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An urgent appeal to the Vatican before it is too late (Samir Messarra).

Samir Messarra -

In the middle of the tragic events that are endangering the core existence of the Christian community in the Middle East, a lot of Christians who are being daily persecuted in their homelands, feel obliged to ask the Vatican to be much more active than simply inviting the believers to "pray" for them and for the other vulnerable people.

It is true that the power of prayer is tremendous, but in such an exceptional case where the preservation of the Christian identity in this region is at stake; prayer cannot alone move mountains if it is not complemented by an action on the ground that only the Vatican can exert based on its proven influence over the political arena of this world where the shark leaders are playing.

With all due respect and modesty, we have to say out loud that not enough is being done so far. Additional initiatives from the Vatican are required and they need to be activated very quickly. Among them we can cite the following:

1.Organize an urgent crisis meeting with the resident ambassadors of the various concerned countries especially those who are suspected to sponsor directly or indirectly this horrible crime against Humanity, and threaten to hold them publicly accountable of their evil deeds if they do not stop immediately their involvement. At the end of the day, everybody knows who these countries are and only the Vatican should have the courage to expose them and execute its threat because of its powerful moral and spiritual reputation.

2.Mobilize the public opinion especially the Christians in the so-called western part of the world asking them to fill the streets of their own capitals and hammer daily the head of their governments to stop this massacre. Remaining passive as they are doing now is a sin, and they have to know that their turn might come soon. Many historical events teach us that political, social and economic uprising can be an efficient endeavor to eliminate injustice and promote righteousness.

3.Hold a massive general assembly within the premises of the Vatican of all the Christian religious leaders of the six continents disregarding their belonging to the various communities, and establish some kind of a lobby through which an official delegation will be commissioned to visit the decision makers around the globe pushing them to put an immediate end to this conspiracy.

In fact these initiatives resembles a lot to the actions of our Lord Jesus who taught us how to pray and also how to practice our faith. Jesus did not only threaten the thieves in the holy temple, He expelled them and broke their belongings over their heads. He did not preach in a hidden manner, He did it daily and openly in front of the crowds; finally He did not work alone, He created His own lobby and selected passionate and committed disciples to spread the word of God to all incoming generations.

Having set this sacred example, it becomes our duty to follow His steps, take action, and most importantly ask one of the highest custodian authorities like the Vatican to change things before it is too late. Otherwise, there might come a time where the Pope, the clergy, all the Christians and especially us who are co-owners of this blessed land, will be considered as ordinary tourists.

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Date:Aug 13, 2014
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