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AnGes MG Announces Results of Phase I Clinical Trial of HGF Gene Medicine.

Tokyo, Japan, May 11, 2006 - (JCN) - AnGes MG has announced the results of its phase I clinical trials of HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor) gene medicine conducted in the US.

In the trials, which covered nine serious cases, the company sought the availability of HGF gene medicine in the treatment of ischemic heart disease. The company says that no significant problem was confirmed in terms of initial safety up until three months after administration.

Currently, AnGes MG is proceeding research in the fields of peripheral vascular disease and ischemic heart disease. The company grants Daiichi Pharmaceutical rights to distribute the medicine in Japan, the US and Europe.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:May 11, 2006
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