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An historic moment.

An Historic Moment

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, we dare say it is a moment of triumph for the worldwide nonwovens industry.

An historic agreement was reached just a few weeks ago between the U.S., European and, to a lesser extent, Asian associations to finally coordinate what are now the three major worldwide nonwovens trade exhibitions. This unexpected, but widely praised, development sets the stage for a truly international business to become even more global as it heads into the 21st century.

The details, which are provided on page 60 of this issue, are basically this: IDEA, the U.S. show sponsored by INDA, has been held every two years for the past two decades. The corresponding INDEX show in Europe, sponsored by EDANA, has been held on a three year cycle for an equally long time. Just recently, a third show in Japan has sprung up and threatened to be held every two years, which would even further clog an already muddled international show picture.

The agreement, which required patience and diplomacy on all sides, calls for the three shows to rotate on a three year schedule, starting with INDEX 93; after that the agreement calls for the shows to rotate in the spring of each year.

The major concessions seemed to be made by INDA, which will abandon its fall time slot after the 1992 exhibition as well as shift to the three year cycle; it had vocally preferred its two year schedule because of the more than $1 million in revenue the IDEA show generated each time around. The Asian associations, effectively the newcomers to the scene, had wanted to hold their show in two years to capitalize on the success of the inaugural Expo Nonwovens Asia show last May. EDANA, in a very strong position because its INDEX draws the largest number of exhibitors and attendees of the trio, basically retains the status quo.

But who gave in how much and who came out a winner in all of this is certainly not at issue, simply because the nonwovens industry stands to be the biggest winner. Readers of NONWOVENS INDUSTRY are certainly more than aware of the increasing rash of complaints surrounding the inefficient scheduling of the U.S. and European shows that alternated being in the same year or, as is the case with the 1992 IDEA and 1993 INDEX exhibitions, being held less than five months apart. We take a bit of credit (but only a little) for keeping the debate open for the past few years, particularly in the form of an open letter from former EDANA chairman and current Freudenberg managing partner Norbert Dahlstrom in our November, 1990 issue that accused the associations of putting their own self interests above those of their members.

It is an oversimplification to state that the nonwovens industry is a global business whose future depends on global cooperation between its leaders. On an individual basis, the growing number of joint ventures and multinational agreements has indicated the individual players are certainly aware of the importance of this global nonwovens village.

Now that the major associations have joined in a new area of global cooperation, the industry can feel free to put aside the petty jealousies that have sometimes hindered its progress in the recent past. Nothing could have been better than the agreement so gracefully and efficiently reached by the leaders of INDA, EDANA and the fledgling Asian associations. IDEA, INDEX and Nonwovens Asia. as well as the worldwide nonwovens industry, are certainly the better for it.
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Title Annotation:agreement reached with US, European and Asian industry associations to coordinate the three major worldwide nonwovens trade exhibitions
Author:Jacobsen, Michael A.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:editorial
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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