson, S.P. 2167
An introductory guide to survey research in anaesthesia. Jones, D.; Story, D.; Clavisi, O.; Jones, R.; Peyton, P. 5863
Anaesthesia and medical student education. Mishra, L.D. 556
Anaesthesia medical workforce in New Zealand. King, S.Y. 3595
Anatomical study of the brachial plexus using surface ultrasound. Royse, C.F.; Sha, S.; Soeding, P.F.; Royse, A.G. 3476
B-type natriuretic peptide concentrations and myocardial dysfunction in critical illness. Sturgess, D.J.; Marwick, T.H.; Joyce, C.J.; Venkatesh, B. 8747
Clinical Pharmacokinetics Handbook. Leslie, K. 275
CRPS: Current Diagnosis and Therapy. Cherry, D. 346
Dynamic airflow limitation after topical anaesthesia of the upper airway. Ho, A.M.-H.; Chung, D.C.; Karmakar, M.K.; Gomersall, C.D.; Peng, Z.; Tay, B.A. 2566
Effect of scalp block on postoperative pain relief in craniotomy patients. Bala, I.; Gupta, B.; Bhardwaj, N.; Ghai, B.; Khosla, V.K. 3129
Estimate of the number of patients eligible for treatment with drotrecogin alfa (activated) based on differing international indications: post-hoc analysis of an inception cohort study in Australia and New Zealand. Finfer, S.; Felton, T.; Blundell, A.; Lipman, J. 4323
Evidence-Based Obstetric Anesthesia. Chester, S. 268
Failure of a quality improvement process to increase nutrition delivery to intensive care patients. Ferrie, S.; McWilliam, D. 3483
Incidents during out-of-hospital patient transportation. Flabouris, A.; Runciman, W.B.; Levings, B. 5816
Issues of consent for regional analgesia in labour: a survey of obstetric anaesthetists. Black, J.D.B.; Cyna, A.M. 4541
Methods to assess performance of models estimating risk of death in intensive care patients: a review. Cook, D.A. 8273
Methylene blue for diagnosis of displaced atrial lines. Namachivayam, P.; Tibballs, J. 1381
Misleading pulse-oximetry in a patient with tricuspid valve incompetence. Hart, G.K.; Warrillow, S. 230
Muscle relaxants--pancuronium and vecuronium. Ball, C.; Westhorpe, R.N. 1096
Oxygen Delivery Systems and Mechanical Ventilation Made Easy for House Officers. Sims, C. 342
Pacemaker-driven tachycardia induced by electrocardiograph monitoring in the recovery room. Hu, R.; Cowie, D.A. 1786
Peripheral Regional Anesthesia. An Atlas of Anatomy and Techniques. Silbert, B. 330
Pneumothorax from intrapleural placement of a nasogastric tube. Weinberg, L.; Skewes, D. 2320
Predictive performance of a model of anaesthetic uptake with desflurane. Kennedy, R. 2872
Progress at the journal. Duncan, A.W. 876
Quality of life at three years after cardiac surgery: relationship with preoperative status and quality of recovery. Myles, P.S.; Viira, D.; Hunt, J.O. 5520
Radiation exposure during anaesthetic practice. Durack, D.P.; Gardner, A.I.; Trang, A. 1495
Respiratory Management in Critical Care. McGrath, G. 270
Subdural spinal haematoma after epidural anaesthesia in a patient with spinal canal stenosis. Chan, M.Y.L.; Lindsay, D.A. 4452
Successful use of the classic LMA after failed use of the ProSeal LMA. Fabregat, J.; De Arce, C.; Brimacombe, J. 212
The neurotoxic effects of intrathecal midazolam and neostigmine in rabbits. Demirel, E.; Ugur, H.C.; Dolgun, H.; Kahilogullari, G.; Sargon, M.F.; Egemen, N.; Kecik, Y. 3322
Ultrasound guided deep cervical plexus block. Sandeman, D.J.; Griffiths, M.J.; Lennox, A.F. 1684
Yearbook of Anesthesiology and Pain Management 2005. Kluger, M. 489

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