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An interview with Prabhu Ramachandran of Stiriti Ayur Therapies Pvt Ltd.

Prabhu Ramachandran is founder and managing director of Stiriti Ayur Therapies Private Ltd., a manufacturer of herbal extracts, based in Hyderabad, India, catering to the U.S. and European markets. He established Stiriti in 2005, with the goal of offering cost-effective private label production and contract manufacturing of supplements to brand manufacturers. Today, Stiriti operates a fully integrated research lab, supplement production, and herbal extract manufacturing facilities on a seven-acre campus with a unique selling proposition of quick product development time.


Health E-Insights: What services does Sitriti Ayur Therapies offer?

Mr. Ramachandran: Stiriti is known for its phytochemicals, full-spectrum extracts, standardized herb extracts, custom blends, and capsule filling and packing. These services are bundled into three business units of customized research services, customized herb extraction services, and custom proprietary formulation including encapsulation, bottling, labeling, and packing.

Health E-Insights: Do you provide customized formulations for the North American marketplace?

Mr. Ramachandran: Yes, we do. While India-based, we also maintain facilities in the U.S., and have worked with U.S. companies for several years to develop unique products and proprietary formulations. We started with private labeling services in 2005, and have continued to be successful in this business area. We now carry over 50 formulas, and a few of the ingredients are made in-house in our extraction facility.

Health E-Insights: Why do companies buy your services and products?

Mr. Ramachandran: Our customers work with us because we have fast turnaround time for their turnkey projects. In addition, the transparency in discussions and billing, professional and in-house knowledge, quality of production and QA documentation, and efficient and fast shipping.

Health E-Insights: What are the top two metrics to which your company pays the closest attention?

Mr. Ramachandran: I would say training of our staff and ensuring quality at every stage of production. We have a full-fledged research group, professional QC and QA teams, and trained and skilled labor force.

Health E-Insights: What role do you envision India playing in the global supplement market?

Mr. Ramachandran: Ancient Indian knowledge and Ayurveda are two key factors that drive new product development for the global markets. I am always fond of saying today's advanced science should be utilized to discover more secrets of Ayurveda for everyone's benefit. Every company in the supplement industry must invest in R&D to discover the power hidden in botanicals, herbs, and other natural resources. Stiriti for example, has invested heavily in its R&D, and runs at least six projects annually. Looking at India's contribution to the global supplement market so far tells me there will be many future opportunities that will prove to be phenomenal. But this also brings with it a huge responsibility to develop and offer excellent functionally efficient products. And most importantly, these ingredients and products must be safe.

Health E-Insights: What is the biggest challenge facing Indian supplement companies?

Mr. Ramachandran: In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing Indian business leaders today, in the context of the supplement industry, is providing good raw materials and sustainability. When a company purchases Indian products, we face the blunt truth of excessive pesticide usage, and ignorance on sustainability. In my opinion, every company could devote time and resources to educate the farmers who cultivate medicinal herbs or collect them wild crafted about sustainability issues. As responsible makers of ingredients from herbs, we must provide the authenticity and sources of our herbs. Stiriti is passionate about Spilanthes acmella, its organic cultivation, preservation, and its sustainability.


Sheldon Baker

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