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An introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital. (reprint, 2004).


An introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital. (reprint, 2004)

Heinrich, Michael.

Monthly Review Press


240 pages



Heinrich presents an introduction to all three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital, focusing on the major categories of his analysis--including value, labor, 'fictitious capital,' falling rates of profit, capitalist production, and more. Heinrich reads Marx anti-reductively "as a critic of a social structure that is mediated by value and thus 'fetishized'." He opens the book by demystifying Marxism, arguing that in reality it doesn't exist, and sketching an outline of the subject of Capital. Chapters 3-5 cover the material of volume 1, chapter 6 covers volume 2, and chapters 7-10 cover the third volume. Two final chapters develop points for a critique of the State and discuss what socialism and communism meant for Marx and what they did not.

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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