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An expansive remodel.

A graceful curve and a cantilevered bay stretch the boundaries of a new home office

THIS PORCH-TURNED-home office exuberantly demonstrates that walls don't have to impose rigid limits on remodels. The new room expands visually into the rest of the house through a fanciful arch, and literally into the garden with a cantilevered bay.

Originally, the wall between the covered porch and the master bedroom contained only two small windows. Rather than just add a door, Berkeley, California, designer Alan Jencks opened up the wall with an asymmetrical arch. To form the curve while retaining the wall's structural role, Jencks first added a new beam above the opening and then attached 3/4-inch plywood panels to both sides of the wall studs with glue and screws. For the curve's inside surface, he used expanded metal lath coated with joint compound.

Jencks resurfaced the new room with a variety of warm-toned softwoods. The focal point of the office is a built-in corner computer desk that has the well-planned efficiency of a ship's office. Its writing surface is made of Port Orford cedar that was remilled and screwed together with small brass screws. Curves at each end of the desk recall the archway's sinuous lines.

Above the desk, storage compartments made of cedar-edged plywood subtly extend about 15 inches through the original exterior wall plane. They're topped with a tiled counter that wraps around a load-bearing corner post. Handsome center-pivoting windows, also framed in cedar, define the outer limits of the workspace.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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