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An introduction to OxMetrics 5; a software system for data analysis and forecasting.


An introduction to OxMetrics 5; a software system for data analysis and forecasting.

Doornik, Jurgen A.

Timberlake Consultants, Ltd.


189 pages




With examples, exercises, and figures, this gives those who are new to the use of this software fundamental information about its installation and use, while also giving those who are more experienced information about new features. Along with coverage of the very basics, such as installation, modular structure, data storage, and toolbars, this explains how to start and register the software, view the tutorial data set, and develop graphics. It then increases in complexity, advancing to modules for financial and time-based data and includes tutorials on graphics, graph editing, data input/output and data transformation, and provides reference material on applying features on statistics, file formats, algebraic language, batch language, graphics, and data management. Includes references, figures and tables. Price is converted from GBP.

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Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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